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Kate Gosselin: Tanning Time!

Kate Gosselin: Tanning Time!

Reality star Kate Gosselin enjoys a pedicure and some tanning time after getting back to Pennsylvania on Saturday (April 24).

Looks like Jon watched the kids at home, while Kate was able to get some relaxation in after getting voted off Dancing with the Stars!

Kate, 35, now plans to spend more time with her eight little ones after flying back and forth to L.A. for DWTS. She said, “They’ll be glad to have me back. I’m thrilled to have been here and obviously going back to my kids is always a wonderful thing!”

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin enjoying her tanning time…

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kate gosselin tanning time 02
kate gosselin tanning time 03
kate gosselin tanning time 04
kate gosselin tanning time 05
kate gosselin tanning time 06
kate gosselin tanning time 07
kate gosselin tanning time 08
kate gosselin tanning time 09
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  • Tessa

    she looks tacky and ridiculous, as usual.

  • t

    woah she has kids? i would have never guessed…. you know with the book deal and dancing with the stars….

  • hailey

    seems like she tans and gets her nail done way too often and yet she complains she has no money.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Spend time with your KIDS, Kate.

  • Lisa

    In my eyes she isnt any better than John. Those kids are nothing but money makers to her. Spend time with her kids….lol!!! She only does that when the cameras are rolling!!!

  • steph

    looks like john stopped wearing his ed hardy clothes

  • Sick of Kate

    With all her money you would think she could afford to put a tanning bed in her home and have nail technicians come to her. But no, she enjoys the spotlight too much.

  • Katsaridoula


  • YUK

    SHE NEEDS MORE THEN A TAN AND HER TOE NAILS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colby

    She spends too much time on her appearance She is her own top priority rather than her children even though they are the only reason she can afford her insane grooming schedule. Everyone deserves me time but Kate Gosselin has taken it to a whole new level of selfishness.

  • Marisa

    @Colby, I completely agree. I have nothing more to say about this woman without regurgitating what I posted in other Kate Gosselin posts on this website. She’s simply an irritation – she won’t go away, she has an empty personality, and there is an unbearable fake aura about her that I, among many people, find sickening. The fame-loving attitude she gives off is practically making my skin crawl. Whenever I see her, she just has a look that feels like ‘I’m a celebrity now, so look at me’. Constantly going to the tanning salon just created a hotspot for paparazzi to lurk around so they can get their pictures, and she knows that. I just think she should take time off from her ‘job’, which has now become an act of promoting herself. She should stay away from the cameras, away from places where she knows she’ll get her picture taken, away from the talk shows, and reflect on her actions at home with her children. But the problem is that she’s far too self-obsessed and vain to stop and acknowledge what she’s doing, she just continues. I find it so sickening, and maybe that’s a harsh word but it’s how I feel. This is exactly why whenever I come to this website, when I see posts of women like Kate Winslet or Cate Blanchett, it feels so refreshing because they seem to have their family priorities set very well. But Kate Gosselin just makes me shudder.

  • chris

    She is a waste of time,always has the same ugly attitude on her face.

  • Colby

    @Marisa: I would be dandy if she went away but that will never happen if she can help it. Kate seems to truly believe that she deserves the spotlight. Her followers believe her lies and do not see her for the grifer she is. She puts herself first in every situation and I truly believe that she is incapable of taking responsibility for any of her actions and their negative repercussions toward her family, children and even herself. She makes you shudder and she makes me gag. Her ego continues to be fed but it seems to me that she has made a deal with the devil and will certainly pay the price eventually as she does not have the talent or personality to have this continue on for much longer.

  • Rhonda

    now, here’s the plan, don’t watch that awful show on TLC, let it tank and we’ll be finished with her, deal?

  • Internet

    She is soooo fake…
    Oh, wait a minute…
    I’m soooooo original..
    One more…….
    (Thank you sir! May I have another?)
    hate hate hate hate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kate! Kate! Kate!
    Back to the p o r n…..

  • c

    I hope she is getting a spray tan vs. using a UV tanning bed. Skin cancer is not sexy.

  • cacey

    I have 2 girls and NEVER get the time to mani and pedi except for special occasions, HERE u have A single mother of 8 kids and she some how finds the time for BOOK TOURS, dancing with the STARS if u call what she did dancing. I guess she has her PRIORITIES straight; FAME at ALL cost and her KIDS a distant 2nd.

