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Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth: Doggy Duty

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth: Doggy Duty

Reese Witherspoon walks her dog with her boyfriend, Hollywood agent Jim Toth, in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (April 24).

Yesterday, Reese went to another Cirque circus class (pictured below).

Reese recently signed on to voice the character of Scottish princess Merida in the new animated flick, Brave, Pixar’s first fairy tale. She plays the part of “an impulsive princess who wants to cut her royal ties and become the world’s greatest female archer.”

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth on doggy duty…

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reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 01
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 02
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 03
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 04
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 05
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 06
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 07
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 08
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 09
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 10
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 11
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 12
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 13
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 14
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 15
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 16
reese witherspoon jim toth doggy duty 17

Credit: RD/AB; Photos: Fame Pictures, Retna Digital
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  • an oldie

    A Disney Princess? Good for her.

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Fugly Reese Withjerspon and another photo op with the gigolo.


    Mr. Toth,

    Why are you dressed like a toddler?

    Please hem your shorts about 10 inches.

    White socks with athletic wear is best.

    This is so awful as to appear as that of a joke.

  • WW
  • ela

    @Tim Gunn: you know, those are athletic socks. Maybe you didn’t notice yet but athletic socks can be black or colors other than old-school white. Having said that, Toth looks like he just came out of Jessie James garage. Not a good move Reese, from Jake to this!

  • Lohan

    Whata lucky guy

  • Br

    Ugly beard.. Go away… Team Jake forever…

  • fan

    What happened to Jake?????

  • http://justjared deke

    He looks old and stodgy.

  • Isabelle

    Jared 2 Reese post’s in one day, you are really earning your CAA paycheck. Reese must be feeling especially non-relavant to arrange 3 photo ops in 2 days. She should stick to doing voice overs in animated movies, saves the world from having to look at her phony face.

  • Jimmy

    She seems unable to do without a gigolo for even a week of so. I wouldn’t call her a nympho, or should I?

  • shaar


    exactly my thoughts, this girl doesn’t know how to be single even for a second! And she’s already including him on her kids time. Don’t child psychologists always say to wait a while before introducing men to ur kids!?!? Jeeeez!!!!!!!

  • slambang

    This B ! T C H.

  • pickles

    Wow. They really look…happy. I mean really.

    No, really. (NOT!)

    jared, she has no movies coming out. Just because there are items available every day is no reason for you to post all of them. I’m sick of looking at daily pictures of this phoney and her escort. Maybe she wants people to forget that Jake, her ex, is getting ready to open a movie. Huge Disney movie. I hope she and her new man pass by it every day plastered on billboards all over Hollywood. Reese is a loser, her boyfriend is a loser, but her kids are the true losers and that’s really sad.



    Dark socks with sneakers look tacky and geeky.

    Toth is dressed bewtween a fake rapper and a dweeb.

    Isn’t he a stockbroker turned agent?

  • M

    There goes phoniest b-i-t-c-h in Hollywood in the company of her male prostitute. Is there a more stupid and boring photo.op?

    The dog is cute,though.

  • agree with elsa

    @Tim Gunn team: if you have style and know how to wear it black sport sock look stylish and fashion forward, rather than the old white. This guy doesn’t know style though, that’s the problem. I haven’t seen him in one single pic where he looks decently dressed.

  • Lisa

    Damn she is turning into another Jennifer Aniston. Ever since her divorce she has become a hooch. Is there a man left that she hasnt slept with?? I doubt it.

  • Lisa

    Damn she is turning into another Jennifer Aniston. Ever since her divorce she has become a hooch. Is there a man left that she hasnt slept with?? I doubt it.

  • agree with pickles and Tim Gun

    Reese has surprised me since her breakup with Jake especially with her introduction of another man to her children. “Mom, who is this?” “Where is Jake?” “Uncle who mom??
    Jake fans are overjoyed she’s not in his life anymore…include me in that bunch…yet I feel sad for her children, exposed to two men in less than 3 years. They don’t need the stress.
    And Tim Gunn, she’s trying to dress down so he won’t look like such a hot mess. I’ve never seen her look so “at home.”
    Good lord, me thinks she wants a man who looks like this. Obviously, Jake was too young, too hot and too good looking to be considered a mature man by her. Now we are treated to pics of her and her new ma, walking around, looking not happy, not cute and not hot.
    Who cares what movie she’s in; give me JLO, a real woman, in love with a real man, and a good mom to her two real children, whom we never ever see in arranged photo-ops.
    Reese stop with the bash Jake Gyllenhaal articles in tab magazines; your PR people stink. The articles make you look bad and expose you as a hypocrite of the highest order. “Jake needed taking care of but Jim is a real man.” Wha?
    Jake is Godfather to Heath Ledger and Michelle William’s child and uncle to his sister’s child. I’m sure Heath and Michelle wouldn’t have chosen him as Godfather if he were as awful a candidate for parenting and as immature as your friends say he is in those articles.

