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Megan Fox: New 'Jonah Hex' Poster!

Megan Fox: New 'Jonah Hex' Poster!

Scope out this new movie poster for Jonah Hex, the upcoming horror thriller starring Megan Fox, Josh Brolin, John Malkovich and Michael Fassbender.

Megan plays a gun-wielding prostitute and the love interest for Jonah Hex (Brolin). The movie opens nationwide on June 18!

Pictured below: Megan wearing a holey t-shirt and sweatpants as she picks up some facial cotton pads and other necessities at a supply store on Tuesday (April 27) in Los Angeles.

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  • Celia

    I’m assuming her main purpose in this movie (just like in Transformers) is to show off her body and utter a few stupid lines.

    I love Josh Brolin though.

  • moshimoshi

    Ugh, another actress who cannot act yet gets a co-starring role because of her looks. Good grief. However I’m kind of excited that Josh Brolin and John Malkovich are in it. Hopefully their true acting will overshadow Megan.

  • Kad

    OMG ‘bb – your lips are huge!! Lay off the collegen sweetie!!

  • yoyo

    please megan, stop fc**** your face

  • Love

    What the hell has happened to her lips!!??? :O

  • dundies

    anyone know exactly what she does to her lips?

  • FL_

    Megan, U R naturally pretty – stop the messing with ur face and lips please!!!!!!!

  • secret

    Major lip plumbing alert on pic#3 !

  • secret

    *plumping sorry :D

  • AVA

    could she pump those lips any more..

  • Tori

    pretty but worthless

  • lars

    she looks like she is in pain :(

  • mg

    She’s pretty as usual

  • jdub

    whyyyy?! she’s gotta stop with the lips…she doesn’t need it. she’s already gorgeous. her lips were fine before

  • deadpool

    Dear MEGAn FARCE just stay gone and disappeare from hollywood. You contribute nothing to it, nobody remotely like you and only perverted middle aged crisis fat men find you appealing. Be gone you unholy liver spot.

    How ironic youre playing a prosititude. A role that is so brief that had it been anybody else it would have been an EXTRAs role.

  • Whodunit?

    Why would she do that to her face? She looks ridiculous. Next thing she be turning herself into Heidi Montag.

  • Lori

    STOP! Messing up you’re face lady! These ladies can never just be pretty or beautiful they have too go get fake, you were a natural beauty. There was no need to get faked up.

  • heeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    She must cry when she looks at photos of Angelina’s daughters shiloh, Vivienne and even Zahara have the full natural lips. :lol:

  • a mess

    She is so plain, seriously i wouldn’t notice her if she walks in front of me, but what the hell is wrong with this chick? a nose job still her nose is as large as it was, boob job, now her lips are fugly!!! wake up !

    I know that actors like Jolie, Kidman…are fake got nose jobs, lifts all the plastic surgery fakness, but this chick is actually messing her face with it, it’s borderline.

  • gil

    does she actually think we believe anything on her face is real?fake nose,fake lips,botex,filler and god knows what else.its so obvious.Her before and after pics are unreal.

  • xxx

    The next Heidi Montag!!

  • Mel

    I hope she gets those cheek implants removed. Please remove those cheek implants, Megan.

  • Ek200

    shes already had a nosejob and her teeth done.. and her lips done! she probably got them done that day! they swell up the first day i’m sure she wasn’t planning on being seen! esp. without makeup — but you have to admit she is stunning without makeup!! flawless really! saw her in the airport once, girl is TOO skinny tho!! you think shes skinny there, go see her in public!

  • Jasmine

    @dundies: i came here wondering the same thing. so it’s not just me–they look bigger? they were fine before…she looks a little sad, maybe sick here but she still looks great without makeup. and maybe she’s not the greatest actress in the world, but cut her some slack. what outrages me is the likes of miley cyrus and the rest of the s l u t t y disney brigade that make money and continue to get acting jobs despite the fact that their own sh*t has more acting ability then they do.

  • gaunt

    l think she looks great. @deadpool: You’re soo negative and mean and unattractive l would think because of the absent personal photo.

  • deadpool


    Im a guy why would I give two craps about my looks???
    Oh waaah me stating a fact is neglitive.

    Fact: MEGAn FARCE is nothing but an object that has losts it’s appeal. She barely had any to begin with and lot even that after she went under the knife. She chose to drop out of highschool to pursue an acting career. She has yet to grasp the concept that is acting let alone a career. If she disappeared off the face of the earth no body would care. She’s just a waste and meanwhile there is prob an actress out there who actually CAN act and is getting nothing while this talentless hack is around poluting the silver screen.

    A a man she does nothing for me, when I think beauty and talent I think EVA GARDENER. But Megan Fox will never EVER be anything but a bootlegged cheap trashy tattooed no talent hack. Who couldnt pull off acting if she were standing next to Keanu Reeves.