  • L

    Why does she need to get fake tan and fake nails every week??? …. especially since everyone knows they are FAKE? Why doesn’t she work on just having healthy, glowing skin and healthy, short but attractive finger nails?

  • Gary Coleman


    Fo aw you chilluns out dare, dis is what hap’ns when you looks at duh pawn. It rot yo brain, and makes you babble inco… inco… all crazy-like.

    Kate! Caw me, beeotch!

  • flo

    I have Never seen anyone get as many mani/pedicures as this woman who claims to love her kids more than the air she breathes.
    At least Jon is a hands on dad when with them who actually spends hands on time with his kids. the closest this shrew gets to her kids is talking about and exploiting them.

  • I quit!

    no amount of money is enough to handle Kate’s ugly caveman feet

  • denise

    Some of you guys keep harping on how bad Jon is. But truth is, you have not basis for your squawking about him. He is the one who stopped the show, because of his children.

  • ughhh

    She may be physically back in Podunk, Pa. but her mind is in Hollywood where this narcissist got her huge fix of attention(good or bad,it doesn’t matter). Several sites reported last week that Kate was looking at real estate in the $2M range in Southern Cal.. She wanted at least 6 bedrooms,5 baths, an inground pool, AND, believe it or not, a home recording studio(don’t tell us you are going to take a crack at singing).

  • Jenna

    This witch is a train wreck. Exploiting her kids for money for herself and what she can do with it. Getting free items all in the name of the children. She tells everyone how much she loves her children but doesn’t spend time with them and writes books so they know that someday when they can read it that their mother might have loved hem for other than what they could buy her. Hopefully they will not believe her lies.
    She needs to just GO AWAY and never be heard from again.

  • Jenna

    When her new show comes on “A Twist of Kate”. I hope NO ONE watches it so the ratings are poor and she will be cancelled.

  • sureshot

    i dont understand why this woman gets so much crap after all the bs angie jolie has and continues to do and she has six kids of her own one nannie per each child because she works 12-15 hour days on the sets of some of her movies yet “shes a hands on mom”??????? so kate is trying to do “something” to make ends meet so she is not on welfare and then you have the idiots like the kardashion girls who the hell are they????? a few slu&*&ts maybe i should make a sex vidio that would be a key way into the hollywood world….at least some talk shows that would bring in the money. of course now they stay famous because about anyone can get a reality show……for goodness sake there was rock of love, daisy of love teila show all trash what happened to good tv for our 7 year olds and other little kids? not to mention not all adults are perves? i just dont get why everyone is bashing her so she tans big freaking deal i tan i work out i have a seven year old and do a trillion other things am i a bad mom for allowing myself to feel pretty by tanning not to mention it helps me health wise for my fibromyagia and vit. D? I know women that get the nails and hair done each week (i dont) but it makes them feel good…….does not make them bad parents. i guess bottom line is i dont undestand why she gets all this crap (its not that im a fan of hers) but i see her and angie in the magazine covers all the time angie is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr worse and cruel but her pr people are good……i know they are not all true but you know a lot of it is. hell she screws anything in sight that is married breaks up homes signs marriages in blood-yeah that really worked out so far………i just dont get it i guess.

  • sureshot


    i agree! but i also feel the same about angie jolie. what makes her so special that she should not be home with her kids??????its pretty bad when the kids call the nannie mommy. angie spends less time with her kids then kate does. i do not like either of them but angie espeicaly all hte charity in the world does not make up for the bad and homes that she wrecked. when u break a marriage up its not just the man and woman itsthe entire family…… me angie is worse the spit on my shoes. she wants what she is NOT suppose to have it becomes a challange for her. and everytime her and opah does something for charity it is all over new whereas i have recently found out jen her rival has donated “several million” to st. judes and a couple of other charitys and asked that her name not be out there because she feels its between her and god. not her and the public.God see all and I do truly believe in KARMA. That is why i think you should always try to do good when you can. that is just my thoughts……

