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Christina Aguilera Gets Down On All Fours

Christina Aguilera Gets Down On All Fours

Christina Aguilera sticks out her tongue and gets down on all fours for this new promo shot from her upcoming video, “Not Myself Tonight.”

The 29-year-old singer squeezed into a shiny pair of high-waisted PVC pants and sleeved gloves. Watch the clip below!

FYI: Christina is wearing a sexy black-and-gold crystal plunging bathing suit from designer duo The Blonds. She liked the piece so much, she ordered four other pieces in different variations!

Today, Aussie singing sensation Kylie Minogue is meeting with The Blonds.

Yesterday, Christina danced in lingerie — at church!

New Christina Aguilera Clip From “Not Myself Tonight”!

10+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera getting down on all fours…

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  • Moved on.

    Very Lady Gaga.

  • Jo

    this is stupid just release the video already.

  • Audrey

    Can’t wait to see the video, she looks very dirrty

  • Status quo


  • Katsaridoula

    she has got one enoooooooourmour :-O It looks as if there is a bomb inside it to explode any minute

  • poop

    Yuck! She tries too hard wearing her tons of makeup she needs to stay at home with her autistic son for a change.

  • Eric Shinn

    Nice video – shame about the song!

  • Ana

    HOT! This video is going to be mindblowing :)

  • InYourShadow

    She is trying to hard. And her new music is really bad :/

  • Tim

    OMG!!HOT!!Pop needs Christina,Please don’t stay away for so long…Perez Hilton is trying to destroy Christina comeback.

  • ashley

    it sucks.

  • Greta

    Very Lady Gaga for supid people who don’t know about music and think she’s so creative!
    Christina is making something she always maked/makes!

    AWESOME music video…

  • Hobb


    You’re the autist one.. DUmb

  • julie

    LOL. Is about all I can say. LOL. She has a wonderful voice but she’s taking the focus off it with her giant honkers in our face, her stripping-pole dancing-wanna be shocking-slutty-tasteless-whory and completely unclassy act. I used to think she was a good singer. Now I just want her to go away already. How can you respect someone who is acting like this?

  • sodom+gomorrah again

    she has a terrific voice; why does she need to be a media slut?

    miss the good old days when artists had class and the voice & music were the important things

    I suppose with over-population and every second kid wanting to be in the crowded media, these poor people need to be OUTrageous to be noticed in the fray …

    just so tired of having T & C’s shoved in my face

  • amour1

    Haters whatever……Xtina is bringing dirrty back!!! Love it!!

  • cynthia

    why in god’s earth is she acting like a whoore in this new album/video?? for god’s sake she is a MOTHER!! i think her slutty ways should of been long gone. i mean, christina, you’ve always been a whoore and it was ok, but you have a 2 yr old boy. be a mother. not a whoore

  • daya

    she is just trying WAY TO HARD…..

    her career is over she should just stay at home with her husband and that kid….

  • Jenna

    @ sodom+gomorrah again

    Well put, and I like your name.

  • mary

    Christina is a great singer. Very Talented….Although I DON”T LIKE this video. It sure does look like she wants to imitate Lady Gaga. C’mon Christina you can do a lot better than this. Your voice is awesome!!! I was really waiting to hear some really good music. But guess I won’t. You need some new record producers!!

  • Gabe

    People like someone who wears a watermelon on the head and when CHRISTINA, WHO ALWAYS ACTED THIS WAY, make something amazing, the same people say it’s weird!
    You are so DUMB! Christina is doing a wonderful work, and if someone knows about pop, knows she always acted the way she acts!

    Probaly, Lady Gaga fans are all jealous of it! SUCK IT! Losers

  • xcv

    Damn more freaky stuff I can’t wait to wach it!!!!

  • amour1

    People the song is called NOT MYSELF TONIGHT!!! The video would be something Chrsitina NORMALY wouldn’t do!! SHe is showcasing the DIFFERENT sides to her!!! I love it…yeah she is a mum doens’t mean she can’t be sexy! For those out there throwing the “your a mum think of your son” she is and she is expressing herself. People in the states over reacted to “Dirrty” they are going to do it again and XTina will still come out on Top!

