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Alexander Skarsgard: Chateau Marmont Man

Alexander Skarsgard: Chateau Marmont Man

A solo Alexander Skarsgard makes his way into Chateau Marmont on Monday afternoon (April 26) in Los Angeles.

Other actors seen also heading in around the same time: Ray Romano, Adrien Brody, Jeremy Renner, and Josh Peck.

Earlier today, the True Blood season 3 cast photo was released.

The weekend before last, shirtless Alex and his bikini-clad girlfriend Kate Bosworth were spotted getting on their poolside PDA. Check out the video of them together below!

More pics at X17!

Alex Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Poolside PDA!
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alexander skarsgard chateau marmont 01
alexander skarsgard chateau marmont 02
alexander skarsgard chateau marmont 03
alexander skarsgard chateau marmont 04

Photos: X17
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  • Stacy C

    For all the show they’ve been putting on, they do not have the body language of a couple.

  • shoegal

    wow, too much heat in that relationship *rolling eyes*

  • dan

    you’re becoming so annoying Jared, don’t bring her name when you post photos of Alex, you make him less attractive

  • true blood

    Alex looks good.
    Thanks, Jared!

  • high five

    The video is old news and looks more like fwb than a couple.

  • R&M

    #1 & #2: my favorite is when she puts her head down and it looks up at him. Dude is staring at his script.

  • Santos

    It is nice to see new photos but I agree, I don’t see the relevance of including that video considering he hasn’t confirmed anything to anyone and there’s a new True Blood video today.

  • Level

    He looks great, but the 2 of them together? Can we say awkward?

  • kate

    wow, never noticed before but she has really big shoulders and no boobs

  • Hot spotter

    Hot dude.
    That’s clearly a showmance. He has more chemistry with the script.

  • haha

    #10, very funny and true as well. LOL!

  • OGER

    So ugly!

  • nicole

    Wow!! Kate must pay you lots of money to constantly mention her name whenever he is mentioned. OH RIGHT she needs to keep her name going with his since she is supposedly working…hahaha!!! That will be a flop!! Stop bringing her name up with his…makes him look bad..she is such a homewrecker and famewhore. Anyways this is the wrong video to post of them together! Makes her look desperate and him look not interested!! Show the TB video. Good God, JJ!! Get it together!!!


    Indeed, Jared, why keep posting about the great NOmance? Who are you trying to convince? And why? Alex and Goldie Pox are obviously more than friends but less that a couple. The lack of true intimacy between them in those shots are very telling. There are still no solo date pictures or red carpet pose offs. Very strange for people in like or love. Deep and Wide has never had problems with you posting her obvious PDA’s before, so what’s changed? BTW, you forgot to mention whose clothes he’s wearing.

  • lake86

    x17!!!! i am so shocked.
    pu-lease. she has a deal going with them. they’re the only pap agency to ever get photos of her.

  • phoenix

    @ Hot Spotter LOL!, I like how tall this dude is!

  • astro

    he looks nice. hope he’s meeting a producer to discuss a new film project. this guy deserves more roles. he’s a great actor.

  • Just disappointed

    As they seem to both enjoy the limelight, they’ll surely do the first public appearance for true blood’s premiere. If that’s it, that would be really too organized and would really conclude they’re both famewhores (or maybe they already are …?).

  • Pook

    Why is that little boy wearing a bikini?

  • LT

    Handsome man. Wish he’d wear new clothes.
    He always looks the same.

  • Nicole

    He’s so hot!!!

    Where is the PDA in that video??

  • Ali

    Love the stuff I just read about his dating advice in a bus stop haha – why didn’t you post that Jared, instead of this kinda non story?!

  • elfin

    I’m looking forward to the new season of True Blood and his upcoming films.

  • hans

    I quess he going there to vist Kate B as well because she is staying at Chateau Marmont.

  • xfiles

    @Nicole: It’s just her trying to get his attention. They look more like FWB to me. He has more chemistry with that Bjorne dude.

