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Hayden Christensen Vanishes on 7th Street

Hayden Christensen Vanishes on 7th Street

Check out this brief behind-the-scenes clip of Hayden Christensen from the set of his upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller Vanishing on 7th Street.

The story is set in a once-thriving city where shadowy forms cause residents to inexplicably disappear. Five survivors fight to stay alive while grappling with the meaning of existence Hayden plays a reporter.

Dateline talked to Hayden and director Brad Anderson about shooting the flick in Detroit, Michigan. Watch the clip below!

Hayden Christensen Vanishes on 7th Street
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  • pup

    Sounds interesting.

  • mex2G8

    dude sukz teh r00t

  • weeeks..

    me heart hayden…:)

  • lexy hates bilson

    I guess this movie is kind of his last chance to get his career back. Good luck to him!!

  • devid001


    This blog from canada .Looks like Hayden tried to keep cool, rolling a can of Coke along the back of his neck.

    Food Sensitivity

  • devid001


    This blog from Canada.Looks like Hayden tried to keep cool, rolling a can of Coke along the back of his neck!

    Food Sensitivity

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    … i don’t care how much someone likes him.. he cant act for shiite.

  • padme

    Thank you, JJ, for finally posting a pic of this sexy Jedi without his fugly fiancee!

  • Michelle

    Maybe if he ditched the shopaholic Rachel Bilson his career would get back on track and he could focus on booking acting jobs or movies with good scripts. Remember Life As a House he was really talented then.

  • Michelle

    I would say if he ditched the shopaholic Rachel Bilson who really does nothing.. and focus on his career maybe he would book some good acting jobs with descent scripts. Remember him in Life As a House he was good in that movie.

  • blairite

    Another & Sure bet FLOP!!!

  • Sozvezdie

    why do you hate him?
    Is he so bad? Or he made you something bad?

  • shadowy

    Whoa a Haydamn’s once-in-a-blue moon “solo” thread?!
    Damn sure that his few rabid fans are now thrilled seeing (only) him in JJ… w/o (even name-dropping) his “utterly-dreadful-fiancee”.
    This one could be one for the books – right Haydamn Fans LOL!

  • Viper

    This is a desperate studio in hopes to get some ppl interested in a non talented actor along with the director. This director sounds like another Liman push, push, push in hopes that he would get some revenue from the movie goer. Ppl love thriller but, usually they have better talent to sell it and not some group of C or lower actors. I expect this director will continue to push the movie to the point where know one will want to even see it. If Christensen had any smarts he would go to acting school he isn’t even that good unless you want to hire him to do whinny kid.

  • FroFro

    I dont dare watch the video clip. Those of him usually consist of him bragging about himself as such a better actor than his peers. Narcissism at its finest. Dream on Hayden, or Jaden or whatever your name is.

  • @15

    yep, it is safer not to watch that clip so one can go hating on him, right?

  • a


    lol are you for real? name one hayden interview where he has claimed he was a better actor than anyone. good luck, because it doesn’t exist. grow up, hater.

  • Crapside

    Hayden sounds like he is talking through tube that makes him sound robotic. Either that or, he sounds stoned. LOL!

  • Lohan

    Love him

  • angel of darkness

    @ Viper

    I agree with you.On all counts. Once you promote a movie to death,and it will fail big time. I smell another Razzie!

  • angie

    Sounds like a good movie, really interesting plot! Brad Anderson is a good director, if you like thriller movies. Thats nice that they made the movie in a city that needs business profits, many sections of Detroit have been abandoned, since the auto industry there went down hill. Hayden looks good there!

  • jeezzum

    It’s long been established that casting HC is a request & /or a wish that comes true for “catastrophe” at the box office & movie critics. Case closed.

  • Jokergurl

    I do agree with the Life As A House comment, he did really great in that role, and in Shattered Glass too, he just needs a good script. I like Hayden, he seems pretty normal.

  • JustMyOpinion

    HC has downgraded humself by hanging and then getting engaged to a real Z lister aka Rachel Bilson.

    All the hate is gets now is part of this. He’s never been a A list actor but rather a B one with potential to make it big someday with a good agent, good choice of movies, good advice from her family.

    Anyways seems like RB plays it very ice to his mom. He should serously dump her for good and focus on his job, and stop surronding himself with Gold diggers, shopalcoholic brat, air-brained girl.

