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Nicole Kidman: Hiking with Sunday on Sunday!

Nicole Kidman: Hiking with Sunday on Sunday!

Nicole Kidman gives her adorable daughter Sunday Rose, 21 months, a psuedo piggyback ride while out for a hike with friends on Sunday (April 25) in Maui, Hawaii.

The 42-year-old Aussie actress has been in town to shoot her new comedy, Just Go With It, with co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.

Director Dennis Dugan is reuniting with Adam again — they worked together on many comedies including Happy Gilmore, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and Big Daddy.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman hiking with Sunday on Sunday…

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nicole kidman sunday hiking 01
nicole kidman sunday hiking 02
nicole kidman sunday hiking 03
nicole kidman sunday hiking 04
nicole kidman sunday hiking 05
nicole kidman sunday hiking 06
nicole kidman sunday hiking 07
nicole kidman sunday hiking 08
nicole kidman sunday hiking 09
nicole kidman sunday hiking 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • mer

    sofa“““““““`first time!!!!

    I love sunday rose!!!!She is growing beautiful!!!!

    I love her pink face!!!so lovely!!~~

  • stoptheposterbashing

    the vegetation looks very dry there … i thought Hawaii was green and tropical …

  • MAY

    oh boy, that kid is just well…..

    its too bad really

  • anza

    always thought 2 good-looking people would have a cute kid but then……nevermind,

  • vivian

    so cute!

  • Zoe

    Beautiful little girl. She looks more and more like Nicole.

  • the dog

    I love Nicole & Sunday is CUUUTE

  • skaur


  • anza

    oh sorry for having an own opinion!!!!!!!!

  • Ms Anonymous


    Grow up and leave Sunday alone, she’s gorgeous, just like her Mom.

  • daffodil

    Sunday is so cute lovely little girl.

  • tulip


  • Holly

    The child is not cute at all. Strange looking.

  • wrong

    those aren’t “friends” (best not to guess when you don’t know jared)
    the two women are 1. her assistant (red hair) and 2. the nanny (grey hair)

  • Bia


  • Michelle

    Anza – commenting is fine, but when it is about an innocent child. Not so fine!

  • stoptheposterbashing

    how did the photographers just happen to be there seemingly in the middle of nowhere? Is nowhere sacred?

  • stoptheposterbashing

    Michelle, from what I can see, everyone is commenting about the child … it is the reason that JJ posted this and the reason that there are photographers there. why else do you think it is posted? so I don’t really understand your point.

    now, Zoe dear child, go ahead and do your thumbs down on my comment again. Unless it is too “subtle” for you. ;) (sorry, you got me going and now it is just fun for me – I think I’ll stick around for a while – “transparency” is the way to go, always, as you have said) ;)

  • http://comcast doris

    Where’s Keith Urban? I love to see this family together.Beautiful Nicole and beautiful Sunday Rose!!!!

  • Tricia

    So what if she’s not your typical cute kid ? Maybe she won’t be a superficial person when she’s all grown up unlike other people, it’s not because you were born in a celebrity family that you’re necessarily attracted to glamour and fashion.

    Kidman looks great, her legs are amazing, nothing new here she has the best legs in Hollywood

  • miss infamous

    does she even have contact with her other children?!

  • Annika Hansen

    I don’t get all the negative comments, this kid is a cutie pie!

  • kizbit

    I hope Keith joins them soon. I love how truly happy they all look when they are together. It’s nice to see a normal couple in Hollywood.

  • anne

    Sunday will grow up to be a beautiful woman just like her mom. Everytime I see a photo of her she always looks like a million dollar baby. She’s very precious.

  • Kaka Homely

    Look at picture 02, baby Sunny is straight out from the painting of Renoir!!
    Nicole really make sure the baby’s covered from the sun.

  • Mary

    That doesn’t look like fun, lol :)

  • samantha

    Nicole looks like total freak and over protective mother.
    Let the kid run and get dirty. They are always frantic looking.

