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Alexander Skarsgard: Tribeca Festival Film Fun

Alexander Skarsgard: Tribeca Festival Film Fun

Alexander Skarsgard helps premiere his new movie, Metropia, during the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival at NYC’s Village East Cinema on Saturday (April 24).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor was accompanied by producer Kristina Aberg, director Tarik Saleh, co-star Juliette Lewis, and composer Krister Linder.

Synopsis: In the near future, oil reserves are nearly depleted and Europe is connected by series of underground tunnels. While navigating these tunnels, Roger (Vincent Gallo) hears voices, one in particular (Stefan, voiced by Skarsgard). Seeking a way to rid himself of the voice only leads Roger deeper into a bizarre conspiracy of control – mind and body.

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard @ the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival

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Photos: Jason Kempin/Getty
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  • true blood

    Alex looks good but a little tired. Looks like he had fun. Glad he got to meet De Niro.

  • VILF

    All black suits him well. Pity you didn’t post the photos from the Tribeca cocktail party with Robert de Niro. Alex looked so adorable in those photos, escpecially when greeting de Niro

  • true blood

    Thanks, Jared!

  • annalisa

    He does look good like this. Better than what we have been seeing of him lately….to say the least.

  • Coda

    Heres a look at the guy aggravating Alex, hes a pap!

    I hate the spin they put on it, the video clearly shows alex walking away from the “walrus”

    Looking good here though Alex, I especially like the pictures of him meeting Robert DeNiro

  • Lisa

    Scrufflicious… nice hair, nice suit, love it when he looks happy… can I apply some chapstick? I can’t wait till he is back on my TV…. hope hes in the first True Blood minisode Sunday night.

  • Veruca

    Looking good in these photos. Loving that his hair isn’t quite as slicked as it has been lately – maybe it’s the abundance of hair gel he’s been using lately that makes his hair look darker, because it looks a lot lighter here.

  • Lisa

    @Veruca: Yeah I like less gel also. Theres a noticeable different between when they started season 2 and finished it with regards to the amount of gel they used… fingers crossed for season 3

  • BronxBetty

    Is it me or does ASkars look a lot hotter when he’s not carrying that bag of bones around?…Just saying…

  • Veruca

    Juliette Lewis also looks awesome in these pics. She often looks kind of kooky in what she wears, but I love her haircut and dress on her. So wish that Stellan had been at the festival too, but alas.

  • goop

    His nose looks broken

  • bebe

    Juliette looks great there. Alex looks really happy too.

  • true blood to true famewhore

    It’s only halfway through the weekend and Alex is too much of a publicity grabber to let a photo opportunity pass. I predict he will walk through the village with Kate Bosworth riding his shoulders in a bikini. She’ll be holding up a neon sign saying Straw Dogs 2011, Alex will get into another police scuffle, and there may also be some of his Coachella crotch grabbing. What a bozo.

  • cutie

    They make a cute couple.

  • greenfan

    Interesting. I wouldn’t have initially matched Alex and Juliette with each other but i have to admit they look adorable together.

  • Troll

    @true blood to true famewhoreIts a film festival you troll, you think HE organised the festival and cochella for this weekend? Troll away, because us fans don’t care what spin you haters put on it.

  • truly

    he looks genuinely happy in those pics. what a difference when he’s surrounded by friends.

  • Gail

    Alex has lost a lot of weight and looks pale. Don’t get me wrong I still think he is very attractive and a very good actor. I bet working long hours and trying to keep bones happy has worn him thin.

  • GreenCAT

    Thanks Jared for the pics! Alex looks so happy in these pics!

  • Ilia

    Women are fawning over this dude… could someone please articulate what is so appealing about him? Whatever, enjoy him gals (and boys who like boys) ;0).

  • Kelly

    He looks great as Eric on TB, but very underwhelming in almost every candid I have ever seen of him.

  • Wow

    What spin, can you say you honestly feel sorry for Alex. I mean it is obvious that he and Kate B planned all those PR stunts and when one does that one is going to get okay paps as well as paps who are complete jerks. If he chooses to associate himself with a known famewhore many see it as all bets are off , it comes with package of bones called Kate Bosworth! I mean those photos of Kate smiling walking away while he confronts the pap is downright conniving and it is a testiment of what she is really about! I mean even if he was only my friend I would convince him to walk away nevertheless my bf.

  • Passingby

    What happened to that statement Alex made about Anna Paquinn and Steven Moyer that they were really close and like family, yet they never hang out anymore? I quess Anna wants to stay as far away from Kate B as possible, Anna is values in her privacy and she probably does not even like Kate B they never hang not even at award shows or parties. They are probably thinking that Alex is out of his mind!!! Sad though, to let a good friendships drift apart for that famewhore!