  • Jean

    I read a while ago that ALL contestants (and pros) on DWTS get a spray tan every week. So..maybe Kate liked that look and is continuing to have one on her own time now that she is off the show?? I don’t care for Kate as a person but she does have 8 children to support and if she receives ‘free’ items for them or can get money to support them through reality shows; so be it. How else is she and/or Jon going to support them? Most of us, even it we had jobs paying a couple of hundred grand a year would have a very hard time supporting 8 children. Would you want them to go on welfare?????? So what if she is trying to make money in a public manner- guess DON’T have to watch any show she or the children are on. It’s your choice! The Duggars have 19 children and a reality show and no one is crapping on them (I do like them and the show) or thinking the children may be ‘exploited’–and they don’t need the show to support those children; they made a good deal of money in their businesses! There are plenty of reality shows out there with children–and guess what…the cameras are NOT on them 24/7 on any of these shows. You may think they are, but they are not.

  • sureshot


    same with angie jolie…….! she has all those kids and spend not time with them if she is working 12-15 hours days on sets not to mention still doing sex scenes (that is really good for her kids to see) they are going to see her one day for what she actually is……MENTAL yet she is NEVER home but she can do no wrong…… not saying you feel this way i dont know you but this is how i feel……just the life i have with one seven year old i try to dedicate all my time as i can to her and shape her and mold her into hopefully a really good person i know she has a big heart and is wonderful but had i not been home and gone all the tiime there is no telling what would go through her mind……..she looks like me , acts like me she is my little mini me and i could not imagine being so selfish as to stay away from her the thought makes me sick so i may be a nobody but i have love and when we die which all of us will does the fame and money really matter??? no, but the time it what is so important. time we spend together with our kids and spouses as a family unit doing family things. that is what life is all about to me……would i like to be a famous writer, or model yes but i refuse to put anything except God before my daughter or husband so my life will be “just an ordianary life” but that is okay. God has a purpose for me. Those are just my thougths…..have a good day.


    I fail to see the connection between mothering 8 small children and painted toes and fake tanned skin.




  • Lynn

    This woman takes the cake. All she cares about really is fame and money. She is never with those kids and if she really loved them she would be with them instead of getting a tan. She just wants the spotlight and doesn’t really care if she isn’t spending quality time with them. Her excuse is always that she has to support them financially but she has a nursing degree so she certainly could be doing that. She just wants the fame and nothing else matters. And also, she has no personality and she was the worse dancer that ever lived. She just exploits herself and those kids and people just like watching the train wreck that is their lives…it’s so pathetic.

  • Kate Rules and YOU don’t

    The jealousy that is ooozing out of all of you over the great life and perks and money that Kate is enjoying that you all don’t have makes me laugh at all of you and feel pity for you guys. Now “go back to your double-wides and fry something”. LOL.

  • Lynn

    And to the last poster that said those of us making negative comments about her are jealous….believe me I would NEVER in a million years want to have 8 kids!! I’d rather be dead. I like my “me” time and I have two kids and that is enough. So that is just a stupid comment from you. But if I brought 8 kids in this world (which I would not be stupid enough to do) I would be with them every moment I could and would not be exloiting them for money and messing up their childhood where they have no normalcy in their lives!!!!!!

  • Morgan

    It’s cruel of her to continue exploiting this kids and put them on tv as they grow older and their developmental handicaps become more apparent.

  • UnNamed

    @Jenna: Agreed she does it all for the money not the kids.

  • Deer

    oh piss off she is HOT!!!!!!

  • willoughby

    If Jon had custody of the children and was out golfing, boating whatever, all you people would be saying “Good for him, he needs a break” but because it is her, a women, she does not deserve some time…get off the soapboxes and look at youselves..everyone needs their own time to themselves…

  • Olivia Perry

    She should get a new show called “All About Kate”. She only thinks about her self. When the cameras are rolling she acts like she’s such a devoted mother.

  • n

    best her heart, she tried so hard of DWTS

  • Internet

    Please, help me. I have no imagination and I only know how to use the internet for p o r n and b i t c h sites like this. I hear there are other things like online games, searches and stuff. Is that true?

