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Jessica Simpson Admits Nicorette Gum Addiction

Jessica Simpson Admits Nicorette Gum Addiction

Jessica Simpson dropped by the The Tonight Show on Tuesday (April 27) and admitted that she’s addicted to Nicorette Gum despite having never smoked a cigarette in her life.

The 29-year-old entertainer told Jay Leno, “The first time I ever chewed a piece of Nicorette gum one of my close friends’ mother gave it to me. I think she thought she was giving me a piece of regular gum. I was chewing it and it was like a party in my mouth. It was like fireworks and ‘Oh my god, I’m talking a million miles per hour and I love this gum and what kind of gum is this? I have to have this gum.’”

Click inside to watch Jess talk about her addiction to Nicorette Gum

Jessica Simpson Admits Nicorette Gum Addiction
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Credit: Margaret Norton; Photos: NBC
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    This woman is a moron.

    Anything ever said, done, or written by or about this woman can be distilled down to the above five words.

  • Melissa

    OK, she’s odd, but I love that dress!

  • D

    I have never really had a problem with Jess; I’ve always found her sweet, yet a little misguided……but lately I feel like she’s always trying to come up with something about herself that makes her seem quirky or cute….so that people will think “aww…..shes so funny” but in reality it just makes it seems like she’s trying too hard and weird…..

  • Jo

    She’s a pig… A pretty pig but a pig none the less..

  • Leyla

    she is an effin IDIOT. does something not retarded ever come out of her dumb mouth. does she have any brain cells?????????????

  • Anna

    If she wants to gain weight or is at least okay with it- fine.
    But girl, learn how to dress! It looks painful, like she can’t breathe.

  • Josie

    she’s too old to play “dumb blonde”, it’s not cute or quirky, just annoying if you are past 15 years of age.
    and she’s not that attractive, she has shoulders that of a linebacker! her face is broad and she has a manly jaw, has her fathers nose and her body is unfortunate just like her personality.

  • Jamie

    Her show episode @ Japan was so bad.
    One of the reviews go:
    “To begin with, Jessica and her friends Ken and CaCee jumped right into the stereotype of loud, crude, and culturally insensitive Americans. They screeched and hollered about Japanese spa procedures, much to the consternantion of their fellow patrons; they made fun of geisha by lolling around lewdly and thoroughly embarassing two Japanese businessmen. While the fashion was present, their lack of knowledge and childish, disrespectful ways were more like that of teenager congoers than that of legitimate ambassadors to Japanese culture. ”
    “To begin with, while they often mentioned the Gwen Stefani term ‘harajuku girls’, they did not actually talk about any other Harajuku fashions besides lolita. I saw a glimpse of a gal, but no spank, dolly-kei, punk, decora, or anything else associated with the very broad spectrum of Japanese street fashion, especially in Tokyo. Like many outsiders intent on doing a slap-dash presentation of Japanese street fashion, it seems that no one did any fact-checking: they claim knowledge of ‘Goth, Lolita, Babydoll, Punk, and others’. I am not sure if Babydoll is their idea of lolita fetishism or a half-hearted stab at mentioning dolly-kei, but either way the term has no current, relevant meaning to Japanese fashion that I am aware of.

  • juniper

    She is beyond foolish, this gum is considered a drug and has serious side effects, it should not be taken casually:

  • Jamie

    from lolita-charm . blogspot .com
    A lot of people said her show was full of sh**t

  • Christa

    Leno sucks and her laugh is annoying.
    Making a “joke” and looking into the audience while talking to someone isn’t also very cute.

  • Neorules2112

    She should admit food addiction ..

  • Wolvie

    @TIM GUNN: I think alot of you should get a life, Jessica is one of the most sweetest, cutest, naturely funny people I have ever seen. I wish alot more people could be like her, and not instead of being mean and jusy down right an A$$ !! I would give anything to meet her, and her family, I bet it would be a one fun meeting. So peeps get a life and don’t be so hard on yourselves, because people like Jessica Simpson are hard to find. Jessica don’t listen or worry about the people that have closed minds, just be your self.

  • gabs

    Kids….”don’t try this at home.”

  • Katsaridoula


    please do tell me you are joking there :-D well done :-)

  • Brightside

    I’m a bit worried about the state of her oral hygenie to be perfectly honest…she doesn’t brush her teeth and she chews a nicotine-impregnated gum. I know she flosses and uses mouth wash…but still…her mouth doesn’t sound as though it’s a pleasant place. She should stop the gum and start brushing after every meal. Halitosis is a very off-putting experience for other people.

  • Lillianne

    She is her own worst enemy. Everytime she opens her mouth she proves what everyone says about her.

  • Protected Mode

    Totall bollocks! Jessica Simpson and many other celebrities thrive off ‘their perfect’ photoshopped image to get the regular people’s facination and obsession going and keep the regular Joe buying into their brands. jessica started her career with photoshop!
    After her failed attempt a a music and film career, she’s now singing a different tune to get herself a job outta that tune! I wonder how she supports her lifestyl and how does she get to be on Jay Leno ..i forgot she was still a celebrity with talent!

    I agree, that hairstyle does not flatter her broad shoulders and additional weight. Nick left withall of Jessica’s hotness from the Newlyweds dayz/ somebody plse press off the karma button!

  • laverdadduele

    WHO GIVES A CRAP????? She’s an idiot! I wish she and her fairy hairstylist would just go away!!!

  • onlyme

    jess…… did u get your fat self in that dress….really..look in a mirror……u look awful, deary…….someone needs to tell u the truth!!
    just why..oh..why…would leno even have u on his show.???? u have nothing to say……..u r an idiot my dear……….

  • In The Know

    she’s a foolish has been……………………why is she on Leno????????

  • Gail

    I believe nicorette has low levels of nicotine, in order to wane a smoker off of nicotene, yet still getting a fix. So if she is telling the truth about her addiction, she may very well be addicted nicotine – not so much the gum nicorette.

  • Melissa

    I have some beef jerky for her

  • Kim

    Love Jessica , gotta try some of that gum..

  • Jasmine

    @Jamie: “To begin with, Jessica and her friends Ken and CaCee jumped right into the stereotype of loud, crude, and culturally insensitive Americans”
    that was honestly my own review of the show. i was wincing while i watched because they did very little to make the show look good. i think ken was a bit more intelligent and was able to talk and relate to the people they’ve met far better than the two women.

    i feel a bit bad though because jessica tries…hard. she fails at trying to make herself NOT seem like a bimbo. the nicorette thing here though was kinda funny. but i can’t look at her the same way after that nasty brushing teeth thing. she just repulses me at this point.

  • PaulinMO

    Nicorette gum, come in fruity flavors too. Just the thing for the kiddies. I prefer those cute mini-lozenges in those blue pez like dispensers not at all like those Orbs from evil RJR.
    Hey, if Jessica likes nicrorette gum maybe she should try Chantix, it’s to die for! At least that’s what the 37 survivors of loved ones who’d offed themselves after taking those custesy blue pills endorsed by Jolly Herb, Perky Lisa, and Mommy Robin. I bet Pfizer is real proud up there in that Vancouver courtroom.
    Let’s not forget, J & J, a family company. They make that ‘fireworks in your mouth gum’. Wasn’t Gambino a family company?