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Naked Olivia Munn: Boycott the Circus!

Naked Olivia Munn: Boycott the Circus!

Olivia Munn goes naked for PETA‘s sexy new billboard.

The 29-year-old Attack of the Show! host targets the circus in a new ad featuring elephants in their native environment alongside the words, “As Nature Intended, Let Elephants Be Free. Boycott the Circus.” The billboard, which was shot by celebrity photog Hama Sanders (Ryan Gosling‘s BFF), is located at the corner of LA’s Wilshire Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Olivia says, “When you look at something like the circus, and everyone’s laughing and there’s color and there’s music and everything seems so great, but when you go right behind that door and [the animals are] in these crates all day long and then they’re getting shocked and beat just so they can get up and dance around on a ball. It was just so sickening.”

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Photos: Hama Sanders
Posted to: Olivia Munn

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  • mailey

    i dunno why this girlis everywhere suddenly. boo. next.

  • Samantha

    I don’t know who is this girl, but this is a great cause.
    Boycott circus with animals!
    There is a lot of circus (like Cirque du soleil) that do not have animals and yeat make a great show.

  • Samantha


  • hmm

    She looks chunky here. Weird. Also looks a bit plastic. Maybe they messed with the pic.

  • .

    It’s too bad PETA doesn’t spend more money on actually helping animals and less money on marketing!

  • fan

    what a stupid doll…
    the peta folks are the equivalent of the talibans for islam…integrists!

  • Camila

    I am all for animal rights. I support PETA. What I don’t understand is why we have to equate naked actresses with animal rights. I have been very disturbed lately to see only WOMEN naked in these types of ads. Why is PETA so disrespectful to women and so respectful of animals? If this woman was clothed, the message would be the same. In my opinion PETA is sexist. What happened to all the rights we women fought for in the 70′s? How sad to see we are back to where we started.

  • oatmeal

    I’ve hated circus since I was a kid. I watched a russian show yesterday about how they trained the tigers and it just made me sick! Those ‘trainers’ should be locked up for good!
    So, yeah I support this idea, but why the naked girl?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    seriously, this chick is erking me. her face is everywhere, but where’s the material of work?!? ..she’s trying way to hard.

  • KC

    Is it really necessary for her to be naked? I support the efforts PETA is making, but really the naked part needs to go.

  • Ash

    Camila u say u support animals? but u support Peta. how does that work cuz Peta doesnt give a damn about animals they even kill animals themselves! they make all this money and then keep it and never put it to good use Peta blows! and i hope that one day ppl will acually join organizations that actually benefit animals and not exploit them to make their millions! WSPA! all the way!

  • Chloe

    Being naked on an add is irrelevant to the cause. Fail.

  • teri

    I really don’t know the reasoning for these women going naked for peta. I can see playboy, but for peta?
    They really need to go to China where they eat cats and dogs by the millions. Seems like so many people don’t even wear fur or that I know of personally. You see every once in a while a famous person throw a fur on but not much. I bet she’ll turn around and wear leather and eat meat. Most are such hypocrites to the max but dictate to others not to.

  • troi

    Although I don’t like animals in the circus due to the treatment they sometimes receive, it is extremely naive of PETA to think the animals should stay in the wild only. Having worked in Kenya with elephants, their time on this earth is limited in the wild. Too long and involved to go into here. So unless PETA reverses it stance on zoos etc., elephants will die out. And maybe, just maybe, PETA could work to find some workable solutions for animals remaining in the wild instead of throwing paint on fur, paying naked actresses etc. They have lots of criticism, but no solutions.

  • Kyle Lutson

    PETS are sick extremists and she is just as empty headed as I assumed she’d be.

  • Whatever…

    OMFG!!!! Again you post this UGLY, UNKNOWN, TALENTLESS hack! Stop posting about her Jared – everyone can see through WHY you continue to do so!!! Don’t be such a sellout. This person is not liked, interesting and no one that visits your site cares an ounce about her. And seeing her naked is the LAST thing anyone wants to see.