  • Pattycake

    @agree with pickles and Tim Gun: Seriously, you prefer JLo? Reese get papped because she is an A-list actor with a huge fan base and a good looking woman not afraid to be seen out in public in her everyday clothes. JLo has become like the Kardashian sisters, famous for being famous and always dressed to the nines to be on show.

    The rest of you, Reese is a bad mother and/or a nympho because she, a single woman, spends time with a single man? Really? What do all of you do? Sit in your kitchen eating cake and smearing the frosting on your keyboard? Obviously Daddy has the kids. He’s been away working for a while. I’m NOT a Reese fan but you all are ridiculous.

  • fauxmance

    Reese Witherspoon did not break up with Jake – their showmance contract expired.

  • Kayann

    It will be interesting when Reese does pass by all those Prince of Persia posters. Maybe she’ll remember how she took the time to visit him in Morocco at least 2 times and another when she had an engagement in Europe and was able to visit him. It takes a day to get there and a day back and to spend 3-5 days inbetween that.
    I would think during the 3 years if she thought he wasn’t “mature” enough to spend all that time with her kids in a relationship then she would of gotten out a lot sooner.
    Whatever it is with the bashing doesn’t look good. To say – whoever said it -that now she was with a grown up. What an insult to someone who is praised for his hard work . And does try to learn from his experiences in life.
    Anyone rem. the Robert Downey Jr. comment (tho actually only saw it printed once when Jake was being given a young actor award in New York and Downey presented it to him)… but he said Jake was the “real deal” and he had his back for life.
    And there were the comment from Natalie Portman about how wonderful he was, among them, “kids and dogs love him”.
    Does anything think that maybe Jake was the one that decided since she wasn’t as serious about this as he was in the fact she just didn’t want to get married that this wasn’t going anywhere and why stay when you do have the rest of your life in front of you. If a relationship is stagnent then i think both can agree its not to be.
    Actually as far as Reese goes probably Toth called her when he knew she was free and she went out with him. That’s o.k.
    Has anyone heard Jake make any comments about this. Only thing has been, so far, the GQ article when asked about being single again and he says “It…okay..”. His man looking for the right woman, but it can be the other way too which sounds like guess i wasn’t the right man. But I bet you won’t see one harsh word about Reese from Jake.

  • TeamJake

    Maybe she’s with a “grown up” but why was she was all happy and softer with Jake? Her kids loved him, too and he did lots of stuff with them, taking Deacon out all by himself, and even traveling to be there for his b’day. Making sure Deacon got flowers for his sister, and going to school programs.

    Reese did more than fly back and forth to Morocco. She rented a house in London for weeks with the kids, too, while Jake practiced and worked on this movie. They even went to Paris and Jake watched fireworks, carrying her 10 year old daughter on his shoulders so she could see. Reese’s “friends” can make up any nonsense they want, but for two years, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese were a couple. Saying Jake is the immature one is a joke, considering how both of them are acting post break-up. She just didn’t want to share the spotlight with someone as hot as Jake.

  • Kelly

    The Europe trip to Paris was made for Reese to do a photoshoot and promote something. Jake happened to be there but it was all business. She used the kids for a few photo ops while she was there. Everything you see Reese do is to promote her own image or part of a work commitment. Jake was incidental. He was necessary to have in her life because her ex was in a serious relationship. Now that Ryan is free she doesn’t “need” Jake as much. Deacon walked in one direction down a street with Jake and Reese was there. They were’nt all by themselves. He was not as close to the kids as you imagine. They always bring flowers to Ava’s performances and Deacon was holding them. Jake didn’t instigate that.

