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Jim Toth: Reese Witherspoon Walk!

Jim Toth: Reese Witherspoon Walk!

Reese Witherspoon and her boyfriend, Hollywood agent Jim Toth, take a romantic stroll together in Hollywood on Sunday (April 25).

Yesterday, the cute couple grabbed lunch together and were seen holding each other’s hands above the table. How adorable! Looks like they ate Mexican food with Jim chugging down a peach flavored Diet Snapple. More pics from the doggy date can be seen here!

15+ pictures inside of Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon walking and talking…

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jim toth reese witherspoon walking 01
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 02
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 03
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 04
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 05
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 06
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 07
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 08
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 09
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 10
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 11
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 12
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 13
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 14
jim toth reese witherspoon walking 15

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Marieme

    I’m thoroughly confused over the speed of this thing. Not judging – just how weird! One day she was goo-goo over Jake and he was part of her kids’s life; the next it’s this new dude. So odd! As a former single mom I’d find this too confusing for my kids to deal with.

  • reese stinks

    I want to know what horrible thing Toth did to deserve that CAA assignment from hell.

  • ellenbobellen

    She looks so young! For a second I thought I was looking at pictures of her daughter.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    This girl is seriously paying this site for all this pointless exposure. Where do I sign to become the next contract boyfriend?

  • trying not to judge

    i completely agree. for someone who broke off a relationship because she supposedly didn’t want to get married because she was “married to her kids,” she seems to be awfully comfortable with introducing every man that walks through the door to her children. i’m not saying she needs to be lonely and celibate to be a good mother or anything….just that i don’t know any single mother who would introduce her kids to a new man two months after they had just said goodbye to someone who had been in their life for several years.

  • Whatever

    She needs to stop sporting Stanford gear. You should wear Stanford apparel only if you’re a current Stanford student or a graduated alumni. She is neither. She droped out, hence she has no right to wear anything with Stanford, “S,” or with a Stanford tree in it.

  • Sophie

    She traded Jake Gyllenhaal in for THAT?!


    Plus, Reese is becoming a little bit of a player for the paparazzi camera. I used to respect her for her privacy (especially with having two young children to consider) but now she acts like she loves it.

  • MAY

    is she on another fauxmance deal here?
    that’s her thing right?

  • Goop

    She must be relieved to be with a guy who she can actually have sex with. It’s not like anything was ever happening between the sheets with Jake!

  • enough!

    Enough of Reese Phony Witherspoon and her gigolo photo ops!

  • Pattycake

    @Whatever: What the heck are you talking about? I guess I can’t wear my Cubs hat because I don’t play for the Cubs. And my IU gear must go, my son attended but I didn’t. You are seriously wacky.

    No hand holding on the walk. Her publicist(s) must be reading this site and others that contain comments from fans who are outraged that a single woman is dating a single man. Reese, you worked hard at painting yourself as a precious princess, now you have to deal with you fans who believed it.

  • Nanci Ryder

    They are so in LOVE! Suck on it jealous haters. Reese can get any man she wants.

  • Liv

    Reese and her PR are really going all out to make her look interesting and keep her in the public awareness. Reese is doing double daily photo ops and her PR is buying her as much page time as they can in the tabloids to write about her new showmance. All that time and money and Reese still comes off as phony, boring and bitchy. And she is just as bad at pretending to be “so in love” with the new fake boyfriend and she was with the old one. Doesn’t she ever want to be with a straight man and have sex again?

  • pickles

    @Nanci Ryder:

    They hardly look as if they’re “in love.” and I’m not a jealous hater. If that phoney can “get any man she wants” why would she settle for that nasty piece of goods. Yes. He is. I feel so bad for her kids. This is going to really affect them.

    Sorry, I thought Reese and Jake were the “cute adorable” couple Jared. This is definitely not “cute” or “adorable.” This is disgusting.
    Reese is definitely playing to the cameras. She invites publicity. Wait. in a few days, she’ll trot the kids out for another photo op. She and the kids are photographed together much more than they are with Ryan.
    She disgusts me. No more Reese movies

    I agree with #1, #5, & #7.

  • Ugh!

    If you people don’t like all the pictures about Reese just stop posting. Scroll past it. You want to get you point across to jared, then don’t post comments on Reese threads. These gossip sites love it when people post and argue.

  • nata

    @trying not to judge: I agree with you. After my dad died my mom did everything in her power to maintain her personal life separate from us. I’m not saying she is a bad mother, and I do like Rees, but she needs to separate her personal life from her kids, it doesn’t bring them any form of stability.

  • bb


    marieme, I agree it is odd how quickly this picked up. Her relationship with Jake moved at a snail’s pace, so maybe this is the guy that is exciting to her? Who knows.

    I didn’t think Reese and Jake seemed like a good match, so it isn’t shocking. He seemed maybe more of a bounce back dude that turned out to be so nice she just hung in there. Probably what she needed after being hurt over Ryan.

  • Anon2

    Isn’t it funny that the negative comments Ryan’s supporters made about Reese when she moved on with Jake (which Jake’s supporters vehemently denied) are the same words used by Jake’s fans now that Reese has moved on with Jim Toth. Karma?

  • UsedToBeReeseFan

    now make me so mad I used like Reese around with amazing man Jake. now She dumped him then few weeks going out with Jim!? WTF?! Ughh stop confusing her kids. why Ryan didn’t get another new girl – he didn’t.. but REESE, you are something wrong with yourself! I <3 Jake better than Jim. SHE PAIN MY ASS!!!

  • elliemae

    This relationship did not just happen. Jim was around well before the official announcement of the breakup with Jake. Don’t be so naive.

  • Rachele smith

    They are hot 2gether

  • Whatever

    @pattycake: Don’t compare sports clubs with attending college. Attending Stanford is a privilege, which she chose to leave. As far as your son attending IU, you should wear ” IU Mom” sweatshirt, and let your son wear IU stuff, he earned it.

  • Marieme

    trying not to judge @ 04/26/2010 at 4:04 am
    Yeah, no kidding! The way I look at it you don’t have a swinging door with your kids. It’s bizarre to have them welcome some new man (after daddy) into their hearts and lives and then rip that person out and introduce a new one. (Who among us believes Jake is going to continue visiting? Exactly.) I also thought she was a lot more proper or “conservative” about these things. Weird!

    bb @ 04/26/2010 at 10:19 am
    Good point! It did move at a snail’s pace! I thought they were an odd couple too, but only because Jake was younger. He seemed great with her kids though, like he was ready to be daddy. I can’t imagine why she lost that loving feeling so suddenly for Jake and fell for this guy so fast! The next thing you know she’s bringing him to the same house in La Jolla she brought Jake! What they heck? She must mean to marry Jim or else she’s being reckless and I don’t see her as a reckless person.

  • Abby

    I LOVE Reese, she’s only of my favorite actresses but I can’t help but wonder why she left Jake for him. I know we’ll never know the whole story but from the outside Jake seemed like he was ready to get married to Reese and become a daddy. It just seemed like they worked so well together. I really do wonder what went wrong with the two of them.

  • mailey

    he looks pretty good. jake is too good-guyish. not that she should be with a jerk, but he’s too much.
    he got replaced *like that*. yay reese.

  • Abby

    @mailey: Exactly what’s wrong with being with a good-guy? I think a lot of woman wish they could find a guy like Jake instead of all the @sses that are out there.

  • TJ Dudley

    Doesn’t she really resemble Predator: