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Chad Michael Murray Book Tour In The Works!

Chad Michael Murray Book Tour In The Works!

Chad Michael Murray picks out the perfect bouquet of flowers to purchase for his fiancee Kenzie Dalton at the Farmers Market in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 25).

The 28-year-old former One Tree Hill actor has been working on a graphic novel called “Everlast,” which has been a six year long process and will be released this summer.

Kenzie wrote earlier this week, “After reading it, I have to say that it really is an intriguing story that kept me caught up in the moment. I am incredibly proud of him and we both are pumped about it… Yes, there will be a tour. The book will be sold all over the U.S. as well as in France and Germany (and maybe other countries). I can’t wait for everyone to feast their eyes on the wonder that is Everlast.”

ARE YOU INTERESTED in reading CMM’s new book??

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  • GoodGirl


  • Me

    CMM–just because you played a writer on One Tree Hiill doesn’t mean you’re a writer!

  • mary

    OTH episode he wrote was painfull enough,

  • Jagger

    If the episode that he wrote for OTH is any indication to what kind of a writer The Chad is, this is bound to fail…big time.

  • sickofMANISTONchinchin

    Why would I read a book written by a pedophile?

  • steph

    life imitating art, his character one tree hill wrote a book as well.

  • cheryl

    Well I’m very curious!

  • AA

    His book is going to be a graphic novel. I seriously DOUBT its going to be good. Graphic novels consist mostly of pictures like comic books and not a lot of writing. Plus, he’s not that talented when it comes to writing, so I doubt this book of his will be any good. On a side note, Chad when will you realize that if you dump the blonde, more people will start liking you again??

  • Sara

    I guess the haters are already out. Anyways, its good to see that he is doing something and if his book is available in my country I will buy and read it. I wish him all the best and the rest of the OTH cast when the show comes to an end. I will try and support them in as many of their future endeavours as possible, as my thanks for being part of my teens and early 20s.

  • koker

    He is insane. He has only one talent , and that’s being a loverboy kind of a guy with “ruggedly handsome” good looks. There is no point in branching out because everything else about him is far less then impressive.

  • Samantha

    He looks great, but do not seems pleased by photog presence…

  • funderpants

    This dimwit does NOT need to unleash any “artistic” endeavors into this poor world. Crawl back into your hole, D-bag, and take your comic with you.

  • jason

    A book tour for a graphic novel? Is that usual? I would like to know who in the world would go to this book tour? All the teenage girls that used to love him are probably way past him by this point.

  • Liv

    “Feast their eyes on the wonder that is Everlast”…

    Does she write exclusively in cliches?

  • Up

    Yes definitly, and I hope he will be come in Paris

  • green

    actually i’m a graphic novel geek and it’s more writing than pics. two-three paragraphs per page and two pics and 80 pages

  • Jennifer

    His writing for the episode on OTH was terrible. I can’t imagine this graphic novel being any better. What I find hilarious, is that his die hard fans on certain other websites are all “OH MY GOSH! HIS CAREER IS GOING PLACES!” The guy is doing a book tour…for a graphic novel…enough said.

  • Jess

    WHHHHYYYYY???? Hes a loser!! a no one now!!

  • the_boyfriend

    i don’t like this look on him, the hat & glasses don’t work, too much.

  • Justine


    UMMM. excuse me.I happen to be one of those “die hard fans” At least he’s doing something with his life. Ya’ll haters can suck it.

  • grace

    hopefully his graphic novel will be one of those that becomes a movie! but ya those glasses gotta go and the beanie, it’s warm in la chad. but you still look good. and his episode was written well but directed poorly, joe dovola should not have been in the directors chair for that episode and the hair and make-up department did a horrid job on the girls hair.

  • Hugo

    For the ignoramuses amongst you, you need to check the true meaniing of the term graphic novel and understand that many of these are regarded as an art. Hence the name ‘graphic novel’ as opposed to ‘comic’. Having said that, I’ve no idea what CMM’s will be like, but I’m very interested to find out. I don’t understand why so many just bitch about something which has clearly taken a lot of time and thought What exactly is wrong with wanting to pursue different avenues? Perhaps if some of you could actually spell, you might appreciate a world other than tv soaps. Chad, I can’t wait to see it and I admire your accomplishing this. Also as a thinking woman, I’m very fond of thinking men, especially gorgeous ones!

  • planethollywood

    oh gosh that hate. why ppl take the time to do it confuses me. i agree with grace the 1940′s(?) episode was beautifully written and chad even brought past references into it. But the editing was horrid and they should have done it in black and white. it looked cheaply made which considering it was the CW cheapest network is expected. the wardrobe was horrible and very unflattering. Haley had an accent in the beginning then decided to drop it.

    but I hope the graphic novel does well and comes to the UK.

  • Rich


  • Ali

    Gag, d-bag forever.
    K is the one writing positive things.

  • Kimberlee smith

    I lov ehim

  • Anonymous

    Jared, you asked if I was interested in reading his graphic novel (I stress the ‘graphic novel’ part because that’s what it is. It is not a book.), and my answer is a resolute no.

  • lorna


    Really? I thought the ep he wrote was one of the best of the terrible s6. Good luck Chad. This season of OTH is just dreadful. Please end the show, CW.

  • chog

    He is such a d-bag

  • Margie

    Um, no.

  • Rachel

    Can’t say that I’m interested in this graphic novel! Now if he would like to write a book about a guy who had it all and blew it, well I might would be tempted to read it! Can’t say that I expect anything real coming from him though.

  • Michelle


  • deon


  • lindsey

    i love him! definitely going to buy the book and hopefully he comes near me so i can meet him =D

  • Taylor

    Chad Michael Murray said that he was writing this book for 6 years. That’s a long time before his character in One Tree Hill wrote An Unkindness of Ravens.

  • Crystal

    First of all, people really have to give the guy a break, after all both him AND Sophia have moved on with their lives, I mean they divorced 5 years ago?? and are BOTH with other people. SO GET OVER IT!!!
    Second of all it’s awesome seeing him doing something with his life again and if the novel comes to England I will read it because I’m quite intrigued
    And finally he’s not a pedophile!

  • BeautyB

    One treehill is based on real life issues, its a wonderful depiction of family, friendship, love, trust and devotion. The show is seriously inspiring and engaging.

  • Lisa

    I think the book will be fantastic however i wont be able to attend a signing as they have not released any dates for the UK! I am gutted!! hopefully it does well enough to come over here! xx

  • lele

    if u dont like him is ok … dont talk like that about him ….u dont know if he is a good writter or not ..probably we will find it out when we read the book …so stop telling that he is not a good writter e.t.c…….dont judge anything before you get to know it.

  • http://@jockoLove Joseline Hinojosa Murray

    I hope that Chad Michael Murray♥ come to MEXICO! We need him here! We need a Book signings! xox

  • Jessica

    For all of you crying about him writing a book, don’t read it. Quit complaining about it. I, personally, am excited to see what he’s been doing, and I know that a lot of people are too. Don’t ruin this for him or any of his fans. I’m sure this is an exciting moment for him. Everyone needs to give the book a chance before you go and say things about it. I honestly can’t wait to see him on his book tour.