  • Penn

    P.E.T.A are not a pure charity IN THE SLIGHTEST, rather a disturbing marketing campaign that bainwash so many and suck money out of you DRY. I wish more people would research on their awful policies before supporting their A lot of their employees for Scientology grounds and equally as disturbing they carry out hideous things like KILLING healthy dogs to “prove a point”. Seriously, please research into them before supporting what they claim to do. There is a reason they are so often involved with the Law and Police for all the wrong reasons.

  • jaye

    I never did like the Circus; clowns scare me, seriously. Hmmmmmmm maybe it was the movie IT that did that. Anyway, I don’t like animals in the circus. The last time I was at a circus, a friend wanted to go, I felt really bad for the animals. My friend thought I was crazy, but there is something sad about wild animals forced to entertain us for their existence. I know there are animals in zoos, but they do make an effort to make their habitat as realistic as possible and they’re not probing or cracking a whip to make them jump through hoops. There are suitable places that take care of the animals. If they are all left in the wild one day there won’t be any.

  • Penn

    EDITl “employees *work* for…”

  • irene

    I understand being naked instead of wearing fur… but here you would rather go naked than going to the circus???

  • Stacy

    I love her!

  • Kyle Lutson

    PETA, rather. Pets lol? Typo.

  • Keylolo

    I hope nobody is making me not go to Cirque du SOliel because that unfunny bitch can kiss my ass!!!

  • happy girl

    i have not taken peta seriously since they went to elementary schools and shoed kids pics of slaughtered chickens just to make a point. so it’s ok to terrorize little kids in the name of saving animals. peta is full of a bunch of crazies who care more about their agenda then about humanity. they are so awful. yo ucan save animals and not be a total jerk about it! boo peta!

  • DarkEmpress

    I really hate the circus. I have always thought it was cruel. I think I was 10 when my parents brought me and it was so horrible, I felt panicky nauseous and scared for the animals. I dont think its entertaining to watch animals forced to do tricks where they could be injured. However, I do not support Peta. All the stars posing nude for them really are confused. Nudity does not enhance the message. Also, Peta is unethical with their treatment of people. Violently shouting at people and attacking them with paint makes them look insane.

  • San

    YEAH! The salvation of the elephants OM ” BEING NAKED”, of course! Who believes in that sh***? The ANNOYING ATTACKS OF THE SHOW, AGAIN! None deserves this! Neither the elephants PETA!

  • boycott this bill board

    this is lewd

  • billboard boycott sexploitatio

    sexploitation of women is NOT OK
    the MEN who created this advertising concept are suspect in my mind.

  • j22

    What a moron! Generalize all Circus’s like that!

  • Dante

    Not sure if you’ve heard the latest. They did the unveiling of her PETA billboard…and she wore leather boots to it! Leather boots! Yeah….sounds like she’s really behind PETA and everything they support. This girl just wanted to take off her clothes and look at her face on a billboard. LEATHER BOOTS! what an idiot.

  • Melissa

    Hey Jared, why don’t you make a headline about Olivia Munn wearing stylish leather boots to her PETA billboard unveling. That’s WAY more news worthy than her 2 minute part in Iron Man 2. This just proves how fake and phony this girl is. PETA presented her with the opportunity to be on a billboard. She wants to see her face. She doesn’t care about the causes.

  • San

    @billboard boycott sexploitatio: I agree PETA doesn’t respect women!

  • celeste

    Let people decide for themselves if they’re going to be sensitive or not.

  • vince

    in reality, she is a host of a show and many guys are crazy because she is so pretty….by her posing naked, she wants mass attention for this cause and fast, otherwise she wouldn’t have done it this way if she wasn’t so passionate to see and end to this…if you believed in something so much, wouldn’t you do just about anything to start such a movement?