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Miranda Kerr's Journey of The Soul

Miranda Kerr's Journey of The Soul

Miranda Kerr keeps it cute in a denim skirt at the after-party for the new movie, Into The Cold: A Journey of The Soul, during the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival at NYC’s Polar Lounge on Saturday (April 24).

The 27-year-old dimpled model rubbed shoulders with director Sebastian Copeland at the event, which was presented by HP and MySpace.

Into The Cold retraces the personal and harrowing expedition of two men on foot to the North Pole in sub-zero temperatures to commemorate the centennial of Admiral Peary’s reach in 1909. It is a journey of endurance and commitment into the depth of the soul against the backdrop of the magnificent, unforgiving and rapidly vanishing Great North.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr‘s journey of the soul…

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miranda kerr journey of the soul 01
miranda kerr journey of the soul 02
miranda kerr journey of the soul 03
miranda kerr journey of the soul 04
miranda kerr journey of the soul 05
miranda kerr journey of the soul 06
miranda kerr journey of the soul 07
miranda kerr journey of the soul 08
miranda kerr journey of the soul 09
miranda kerr journey of the soul 10
miranda kerr journey of the soul 11

Credit: Mark Von Holden; Photos: Getty
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  • Hal

    Oh am I first?? She is so beautiFUL!!!

  • goop

    She looks great!

  • bri23

    She’s so pretty.

  • nicole

    she’s adorable… graceful

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    Just a beautiful lady.

  • shy not

    new pics of miranda again? what’s happen to new pics of Orlando? i mean it’s good for miranda fan but i would like to see more of Orlando .

  • @shy not

    Miranda is attending events with photogs and Orlando is in London doing normal life. He’s not as exposed to cameras as she is right now. The man needs some rest too.

  • shy not

    I know and yes it’s good he’s getting some time to himself but there is about 3 new one’s on “olove” i just thought they would have some here as well?

  • shy not

    and it nice to see him?

  • mimi

    Her face is weird, too wide and big for her body.
    Her body is stick-figured.
    No boobs or waist. No butt.
    Models today are PR fiction. They used to look good in the 90s.

  • Josie

    she’ll go to an opening of an envelope

  • she looks…

    …wonderful. It’s nice she’s there to promote Orlando’s cousin’s movie…he looks happy to have her there… :)

  • Not the skinniest

    Huh? You don’t remember the Kate Mosses of the fashion world? Talk about your ”WAIF THIN’ – that was the sought-after ‘look’ back then too. Kate looks a lot better today, but back then she was a straight-up-and-down stick – and making TONS of money. Miranda isn’t the first super-slim model and she won’t (obviously) be the last. Look at Alessandra Ambrosio, one of her mates from VS. She’s even SKINNIER than Miranda.

  • JJ

    Ugly face, big alien head, skinny concentration-camp body….. Now that stunners Candice and Doutzen are working with Victoria’s Secret there will be veeeery little to do for her, LOL!!!!

  • mindyourownbusiness

    Sorry, can’t find anything beautiful about her face. It is weird looking, too big, too square and her nose is strange. She looks like something out of a comic. I would call her Miss Baloon-head. I know her fans are going to freak out now but this is my opinion! Oh, and please spare me from your idiotic questions. No, I am not jealous and no, I do not hate all pretty women.

  • MollyMakeout

    she’s pretty but jean skirts haven’t been cool since like third grade haha

  • Fantastic eyes

    Her best feature: those ultra-exotic blue eyes.

  • @

    More MK? Why, Lord, why? We don’t deserve it anymore, please, please, please.

  • Huh?

    I may be alone here, but I don’t think this lady is skinny. She’s thin but fit and not flat chested. I would label Victoria Beckham or the Olsen twins creepy skinny, but not her.
    And I like her face it has personality, like Alessandra Ambrosio’s androgynous but beautiful face. I don’t get people who want faces to fit into some exact canons of beauty, those faces are dull.
    Candice is beautiful but there’s another million blondes with a similar face.

