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JLS: Sunset Boulevard Bunch

JLS: Sunset Boulevard Bunch

British boy band JLS, aka Jack the Lad Swing, take a stroll down Sunset Boulevard together on Monday afternoon (April 26) in Los Angeles.

Pictured (l-r): Oritse Williams, Aston Merrygold, JB Gill and Marvin Humes.

JLS is in town to promote their new single, “Everybody in Love.” You can watch the music video below!

You can follow JLS on Twitter @JLSOfficial and @JustJared!

FYI: JB is wearing Reflective Testa by Creative Recreation!


JLS “Everybody In Love” Music Video

10+ pictures inside of JLS strolling down Sunset Boulevard…

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jls sunset boulevard 01
jls sunset boulevard 02
jls sunset boulevard 03
jls sunset boulevard 04
jls sunset boulevard 05
jls sunset boulevard 06
jls sunset boulevard 07
jls sunset boulevard 08
jls sunset boulevard 09
jls sunset boulevard 10

Credit: Rachpoot; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
Posted to: Aston Merrygold, JB Gill, JLS, Marvin Humes, Oritse Williams

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  • Richard

    They are such rubbish, hopefully they’ll stay over there with you in the US!

  • Rosalia

    Finally!!! I could only listen to this on BBC radio 1 for the past almost year! Seriously the English have better music then us!

  • Josie

    their music is very “early 2001″ and so dated, plus look at them, they look too metro for my taste.

  • Jo

    Rosalia you drunk over there…?..

  • Nico

    i agree the song is very dated. not that it’s a bad song. i think it’s ok, but it could use some originality

  • jdub

    this sounds like some O-Town sh!t (even tho i used to love O-Town and still listen to them occassionally)….haven’t they learned, boybands are irrelevant and don’t last. oh and they look like a-holes. adidas track suit. really??? and my man with the huge jeans and abercrombie tshirt. the only decent looking one is grey shirt with dark jeans

  • MIMS

    Boy bands are just so lame. Cant believe they still have boy bands in UK. Move on boys! You cant make it in the US.

  • shaar

    i have no clue who they are, but the last one on the right with the grey shirt and dark jeans is cute

  • Porsche

    I LOVE JLS!!! I saw that video on MTV Hits and have it on my ipod now lol

  • anon

    Don’t listen to the cheesy music, turn down the sound and just look at Marvin (the sexy guy on the right).

  • TeeVanity

    JLS is very much relevant their single impacted bigger than Lady Gaga’s. People can be so rude! Labels were actually fighting over them, please do your research. The boys are very successful & will be in the states!

  • sarafina

    @Richard: If they make it in the USA……. and i think they will they will make more money over there…………… $$$$$$$$$$ much better than the lame ££££££££££. Hey Richard what do you do for a living………

  • ryan

    They are really great.. the were runnerups for the X Factor 2008.. and the won 2 BRIT awards.. its the return of the boyband!!

  • meeeeeeeeeeeee

    wow look at them using the blogs to help launch their career here. They need the help because boy bands haven’t popular for a while and these aren’t teenagers they are all grown men, so I don’t know who their “target audience” is. I really don’t get the appeal at all. They are mediocre and generic but I guess some like bland.

  • Jen

    JLS=Just Like $hit

  • http://justjared shantel

    Leave these guys alone they’re really successfull in uk 2nd in x factor they’re gorgeous,they’re really good singers i hope they make it in the us.

  • JP

    Despite the fact that they are all good looking, there brand of music will be hard to translate to American audiences.

  • Oli

    @TeeVanity: Umm .. no. They single din;t make a bigger impact than Lady Gaga’s. They’ve doen ok here two number ones before and album and then a number 8. But they are proper cheesy, arrogant and annoying. please love them america because we don’t want them back. Actually don’t they might make another album. please don’t jls for the sake of my ears!!!

  • MAYA

    YESSSS I LOVE JLS SOO MUCH!!!!! I think their best song is “Beat Again” youtube it!! ps there soo good live!

  • Leanne

    @Rosalia: I hope you’re joking ? Most people over here can not stand their AMERICANISED autotuned annoying tri.te ‘music’, Radio 1 has turned to abosolute It would be a nice change to turn on the station and not hear cra.p like JLS, Bieber and Diana Vickers for once. Even Ke$ha’s music is better, what does that tell you LOL? Radio 1 truly sucks these days.