  • http://Yahoo Lizzie

    I don’t know what some of these posters consider pretty, but that #7 snap of Sunday shows an absolutely beautiful little girl. Keith was flying in yesterday after doing the stagecoach festival in Palm Springs.


    i just figure out why i love this kid so much…….

    she’s a living ‘STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE’ doll!!!

    oh, how i loved my strawberry shortcake dolly when i was little!

    she looks like a darling baby….nic is so lucky, good for her :-)

  • troi


    Well you obviously have never been hiking with a toddler. They tire after a short run. They are HIKING. HIKING. They brought her with them. Isn’t that better than leaving her at home? She looks happy. They look happy.
    Sorry you are not.

  • stoptheposterbashing

    sorry to intervene, but studying the behaviour of commenters on social internet sites (well, this one anyway) is my new hobby … well, part of my anthropology and sociology studies … so I have to ask you, “troi”, how can you say that “samantha” IS “not happy”, without knowing her nor seeing any pics of her, and yet you say that Sunday, Nicole and entourage “look” happy, when we don’t see one single smile from any in the group nor any interaction between Sunday and Nicole … Sunday doesn’t even glance at Nicole (tho she may have done so when not caught by the cameras). Nicole only ever smiles when she is aware of cameras and I have only seen one picture with Sunday smiling in her 21 months of (public) life (which of course is not to say that she doesn’t smile behind closed doors :) ). We have no way of knowing for sure whether she IS happy, as so many seem to be so certain about. Just pondering!

  • andres

    so cute

  • sue raddatz

    Hater time again, is it? God, get a life, you freaks. You spend 24 hours a day analyzing pictures of Nicole Kidman. Get over it! Keith Urban married somebody other than YOU. (as if you ever had a chance in he!!) Sunday Rose is a sweet, innocent little girl and only a sick K unt would pick on her. She’s a loved child and one thing is for dam sure, YOURE not happy with your own sad, pathetic little insignificant lives. Sunday Rose AND her mother get Keith Urban. You have your fat midsections, your vibrators and some lost fantasy. Piss off!

  • stoptheposterbashing

    @sue raddatz:


  • troi


    First off if you read Samantha’s post she certainly seemed upset and over the top and bitter about a simple walk.

    Secondly, this hike looks rather long based on the baby and Nicole’s flushed faces. Do you smile 24/7 when hiking over a distance?

    Thirdly, Nicole is not the only actor/celeb that smiles for the cameras. They all do. It is SOP (standard operating procedure) If you are truly a soc/anthro major–then you should have noticed that all of the celebs smile. Why? Because if they don’t then the rags and blogs start screaming about how unhappy they are. Going to get a divorce, get dumped, get into rehab. Whatever. Do you smile 24/7? Think about it. You don’t. Nor does any other “regular” person.

    Well Sunday is looking at someone else. So what? She is relaxed in Nicole’s arms. She has one hand on Nicole’s blouse. There is a lot going on. Nicole is talking to her as she takes her hat off. What is so unusual about this?

    And there have been several pictures of the child smiling. You know Brad Pitt once said that while taking the kids trick or treating a neighbor chastised him for carrying his kids. His comment was what you don’t see in the picture is the mass of 30-40 or more paps taking pictures. Why would you expect any child to smile when confronted by a mass of paps or even one yelling at them and their parents and taking flash pictures. That is what they do. They don’t quietly snap pics. They yell, sometimes awful incendiary things to try and get a reaction from the parents or the child.

    These pics are from Flynetonline which may be the site that solicits pictures from individuals as well as paps (site won’t load at the moment so that I can read their description of what they do and how they do it). These look like they are taken with a telephoto. Nicole and her friends be they an assistant or nanny look as tho they are having a simple hike that was intruded upon by a pap or bystander. They look happy to me, content. If you wish to think they are miserable, then do so. No one is stopping you.

