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Countess Luann: Money Can't Buy You Class (LISTEN NOW!)

Countess Luann: Money Can't Buy You Class (LISTEN NOW!)

Countess LuAnn de Lesseps has released her very first single, a dance track called “Money Can’t Buy You Class.”

“I have fun with it,” the 44-year-old Real Housewives of New York star has said of her new single, not available on iTunes. “It’s a very Holly Golightly, runway, glamour-puss kind of song.”

Listen to “Money Can’t Buy You Class” at Supload (via DListed). Elegance can be learned!!!

Anybody remember fellow Housewife Kim Zolciak‘s “Tardy for the Party“?

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  • Infamous

    How is she still the Countess didnt her husband divorce her?! omg this woman needs to go away! She is anything BUT classy

  • kayla

    Sounds like CRAP!

  • Is she a man?

    This would be a good song for a drag queen to lip sync too. Other than that, its crap.

  • ++Logan++

    “Money Can’t Buy You Class.”

    ….that outfit won’t buy you class either

    oh and she is not a Countess anymore, divorce strips you of that title.

  • elle

    Poor thing!!

  • oy

    That outfit can’t buy you class, either.

  • Allie Baby

    First, her husband left her, so I will quote Mario and said she is Count-less. Even with all this auto-tune and digital editing she STILL sounds terrible. At least Kim’s “Tardy for the Party” was catchy.

    I can’t stand Luann and if it weren’t for her, Bethenny and Jill may still be friends. She’s annoying as all hell and I hope they replace her as a housewife.

  • StuntMom

    gross. all the people with bad voices autotune. money can’t buy you talent, either

  • cece

    it sounds like a man singing, i cant believe that someone acually released this so the public could here this sh*t. I would be sooo embarrased

  • cece

    this would be great in the 80s

  • LeviKlein

    So they sing now? Wow.

  • zee

    So she’s trying to be some kind of pop star now? Lol forever.

  • anthony

    Going to agree with stuntmom.. money can not and did not buy her any talent at all. You can hear how they tried to cover up how awful she sounds but it didn’t work. Just tops of the few times I saw her on tv and couldn’t stand her.

  • Nicole

    This woman is a total piece of work and major fame you know what! she is class-LESS and count-LESS after her divorce. i always hear rumors around atown about this couger, even before her divorce. so i don’t know about class, this woman has made a career of social climbing. she needs to act her age, and pay attention to her kids, not her lame singing career. her nannie raised her kids, from the looks of it because she was out on the town. bad parenting 101.

  • the hell is this??

    i cant believe this b.tch thought she could sing?? lol

  • cacey

    Next to all the CLASSLESS WOMEN on that show, she has the AUDASITY TO write a book about Class. Those women need to sign UP 4 the next fLAVOR OF LOVE SCHOOL OF CHARM.

  • Halli

    Money Can’t Buy You Class.

    Funny coming from a trailer trash chick that married a Count at some point in her life, lives off his money and calls herself the Countess and refuses to be introduced to “the help”.

    At least Kim knows she’s trash

  • Oprah

    Money apparently can’t buy you spell-check, either.

    “Elegance is LEARNT, my friends,”

  • justinbobby


  • Terri

    She sounds like a man. She is classless and very shallow. She disgusts me, the worst part of HW of NY.


    The title is grammatically and sociologically incorrect.

  • meems


  • Sassy

    Meems—you took the words right out of my mouth! OMG what a piece of chit that “song” is. I am mortified for her!

  • Bow chika wow wow

    woww that looks just like sandra bullock

  • an opinion

    money can’t buy you class
    marrying an old man can’t make you better than others (countess…please)
    being on a reality show does mean you can sing

  • Lisa

    Is this a joke. Seriously is it? I think it is. I HOPE it is. I feel like I am being punk’d. Apparently this song teaches us two things:

    1. Money Cant Buy You Class
    2. Money Cant Buy You TALENT!!

    Time to flush this piece of crap!!!

  • Helen

    I think it’s the count singing, sure sounds like a man to me! and I think he is telling her money can’t buy you class

  • cf

    OMG! My head almost exploded…Luan I think I’ve lost most respect for you after that utterly ridiculous mess of a “song” if it can be called that.

    Obviously she has no real friends or somebody would have tried to stop her!

  • GossipGirl

    Luanne is very shallow and judgemental….she makes fun of everyone on the show…..She is probably the biggest reason Bethenny and Jill are no longer friends. And honestly Luanne… you really think you can sing? I think people are born singers… if you didn’t realize you could sing when you were young….it probably means you will never be a good singer.

  • Stacy

    Love her music

  • Team Mario

    She disgust me, I really can’t stand this “woman”, she’s my least favorite of ALL the Housewives, she would’nt know what class was if it smacked her in the face, her sense of entitlement and air of arrogance is appauling, I’m so glad Mario did’nt apologize for calling her count-less which she is,

  • notafan


  • EssJay

    I didn’t even listen but I know it sounds bad, just from the previews of the show. So you go from a self-proclaimed classy countess to trashy countless with this cd cover? Your kids are gonna be so embarrassed! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! All you do over and over is reiterate how so little class you have with your actions, words and behavior. 44? Really? And NEWSFLASH!!! You only got to keep the title because you requested it in your divorce agreement – otherwise you would have been rightfully stripped. If Diana of Wales couldn’t remain princess why would you still be called a countess which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay lower on the royalty totem pole…know your place Luann – and that’s all anyone needs to call you!

  • Daisy

    It’s pretty ironic because money DID buy her class. She married rich and got all of her class from that. not so much a countess anymore is she?

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