  • MM

    Sorry but i don’t find her stunning here, she looks more ridiclous a washed up pale clown with that collagen, she looks sick, plus her eyes looks so small here, i can’t even notice her eyes..and she has no lashes it’s scary

  • Britt

    Both of my parents told me she was nothing special when I looked up to her. I agreed, but then I started to think of her as gorgeous because everyone kept saying. Shouldn’t have done that. Even the guys at my school are tired of her. She’s plastic she had it at one point though.

  • gaunt

    @deadpool: And your point of view is speaking from 3 movies? Your point of view is invalid. She hasn’t had the opportunity to act and prove anything just yet. That, is a fact. Another would be that she was a mere pawn in a toy-tastrophe. And your rancour seems misplaced. She hasn’t proven herself as cheap or tawdry because in real life she isn’t. The magazines wanted her not the other way around. Lastly, pluck all celeb enhanced faces and what do you have? Nothing.

  • cheri

    Nice poster, Megan lookin’ good(damn), always loved Josh Brolin! Um, yum…next to depp he’s my man. Revenge gets ugly…ha funny! if you wanna see revenge I suggest you all check out whatisyourrevenge . com … that’s what I’m talkin’ about when it comes to that subject. My girlfriend showed me this & when I saw that guy I was like yummie too!

  • cheri

    Nice poster, Megan lookin’ good(damn), always loved Josh Brolin! Um, yum…next to depp he’s my man. Revenge gets ugly…ha funny! if you wanna see revenge I suggest you all check out whatisyourrevenge . com … that’s what I’m talkin’ about when it comes to that subject. My girlfriend showed me this & when I saw that guy I was like yummie too!

  • Deadpool

    @gaunt: Are you kidding me?? JENNIFERS BODY had nothing but HER. It was all HER her debut without any giant robots and it flopped epically. Considering that it was her naked and rated R and still flopping ( because lets face it people will get tickets even if they are bellow 17 if the ywanted to) Stop thinking thats an excuse, when all her other Co starts from Amanda to Shai have had really amazing movie deals, gigs, and dont spew BS when they talk. Megan called the war on drugs propaganda, said 12 year olds dont read magazines, said she was lesbian, then bi, then shes just straight, married, not marrie,d , nto single, single, then not single again, then a cutter, then an independant intimidating woman and men are scared of her, then retracts that and says shes depends on brian, says she has a behavior disorder or thinks she does, then denies, then denies she had indian blood in her then confirms it, THEN compares Michael Bay to HITLER of all people in the world. Then his own staff write a LONg letter about her diva behavior and how ungrateful she is- which she stayed silent about. go figure.

    The girl is a trashy drama queen that plays with the media and thinks people buy it. No one is buying it anymore because nobody cares. People are sick to death of this girl being shoved in their faces. Underneath all that ocean of make up ( shes not even a real brunette, shes a blonde ) and tattoos you’ve got somebody who is NOTHING. She just spews garbage and lies and tehe is not a single honest bone in her body.

    I dont give a damn but her fans annoy the crap out of me. Call it combat withdrawl since my RnR is just sucking! I just have NOTHING TO DO until RD happens…and ironman comes out…

  • Deadpool

    also whats annoyig me about megan lately. She right handed and holding a gun in her left…BUT SHES NOT TRYING T BE ANGELINA JOLIE!! BS!

  • hater will hate

    ia gaunt… lol

  • gaunt

    @Deadpool: This, is annoying. My comment was clean and it was removed. l will nevertheless retell my comment with crisp and cleanliness only because no one else is willing to provide rebuttal to your garbage. This much is true, depending on the type of questionable men’s magazine you read she’s either a freak or an attractive freak of sorts. The magazines want her, her physical appearance, and whatever else she can potentially say in a pseudo contraversial way which incidentally raises their sales significantly. But if you read carefully you’ll see that she hasn’t said anything wrong about anything or anyone for that matter. lf she had said something wrong the print would reflect the picture and you would be right, you’re not. Sarcasm doesn’t always translate well on print especially on those tawdry men’s magazines. But if you’re YOU and you cling onto every quote from every magazine she has every taken then, you’re an imbecile.

  • gaunt

    @Deadpool: lt’s so stupid that our comments get removed but we cant correct them.

  • David Pirtle

    I wish actresses would stop surgically excising all the character from their faces. Megan Fox was a very pretty girl before the nose job and lipflation….now she looks like every other girl in hollywood. I mean, come on, it’s not like she wasn’t getting work before last fall. What a shame.

  • M

    She’s naturally gorgeous, but she’s gotta stop with her lips! OMFG.

  • emma

    her upper lip…she should really stop with all the plastic surgery.

  • Melissa

    I thought that was Hugh Jaxman movie