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Wentworth Miller 'Still Working' On His Tree Trunk Arms

Wentworth Miller 'Still Working' On His Tree Trunk Arms

Wentworth Miller talked to Collider about preparing for his role as Chris Redfield in the upcoming movie Resident Evil: Afterlife, in theaters September 10.

The 37-year-old former Prison Break star said he Google Imaged “Chris Redfield” and visited various fan sites to see what his character looked like.

Went thought, “Wow, if what I’m seeing is an accurate representation, this guy is right out of the WWF. (laughs) His arms are like the size of tree trunks. Four weeks to prepare for this movie. That’s not gonna happen.”

When asked how close he got to those tree trunk arms, Went responded jokingly, “Still working on it. I’ll let you know in Resident Evil 5.” Hah!

You can also download/listen to Went‘s full interview here [mp3]!

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109 Responses to “Wentworth Miller 'Still Working' On His Tree Trunk Arms”

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  1. 51
    Cebolla Says:

    @good work: If he came back from the dead looking like Alexandre Dumas for Michael Scofield; wouldn’t you think that the role needed that image?
    No I´d think his career was over.
    @dMariana de Souza: Your English has improved magically in just few days :)

  2. 52
    Kimi Says:

    Ladies come back down. There will be no season 5, no matter how profoundly you wish .
    What are the odds that he will play Scofield again ?
    I heard also about trouble around PB.
    It is also obvious that he will blot out the memory on Scofield. ( see pics above ) and wanna playing roles who are contrary to Scofield such as Mourning Portrait.
    I agree that the end was a stinging insult for every fan, but it was their and Wentworth`s wry notion for a good ending of the show.
    Look forward to new projects and forget the bygone times.
    ( good times ) ;-)

  3. 53
    good work Says:

    Cebolla, you think his career was over because this image?

    Don’t you think all those so call images can be changed?


  4. 54
    Cebolla Says:

    @good work: For the last time:Prison Break is History. But let´s say IF Wentworth would ever go back at being Michael Scofield, it would ruin his career. That would be BEYOND LAME.
    I won’t talk to you again it´s boring for everyone here so lets spare them.

  5. 55
    Rubarb Says:

    What’s with those nut bags from the Prison Break buff site taking over JJ for their pathetic bleating? Oh, very well, this board is already half dead so why not just finish it off.

  6. 56
    Mariana de Souza Says:

    Cebolla… I’m a foreign woman and I appreciate the kindness of his /her words. Maybe I have improved my English because I love the great actor Wentworth Miller and also I want to know more about him. Kisses!

  7. 57
    Rhubarb Says:

    @Mariana de Souza: Wish I could say the same about my English. I love the great actor ever so much but I still could n´t spell my user name right :)
    Now we have got the same pic twice…. first Went and Tyron… then Went alone, what will we have next hm, just Tyron on his own?

  8. 58
    dMariana de Souza Says:

    Rhubarb…Tyron does not appear in any photos alone. Just next to Wentworth. Both met on the set of Dinotopia and they are friends until today. I hope you can understand what I wrote for you. In this video Went tells us about his perfomance in RE4. Best wishes!

  9. 59
    Reginald Says:

    @dMariana de Souza: The pictures have been fiddled around with, It is obvious that things are not as they seem, his fingers are no longer long. WHAT HAPPENED!

  10. 60
    treetrunkarms Says:

    I sincerely hope that if Wentworth reads some of the silly comments posted here and on other sites he doesn’t lose all faith in his fans.

    He plays the parts he gets. He cannot totally control every aspect of his career. He does his best.

    The haters and the naysayers won’t change a single thing he choses to do, or not do, either in his career or in his personal life.

    The man is steadfastly himself.

  11. 61
    dMariana de Souza Says:

    Reginald…I agree with you. I think the photo has been fiddled. I don’t know why. Therefore he’s wonderful and his talent is undeniable. To Wentworth Miller : I keep my fingers crossed for better roles in the future.

  12. 62
    Gammel dansk Says:

    @treetrunkarms: Oh, I´m sure Wentworth is to busy ‘playing the parts he gets’ to be reading the silly comments from us silly morons. But if he did pop in to check on us idiots I´m sure your comment would safe the rest of us from complete embarrassment and Wentworth from loosing all faith in his fans.

  13. 63
    Underberg Says:

    @Gammel dansk: I’m more sure Wentworth is too busy playing his own part let alone ‘playing the parts he gets’. A good honest fan base is hard to find these days, one can only laugh.

    Drink up, cheers!

  14. 64
    Breezer Says:

    Wentworth baby, collecting hair ain´t gonna keep me away. You´re totally doin´ it for me now and before. I´m so gonna go see EVERYTHING you´re in. Can hardly wait until September for RE. You as Chris Redfield = Yummy takes Over. You being all that polite and sophisticated all the time is just killing me, too darn hot ;-* Luv Luv Luv ya

  15. 65
    #65 Says:

    Wentworth pleeeeease show your self, how about go out for some coffee ;))** miss seeing you. JJ we NEEEEEED new Went photos, how about it


  16. 66
    marie Says:

    @#65: yes i agree

  17. 67
    Jakob Says:

    Wow i’d like some new pics.. come on papps take some pics and stop acting like Mexicans.

  18. 68
    treetrunkarms Says:

    @Gammel dansk:

    Not all the comments here and elsewhere are silly, but some of them truly are. If the shoe fits, wear it. Otherwise, nevermind.

  19. 69
    Gammel dansk Says:

    @treetrunkarms: Fair enough, just try to not take your self too seriously & lighten up a bit, OK ;)

  20. 70
    painted black Says:

    I want to touch him
    I need to run away from him
    I’d love to get lost in him
    but I need to be free of him
    but still . .
    I have to be part of him

  21. 71
    #71 Says:

    @painted black: What you are expressing is called OBSESSION, I think. Fan gurls have been called obsessive freaks on this board and the strange thing is, that the guys who are doing it seem to be here 24/7 so what are they then? LOL
    Love ya Went, you deliciously wonderful man :=Z;=Z;=Z

  22. 72
    The storyteller Says:

    @ Kimi Agree with you and others with similar views, thank you. This PB nonsense should have been left behind at PB Buff !
    @ goodwork = @ Lee Nice try =)

    Mr Miller,looking forward to seeing you in your upcoming roles. Good luck & enjoy yourself!

  23. 73
    The storyteller Says:

    PB nonsense should spread out all over the world!

  24. 74
    The storyteller Says:

    Writing under my user name says everything about your small mind. I strongly suggest you take your crap back to PB Buff if you´ve got nothing more than stealing other people´s user names and talking crap.
    - You are easy to spot and painfully lame =)

  25. 75
    The storyteller Says:

    I am storyteller! =)

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