  • Julie

    Jake was with Reese in Paris for the photoshoot because they were a couple and he was able to be there.
    Yes, flowers were always something that was done.
    The first pictures taken of Jake and Reese with the kids was well into their relationship. It was when he was in San Francisco to visit her when she was making the Christmas movie.
    She also visited him when he was making Brothers but no pictures of them.
    In fact they were together for 6 months before there was even a picture of them together. Have people forgotten how many said it wasn’t true they were together it was all made up.etc…etc.. Finally someone got a picture of them in a car and that was in July.
    She was seperated but the divorce wasn’t final and when it was then we saw them as a couple.
    The trip to Morocco was to be with him.
    He lived with her which means the kids were around without photographers.
    David Fincher pointed out how great Jake was with the kids that were on the Zodiac set. Others have also said he’s a natural with kids and as said earlier Natalie Portman said kids love him.
    In other words i think he truely cared about the kids.

  • Pattycake

    Wow! You all have explained Reese and Jake’s relationship much more than either of them have ever done. And you act like you kow too. We only see into the lives of celebs what we are allowed to see, and usually with a spin added. I’m sure the kids knew Jake quite well. Jake was Ryan’s friend for years before this showmance. That’s he gone now is probably nothing to the kids. They have their own friends and two parents who are very involved in their lives, that’s all that counts. Kids don’t care about adult drama unless they are dragged in by disfunctional parents.

  • Julie

    Jake and Ryan knew each other when Ryan was in a movie his dad directed but it seems they were never hang-out type buddies.
    That’s true we are all making comments about what we’ve seen. We don’t know them personally.
    But we know what people who know them personally have said (when they use their own names..not “sources”) and there seems to be a feeling that anything positive said about anyone must be “spin”..just don’t believe it.
    As Sam Mendes said – he holds Jake in the highest regard. I go with that.

  • melanie

    isn’t that Atticus, Jake’s dog? why does have him?

  • Jazz

    Is this guy having a midlife crisis or something that he has to dress like a 20 year old? And i mean if you are going to dress like that, at least don’t look like a giant douchebag. I’m still holding a candle to a Reese and Jake reunion..

  • GG

    Jim Toth looks like such a loser.


    Why, has American dissolved into such mindless masses?

    An actress goes out to walk her dog with her adult love interest. and we have insanity, conspiracy theories, hatred, relationship contracts, delusional defense scenarios, EXTREME amateur psychologist ( I’ll guess No college, forget the PhD.), uneducated relationship “experts”, and jealousy, massive jealousy.

    Ah, the teeny mind of the tabloid reader.

    A SAD commentary on American society.

  • Agree with WHY?

    No mature intelligent woman marries the first man she dates after a divorce. Rarely do such transitional romances last.

    Breaking up with someone you love when you have different life plans is a sign of maturity and selflessness.

    It was said, although we’ll never know, that Jake wanted marriage and Witherspoon does not. Easy to understand and believe.

    As for the “parenting experts”, only two boyfriends in 3 years is not “a lot” of men. hating a complete stranger is also odd. Especially as Witherspoon does nothing to garner hate,

    She lives quietly, is never controversial, has a successful company, loves her family, never discusses her private life, and is a hands-on mother.

  • Nanci Ryder

    Don’t you just hate it when people don’t mindlessly believe the People magazine version of a celebrity’s life? How dare you people question the motives of the lovely Ms. Witherspoon. It is madness. She is IN LOVE! DATING A REAL GROWN UP!! IN THE BEST MOOD EVER!!! MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN EVERYONE!!!!

    You’re all just jealous.

  • JJ

    Just the same little girls writing their same old fanfiction. Whenever I think you guys can’t get any worse–you do.

  • rosadimaggio63

    Hi bloggers,
    Reese veramente รจ una nana malefica !
    Per andare in giro con il suo nuova giocattolo, poteva almeno cambiarsi i pantaloncini blu che usava per uscire quando stava ancora con Jake !
    E’ proprio nauseante !

  • Anon2

    Is that really Reese’s dog? I know she has a French bulldog, but this one doesn’t seem her type. Could it belong to Toth?

  • Jimmy

    @Kayann: As far as I know, Jake never comments on his breakups. He just lets the other party jabber away while he stays silent, like the real gentleman he is. I always suspected the first indication of trouble was when they went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and afterward Jake was photographed looking very very angry and she was in the car looking out the other window and spaced out and away from him. Then earlier there was a report from London where some Brit had sat near them in a cafe and said they were having an argument, or rather she was giving him hell and he wasn’t saying anything. That seems to have been patched up, but I suspect there was always friction.

  • Jimmy

    @melanie: No, it’s another dog.

  • teri smith

    So cute 2gether,