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Jennifer Hudson's Son is One Happy Baby

Jennifer Hudson's Son is One Happy Baby

Jennifer Hudson runs errands with her adorable son David Otunga Jr., 20 months, in Los Angeles on Friday (April 23).

The 28-year-old Oscar winner is set to sing a duet with British beauty Leona Lewis for the soundtrack for the Sex and the City sequel. The song is called “Love Is Your Color.” (Jennifer was on the original soundtrack and also starred in the movie).

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42 Responses to “Jennifer Hudson's Son is One Happy Baby”

  1. 1
    Raichill Says:

    He looks younger than 20 months.

  2. 2
    Channy Says:

    I agree with above, he does look younger and his hair just makes me laugh. :) I love when babies get funky hair that just seem to make them cuter :)

  3. 3
    Raichill Says:

    He was born on the 08/10/2009 so he isn’t 20 months old.

  4. 4
    JustMe Says:

    Cute baby!

  5. 5
    Shawna Says:

    He’s only 8 months, not 20! How could you possibly think that baby is 20 months???

  6. 6
    happy girl Says:

    toooo cute! he looks like a little button. i love babies with cheeks like that. awww. good for her. see life does give you something nice after tragedy! kudos jennifer!

  7. 7
    a realist Says:

    What a darling baby.

  8. 8
    Kirsten Says:

    What a cutie. He looks like Jennifer!

  9. 9
    Kirsten Says:

    What a cutie. He looks like Jennifer!

  10. 10
    bobby Says:

    He is cute.

  11. 11
    AreYouKiddingMe Says:

    Awe. His hair is so fluffy. Cute, cute kid.

  12. 12
    sweet Says:

    I am happy for her, sweet baby.

  13. 13
    roro Says:

    oh my he’s so cute

  14. 14
    sam Says:

    haha why is he so light cute baby? his father is kind of dark skinned? mhh jenny what did you do? lol

  15. 15
    shaar Says:

    omg those cheeks! cutie pie!

  16. 16
    Pippi Says:

    OMG! How cute is her little guy? I just wanna squeeze him. He is soooo cute! I am so happy for her. May God continue to bless Jennifer and her little family.

  17. 17
    goop Says:

    So cute!

  18. 18
    Giselle Says:

    Adorable! He looks just like Jennifer!

  19. 19
    reba Says:

    I just want to squeeze him! How cute is he? He’s not 20 months though – much younger and still baby cute:)

  20. 20
    sarafina Says:

    Im very happy she has found joy in her life……………………. the baby is cute.

  21. 21
    Katie Says:

    I am just glad she has happiness and joy in her life once again.
    Hey David tek good care a wi girl, dat too much ask a you?, mi nuh think so!. By the way this is the first time we have seen the baby out in public.
    He is such a CUTIE, he is so CUTE!. You just want to pinch his little cheeks!!!!!!!!!.

  22. 22
    Finanas Says:

    @sam are u stupid? don’t u know anything about sciences ? A baby has spent less time in the sun than an adult. The melanin is light-sensible, so it needs time to balance the rate.

    BTW cute baby

  23. 23
    Lisa Says:

    AWWWWWWWWWW, he is absolutely adorable. I am so happy for Jen. She seems to be a wonderful mom. I am glad that she is happy.

  24. 24
    happy girl Says:

    seeing his pic makes me a bit teary eyed. just recently her sweet young little nephew was murdered and now here she is with a sweet little boy of her own. this is a story of hope. just when you think you have lost everything, you can gain something beautiful. io really wish her and her baby the ultimate happinness!

  25. 25
    sharon Says:

    soooooooooo cute

  26. 26
    Nik Says:

    @ sam

    Black people comes in every colour imaginalble. Sometimes 2 darkskin poeple will have a very lightskin baby , sometimes with light eyes. It happenes.

  27. 27
    Lee Says:

    Aww…the baby is so cute!!

    I think David Otunga, Sr is half white. From I Love New York 2, his mother and sister came to visit, and his mom is white.

    I know…it’s sad that I watched I love new york.

  28. 28
    Anti-Bieber Says:

    he’s so cute and she’s a great singer

  29. 29
    samantha nolan Says:

    20 months! r u kidding me??? knox and vivienne jolie pitt are a little older than 20 months, and there big. this baby is so little. so how cud he b 20 months? if he was, he wud be alot bigger than he is now. dsnt make sense. get ur stuff together justjared!

  30. 30
    19th century Says:

    The father of this child is her fiance. Seriously, how long does it take to get married!!!

  31. 31
    LEA Says:

    He is a cutie pie!!!

    I’m guessing they will get married when they get ready lol, btw that is none of ur business

    and @Sam, you do know that Black people come in different shades right??

  32. 32
    goopydrawers Says:

    8 months Jared!!! Born in August 2009.

    He’s going to be a tall kid though.


  33. 33
    MAY Says:

    what a doll baby! sooooooooooo cute

  34. 34
    UrFavuritGirl Says:

    @sam The baby is light because his father is half white idiot!

  35. 35
    Jannet Says:

    @sam The baby is so light because his father is half white idiot. BTW, David jr. is adorable!

  36. 36
    Lily Says:

    He’s adorable.

  37. 37
    Amazed Says:

    Aaaaaahhh!!! Bless!!!! what a adorable baby, such a cutie

  38. 38
    Brenda smith Says:

    Love her,

  39. 39
    norma Says:

    JHUD son is only eight months old. David Jr was born Aug 10,2009. He is not twenty months of age. However they are a very gorgeous pair togather mom and son. Best wishes to her and her family.

  40. 40
    annabelle Says:

    @Raichill: thats because he is, born august 10 ’09. justjared error i guess

  41. 41
    Adam Says:


    I hope your aware that black people come in different colors, idiot. And the dad is not even dark skinned…stupidity.

  42. 42
    RenaissanceWoman Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how ignorance always manages to drag himself up in the middle of everything. I don’t care if he’s as white as Casper the friendly ghost, he’s still a beautiful baby!

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