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Adam Lambert is the Top Man

Adam Lambert is the Top Man

Adam Lambert visits the London Studios and then heads to Oxford Street to pick up some fashionable threads at Top Man on Monday (April 26) in London, England.

The 28-year-old American Idol vet was recently asked by fans who should play him in a movie about his life. Adam responded, “I have always thought that Leonardo DiCaprio is a really good actor – he could get intense.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Leonardo DiCaprio playing Adam Lambert??

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  • kenneth

    who is the girl with him?

  • vv

    Adam Lambert Interview on GMTV (UK’s version of Good Morning America) & FIRST UK TV performance!

  • Cate

    Just a little peek at what is in the bag, please??

  • Leanna

    My mate text me he saw him in Oxford St. yeserday walking behind him but felt awkward asking him to stop for an autograph lol

  • Taylor

    I caught him on GMTV, he’s so awesome.

  • PAPZ

    LMFAO at the stalkerazzis waiting outside

  • Dijana

    @vv: He is so gorgeous in that video ;o And speaks so well. My flatmate said to me morning TV never looked so glam haha, I really like him. He’s excellent live!

  • aron

    how come he sang live? most ppl just mime on morning tv lols. anyway he’s good

  • Lola

    @kenneth: His dancer.

  • SachaK

    @kenneth: Sacha Mallory I believe, not sure tho. She’s one of his dancers, correct me if I’m wrong anyone

  • gayl

    @aron: He doesn’t believe in miming, never mimed in his life prob. never will. + he can actually sing live so why should he mime yknow

  • RBB

    He looks sooooooo pretty in his GMTV interview, omgosh! :) I can’t believe he’s that sunny in the morning and when he’s feeling under the weather. AND he sounded and danced fabulously. Thank you for all you do Adam, congrats on the Chart success, keep going up <33333

  • Dave

    @Leanna: You have a better chance of getting an autograph in the UK than the US. Get one while you can. He is always pleasant. If he’s in a hurray or can’t stop he just tells you so in a very polite way. But by all accounts he is very gracious. So I shouldn’t worry

  • Jermaine

    Jared you have your priorities mixed up. Dude did GMTV which is huge yet you’re posting pointless pap pics?

  • JL

    @vv: Thanks so much for the link to GMTV – holy mutha that was a good performance, especially considering the setting!! See, I love the dancers – I think it works, and I think it allows Lambert some extra freedom and/or reason to move in a certain way within a context that makes sense! I know not everyone has loved the dancers (mostly cuz they just can’t take their eyes off of Lambert so they see the dancers as pointless, and I guess I can understand that :), I just don’t agree). And as far as the interview – ONCE AGAIN the Interviewer is totally smitten with Lambert… we fans in the U.S. are used to seeing that, lol!! LOVED Lambert in this interview especially – such a nice guy – he just couldn’t fake his niceness over and over in interview after interview after interview without screwing up if he wasn’t genuinely kind. And once again, he more than gave love to AI, which I totally respect. Vocally, this guy never disappoints, and I love that about him, always delivers vocally and performance-wise, whether you dig his music specifically or not.

  • III, London

    I wish he would move here like he said he’d like to.

  • Ian

    I recognize most of them. They are his dancers. I don’t remember her though. But I’ll bet she’s one of them. I remember them from Adam’s performance at Heaven. He brought down the house. My mate tried to get him to meet us for a drink tonight but it was too difficult to get near him. He was surrounded by people. Not that he would have but worth a try. After that show on Saturday he had everyone talking. He was so hotttttt, he was on fire!

  • dock

    He’s gonna be at Omni when he comes to Town, I’mma try and catch him knowing my luck though..

  • Jennifer

    Adam is definitely a top :)

    For those asking, the guy and girl he is with are 2 of his dancers.

    He looks so happy! And gorgeous!

  • Jess

    @Jermaine: I like looking at the pap pictures! He looks so pretty……..Don’t discourage Jarod from posting

  • hila

    he is soooooooo goreuos!!

  • Jory

    Gos ILH SFM <3 He is a True Star ;)

  • marinaguns

    I just want to kidnap him and take him clubbing and shopping with me.

  • dayum

    He looks good.

  • jag

    I took a look at his schedule – wtf it is hella hectic D= I think it says a lot about his attitude and mindset and personality and passion that he is so professional on the job and always in spirits when it comes to doing interviews and that. And that no one who has met him has a bad word to say about him – rather, ether gushes or admits he was very pleasant and engaging which is refreshing in the celeb world isn’t it? It’s good to be a diva onstage but offstage no. A lot of celebrities don’t have time for you. I genuinely think it’s very cool that he’s not demanding even though everyone is so demanding of him his calendar is so demanding. Tbh I’m not a fan of Idol -well I watch it ironically, but I never watched his Season [did catch him singing Tracks Of My Tears & singing with May and KISS though] but I really like him and I have to admit he’s gotten me into a lot of things. I never actively did anything for Gay Rights before but that’s another thing he’s made me aware of. Anyway I am really thankful to have someone like him in my generation. He’s really nice godbless.