  • hans

    He is not attractive!!!

  • Response

    Calm down you over zealous AS fangurl or boy, even you have to admit that last weekend Alex made a mockery of himself. Jaime stated before that weekened started, that Alex and Kate were going to make major PR stunts and quess what she turned out to be right!!! I am a fan of AS but NOT to the point of being naive. I do not put him on a pedestal and I do not believe everything Alex states about himself in interviews, he is probably not that innocent, maybe a manwhore, and does like the attention of the paps only when it suits him. You are making yourself look like a fool!

  • TBfan

    What is up with his hair? Much better with lighter hair. Also, since when are vampires able to change their apprearence, I mean first they cut character Eric’s hair now he has dark hair, what gives?

  • flo

    He looks great!

  • Anon

    He looks like that Karson Kressley or whatever his name is from Queer eye for the straight guy.

  • jackie

    In the article that just came out about the new generation of Swedish actors, they treated Alex’s run in with the paps and police at Coachella like it was some great accomplishment or evidence he has conquered Hwood. Alex’s poolside pics have gotten even more press in Europe, so maybe they are impressed by this?

  • weeeks..

    i love the way he always put his hand in the almost every red carpet photo-shoot…its just so him..:)

  • JM

    Nice to see Juliette Lewis again. I always liked her way back from Cape Fear. Alex looks better but he has aged a lot since last year. He definately needs a rest. I don’t know..even in the pictures where he’s smiling, his eyes look sad.

  • yeah right

    Unfortunately, this is not Europe specifically Sweden, there was not that many press coverage of them and their spectacle here, no one cares about Kate B. She is a has been and if Alex keeps up he will not have a lasting career as an actor here in the States.

  • JM

    @VILF, where can i find those photos of Alex meeting DeNiro?

  • AdviceAS

    Het Alex
    Take a cue from your own FATHER and Robert Deniro. One does not have to be a famewhore or do PR stuns, to be successful actor. I think Papa Skarsgard is going to have to have a little talk with his son about the pitfalls of Hollywood, and to grow up, what is Alex 35 years old. Alex will end up still being known as Stellan Skarsgard’s son! Sad but True.

  • Yummm

    @weeeks..: I like his relaxed hand-in-pocket, ‘just hangin’ out’ poses too.

    @JM: has the de Niro photos.

  • JM

    Thank you Yummm.
    Definately like the DeNiro pics better. Wow! looks like Alex remembered how to genuinely smile. It’s such a beautiful smile and a shame we haven’t seen much of it lately. Hmmm, so what’s missing from those pictures that’s been front & center more often than not?? I know, cheap shot but I had to do it :P

  • VILF
  • hans


    Why hell there my evil twin. I havent even writen anything in here… yet here you are…

    Anyways I love Juliette Lewis, tap that Alex!

  • hans

    @yeah right:

    Guess you’re not Swedish, because there has been a lot in the papers there…

  • jangles

    Love to see him smile. He looks really good here. A bit thinner though. Still completely gorgeous! Love Juliette Lewis too. Too cute together. He looks like he was having a good time with it all in the video…

  • plez

    He is a ugly nerdy looking guy. Add eyeglasses and he would be a perfect Bill Gates.

  • hannah2

    I am a fan of Alex’s and i thought True Bloob to be a True Famewhore’s post was hysterical! Bronx Betty, too.

    have some humor people!

  • b


  • yowsa

    WOHO Alex with Juliette Lewis! Don’t be silly, he really looks smashing and sexy. Honestly hubba hubba!

  • Sweden calling

    @jackie and @hans

    There has not been a lot of press about AS´s poolside PDA in swedish press. Maybe a little text about it in a newspaper, but nothing big. Not like they would bring it up on the news or anything.

    Believe it or not, but Sweden does not revolve around AS.
    We have other celebrities, and other, more urgent news.

  • Yes

    Dude needs to eat better this is worrying. Otherwise hot! His eyes are not sociopath they’re vivacious I love it. Le hotness

  • Vera

    Skarsgard looks ok, not the best I’ve seen him….. those eyes do look creepy. Juliette Lewis is holding up well!! This movie is gonna be really good ( the animation looks amazing) I hope to check it out at Tribeca!

    True Blood fans May 2 begins the mini eps!!

  • Ali


    I’m in Europe and I can promise you we’re not all impressed!

  • Sophia

    I’ve seen this guy in real life in NY and I have to say he’s way too tall. He’s like circus freak tall. And his hands are huge. He actually looks kinda weird.

  • Just Don’t know

    Some cable companies are showing making the Tribecca films available On Demand. I saw Metropia that way. It’s weird. Can’t decide if I liked it or not.