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Ellen Pompeo: Stella is a Beach Baby!

Ellen Pompeo: Stella is a Beach Baby!

Chris Ivery puts his arm around his two favorite ladies — his wife Ellen Pompeo, and their adorable daughter, Stella — as they walk on the beach on Saturday (April 24) in Malibu, Calif.

Stella, 7 months, got a piggyback ride from Chris, but it looks like she wanted to play in the sand with the family’s dogs. So adorable!

“I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. I think my honesty isn’t that popular in Hollywood, but I don’t believe in putting on airs. I call it like I see it,” Ellen told Self recently. “I am who I am, a [Boston] Southie. I guess you can call me real. I hope that’s what Stella is, too.”

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  • ashley

    stella is very white!! she does not look like mr ivery at all

  • laurie

    she’s cute.

  • kazz


    dudes only like 1/4 or 1/2 black… which doesn’t make Stella a very black baby… at the most she’s 1/4, which doesn’t always reflect visually. she’s adorable tho.

  • adaire

    OMG! Stella is adorable!

  • LAGuy

    Photo Op much ?

    Greys must be getting really desperate for ratings.

  • blah


  • oo

    That is one hell of an adorable baby. She’s so cute!

  • blah


  • Jess

    Absolutely freaking adorable!! Such a cute family! :) Loveeee them

  • ashley

    @kazz: i think she’s adorable!! i’m just saying that i don’t see a great resemblance with chris, that’s all!!

  • Erica

    Kazz: how do you know Chris Ivery is biracial? For the record, black men (and women, for that matter) who are not directly mixed can and do produce fair skinned children. It’s only unusual if you are never around black people.

    Stella is adorable, though :)

  • moshimoshi

    Aww, what a cutie patootie!

  • hiug

    so cute!

  • Clay

    The baby is lovely! So are the parents.

  • Sarah

    @Erica: Actually Ellen said once in an interview that his mother was was a white jew and his father was black(or the contrary?). So that makes him biracial. Not that anyone’s race matters anyway. Why do ppl care so much? Focus on the real issues instead.

  • hiug

    chris is half white. try googling next time……..

  • blah

    Just to comment on the arugument about the baby. She is too young to have skiin tone yet. Just becasue she is light now, doesnt mean she wont get darker as she ages. She definally has both the features of her mom and dad. Cute baby

  • apple

    ooh what a gorgeous baby! :)

  • zippy

    When did Ellen Pompeo have a baby?

  • cacey

    The baby is not an ACCESSORY SO why is he holding a FEW MONTHS old baby like a hand bag.

  • Josie

    to “blah” – not all babies “darken” when they get older, i find that condescending attitude disgusting. Who are you to assume that? i hear it all the time “your baby will darken” , my baby never darkened! not all biracial babies darken when they get older! that is nothing more than a myth. So please, spare us!

  • Miss Tolerance

    @Josie: What’s wrong with darkening?

  • s

    oh my goodness what a beautiful baby!! (:

    but is it just me not knowing a lot about parenting, or is that a really odd way to hold a baby…?

  • hannah

    @Erica: of course she is biracila, since her mother is white!! her father is already half black so she’s only 1/4..she’s still very white though..very cute too! congrats to the happy family! i love grey’s anatomy!

  • cowchilla

    Stella is so cute! She looks like such a happy baby! She definitely looks more like her dad.

  • Josie

    @Miss Tolerance – there is nothing wrong with darkening, never did i say or imply that! all i said was to not assume your baby (if biracial) will darken when he/she gets older! that assumption i have heard more than a few times and was not true for my child.

  • Chris

    Such a cute couple with their gorgeous baby.
    Down to earth…….cool and rare in Hollywood.

  • jk

    normal family in Hollywood
    peeps stop analizing it’s rude

  • tadow

    Who care about race??? What does that have to so with this picture or this family? Race is nothing but the color of your skin. Get over it already people!

  • Sassy

    OMG she is gorgeous! I want to nibble her chunky monkey thighs & smell her head! (I am a normal Mom, you all know what I mean!!)

  • Ana

    Stella is adorable! Such a happy baby!!! EP looks gorgeous, as usual.

  • tara

    what an adorable baby
    Ellen is gorgeous as always

  • MaryPetervic

    I’m very happy to see this picture! Stella is beautiful smiling. Ellen is very happy, a beautiful mother! I love Ellen Pompeo great actress, my favorite, love how she has a family so beautiful and special with Stella Luna!

  • Jaque Sebastiao

    I love Ellen Pompeo very much! !! She┬┤s a great actress and excellent mother..Stella Luna is beautiful and so cute..

  • Liz

    Aww.. that’s a happy baby!! Beautiful family!

  • camille

    she doesn’t look like Chris at all, it’s Ellen mini me.
    And well, that’s not because she doesn’t look nothing like her dad that it’s bad, her mommy is gorgeous so I’m happy she took after her.

  • Holly

    what an amazingly gorgeous little baby! stella luna is without a doubt one of the most precious and beautiful babies i have seen in a very very long time!
    she is adorable, beautiful and so so cute!
    so much love and respect for ellen pompeo, she is so talented and so under rated by many!
    stella is defo a mommys girl in my opinion, she looks so much like ellen!

  • Maura

    Shes a mini Ellen!! cute!

  • Selena

    It’s nice to see that she spend so much time with her baby.
    Cute family, I love Ellen xxx

  • Lara


    Jared should delete those comments.
    Having your own opinion is ok but this is criminal!

  • tets

    they are cute!

  • cat

    aaw, their baby is just adorable.

  • life

    AWWW!!!! Adorable!

  • lili

    @cacey: Nothing wrong at all with the way Chris or Ellen holding the 7-month-old baby… I am a parent of 2 little boys, I know :) and there are many many parents hold their babies like that too…

  • lili

    @s: What beautiful little family Ellen has!!! They look so happy together :))
    And dear s, it’s okay the way Chris or Ellen hold Stella. Babies over 6 months have enough strength on their neck and back to be held like that. And they love to be held that way, because they can see more things by “standing” upright like that. Lots of parents carry their babies that way at this age, the hand is either on their thighs or diaper-covered crotch. This way it gives them a good grip and balance :)

  • Amanda

    How cute is she? She is totally a mini Ellen <3

    That’s an adorable, beautiful and most importantly happy baby with her parents who obviously adore her! Cute family pics. I love Ellen and i wish her all the best.

  • EllenPompeofan

    ahh this is sooo CUTE! ^^

    they look as a happy Family :D

  • Violet

    I can’t believe Ben would have sex with a Puertorican woman but he did he just had the good sense not to marry her. Ben stuck with his own color and JLO was forced to stick with hers since no one else would have her. Look at her ugly children as a result at sense Stella is beautiful but Maxx and Emme are ugly Puertoricans.

  • tweety

    most of you guys here need new glasses.

    With the exception of her lighter coloring…she looks exactly like her dad,

    Just wait and see as she gets older……you WILL see the resemblance.

  • Rocky

    Who gives a S**T about what color the baby is or isn’t. She is just tooooo cute! Love those cheeks!!