  • @11

    You are saying that the opening of an important environmental movie made by the cousin of her long term boyfriend is not something that she should support?
    That’s just stupid.
    She is there to support Sebastian. And he certainly seems happy that she is there.

  • hmmm

    Two posts in a row claiming that she has an over-sized head.
    Must be the new line of insults that the delphidiot sock-puppets are supporting. They run in cycles, ya know.
    The most pathetic thing about the insult is that it is wrong. It is an insult that can’t be claimed as just an “opinion”, because it is based upon factual evidence. fact: Miranda’s head is in perfect proportion to her body. It’s not like she is Jake Gylenwhatsit. Now THAT is someone you could legitimately call “ballon head”. LOL!
    At least the delphotes remain as entertaining as ever.

  • omg

    Glad to see that she gets along so well with Orlando’s family.

  • Beautiful

    Miranda’s not too skinny. She has a shape — with long, lean, beautiful legs. Most models (with the exception of ‘plus size’) are going to be lean – a bit leaner than the ‘average’ girl. Miranda is in good physical condition, she exercises, she eats healthy. Her complexion is beautiful, her eyes sparkle, her figure is toned and firm. IMO she’s a beautiful woman. (Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.)

  • sara

    She looks gorgeous!
    And I’m so glad that she could be there to support Bast!

  • n

    not her best getup but she’s so cute. not like sexy but cute

  • fashionista

    cute look

  • yes

    It’s nice to see her out supporting Orlando’s family. She and Bast look quite comfortable together, so they must be friends as well.
    She looks beautiful!
    And Bast looks pretty darned handsome, too.

  • bast

    Sebastian is an amazing photographer! I would love to see this movie. I bet the images are breathtaking.
    And speaking of breathtaking….
    Miranda is looking gaorgeous, as usual.
    It’s nice to see her supporting her future cousin-in-law, since Orlando is over in the UK at the moment.

  • ????

    Bast looks happy and she looks not happy in the pic with Bast

  • @29

    She has a little bit of a smile, but she does look more subdued that usual.
    Maybe being around Bast has made her miss Orlando even more.

  • Coldplayer

    @n: I totally agree…. I think she is very cute… but far from sexy… Its impossible to be sexy when you have the face of a little girl… She looks like a teeny bopper or a doll… Her face is far from “womanly” or mature looking [not aged, just mature]

  • @31

    Well, there are different kinds of sexy.
    Not everyone likes the overt sexiness of Adriana. Many like a sweeter sexuality.
    All you have to do is search the web under Miranda’s name, and you will find PLENTY of people who think that she is sexy. Or as the blonde, surfer dude on TMZ calls her: “the hottest chick on the planet”.

  • Mirana Kerrvless


    She’s not skinny, she’s shapeless. Even if she put on weight, she’ll still be shapeless. Her breasts are also flat and she relies on push up bras, you can see that clearly in topless photos.

  • candy

    I dont get the negative comments about Miranda. She is very pretty, successful and does a lot to help others. She is not too skinny. She eats healthy and exercises to stay fit. She does have a figure and she is successful because she models for vs and others. Delphi idiots need to get a life. They will bash anyone who dates orlando. They say all this hateful stuff on their discussion board. Miranda is a beautiful person inside and out. They need to stop hating on her. She is getting work because she is one of the hottest models out there. delphi idiots get a life.

  • @33

    Wow. Haters are resorting to ridiculous lies again, I see.
    Actually, you can see QUITE clearly in topless photos that she has very nice, well shaped breasts, that are in perfect proportion to her frame. You don’t have to have big, fake breasts like Adriana or Marissa to have a beautiful body.
    Or are you one of those misogynists who believe that only women with D cups are real women? Hmmmm?
    She wears push up bras once in a while, but as evidenced by the dress she wore to the green charity auction, she doesn’t really need one to look beautiful. She has a beautiful body. Which is why she earns millions modelling swinsuits and lingerie.