    Comments got worst when these 2 starting being together (for real or not). She is bad publicity for him and represents all he said he doesn’t like (Valley girl, pap attention seeker, pap tipper, superficial, unclever , untalented… just cute).
    But being cute and stupid is okay when you’re in your 20′s, but she is almost 30 now, and it is not cute or attractive to be that dumb and superficial.

    This movie seems interesting though. Hopefully it will put his career back on track.

    HC is aging a little quick for his age. Boy should stop smoking. There’s nothing attractiveor sexy in smoking!

    His voice is naturally monotone so might be hard for him to change this unless he really works on it during acting classes.

    I will check the movie even I ‘m not a fan of horror movies.

  • just my opinion too

    Why not just focus on his career? RB is not even mentioned here, seems someone cant get over the facts?

  • just my (accurate) opinion 3
  • agree with #25

    Isn’t it time people got over the fact that Hayden is engaged to Rachel Bilson? I think the majority of people have, there are not as many comments about them as there used to be on this. They were spottted together twice yesterday on two dfferent twitter sightings in Canada, it has been well over a year that they have been engaged. You don’t control who you fall in love with, and there is no reason Hayden cannot have an acting career, whether or not he is engaged to or marries Rachel. This looks like a good role for him, hope it is a successful movie!

  • Ratings

    The movie is PG-13 not a great chance this is going to be anything but another tween flick. Jumper didn’t relaunch his career just died after 1 week. If Vanshing would be rated NC-17 or R it would have a better chance with adults. All HC will get is is another razzy for doing a kid horror flick now. Guess he likes to be typecasted in teenager movies b/c he sure as hell isn’t trying to grab the better movies. Or when he does the movie bottoms out b/c he isn’t really any good.

  • brightside

    I would actually like this movie to do well….except that it sounds like a pretentious load of cock-a-mamie! Christensen’s acting is not up to the task (walking dictionary he may be, in Bilson’s eyes, but talking dictionary he certainly isn’t – he should look up the words ‘emotive inflection’ some time as every actor’s voice needs this). If Anderson can keep the ‘meaning of existence’ elements bull-shite free (and stop them from sounding like the worst kind of HW pop psychological jargon), focus on the tension, the darkness and the characterization then this movie may have a chance.
    Knowing HW though, this movie will be dragged down by too much up-it’s-own-arse pretentiousness and HC’s often cringeworthy ability to impersonate a long length of wood.

  • Crapside

    @ @26

    My sentiments exactly. It is quite obvious he was relying only on his looks for VT. That only works for so long the “eyecandy” for the ladies. He is already starting to lose his looks. Hayden already seems to be a has been or already is.

    @ # 27
    I know he is engaged to Bilson. Do I care? No. I don’t have a problem with the two being together. Let them get stoned together for all I care. Actually, both make a pair. Both lack acting talent and extreamly arrogant. Bravo! :)

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Just sounds deliberately fishy yet very predictable about these twits… that “everytime / whenever” Mr. Cringetensen gets even “sighted / twitted” roaming outside his home, he’s only & supposed to be w/ his paparazzi-freak fiancée; where they just more like physically check out each other every 3 months.
    And one would credulously believe that Cringetensen just goes out of his cave house when his Ms. Barkson is just in town, then got bored & preferred to go out and he had to come along w/ her… and when he did, that would be the “only” chance/time that he could be “seen” outside of his home in his hometown where he preferred to stay since forever & a day?!
    HMMMM… !@#$%^&* ?!?!

    @ 26 –
    I’m seeing “more” expressions/emotions on the wooden puppet than that actual hacktor himself – you could go on a survey siding w/ the puppet… wanna bet?! LOL

  • searlus

    Manakin was so far from being awesome – after the media/public saw him in AOTC. Nowadays and if you dont belong to his trivial fan groupies, one would either get annoyed or get pity at what had happened to him or probably just a mere sight of him. Just looked at how HW “still never fails” to mentioned his name when it come lame/cr@p acting – Manakin always tops them all.
    ……an even bigger badass than Darth Vader was before Hayden Christensen ruined him