  • riraw

    @aron: Lip-syncing doesn’t exist in Adam Lambert’s world. If he can help it, at least. The only time he did was on Idol during group numbers, but he was actually brave enough to talk to the producers and ask them if they could sing live because the group numbers sounded like shit. All of the idols hated it and asked Adam to speak for them and he did!

  • GMTV

    Here is the direct GMTV link if you liked his interview and performance give the Site Hits to show it.

  • glamour

    @Dijana: ~~~He came down from the sky to glitter-up your morning just for your entertainment, Dijana ; D

  • TOPM

    I love him :3

  • cudi

    Top Man is where I work ha ha. Just not in Oxford Street. Anyone know where his coat jacket’s from? Something I’d actually wear………..He needs to burn that Tshirt though. You hearing this Lambo? BURN THE TEE. Anyways you’re a bit of a legend..

  • bjrokson

    @vv: I LOVE his outfit and how he looks in the GMTV interview. I agree with what Lorraine said afterwards, he is freaking gorgeous inside out and super charismatic. And exciting and more or less flawless live almost every time. He is wildly inspired yet wildly authentic. I think he should seriously consider moving here.

  • sobbing

    I missed him on GMTV because I go to blo0dy Uni and my friend just tweeted from his gig which I couldn’t get tix to fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu. Not pis$ed > ; [

  • http://@stef_efron stefanie

    loooookin good ADAM <3333333333 ;)

  • Deb

    Sorry UK you can’t have him. He belongs to U.S. LOL

  • JJ

    @jag: You got it – as is often reported, everyone who meets him, works with him, etc. (and who happens to have a platform to make their feelings PUBLICLY known) always says only the best things about Lambert. Keep watching him UK, you’ll see too that he’s a nice guy – and that is just icing on the already delicious cake that is Adam Lambert. I actually laughed out loud at your GMTV Interviewer Lorraine K.’s gushing over him…that always happens w/ Lambert – radio, tv, whatever…inevitably the Interviewer is totally won over and smitten by the end of the interview!!

  • hannah

    i think Michael Weatherly would be better because they kind of look alike a little.

  • LAWoman

    Adam is SO HAWT!! I LOVE HIM!!~Yeah all the people around him are his dancers :)

  • Kimberlee Dash

    He is hot

  • bat4lashes

    @Deb: No he doesn’t; they don’t get him. At least here even if his style and music’s not your taste that’s all there is to it. People just move on to what they listen to, no bigoted immature and backwards freaking out. You see those dancer’s outfits in the GMTV vid? They wouldn’t be allowed on a U.S Morning show, he’d have had to go acoustic. He should buy a second house here at least.

  • charbar1

    @aron: Adam sings live because he can. His vocals are stellar, which is why we are lovin him over here in the states. Glad that you are enjoying him too!

  • cheesey poof

    the old man Butch Patrick should play Adam or maybe Winona Ryder

  • Ditzey

    O_M_G! look at all the fans trampling each other to get to Adam ….What Bedlam!…..hope nobody got hurt

  • xcept

    @JJ: except for gene simmons… =/

  • Ilia

    I thought the morning show performance was friggin’ awesome. He is getting more and more comfortable with singing this song live, it is a tough mother****** to belt out, especially in such an intimate venue. The dude is amazing, his album ROCKS…

  • JJ

    @xcept: oh yeah, right… I forgot about “that”… not worth remembering I guess… jealousy can be an ugly ugly thing can’t it ;)

  • California Dreaming

    Adam looks gorgeous, love his style. Leo would be perfect for the role!

  • christin

    looking great :)

  • Mari

    But Leo is too old I guess. BTW I love the headline!!

  • closetcase

    @cheesey poof: If you’re going to troll the least you could do is come up with something clever or original instead of reposting the same childish, ignorant lame comments every time. Your username says it all. You really are the perfect example of that ‘your haters are confused admirers’ saying — I don’t think you’ve missed ONE Adam post.

  • Dean

    @xcept: LOL. Gene Simmons made a total 100% homophobic comment – like many old bigoted gay men before him who TOLERATE gays as long as they don’t shove it in their faces [.....!!!] You know just like I’m ok with straights as long as they don’t shove their straight in my face ;3 He was an absolute hypocrite. You know how the douchy sellout straight-up boasted to the world that he has allegedly slept with over 1000-something women (that is actually fu*king repulsive not cool or anything of the sort) whilst married that is, and put cameras in his home where you could watch him have live surgery for your viewing pleasure? He then basically took the perfect opp. to create more media exposure for himself by saying “Adam should have kept his personal life to himself and his excuse was “because it would ruin his career” (hahahaha). Yet even after his stupid comments, he still said nothing but nice things about him, “Adam’s a very goodlooking, talented lad and should have won Idol (errr get over it mate). We’d still have him open for us on Tour if he ever wanted” Lolll damn something tells me he’s not interested Gene, get over yourself already. So the moral of that story is even confused old hypocrite Simmons didn’t have a bad word to say about Lambert’s personality.