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Katherine Heigl & Naleigh Kelley: Garden Party Pair

Katherine Heigl & Naleigh Kelley: Garden Party Pair

Katherine Heigl carries around her baby daughter Naleigh after spending the afternoon at a garden party with friends on Friday (April 23) in Pasadena, Calif.

Afterward, the 31-year-old former Grey’s Anatomy actress lunched with her momager Nancy and musician husband Josh Kelley.

Looks like Josh had just returned from playing a round of golf with his polo and Titleist visor!

10+ pictures inside of Katherine Heigl with her adorable baby Naleigh

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katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 01
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 02
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 03
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 04
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 05
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 06
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 07
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 08
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 09
katherine heigl naleigh kelley garden party 10

Credit: Jeff Steinberg/Matt Smith; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Kev

    Love Katherine :) Looking gorgeous and that kid of hers is just so cute.

  • Athina


  • holly

    Very, very cute!!! She’s a good mother ’cause she left grey’s..

  • Kelly

    OMG! What an adorable baby. Naleigh is a cutie. Both looks gorgeous : )

  • ashley

    i hate arrogant Heigl, but the baby is such a cutie!!!! love tittle naleigh!!!

  • ashley

    i hate arrogant Heigl, but the baby is such a cutie!!!! love tittle naleigh!!!

  • ashley

    i hate arrogant Heigl, but the baby is such a cutie!!!! love tittle naleigh!!!

  • gary

    I would LOVE it if the word momager was never heard from again. Ick.

  • kelly

    I find it hilarious that Katherine can’t take care of her own kid and needs to take the nanny along (girl on the left is the nanny). You just know that it was the nanny who took care of Nayleigh at the party while Katherine did nothing and then she just carried Nayleigh to the car for the paps to get pictures of her being a “mom”.
    And then she went to lunch with her own mom and husband whilst the nanny took care of the baby. That’s spending quality time and bonding with your daughter alright!

  • Samantha

    adorable baby!

  • Samantha

    @kelly: I find it hilarious that you know who is her nanny. You are obsessed.

  • Jen

    @kelly: Well somebody had the watch the baby while they went to lunch. And it’s nice to have extra help, especially when there’s paprazzis around. She gets hounded, sometimes it’s almost dangerous. Who are you to judge what kind of mother she is? I think she looks like an amazing mother. There was an adorable set of her at the park with Naleigh last week, playing on the slide and swings with her. You can just tell how much she loves that little girl.

  • sarah

    Heigl is an IDIOT. I’m really sad for that baby.

  • kelly

    Did you happen to notice that the paparazzi were already at the park when Katherine arrived for that “adorable set” of pictures? That was a set up so of course Katherine was all over the playground with the baby for those pictures. Oh, and she also brought the nanny along for tha too and it’s not like the nanny is there to protect Katherine and Nayleigh from the paparazzi. You might just want smarten up, open your eyes and drink less of the Heigl kool-aid, Jen.

  • Alicia


    Actually Kelly you might want to do the same. If you knew anything you would realise the paps hang around outside her house. She goes to the park they FOLLOW her there get out and take photos. It is hardly rocket science. Of course the nanny is there to help and when there are photographers around its great to be able to have someone else there. Who are you to judge her as a mother. Her trip to New York last week was the first time she has not been with her daughter in 6 months. She spends way more time with her kid than most Hollywood celebs you can care to mention. Stop hating and get a life.

  • Jen

    @kelly: I wasn’t implying the nanny is there to protect the from the paparazzi but sometimes Katie gets so many she likes to walk ahead of everybody with her so they aren’t as subjected to it. so if the paprazzis got to be too much she could hand the baby to nanny and walk ahead of them.

    I think you might want to stop hating until you actually know something about this woman. If you actually knew anything about her you wouldn’t say rude things about her because she’s a very sweet, kind person.

    And how do you know the paparazzis were already at the park?? Were you there too?

  • kelly

    Honey, it’s common knowledge that that is the nanny. The nanny is always with Nayleigh. She took care of Nayleigh when Katherine was shooting scenes for “Killers”, she was at the park and fed Nayleigh while Katherine just sat there, the nanny went to garden party with them, she’s the one who takes care of the baby during Katherine’s daily outings to lunch with her mom…. the nanny acts like more of a mom to Nayleigh than Katherine. Fact.
    You don’t see Jennifer Garner taking her daughters to a park and the nanny trailing behind.

  • Jen

    @Alicia: EXACTLY! Thank you!!

  • kelly

    Are you stupid? They didn’t FOLOW her to the park that time. They were ALREADY there when she arrived. What the hell would the paparazzi be doing hanging around a playground if they didn’t KNOW a celeb would be showing up?

  • Richard

    Kelly – whatever you think of Katherine Heigl, she is not the sort of celeb who calls the paparazzi. They follow her pretty much everywhere anyway. Heck there are usually 7 or 8 of them sitting on her street most days waiting for her to leave her house. How do I know? Go read the paparazzi notebook web site. One of the paparazzi explains with photos of them waiting outside her house.

