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Sara Paxton is an Innkeeper

Sara Paxton is an Innkeeper

Sara Paxton is soaking wet in a white button-down shirt in this cool new photo shoot from celeb shutterbug (pictured below). Video portrait below too!

The former Beautiful Life actress turned 22 yesterday and celebrated at Teddy’s nightclub with pals Tyler, Ben Hollingsworth and Chelsea Hobbs.

After the party, Sara tweeted, “Now I have to get on a plane to Connecticut to film new movie called The Innkeepers!” (It’s a horror-thriller centered on the last two employees at a haunted hotel that’s going out of business.)


Sara Paxton is an “Innkeeper”
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sara paxton innkeepers 02
sara paxton innkeepers 03
sara paxton innkeepers 04

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  • wendy

    She is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • miss infamous

    She looks like a teenage boy

  • commonsense

    I dislike this Tyler Shields guy immensely. He seems to think much of his “art.”

  • winelover

    Tyler Shields is god! This is incredible!

  • spongebob

    She’s the blond green eyed version of Alexis Bledel. My respect for her went down after this photoshoot. Tyler Shields is disgusting and all his photoshoots are disgusting.

  • wendy

    She’s the blond green eyed version of herself Spongebob. I agree with winelover I think it is GENIUS!

  • obviouslyright

    i love this video. it is sexy and strangely beautiful. tyler is so talented

  • least I have chicken


    Especially when its the same thing over and over. Wooo I’m pouring stuff on someone its so extreme!

  • Sara is a hispanic hottie!

    i just found out recently that she’s half white and half Mexican like Jessica Alba! Sara Paxton’s dad is white and he’s related to famous actor Bill Paxton and her mom is Mexican. Supposedly Sara is bilingual but I’ve never heard her speak Spanish.

  • bored

    All of Tyler Shields work seems the same. He tires to hard to be cutting edge and different. I laugh every time I see his stuff, just so trite. I guess he’s filling the wannabe weird celebrity photography niche. Yawn.

  • Mexican???

    Sara is half Mexican???? I had no idea – she looks like a white girl from the midwest. Her mom must be light skinned and light haired for Sara to have come out like that because I know that some Mexicans do have light skin and hair. They’re not all dark.

  • Jessica has it worse

    I think it’s ironic how Sara is half Mexican just like Jessica Alba yet she can take a variety of roles whereas Jessica almost always plays an ethnic character. They are both exactly half white/half Mexican. Jessica has said in interviews that Hollywood execs have turned her down plenty of times and tell her that they’re looking for someone who looks less “ethnic”. Hollywood is obsessed with whitewashing everything. Why does the “norm” have to be white? This is a country of immigrants – everyone is very diverse here.

  • Cover your booty, little girl!

    OMG was that her butt I saw in the video??? Oh sweetie please don’t go down that route! We have enough of these desperate starlets ready to do whatever degrading thing they ask of them. Very pathetic.

  • Desperate

    @Cover your booty, little girl!: Exactly. Just look at all the fake Lesbian kisses you see in concerts (Madonna/Britney), in movies and on tv shows. I think this particular act of desperation started out in the 90s with the movie Cruel Intentions now it’s everywhere including the new 90210 show and the new Melrose Place show. It’s also insulting to real lesbians and gays who want to be respected and taken seriously. Makes me cringe.

  • Mexican? Not so much.

    I’ve known Sara was Mexican for awhile now but she never talks about it or ever speaks Spanish even though supposedly she can. I wish she was a little more forthcoming with her ethnic background instead of sweeping it under the rug like it’s something to be ashamed of.

  • John

    I think Sara doesn’t talk much about her Mexican roots because she doesn’t want to get pigeon holed or stereotyped in the still very racist world that Hollywood is. I remember Zoe Saldana from the movie Avatar said in a magazine interview that she also gets turned down a lot because she doesn’t look white enough. Maybe Sara is just dumb enough to want to fit their mold instead of striving for change.

  • Lauren

    @John: I read that magazine interview. And me being a white girl I was kinda shocked because I didn’t realize they still had to put up with this kind of b.s. This is what Zoe Saldana said in that interview: “Ethnic is a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. In Hollywood, you hear things like, ‘Oh, they loved you but they want to go more traditional.’ Ethnic is the new N word.”

  • Ana Banana

    Hollywood whitewashing is still alive and well. For example, the Oscar winning movie “A Beautiful Mind” with Russell Crowe was based on a true story about the life of a genius and how he and his wife met in college and she helped him through his illness. Well they used a very white actress (Jennifer Connelly) to play the wife. But in real life his wife was from Honduras which is a latin country in Central America. But they thought it didn’t seem believable that a Latina woman could go to an elite ivy league college where she met her husband even though this is exactly what happened in real life and many Latinos do go to prestigious ivy leagues. I was really ashamed at director Ron Howard who had been one of my favorite directors until he completely whitewashed this movie.

  • Wow

    I loved “A Beautiful Mind” but I had no idea the wife was Honduran in real life! I also didn’t know Sara Paxton was half Mexican. I guess whitewashing really does work because it leaves us clueless about their true backgrounds and makes everything look very white indeed.

  • Yay Edward Norton!

    It was the actor Edward Norton (from Fight Club) that mentioned in an interview about how Ron Howard whitewashed his movie “It’s a Beautiful Mind”. I also didn’t know the wife was Honduran in real life until Norton mentioned it.

  • Kimberlee Dasha

    I love her

  • a

    she looks like a crack head in the first photo

  • mailey

    she is so strange-looking. feel bad for her.

  • ll89

    Aw…she used to be so pretty. My friend saw her smoking pot in a Miami club.

  • Mika Ohara

    That was what I was thinking. And did you know that Alexis Bledel was half Mexican too? Her mother’s Mexican. No wonder they both have slight cleft chins.