  • haha

    oh hans. Wrong again. Nice try, though,

  • L

    @haha: How do you know he isn’t?

  • TBfan

    JJ Kate”s pubicist must be really paying you well for this site to be pushing “his girlfriend” thing all the time. It is soo transparent!!!
    P.S She and AS are famewhores if you are at Chateau Marmont it is like saying to the paps I AM HERE take a picture!!! Alex really did change, it is kind of hilarious when people say he values his privacy yeah right keep believing that ,actions speak louder than words!! By the way Alex where is your bodyguard, you went to a place where they are just waiting for you. ha…ha..ha…

  • hans

    you are in denial Kate is at Chateau Marmont as well.

  • Just disappointed

    You’re so right.

    He’s so acting like an hypocrite.

  • Ali

    Oh please! You’re all just fueling the KB thing by going on about it endlessly. Who cares whether she’s staying there or not? Who cares about her, period?! Can’t we just enjoy a thread about Alex without the whole KB carousel?

  • Wow

    She definately knows the paps are there!!! She is lucky the video did not show her turned around with that flat pancake ass!!!

  • L

    @Just disappointed: oh my god, he walked into a hotel. You’re being ridiculous.

  • hans

    Tell that to JustJared

  • Samantha

    He is hot .
    And I believe he is in a real relationship with Kate.
    I think people should respect him, we have no right to tell him he can’t date Kate. They seems to have fun together.

  • Jessica

    That’s an attractive m*****f*****!!!!!

  • Passingby

    Next he and Kate will go to the Ivy, where everyone gets their pictures taken for lame publicity!!!
    Why the sour face Alex you are at Chateau Marmont the paps are always there? Get use to it, your with that pile of bones called Kate B.

  • Ali


    Hans, you just love to stir it up, and sometimes you’re pretty funny, but sometimes you’re just ‘YAWN’ and this is one of those times.

  • gossip cop

    @hans: No, she’s not. The film is shooting locally and she doesn’t live that far from there anyway. Stop making up rumors.

  • Whynot

    Wow, Kate loses 3 more pounds she is going to give Rachel Zoe a run for her money!!!!! Not attractive at all, has the body of a 12 year old!

  • Vivid

    Jeremy Renner was there too. He is not a publicity hound so it sounds likely Alex may have had a business meeting. Renner met with Paul Thomas Anderson not that long ago so crossing fingers Skarsgard gets an opportunity to work with directors like that too.

  • Onecanhope

    I think Alex and Ricky Martin would make a hot couple. There are rumors Alex he is gay or bi, but who knows maybe they are right, look how long it took Ricky to come out of the closet and how many showmances did he have with women! What, there is nothing wrong with being gay or bi, there is that possibility!

  • hans

    You better duck for cover, there are a lot of crazies here. one mention that Alex is gay they will gnaw you alive ha..ha..ha…

  • Jam


    That is maybe because this one is a copycat… lol

  • Oopsila

    Now hans who are you fooling? You are known to stir up trouble, then contradict yourself by saying you did not say those things, you are probably changing your post names as well, your the nutcase!!!lol

  • amy

    alex looks hot!



    When? Where? I think people in real relationships go on solo dates unless they are in junior high. Why doesn’t he take her on red carpets or anywhere significant? Every place they’re seen is with friends. Her drunken posing on his shoulders was hysterical. Had it been on his lap, it would have been sweet and romantic. He’s a hugging and a touching everyone else spontaneously, except her, all the time. He barely acknowledges her when she begs his attention. You know what, you’re right, they are in a relationship; but does Alex know about it?

  • Ali

    Oh. Well don’t I feel stupid :-l I think I’ll just shut up now! x



    Really! Ricky Martin being gay was a surprise!!!??? Whatever, I like Ricky and think it’s great that he has been doing humanitarian work for years. AS could and has done worse that super cute, Super hot , super sweet and super talented Ricky Martin. His boys are lucky to have such a great dad! Alex would make a wonderful stepdad or other dad.

  • Raven


    LMAO! And, I agree he WOULD be hot with Ricky Martin!