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Cam Gigandet Hits Newport Beach Film Festival

Cam Gigandet Hits Newport Beach Film Festival

Cam Gigandet and his girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff hit the red carpet at the Newport Beach Film Festival to promote his new movie, Five Star Day, on Thursday (April 22).

The 27-year-old actor shared that he was a little skeptical about working with Christina Aguilera in their upcoming movie, Burlesque.

“We had a great time,” Cam shared with “I had my doubts with Christina but after two days of filming, she really jumped into the deep end of the pool, so it made it fun!”

Watch Cam‘s exclusive interview with below!

Cam Gigandet Hits Newport Beach Film Festival
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Credit: Francis Bertrand; Photos: Trish Daniels, Christopher Ratzlaff
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  • Dreads

    What does he mean “I had my doubts about Christina”?!?!?!?!?! Who exactly does he think he is ?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • PLC

    @Dreads: Hmm, well I guess he might have been worried that she lacked acting talent since she’s a singer, or he may have heard unpleasant rumors about her prior to working with her?

  • Pandora

    He’s gorgeous. She’s very pretty. And their baby is adorable.

  • Pandora

    He’s gorgeous. She’s very pretty. And their baby is adorable.



  • Lita

    Every time I see Cam, he reminds me of a younger Brad Pitt. Just the attitude and slight swagger and the charm. He could be a big star. His girlfriend seems like she is so proud and in love with him. You can see the support in her eyes. I hope he has a very successful career in film.

  • finch

    someone needs to upgrade in the gf dept.

  • Ellis-j

    Well I agree with him (Cam) because when your an actor and your casted in a movie with someone who is a singer of course your gonna have your doubts,
    (and alot of actors dislike the fact that singers want to become actors)
    to each is own though (IMO) I feel if your good enough keep it coming but if not stay in your lane, and hopefully Christina Aguilera can act (lol) and another thing I hope they developed some chemistry between one another because the one thing I hate is seeing a movie where the actors either just dont match in the looks department or they are missing that spark you know the feelng as if what there bringing to the table is real, (so looks why’s we have that down packed because christina is fine as f*ck (lol) but as for her acting skills only time will tell…..

  • karson

    The girlfriend is decorative. What’s her job?

  • karson

    E@Ellis-j: Cam should not judge other actors because he is not a great actor yet, he only gets roles because he is hot, not because he is the greatest actor in the world so he should not judge Christina’s acting skills, he is not perfect himself.

  • m

    come on people talking about cam saying that about xtina but hell everyone is thinking it

  • Emma

    Gorgeous couple. Love their baby too.

  • http://j ivanka

    i love him:) he is so hot, too bad he is taken now

  • lucy

    his girlfriend is so pretty and lucky to be with him…i’m jealous

  • Ellis-j

    well I can agree that he (CAM) is not the best actor I just understand in a way what he means because we all feel a little skeptical about any singer trying to break in to the acting/movies (lol) but yeah dont get me wrong I love christina I’m one of her biggest fans it’s just
    saturday night live,mickey mouse club is’nt enough to solidify her as an actor (IMO) she was and is good in all that she does, it’s just most people that do saturday night live arent really up to par when it comes to movies, no hate on justin timberlake but from his movies to his stints on (SNL) it just doesnt match but hopefully I will not say the same for Christina!!! of course I will support her in anyhing that she does it’s just I hope she brings it (sorry for the long comment) I could talk about her all day (lol)……

  • RBB

    He is SO gorgeous.

  • jaye

    They should have killed off Jacob instead of James in Twilight. I know the uh, fans would be screaming; but hey what would there to scream about, they wouldn’t have gotten to see him (Taylor) pump up? Funny no one cared about him until he got bulked up; is that what being superficial called? Hmmmm. Seriously, at least James was an interesting character, Jacob is just annoying and pitiful lap-dogging after someone else’s girlfriend.

  • Stacy

    He is cool

  • yeah

    This guy is always photographed with his family, that and his beard make him even sexier.

  • geena

    i think her job is to be a housewife, mother and stand by his side and grin while he pulls in the dough. I would’ve gotten impregnated too to have that job. i wish it was a hotter girl tho.i don’t think i am fond in seeing xtina act. and he isn’t the greatest actor out there. have you seen ryan philipe and channing pictures, now those are real hot looking actors. their bodies are rock hard and not skinny like this guys.

  • patti

    He needs to come out with his own look and not try to be brad pitt. Now he is growing a beard and mustache wonder how he came up with that one?? Even the haircut is very brad pitt. It is to bad he is taken he could’ve been a hot bachelor in hollywood at the height of his fame.

  • vicky

    @patti: i think the short blond hair can belong to anyone one, and the facial hair is a man (some woman) thing it doesnt belong to one person, GET over it.

  • Emily

    Cam had a moustache and a beard in THE OC but looked sexier then.
    I wish too I was jobless with a celebrity boyfriend, shopping all day, spending the money of my boyfriend, and getting rid of the baby (left with nanny) when premieres, I love Dom’s life! Doing nothing of her time and getting everything.

  • vicky

    @Emily: u know that for a fact no i dont think u do

  • kelsie schneidman

    well… they started dating just when he started acting… and she doesnt just shop all day how can you do that with a one year old?… and they dont have a nanny unlike most of la and cams parents went to the premier and help with their granddaughter and his sister is around alot… they are lucky to have a close family. @Emily:

  • Emily

    who do you think you are Kelsie, his sister? aha Cam loves Dominique so much than when they broke up 2 years ago he dated Odette Yustman for some weeks just after their break. wow guess he was really sad! in june 2008 he was with her (2008mtv awards together, kissing), then broke up and back with Dominique and got trapped with a baby shortly after (april 2009 – 9 months = september 2009)! baby accident IMO +++ he is so self-centered that he spends his time where paparazzi are (: Toast Bakery cafe!
    I’m happy all reviews say the rest of the cast was much better than him. I can’t stand people like him who think they are perfect actor and have doubts about Xtina just because she is a singer. he should remember he was fired out of YR cause he was lame and should be happy to be hot enough for getting roles

  • Emily

    2008 not 2009, wrong key

  • vicky

    just shut it and stop with all the hate no matter what u think it’s not going to change the fact that he is with dom with a daughter and that the fact he is loving every min of it.
    stop acting like a troll

  • Lana

    he looks like Becham on previous post…it seems he’s gettin too arrogant and self-satisfied, stop it while the going’ s good…

  • VirtualSurf

    Please listen to Cam carefully. He said he had doubt about Christina only the first 2 days. After that Xtina did very well.
    Cam has it all: gorgeous face, killer smile, deep-set dreamy melting blue eyes, well-defined body, massive sex-appeal, seductive voice, amazing acting talent.
    Cam is the number one actor in the history of Hollywood.
    Thank you JustJared to have video and photos of Cam. Please have more videos and pictures of Cam, shirtless if possible.

  • VirtualSurf

    @kelsie schneidman: Hey Kelsie,
    Could you tell Cam that he is the number one actor in the history of Hollywood, and the most beautiful man in the history of the human race. Please tell him to keep his hair short, his face clean-shaven, and work out hard to maintain his heavenly physique. Thanks.