  • tim

    this gal is a plastic doll
    all made up
    all plastic surgery
    too bad this gal actually had talent
    and a great voice
    now she is a skanky desperate performer trying to get attention
    she looks like those whores on reality shows

  • goldman

    trashy, cheap and lame

  • paranel

    Gaga wanna be and gross and yukky at it. Get a life bitch.

  • tante augustine

    Cheap n’ nasty, like everything she ever did. ugh.

  • unisex

    if haters would stop hating, this place will be a better place to live in. it’s actually insulting and annoying when people say Xtina is copying Gaga. WTF! may God bless you and your hateful hearts. you don’t know what yall saying. Xtina has Grammy in every album that she does. she has achieved so much just to be compared to a newbie. that is BS! well, i’m sure haters will be raged so much in the coming months when Xtina takes the spotlight once again. thank you in advance haters. you’ll prove your point that haters are actually the most miserable people in the world. it’s never too late. have a life.

  • christina

    i used to adore her back in 1999 ….i had little hope in her,because she was was sweet,has natural beauty and talent…but what i am seeing is a tastless whore….she is exposing her fake boobs(why did she operated herslef?????she was nice with small)…behaving like a crazy perverted,agressive woman…what a shame…shame you have kid….and in this porn world…where are the decent young ladies?i’m so dissapointed in you christina you lost a great fan:((((((((((

  • christina

    so dissapointed in you:((((((((((((((christina you really failed:(

  • Lisa2M

    Christina Aguilera looks like a damn fool. Her last album was classy and she took it back to the twenties and she should have kept her style that way. Christina to me seems like a cheap fake version of Gaga. Everyone is talking about it and If you are a real die hard Aguilera fan you should be ashamed. Gaga is a young, single woman and she can pull off being out there but Christina is married with a baby and a husband. This is so SAD. Christina you have so much talent. Why waste it to copy someone else. Gaga is the real thing. It can be only one Gaga. No one will stop Gaga’s reign. Christina your time has passed and you should have not took so long coming back. Gaga’s taken over and I mean in a big way. Gaga is young, fresh and talented. Gaga has so many future projects coming out and Christina is not going to be able to keep up.

  • amour1

    Okay you guys think XTina is coping…this was on someones blog yesterday…check it out….


    @sodom+gomorrah again: Thank you! I’m so happy that someone finally writes the truth. Christina Aguilera is a pervert. She is bi-sexual and insecure. Her son looks …. well….her husband is….well….let’s just say there isn’t much going on in her life. So the only people who like this white trash copying porn stars, that witch Madonna, tranny lady gaga, etc. are perverts, are trash, etc. Hell is going to be crowded & burning hot and I don’t think it’s fashionable to dance in church in your lingerie and have s&m sex in there. It’s got to stop at some point. I would ask Christina to go to the middle east and do that; go to Isreal and do that; go to a Buddhist temple and do that! they would slash her to bits. some sluts (men&women) need that. there is no respect for the cross, for religions, for the temples and churches, for people’s beliefs and lifestyles. and it’s not easy and simple to just “don’t watch” when people like Christina constantly bothers and forces and pushes her crap in the media, in our faces; consumers, teens, children, adults, whoever! And it’s not just her – it’s 97.9% of so called celebrities. Just today, that other slut lisaraye McCoy talked about why she is obsessed the color white but put down religion and virginity in the process. No class, no brains, no culture, just trash. but i guess it’s the way people want to live. What did Britney say? “Living in sin is the new thing”, but then again she is mentally ill. It’s radical to be the opposite of money hungry/drug using/alcohol addicted/perverted sex obsessed robotic beings but no one has the guts to be radical!

  • unisex


    then you are not really a great fan! why are u people so closed minded when it comes to these things? hypocrisy that is!

  • Lusine

    Christina get a life, you look nasty, what a copy cat, I can’t stand her, she probably really wants to be like this, and she is going crazy on us, you are soooooooooo nasty Christina.