  • ATLQueen

    I say let the movie play and see what it’s about. If you don’t care to see it why go on and on about it. And the actor? If he was that d@mn bad he wouldn’t land roles with people like Thandie Newton, Matt Dylan, Al Pacino, Samuel L. Jackson and the list goes on. An actor that is truly awful doesn’t work with good directors producers and actors. Guys, seriously, let it go already. He isn’t going anywhere. He’s sticking around until HE’S sick of it. I’m gonna support him until he starts to bore me with his roles and so far so good. Besides, the movie isn’t about flesh eating fish or a huge blob trying to take over the city. Or even tomatoes. And believe it or not because of 3D a bunch of sorry @ss movies plan to be released. It actually sounds interesting. Even if it does sound like a ‘tween’ movie it isn’t like those #s don’t count. No one ever hated on the Twilight Saga for being one.

  • Viper

    It’s bc those other actors are in the movie which give ppl the reason to give it a chance. Many thought that way with Jumper but the movie still got slammed by fans and critics for HC’s wooden acting along with the whinny attitude he always has. It has nothing to do if he is up against them meaning he is so great. Both Natalie and Ewan went on to do other movies and have established careers where is HC not working as much as those you have mentioned he only works when he can beg for work.

  • angel of darkness


    Good comment. that is so true. Who would want a whinny actor anyway? Needs to get his act together. That is not gonna happen.

  • Hayden is a Loser

    This film looks sooooooo bad. This disappearances in an abandoned bar in the middle of nowhere plot has been done a million times before, and it’s unbelievably pretentious to try to elevate it by making it a reflection on the role of humanity in the universe, or some such thing. Hayden doesn’t have the acting chops to make it engaging and he doesn’t have a personality that projects so that he’s at least interesting to watch if the plot sucks. He’s like an open can of diet soda left overnight: no sugar, no caffiene, no fizz, too warm to be refreshing, too stale to be drunk without gagging, and not even good drain cleaner. He’s got nothing yet he’s sounding in even this brief interview like he’s the big star. Since he thinks he’s this great actor and because of that got his out-on-bail douchebag brother a job on this picture (he bailed him out of jail and probably had to make sure he didn’t skip), I don’t know why he didn’t have a fit when his retarded bride wasn’t cast as his love interest. We know she could have easily done it because she isn’t working in front of anything but papparazzi cameras. But there’s plenty of time for them to work together when they do the cooking show/reality tv series on his farm after they get married later this year. ‘On the Farm with Rachel and Hayden’ should be a big hit; like a Canadian ‘Green Acres.’ Hayden even has the pig. Too bad that comedy has been done before too.

  • @36

    Don’t pay to watch it since you have already made your mind up about it.
    In the interview HC was making a comment about working in Detroit and how everyone opened doors to allow the production to take place, NOTHING about him being the star your hatred blinds you.
    How do you know HC bailed out his brother? or are you just making another half-assed assumption trying too get people thinking you know something?
    No idea what “Green Acres” is, some sort of farm show I gather.
    For someone who does not like him you sure know a lot about him or at least assume you do, which makes you even more pathetic than his media loving G/F. At least she has a reason to hang around HC like a bad smell what’s your pathetic reason?

  • jr

    Well, good to see Hayden in another movie! Takers is out in August, I wonder if this one will be out this year, too? Looking forward to seeing both!

  • @36 times 2

    BTW Can I borrow your crystal ball, you know he is going to suck in this movie and not even a trailer has been seen yet………

  • ATLQueen

    I would believe you Viper if he wasn’t the lead actor most the time. Why do you follow every freakin movie he does, anyway? I know it’s hard to truly let go. You should just give in. Admit you like him as an actor or at least like looking at him and then you will be justified in your complete stupidity for being bothered with an actor you ‘act like’ you can’t stand (along with his movies). And like I said he isn’t going anywhere. Just get over it.

    And both Ewan and Natalie had movie careers before Star Wars. You can’t even really compare them to Hayden. In fact, almost if not everyone in that movie had one before him. He was in horrible TV shows and small movie parts other than LAAH before Star Wars. That was it. It’s okay if he isn’t the greatest. It isn’t imperative for him to be the next Brad Pitt or Hugh Laurie. He seems alright where he is. No one ever said he was so great he just played one of the greatest villains. Get off the man’s his nuts already.

