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Gabourey Sidibe Cherry Battles Andy Samberg

Gabourey Sidibe Cherry Battles Andy Samberg

Gabourey Sidibe‘s appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend brought in mixed reviews, partially due to the fact that she flubbed her lines in a few of the sketches.

One of the most memorable moments of the night was the 26-year-old Precious actress’ digital short with SNL regular Andy Samberg called Cherry Battle.

HOW DO YOU THINK Gabby did as host of SNL??

Watch Gabby and Andy‘s Cherry Battle inside…

Gabourey Sidibe Cherry Battles Andy Samberg
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Photos: Mary Ellen Matthews
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  • Beth

    That’s a shame, she was sooo funny on The Soup

  • Leia

    Yeah that’s what you want from an SNL-skit, good effects……

  • kizbit

    I thought she sucked.

  • kaila

    the skits were not funny at all. but good effects in the digital short. but that was not that funny either. she was ok. i could understand how she messed up a couple times. she’s new at the whole live acting stuff.

  • Asha

    She was ok. Although she messed up a few times you have to remember she is practically a newbie in the Hollywood scene. Most people would mess up on LIVE television if they were new too.

  • LuckyL

    Yes, she flubbed up (more than once), so unfortunately, I could not bring myself to get through it.

  • emma

    i thought she was increadibly adorable and cute…i didnt think her mistakes were THAT huge. she was way to likeable for it to even make much of a lasting efect

  • Kimberlee Dash

    She is so pretty

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..completely unfunny. `epic fail.

  • Pesto

    I thought she did really well, she only screwed up like 3 times but she was funny and had good comedic timing for being fairly new to the live acting. The digital one was good but i also really liked the alarm clock one. I thought she was good and can only get better.

  • happy girl

    with this image of her a la marilyn monroe in a pink dress, they are making a mockery of her. it’s like, let’s pick the girl who is the absolute extreme of marilyn monroe and have her in a dress blowing in the wind like marilyn. she does not get the joke is on her. she needs to stop letting people laugh at her unhealthy weight and start taking control. she is the butt of the joke and she does not seem to know it. hollywood is cruel. they will spit her out like yesterday’s breakfast in a minute.

  • happy girl

    not funny skit at all. and she had no lines. so is that why it’s considered the funnier one? she needs to be careful about those 15 minutes. i think she’s on 14 right now.

  • jdub

    not gonna lie, she didnt do very well. she messed up ALOT and the skits werent the funny…the only parts i laughed at were kristen wiig and that alarm clock skit

  • Marieme

    This segment wasn’t even that funny (well, except for the singing cherry), but of course it warrants a post because everyone needs to believe everything Adam Sandler does is hysterical. Gabourey was really adorable though. She’s really brave – much more so than many seasoned actors who come on the show. I’d love to see her next time when she’s less nervous.

  • T.

    pretty much sucked I stopped watching about 30mins in

  • Pat

    I think Cherry Battle was supposed to be based on James Earl Jones’ cherry-spitting scene from Exorcist II: The Heretic

  • Ben

    I think she’s doing a good job for someone who has not been in the business for that long. i didn’t know what to expect from her hosting SNL, but I was pretty pleased and surprise of how talented she is. Kudos Gabourey :).

  • -

    I just can’t get passed her obesity. She looks and sounds like she’s going to have a heart attack any second.

  • Chris

    Hilarious! I have been watching this show since its inception and she was a lot funnier than many of the past hosts.

  • cocoliz

    She is the most beautiful newcomer on the scene.

    The Modern Day Marilyn Monroe.

    I think she is so pretty.

    U are jealous of her beauty.

  • Anon

    Gabourey Sidibe, you keep working girl. Keep smiling because your fans love and admire you. I thought the Marilyn pics were cool, you look good in pink. Don’t let the nasties get you down.

  • Pattycake

    Hey, I like Gabby. She’s charming and intelligent. But she was completely over her head on SNL. She lacked comedic timing. She couldn’t deliver more than two lines in a row without flubbing them. Her attempts at doing an accent were poorly executed. Bottom line, she was almost embarrassingly awful.

  • 100mph

    Oops!! get up girl and try again, I can’t count the stars I’ve seen
    reading Q cards and flubbing lines on that show, it’s part of the
    fun [.]

  • Ben Franklin

    SNL is an enigma. They have talented people, some of their writers are funny comedians, but yet the show is shockingly unfunny!

    Even the show had her play all the “fat black chick” stereotypes in the skits. It could be entertaining if it was done as a funny satire, but it was as funny as if they had John Cho come on the show and every skit had him walk around with buckteeth and glasses.

    …well, that would actually be funny because of it’s irony. Nevermind, I cannot even be as unfunny as SNL. At least Seth Meyers news is funny, and the female castmembers are cute.

  • n

    The Cherry Battle was disgusting. Wasn’t tastefully done at all. It was gross to watch for me

  • Evie Smith

    @kizbit: Why don’t YOU try going on TV LIVE while reading COLD off of cards and see how YOU do?

  • Poop

    I didn’t like it either. Her messing up her lines were hard to get past. Her weight is what is holding her back from other roles. She was a one hit wonder in Precious. Probably the only role she will be remembered for.

  • cma

    @happy girl:

    Perhaps its you that is making the mean fat jokes. Why can’t a plus size woman be considered beautiful and iconic like Marilyn Monroe?

  • cma

    @happy girl:

    Perhaps its you that is making the mean fat jokes. Why can’t a plus size woman be considered beautiful and iconic like Marilyn Monroe?

  • Gabour-weigh Two-Fiftay

    She was out of breath, dull, and messed up way more than 3 times. Her accents were bad, her timing was bad, her facial expressions were bad. The editors of Precious should’ve been nominated for an Oscar because they made it look like she could act.
    Stop making excuses for her. I’m a big girl myself, but being fat doesn’t automatically make you beautiful. Her face is shaped weird. She looks like Biggie when she doesn’t smile, and he was not attractive at all. And non-actors have done a halfway decent job on the show, like Taylor Swift.
    The Steve Harvey bit and Bill Hader’s “Stefon” were the only funny parts. GS ruined the rest of the show. SNL needs to stop throwing anyone a bone and only have real talent host. Can’t wait for Betty White on May 8!

  • jde

    I thought her SNL opening was hilarius !!
    and yes she did flub a few lines – but i totally forgave it because even.. with flub lines she was still funnier that a lot of other A listers that try to do an SNL LIve!!… she gets a pass from me because Jack-Ass Howard Stern and his house wench Robin ..trashed GS and said she wud never work again … I think she will.!!! plus SNL is no longer funny anyway .. i think GS and Kenan Thompson save the show ….

  • The Doctor Is In

    She’s a novelty — she’ll be remembered as a 1 hit wonder.

  • Kereth

    Seriously, it was bad. She messed up in almost EVERY SKIT!