  • ughhhhh

    I hope they stay there, really, I can not stand their songs and (unintentionally) tacky style LOL. Here in the UK their fanbase is just young girls, although now that Justin Bieber is being promoted here, HE gets the the most shrill fangirl screams. They have Perez’s support so I hope America eats them up and keeps them forever. Having said all that, Marvin Humes is absolutely gorgeous, should leave the band and move in with me. ; )

  • http://www./ menna

    Rosalia, I’m quite proud of the Greats that have come out from Britain but JLS are not something we’re proud of lol. They are all super cheesy and their music reflects that. You just can’t get away from their songs, the radios play them alllll the flippin time and so the music channels. I also hate the way they flash their pecks at every opportunity given. I do like Marvin though, he is lovely and well spoken.

  • Celia

    Awwww. THey’re cute. I like them.

  • Celia


    Ummm…Jonas Brothers is the US’ version of the boy band. I prefer these guys.

  • Stacy

    Great music

  • http://justjared shamilah

    awww JLS on justjared Finally!!! :] there amazing
    Aston’s looking HOT! i see his hair is growing back!
    & for the people saying there rubbish are pathetic.. they recently won 2 BRIT & have had songs#1 in the charts.

  • vfan

    OMG! I love them.
    I’m also british, and i’m proud to say that they are too! :)

  • MollyMakeout

    they’re all so damn cute. i hope boybands make a comeback hahah i cause i never stopped thinking they were cool in the first place lol

  • Fuzz

    They’re an amazing band seeing as they came 2nd on the X Factor, Have done far better than Alexandra Burke.
    They’ve worked with Taoi Cruiz, J R Rotem.
    Jay Z liked them when he came down for the Brits.
    Give them a chance to show what they got before you start slating them.
    Like I said, they;re amazing and a great band hasnt been around for a while!

  • SophiieeLoveesJLSx


  • Bex

    JLS are huge in the UK. Saw them live on their tour in feb and they were fantastic. They appeal to all ages, they range from ages 22-24 and i’m 21 and think their brilliant. I have seen Usher twice live in London and JLS put on a better show than Usher and a better show than Ja Rule for that matter!!!!!!

    Show the states what your made of JLS and what their missing out on the UK loves you and supports you!

    PS Marvin and Aston are soooooo hot!!!!

  • Amyy

    I think that America you will enjoy JLS, Everybody in Love isn’t their only song, they already have released an album which went straight to number my I say even beat Robbie Williams, they have 2 MOBO awards and also 2 Brit Awards so if you don’t like them your loss. They are amazing singers live (I can say this because I have seen them live).
    You should also check out Beat Again and One Shot and maybe the whole album while you are at it :) If you don’t like this song then I will grantee that you will like at least one or even more of their songs.

    Plus!! : You should never judge a book by its cover. So don’t go saying their sh*t or rubbish because you haven’t even given them a shot at it yet!! :)

    So just give them a chance!! :)

  • http://@Nikkita_JLS Nikkita

    JLS are amazing! and doing so well for themselves, they have alot of fans in the UK and i know a few in the USA i hope they make it over there.. there incredible boys and fame has not went to there heads, there dedicated and love there fans and we love them!

  • Sana

    i luv jls they are so amazing. i hate all the losers that hate them and they’re mostly boys who are jealous of them. i think that they will make it pretty far in the US but i want them back in the UK.

  • MrsMitchMerrygold

    Guys, Jonas Brothers were american boyband werent they? come on you guys in america arent any more advanced on music than us! Perlease – JLS are amazing! You guys must have awful taste if you dont like em 2bh! and hey wasup wid u guys who callin em arrogant? They so arent! Also wtf ? jls CAN NOT stay in america. Ok, yeahh they can get big – exactly what they deserve – but we want em back!!! x

  • http://justjared allii

    @sarafina: bull-shyt ££££ are the best loooser!!!!!!!1

  • http://justjared allii

    they are realli good….a number 1 album, 2 number 1 singles, 3 MOBOS 2 BRIT awards and realli fit….u can’t go wrong and there loads better the jonas brothers justin beiber lady gaga and all the other shyt that america call talent!

  • http://@nicola124 Nicola

    jls are the best the US has no taste in music plus there really big in the UK and there songs are really good not cheesy like the songs the jonas brothers sing