  • dorma


    stoptheposterbashing is not doing this for research. She’s a whacked out reader of the Urban Myths blog. They’ve had several people over there claiming to be students and studying celebrity culture. But the only celebrity they study is Nicole Kidman. They’re full of s-h-i-t.

    Only a skeptic or an idiot would say Sunday is unattractive…they did try to spread rumors she had developmental issues and a facial deformity through JJ and other websites. Telling the world they think she’s not a cute kid is nothing to these sickos. What nearly 2 year old girl is capable of hiking through Hawaii in the sun on her own? Everything they say about this family comes from hatred and jealousy.

    BTW from what I’ve seen Flynet works mostly on the west coast and if Nicole is in their area they will photograph her and her family because they know the photos will sell.

  • thoy

    how can you say this baby isn’t cute???
    look at pic # 9, she’s seems like a little cute doll. a boticellan angel!!

  • Grace


    Nicole was called “strange” when she was a kid, but she turned out to be in People Magazine as one of the most beatiful women in the world! So shut up, loser! Get a life or go comment on another celebrity, if you don

  • Grace

    @Holly: Nicole was called “strange” when she was a kid, but she turned out to be in People Magazine as one of the most beatiful women in the world! So shut up, loser! Get a life or go comment on another celebrity, if you don’t like lovely Nic!

  • Grace

    @sue raddatz:

    Exactly! hahaha Some people REALLY need to get a life and a job! They spend 90% of their time talking about someone they hate! Can someone explain why?
    I mean, that’s ok if they’re not a Nicole fan, but why don’t they just stop loking for her pics and go comment on a Tom Cruise’s post or something? These people have mental problems! Period!

  • Sandra

    Nicole and the baby are gorgeous! The haters are just SO JEALOUS!

  • Two opposite Sisters

    Conner and Bella have 2 opposite sisters ,one of them is too freakin cute raised under Paparazzi obsession her parents, teaching her how to put on makeup or how to be a fashionista before learning basics about read and write and the other is just like a cute doll Grew up far from the media attention her parents, teaching her how to be brave in front of a huge giraffes or how to explore her lil world on her mother’s back.
    After 20 years from now which one of them will become the second Paris Hilton. the only talent she has is how to pose in front of Paparazzi ?!

  • aynrand


    Oh phffff! If you were really a student, you wouldn’t be spending everyday on E or JustJared looking at pictures of Nicole Kidman to bash. You’re simply an idiot. You haters go from one site to the next. No normal person takes you seriously or believe the lies you tell over and over again about this family. I’ve read your posts claiming the child has a birth defect or mental disorder. You seriously need professional help.

    Sunday Rose Urban is a beautiful, healthy child who has a loving, kind and caring mother. It’s quite obvious your children weren’t that lucky.

  • SweetThing

    Take a look at this if you want to see who the haters are!

  • eliza

    So cute. It looks like little Sunday dozed off during the hike. It makes me smile to see this sweet little girl. She is obviously so loved and treasured by her parents.

  • as for anza

    Anza can’t even form an intelligent sentence. Who cares what he/she says?


    Well, I see a few fruitcakes are here as well as fans and casual observers.

    I’m the latter.

    I’ve seen the Urbans with and without their daughter many times.

    I’ve been in my vaca house a while, and from the few pics I see they haven’t been home to the hills either. Although, they did attend a friends wedding in Nashville a few weeks ago, so I take that back

    However, they are always hiking and taking the little girl all over rural TN. The child is quite chatty ans smiles all the time.

    The couple looks quite different when they are being chased backwards by a pack of Middle Eastern rude azz screaming paparazzi. But, then, who wouldn’t?

    As for the fake researcher, what a load of hogwash.

  • Bella


  • OMG!


    This site is fantastic. People, if you want to see how crazy the bashers and trashers are take a look. I really had no clue until now……

  • Rachele smith

    I love her