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Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Premieres Friday!

Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Premieres Friday!

Check out this exclusive new preview pic from Christina Aguilera‘s video for the new dance-pop single, “Not Myself Tonight“,

To celebrate its Friday premiere on Vevo, official photos from the video will be released each day this week! Each day, Christina will be portraying a new look for the much-anticipated new video.

Check back tomorrow as we lead up to the premiere of “Not Myself Tonight“!

Bigger pic inside…

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  • r

    Ok, I’m a fan of her voice but she needs an identity. Lady Gaga literally wore THAT outfit last year. She babbles about being a serious artist, but she has never created work that I would consider to be prolific. An unbelievable voice does not equate artistic brilliance. She’s trying too hard. She needs to find something to say.

  • Audrey

    OMG, she look so HOT!
    I can’t wait to see the video!! Christina is amazing!

  • Samantha

    OMG, sh*t up. This outfit is not original and Lady Gaga did not create SM latex clothes, they already exist for years now.
    Lady Gaga wore hundred of outfits on the past two years, should every artist be careful not to wear something that look like an outfit LG already wore. PLEASE.

  • Asha

    I am not feeling this song. She may have been around for a over a decade but if her cd sounds anything like this first single of hers then there is no way she can compete with current artist.

  • miss infamous

    Umm I guess I’ll wait to see the video for myself before I say anything

  • anonymous

    Where is I’m A Flop Tonight on the charts? Doesn’t seem to be doing very well.. how sad

  • Sassy

    Looks like she was inspired by things like Pirelli calendar 1973 and Allen Jones ( who had some pieces at Clockwork orange movie) , she must be into the Clockwork Orange theme for the new album, judging by the album’s cover and her outfit last Halloween,

  • Jamie

    @anonymous: Actually if you had some sense you would know Christina’s new song debuted at 23 on the billboard hot 100 chart, so maybe you should research your facts before you type. Anyways, Chrisitna is a legend, she has nothing left to prove and is 100% of an original artist. Unlike Lady Gaga who is a cheap rip off of Madonna.

  • ray

    The video is for the song titled NOT MYSELF TONIGHT, so im thinking any reference you can get for GAGA is NOT NOT NOT a coincidence lol and christ did lady gaga invent clothes and black? NO!

  • shanelle g

    can’t wait i heart xtina!

    boohoo nobody cares about that freak of gaga

  • Donnie

    Shut up with the Gaga Copycat Crap!!!You guys would like everyone to think she invented Disco..Christina fans have plenty to call out Gaga for copying and using Christina named to get attention…Look at Gaga Rolling Stone Cover,Christina had the Cotton Candy hair first.

  • Dreads

    OH MY GOSH. My idol looks AMAZING. I love the outfit and the hair and hat and everything, she looks gorgeous. I love her so much and I definitely can’t wait to hear her new stuff.

  • eddy

    that pic is beautiful!!! no wonder the gaga fans are mad!! the sewer rat could never!!! can’t wait for the video <3

  • Jo

    I can’t wait for her to start promoting Not Myself Tonight!!! The Music Video this friday, performing BRAND NEW BIONIC ALBUM TRACKS on Storytellers in a week, then a live Oprah show in a few days time!!! THEN AMERICAN IDOL FINALE!!! ALL HER PHOTOSHOOT SPREADS for June covers come out!!!

    NMT is doing very good for a song that hasn’t had any promo yet.

  • jadel

    anonymous#6, STFU, not tonight a flop? excuse me, learn how to check you idiot, the song debuted at #23, the first week, one of the highest debut ever, i won’t be shocked if it will be #1 by this week or even the 3rd week, so shup up before talking garbage and get the facts..

    love gaga as well and people need to stop with the sillness….every artists copy from someone else and that include gaga, i don’t see xtina copying nothing, but i guess all the stupidity of “she’s copying this and that” is part of the game.. people need to stop acting silly and enjoy both artists, they’re both amazing….

  • http://N/A artisticguy99

    lady gaga has been copying madonna, grace jones and roisin murphy she’s not original. lady gaga didn’t invent those kind of outfits

  • yo sista

    Lady GaGa is the one who needs an identity. She’s mimic to everyone from Madonna, Grace Jones to Britney so sit the eff down, “little monster”…

    As for Xtina well, i’m disappointed her song sucks.

  • Mel

    Head to toe rip off of Lady GaGa. Haha.

  • floptina



  • Donnie

    Perez just twitted Christina copies Gaga again…Gaga didn’t invent this look…Check out YouTube.Gaga’s the biggest copycat of them all except for maybe Beyonce.

  • Kimberlee smith

    I love her

  • steveb

    your all haters swear gaga created everything but you know down deep she didn’t im sorry but aguilera looks drop dead gorgeous in this pic beautiful i must say. gaga has nothing on christina. Gaga wishes she took sexy edgy pics just like christina. whats different is christina can work it all let me tell you.

  • jillian

    The queen of copy. I wonder when she’ll realize that she’s not Britney and she’s not Lady Gaga? Love her voice, but seriously, enough already. Find your own identity Christina.