    She seems like a sweet and attentive mother who is doing exactly what she said she would. Since November she has been pretty much spending most of her time with her kid. No TV episodes, no movies. Thats 6 months already.

  • kelly

    @Jen: Oh, so I don’t know Katherine because I say rude things about her but YOU know Katherine and she’s a very sweet, kind person. Umm… double standards much?

    Don’t be an idiot. LOOK at the pictures and you can see the paparazzi were taking pictures as Katherine was arriving at the park, took pictures while she was the park and then took pictures when she was leaving the park. They didn’t arrive after she was there already. LMAO

  • Alicia

    Kelly – no they didnt arrive after she was there already. I will explain so you understand. They wait outside her house – follow her to the park in their cars. When she gets out they jump out and run around in front of her and take photographs as she is walking into the park. I know this is such a difficult concept to understand. I mean we never see paparazzi chasing around and running after celebs at all do we *rolls eyes*

  • Jill

    Cute baby and she seems to be a very devoted mom.
    Kelly, stop hating and get a damn life.

  • Alison

    OMG such cute pictures. Katherine and Naleigh are adorable!

  • Trina

    Cute baby.

  • mailman

    It amuses me when random people – fans or haters seem to pretend to know what goes on. I mean I am betting that none of them live with Heigl or her husband. How do they know either way how much time she spends with / without her daughter. They don’t. A couple of paparazzi photos what a week or two since the last lot dont exactly say much. Surely the entire point of having a nanny if you can afford one – is when you do need to do things like work, go out, got an event or a party that there somewhere is there to help. Most people who work leave their kids in some kind of childcare – why should Heigl be vilified for having dedicated help if she can afford it. Other celebs do much the same. She seems like a pretty attentive and caring mother and clearly dotes on her daughter from all the interviews she gives. You cant fake that.

  • anonymous

    Love how the people who hate her seem to know so much about her – previous paparazzi shots, where she was filming and the fact she took her kid with her. The fact she has a nanny – and they know who it is. Funny when I dislike something – I avoid it completely. Like brussels sprouts or Paris Hilton. To quote Shakespeare “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  • Jillian

    Naleigh’s such a cutie! I love her little pigtails.

    And kelly, do the world a favor and up your meds, stat.

  • Luna

    I really don’t understand people like ‘kelly’. When I look at the pictures, I see happy and healthy kid. Naleigh seems really HAPPY. She looks peaceful in her mommy’s arms. She smiles happily her mom. She is loved and taken care. So what is the problem???

    There are so many children who is homeless, sick, abandoned… People should be sad for these children.

    Btw, Katie&Naleigh looks so sweet. I wish this family the best.

  • Michele

    Adorable pics! Naleigh’s really blossomed since coming to live with her forever family; she looks so happy and much healthier now. I see Katherine’s sister Meg, too, in the background of the shots of Katherine, Josh and Nancy. Love that Katherine seems to be so close to her family. My mom and my sisters are my best friends too.

  • Inaru

    What a cute little girl, love the tiny pigtails.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I love Katherine! She’s beautiful and talented and not afraid to speak her mind!! It’s refreshing!!

  • annab

    Naleigh is too cute. Katherine should consider herself quite blessed.

  • Mich

    Pretty sure she is wearing a “Joe Fresh” cardigan :)

  • Pac Man

    Right, #12 and #26.

  • missy

    omg, why the arguments? who CARES? it is no one’s business but Katherine’s.

  • Lohan

    why does she hate patrick

  • anon

    I’m sorry but some of the comments sound like they’re straight from the publicist’s mouth. But it’s also time to acknowledge that everyone in Hollywood plays the PR game, so stop acting like anyone is above it, even “Katie” Heigl. No one can deny that she has a horrible reputation as an ungrateful person and she needs to do damage control. It’s funny because a couple of weeks ago, her fans were saying how much she avoids the paps and how much she keeps her child shielded, yet since she left Grey’s there’s been a decided uptick in appearances.

  • jp

    @anon: And some people*cough*anon*cough* sound a whole lot like “kelly.” Nice try, kel.

  • Jem

    Nice accessory, Heigl. And wasn’t that husband of hers some kind of rock musician? You’d never know to look at him.

  • sarah

    People are hypocrite. I won’t start to like her only because she adopted a baby with a problem. It’s only publicity. Her bad reputation isn’t changed

  • sarah

    .. And then, she should kiss the feet of GA fans. She treated Izzie’s fans as idiots when the only idiot is… her.

  • goop

    She looks better blonde

  • parry


    From the publicists mouth – that is as ridiculous a comment as it is hilarious.

    Katherine does avoid paps if she can and keep her child shielded when she can. Which is why she and her family left LA for 3 months earlier in the year to get away from all the attention. But…she also tries to live a normal life and goes out from time to time and does normal things. These photos were the first in over a week since she was in New York to collect an award. So she dared to go out of her house once in like 10 days. How dare she. Rolls eyes.

  • n

    cute baby girl. they;re so adorable together!

  • teri smith

    Katie is the best, so honest and fresh