  • brovo @35

    Thank you for stateing so nicely that you don’t need fake breast to be beautiful! It’s great to have all those push up bras from time to time for differant occasions and outfits, but fake breast are just ………
    (see above)

  • French

    Leo and bar were never a couple. Leo realized bar was a man but he likes girls so now he hates bar! Leo is going to marry kate and Bar refaeli will be the maid! Bar and leo werre never pictured togetheer it was always a look alike because leo does not like bar because bar is ugly! Bar also will never leave israel, leo locked her in a closet!

  • lol

    French just posted some cool stuff on Mirada Kerr’s new thread. I agree though but why post it on miranda’s forum? lol i love french!!

  • why?

    the only thing that surprises me about this thread is why wasn’t Orlando mentioned as Sebastian’s cousin. There are lots of threads of his where she is mentioned as his girlfriend or her threads where he is mentioned as his boyfriend.

    But no mention of Orlando being Sebastian’s cousin.

    News Flash People!

    He was Sebastian’s cousin long before she ever became known as his girlfriend and Orlando will be his cousin long after she is no longer referred to as his girlfriend.

    Why is this thread not included as one of Orlando’s? When I log onto Jared and type in the name Orlando Bloom under search…this thread should have been right at the top of the list.

    Shows a complete lack of respect toward Orlando.

  • @39

    My goodness, you need to calm down.
    I think that it is just because Jared didn’t know that Sebastian is Orlando’s cousin.
    Jared referred to Bast as just “the director”, without commenting on his relationship to Orlando, or his connection to Miranda.
    Jared is a blogger, not the president of Orlando’s fan club. He can’t be expected to know everything.

  • @37

    Uhmmm, OK.
    That’s nice.
    *backs away slowly while whistling*

  • @39


  • @39

    This post is only on here because of Miranda.
    Jared obviously has no idea who Sebastian is, much less who he is related to. JJ can’t be expected to google everyone that shows up in pics with the celebs that he is posting about. Did you not notice that the title is ‘Miranda Kerr’s Journey of the Soul’? Not ‘Sebastian Copeland Premeires New Film’.
    Maybe if Sebastian gains more (well deserved) recognition in the public eye for his amazing photography and environmental activism, we will see posts about HIM, and not about the celebs that attended his party. Maybe then Jared, and everyone else, will know that Orlando is his very proud cousin.

  • @39

    I love Sebastian, but most people don’t know that he has a very famous cousin.
    His photography is amazing. I have both of his books.

  • What’s sexy?

    People who dig more voluptuous figures with ‘DD cups’ could, I guess, think Miranda has “no shape.” But that’s a biased perspective. Miranda has ‘curves,’ but in a smaller tighter package. If her published stats are correct (34-24-34) she’s actually very well-proportioned for someone with her build. Personally, I like her delicate ‘doll-like’ beauty and find her very sexy.

  • pinkangel

    she is cute ! but don’t like the outfits

  • Rachele smith

    I love her, ukhookups

  • So pretty!

    Love her!
    It’s nice to see that Sebastian likes her. Relationships are always easier if the families get along with your significant other.

  • tweetybird

    @@39: but I do expect JJ to know everything that’s what they pay him for.

    I bet Ted C. knows everything and hes not even on there payroll :)))

  • @49

    You mean on ‘their’ payroll, I presume?
    I would think that if the hater claims that JJ was being paid were true, he would have worked in Orlando’s name, somehow, right?
    But no.
    That would be logical.
    We can’t have that, can we?
    And Ted C “knows everything”?????
    My guess is that he said something that you delphidiots like, if he is back to being omnipotent.
    Isn’t that the way it works?
    Ted speaks the Gospel truth when he says something that you like, but if he says something that you don’t like, he reverts back to being a PR hack.
    Hypocrisy, thy name is delphi.
    You guys really make this way too easy.