  • jordyy

    ive never seen ladyy gaga wear this outfit i love christina because she knows how bring real music(just hear stripped or back to basics) i love gaga cause of dance tracks but aguileraa is much more original
    i jus think her timing is alittle bad but she said back in 07 she wanted to do a dance-pop album wayy before gaga came to da scene

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    Uh excuse me people, Britney copied christina with her whole circus tour, Christina had it first, jut look at her live down under dvd. And the comparisons with Gaga, please, Gaga has nothing on christina, Christina is 100% original always reinventing herself with each album, What has gaga done lately, Oh, show us that she really does have a penis. So haters need to SHUT IT ALREADY!

  • grace

    She looks hot. I believe that “Not Myself Tonight” will continue to rise on the charts once promotion starts. I cant wait to see the video!!!

    And as for the Gaga comparisons, Christina pulls off this look better anyway.

    Team BIONIC!!!!

  • Ellis-j

    Wow she’s getting a lil thick in the hips (lol)
    she looks sexy as hell cant wait for the video!!!!!!!
    I love the song even if it performs well on the charts or not I’ll always support christina aguilera!!!!!

  • Tina

    I’m seriously getting irritated with the Gaga comparisons already. It was ok in the beginning but now, it’s seriously becoming ridiculous. What the hell is wrong with people? I like Gaga but why the hell are her fans acting like she invented everything? I’ve NEVER seen Gaga wear this look. Christina Aguilera has been wearing funky clothes, make-up and hair since Gaga was a brunette in middle school, so if anything, she’s copying Christina among other artists. The only reason Gaga is able to get away with this raunchy avant garde look is because of people like Christina, Madonna, etc. who had the balls to rock it first and thus, paving the way for her to be more accepted now. People need to educate themselves and grow the hell up!

  • ronjon

    HAHHAAH! @ I’m A Flop Tonight!

  • Dirtty

    She looks amazin’ …. Shit down bitches …. Christina can wear better than anythin Gaga wears… LOLZ Christina is much more beautiful in this pix. GAGA is a COPY CAT from Grace Jones. And poor her when Grace refused to collaborate with.. lolz. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE VIDEO. SHE WILL SHOW US MANY IMAGES IN THIS VIDEOS.


  • E

    Gee! That’s EXCACTLY what Lady Gaga did to promote the “Telephone” video…..
    Floptina is soo tired.
    She needs to take her sloppy boobs and get out of here.

  • Lucky

    @I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L: Hey Stupid! Christina COPIED the Circus theme from Madonna’s “Girlie Show-Live down Under”!!
    LMAO!!! No way in HELL “Christina” did THAT first! Or anything else for that matter!
    Check your facts do you don’t look like an idiot next time!
    do your self a favor and don’t give Craptina so much credit.
    lol! She’s done NOTHING!

  • sOhOt

    Everybody gives Christina so much credit cause she is talented, morons! Can’t wait for this EPIC

  • Mayer

    She have done many things to make POP music cooler. People are idiots like Lady gay gay fans never knows that. She looks so much BETTER than Gay gay wore before. Remember that Gaga didn’t invent anything that she wear. JUST COPIES FROM OTHER ARTISTS TOO. LOVE XTINA TILL DEATH coz u r a part of my life.

  • LoveXtina


  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    @Lucky: i wasnt being an idiot you f-cking moron. i dont even listen to madonna so how would i know. Anyways chrisitna is still a legend and haters like you are just jealous that she can actually sing meaningful music or even uptempo edgy numbers. Not like lady gaga or britney who sing the same thing over and over. So before you say i’m an idiot why dont you look in a mirror. you a$$hole.

  • SH—-T

    Yeahhh…. lady gaga or britney who sing the same thing over and over.
    I agree with U, I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L @
    Britney releases albums in very short duration..lolz. Gaga is going to the same way like Britney. LACK of CREATION.

    Christina is one of the best artists in music industry whom every other artist wants to collaborate with.

  • xxxx

    I love Christina!! The video clip is gonna be hot and this song will do amazing.. Top ten hit.

  • Gavin


  • Gaga

    Her body looks so HOT

  • qboy

    after the brit fans we have gaga’s fan trying to reach xtina’s talent by making some stupid comparaisons,

    iam sick n tired of seeing others ppl bashing on xtinas news feeds, get a life if you dont like her, stay out, go and worship your idols, but plz grew up and try to say something we can even discus, but she ‘s copying, she needs an identity, …etc …

  • Maria T Wheaton

    Xtina is a side dish at the head of Lady Gaga’s table, cooled with only one helping taken out, a copper spoon buried in the center. Gaga, smacks her lips, bits of Xtina smeared on her napkin. “Show me your teeth”, she says, but Xtina doesn’t respond because she got cooked at 500 degrees. Gaga smirks dipping her finger in the forgettable side dish one last time. “I’ll save the rest for my little Monsters.” she coos.

    *The opinions and ideas exspressed in this post are entirely my own and are not shared by Gaga. Only Gaga’s evil self approves, and Gaga has banished her to Yonkers*