    Christina’s Aguilera’s is DONE. She put the nail in her own coffin. This album will FADE away really fast and you fans will be waiting another 5 years for a new album by then we GAGA FANS will have had a dozen album releases. SO SAD. I can see Britney Spears acting like this because Britney can’t sing to save her life but I expected more from Christina but I kind of figured she would jump on the bandwagon like other female singers and copy GAGA and look really dumb in the process. Rihanna looks dumb and so does the horrid Keisha and others I shall not name.

  • adrienne

    people go on about it being ‘too gaga’ and ‘trying to hard’ but doesnt anyone remember dirrty? moulin rouge? the whole stripped era! that was christina at her best! im glad shes gone back to this than that rubbish stuff she did last!

  • Jenn

    Gross! Nice example you’re showing your son! Shame!

  • miss infamous

    She was out way before Lady gaga so stop the comparisons! lol I do think Christina is trying WAY too hard though

  • xxx


    Alot of mothers in hollywood act like that so don’t just blame christina… angelina jolie, alessandra ambrosio, heidi klum, adriana lima, gisele bunchen, karolina kurkova, jessica alba, kate hudson.. i could go on!!

  • Jen

    She has such a beautiful and amazing voice, why must she reduce herself to copying Lady Gaga, besides she is way much more pretty then Gaga (and I love her too) . And I’m sorry hardcore Christina fans who are in denial, but this video just creams Lady Gaga (oh and don’t give me the ‘Lady Gaga is the unoriginal one because she copies Grace Jones’ speech) because Lady Gaga is the really popular artist right now, and this video gives me a very “bad romance” vibe, with the lingerie and the crystal chains and that picture where she is covering her face in the mask just reminds of of lady gaga in that white suit that covers her face in the “Bad Romance video”. It is sad that Christina is always copying someone else. Her ‘Dirrty’ face was modeled after Britney’s, “I’m a slave phase’. She copied Pink after using Linda Perry as a writer, it is endless, so sad. Oh and it doesn’t help that this song is mediocre and so beneath Cristina’s voice. YOU can do much better Christina, come on now!

  • xxx


    Oh, please. “If she went to the middle east they would slash her to bits.” The thing is sunshine, Christina lives in AMERICA. A free country. In the middle east, women are FORCED to cover up everything. Their husbands are the only ones allowed to see their hair for f**ks sake.
    Grow up………… Christina lives in the western world, women here have SOME ACTUAL RIGHTS where she can show off her body…. get a grip.. do you think women should be forced to cover up or something.. you sound like some crazy priest who thinks women should just stay in a kitchen all day and not be allowed to have jobs or speak unless their spoken to!!!!

  • hood rat

    i would respect her more if she just came back doing what she does best..sing.
    she is obviously trying to hard. and its a shame because she doesnt need to.
    she’s singing some trashy song, that does not musically stand out, its been done before,,,shes done it before..its time to grow
    i think her record label is pushing her to do this..
    she will never sell out madison..and its her own damn fault

  • xxx


    I bet you’ve never been in a bathing suit at the beach or been seen naked before – huh. Yep, sure. Hahaha it’s hilarious the way you’re trying to act all moral. Christina don’t care what people think she just does what she does and makes no apologies.

  • Connie in Des Moines

    Why is it desperate when Christina does it but Britney’s Gimme More wasn’t?? Everyone was disappointed when Britney didn’t go for it with her 3 video and talking about Threesomes how can that not be desperate and she has two boys.Just Saying.And for Gaga she’s desperate for attention everytime she walks out the door.

  • hood rat

    despite the redneks that still go to her concert..britneys career is kaput..
    she hit her peak awhile ago..
    her cankly stubby butt aint cute anymore

  • fan

    i love you so much this is great singer. Can’t wait Bionic and Not myself tonight video love it

  • fan

    i love you so much this is great singer. Can’t wait Bionic and Not myself tonight video love it

  • xxx

    @Connie in Des Moines:

    Exactly!! Britney has 2 boys but nobody cares that pretty much all her music is revolting and she walks around half naked showing off her flab and cellulite.

  • skaur

    lady gaga clone u are better than this christina