  • Barbara

    When the Jon and Kate plus 8 show was on everyweek, I noticed many negatives about kate. She not only had no respect for Jon, but bad-mouthed him to her children; even making the comment when all of the children were at the table, “boys are yuky aren’t they?”
    Granted, Jon should have spoken up more, but what would that have benefited him?
    I know, Jon sure sowed he “wild oats” when he finally got free of her, but my hope is that he has that out of his system and is ready to settle down and be a Dad. He always was a better Dad than Kate was a mother. He didn’t mind letting the children be children, dirt and all. Kate is way too up tight. The children seem to be very up tight when she is with them, telling them what to do, and KEEP CLEAN.
    Maybe, if Jon can be with the children when she’s gone, the children will be better off, ONLY, if he has settled down now.

  • debbieslife

    when there were still family groups on msn etc. i got kicked off of several because even back then i tried to tell everyine that she and jon where just trying to have their 15 minutes of fame
    when she tried to get her breasts taken care of for free when she was already getting a free tummy tuck finally did it for me
    i knew then why they were on tv
    if everyone stops paying them attention they will go away—i pray
    they put those sweet babies on display
    the one twin is type cast for life as the problem child
    of course kate and jon crave the spotlight but then again we’re giving it to them
    next will be octomom—Lord help us all

  • oink

    @Kate Rules and YOU don’t…..’ fraid you gotz all wrong pig…Kate fans are moronic low class white trash with putrefied cheese between their fat rolls go get a dozen bagels and spread some.. yum

  • mamaof03

    Sad that so many people have such negative things to say about Kate. She is a single mother of 8 trying to support her children. Her husband left her and the kids. If the kids mattered to him, he would have been a man and worked thing out with his wife.
    You all find it ok that Angelina Jolie stole Brad Pitt away from his wife. They have 6 kids who do not have a permanent home( which Kate makes sure her children have), where they can attend school and make friends (which the Gosselin children have). You all look at celebrities like GODS and everything they do is alright, no questions asked.
    Then when the average Jane gets a show because she had 6 babies at one time you rip her to shreds.Give it a rest and give her a break. Look at your own pathetic lives before casting any more stones.

  • Innernets

    I need help. I am totally powerless and insignificant as a person so I cruise sights and comment with my superior attitude when really I am a lowly worm & my ugly pig mommy should really have aborted me. ha

  • I luvs Kate – yuze R jell us

    I am sorry to say but that fans of Kate should be sterilized so as not to spread their subhuman genetics. You are unable smell a rat or discern right from wrong. You are a fatal disease on our dying and doomed country.

  • http://JustJared butterflier

    So Kate, if being home with your children is such a “wonderful thing,”
    why aren’t you with them, instead of getting yet another self-indulgent tan and nail job?
    This famewhore would not even be able to treat herself to all these goodies like fake boobs and fake hair and tummy tucks if it were not for the 8 children she birthed and not does not care for.
    And please, all those who keep calling her a “Single Mom,” she is not. She is a divorced mother. She was the one who told Jon the marriage was over, right after the nauseating vow renewal in Hawaii, where she lied to her children and told them Mommy and Daddy would be together “forever.” Jon wanted to go to counseling. Khate did not.
    Kate will never go to counseling. She is too narcissistic to see how mentally ill she is.
    And she has plenty of money. All of this is for her, not the precious kids she spends very little time with. Nannies are raising those children, who surely have abandonment issues.
    The media needs to stop taking pictures of her, stop inviting her on talk shows. She is a very sick woman.

  • Jay

    Reminds me of my whore ex-wife

  • FuKnXee

    So what?! Isn’t she allowed some time away from her kids!?! Let’s see you people spend 24/7 with your kids! Oh, you can’t-cause you work, drop kids at daycare for 8-9 hours or take them to school and some sport/music/homework class after-school. Are parents not suppose to tan, get manicures, hair or work? If this is a definition of a bad parent – damn, quick-call CPS on all you m*ther f*ckers!

    As for money hungry, parade my latest girlfriend in front of my kids months after divorcing their mother, take cruises, hang out with Mr role model Lohan, can’t get a job again, too busy whining bout not getting enough in high school, John, well he needs to spend time with his kids for a change. Kate has been working (DWTS) and made some money, in case you dumb people think she should stay broke. What is wrong with a book deal or working to support your kids-you people are backass stupid! Go drop your kids off somewhere and sip your damn starb*cks coffee and point your tan boney fingers at someone else.

    Media shows what they want to show