  • jr

    Wow, I just scanned the comments on here, and I agree with the last few, why obsess over this guy if you don’t like him? Complain once and leave, thats normal, coming back to repeat the same stuff is really kinda strange!

  • Viper

    HELLO he isnt’ the lead in Takers more like a less then sub lead..He wasn’t the lead in NYILU as he makes ppl think he and Ms mentally challanged did this great performance. Jumper sucked SLJ even looked bad, Jamie Bell was the real leading man in that flick. Awake please scored low the first weekend it showed. Jumper OMFG was the worst yet of his movies and I’m sure not the last. Follow his career is hard not to when his Duffus for a g/f makes sure everyone knows what they are up to especially herself. His low life career is pretty much IN OUR FACE all the time. Hard to ignor like Lohan and RB is getting as bad as her with Media Whoring..

  • pat

    Saying Hayden Christensen’s career is in your face is laughable, unless you are looking for it! He is not visible very much anywhere, and neither is Rachel Bilson, again, unless you are looking for her. Only see them on this site, and a few others, hardly ever in the tabloids. You are funny, pretending you don’t stalk him on purpose!

  • angel of darkness


    you know he had a bad track record with films. right now he is the bad luck kid.

  • kosher

    @ Hayden Christensen Vanishes on 7th Street…

    An “apt fitting & a must” that it should be re-titled as : Hayden Christensen (totally) Vanishes in Hollywood ASAP!!!

  • ATLQueen

    Alright, alright Viper (and everyone else who pretends to think he sucks). You got me. You win. Yeah right. I do want to say that NYILY is about a bunch of different people. There is no lead idiot. In the little part he did do the whole thing was basically about HIM wanting HER. I wouldn’t expect you to see that. You’re too busy crushing on him to actually watch the movie. Second, Takers is about a GROUP (which he is a part of) of bank robbers. Look it up if you know how to read. Jumper was about a guy named David portrayed by who: HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN. Awake was about a guy named Clayton Beresford JR played by who: HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN going under Blah blah blah….. Almost every move on the big screen was about someone he played except for Factory Girl. Don’t go there with LAAH because he wasn’t the lead but supporting lead which he was nominated for. They even found a way to concentrate on his character the most in that lousy show High Ground!
    All I’m saying is that if you’re looking for the best it’s obvious you’re looking in the wrong direction. He isn’t a saint. He isn’t A List. He isn’t gonna fall in love with who you want him to fall in love with. You aren’t pulling the strings here. So just let it be. Don’t spend so much of your free time following someone you can’t stand. I just makes zero sense at all. It’s stressful and it makes you look so green with envy. It’s really his GF you really hate and you’re trying to use her as a reason to blame him for not doing what you want him to do and going where you want him to go. So just stop it you look ridiculous ranting and raiding on about someone you don’t like for doing absolutely nothing to you. I won’t be back in here for a while say what you want.

  • Best Line Of #46

    @ I won’t be back in here for a while say what you want…

    Why only for awhile where you could “GTFO & Good Riddance” forever & ever – whiz!

  • Brightside

    Umm – he has a bad track record because he can’t act. The segment in NYILY in which he was placed opposite Palcino was the worst of the lot ( and not all of them were good). Jumper was universally panned by critics the world over, as was Awake (solely because of the quality of the acting), both films had the potential to be better than they were and would have been had they not cast this guy. He has not been cast as the lead in either Takers or Vanishing. I notice no-one mentions Virgin Territory, an unfunny film badly acted. In Factory Girl the critics assessed his performance as no more than competent. He is not A list, he is C list going on D list and that is not going to change because he can’t act. More squeak than wool, as the saying goes.

  • Cityslicker

    Don’t worry his side kick will be back on Wed she is this so called ambassador for sunglass hut launching some big sunglass in NY at their Flagship store. Mostly this stores are outside the mall, this isn’t Wayfar, nor Rayban but this second rate sunglass company who is giving her some kind of blog site. Damn wonder who she will get to ghost write that column?? Guess if they can give Jessica Simpson some reality show on cable she must think they will do the same for her. PLEASE!!

    Not knocking you gal it wasn’t Pacino it was Garcia they were with and really Garcia was noted to be the only good thing in that segment. Know one wants to remember VT b/c not only was he bad but the movie was really soft porn truly bad flick.

  • @49

    Check on the brands of sunglass hut before posting on this site.