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Kate Gosselin Bares Belly Running Errands

Kate Gosselin Bares Belly Running Errands

Wearing her work-out gear, Kate Gosselin bares her belly while stopping by an organic cafe on Wednesday morning (April 28) in Wyomissing, Penn.

The 35-year-old reality TV mama will be happy to hear that her ex, Jon Gosselin, reportedly dropped his custody and child support lawsuit

Kate was recently booted off of Dancing with the Stars. She is currently preparing to shoot her new TLC show, Twist of Kate, and new series of specials called Kate Plus 8.

FYI: Kate is wearing Skechers Tone-Ups fitness sandals.

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Credit: Watts; Photos: INFdaily
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  • teri

    You go Kate with your fine self. You’ve worked for that body even with eight kids. Don’t listen to the haters.

  • anon

    Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

  • Alexis

    She looks AMAZING.

  • karen

    Come on. Who wears that during errands? She so obviously exposed her midsection. This girl is really something else.

  • elle

    this is what is wrong with her- she wants the attention. she could have easily zipped her hoodie to not be walking around in a sports bra, but she chose not to.

  • Preesi

    Its been in the 50s here in Pa.
    Frost warnings!

    Attention Whore

  • flo

    This srew will do anyting to get attention/media/coverage now that Sandra Bullock knocked off the universe.

  • kizbit

    #4,5,6 and 7…you are absolutely right! And tell me why she looked so fat and matronly while she was on DWTS??? Enough of her. GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • okay

    i am so sick of seeing this dumb @$$ everywhere…all over tv, on magazine covers (which i don’t appreciate since i subscribe to some and she’s on the cover sometimes…i feel like unsubscribing!!) wth is she famous for? oh cuz she had 8 kids…whoopty fricken do!!

  • laura

    her own hair should be a little longer now. Take those extensions off and let’s get real….well might be too late for that. She’s had to work on DWTS but she had surgical help with that belly.

  • xxx

    Good plastic surgeon!! And she wore a short top like this to make sure she’d be all over the internet and the magazines.. pathetic.

  • sammi

    someone’s lookin’ for a new man lol

  • Gabi

    She needs therapy in a big, big way. Insecurity at its’ best

  • laverdadduele

    What a waste of space! What has she done to deserve so much attention? I don’t understand people’s fascination with the so-called reality “stars”, really? These days, standars are so low, people are actually paying attention to these crap.

  • okay


    amen! LOL totally agree w/you!

  • navel alert

    Riding high.

  • Jlene

    Who cares for this woman, why is JJ wasting space on her all she wants is attention and JJ is giving her just that as well as all the other crazy people that thinks she is anything, she’s nothing but a hypocrite!!!!

  • navel alert

    Have you checked your children?

  • attention K-Mart shoppers

    My name is Kate Gosselin, I’m a blue light special because I’m cheap and trashy and likes lots and lots of attention.

  • Marisa

    That will make the paparazzi go away. (rolls eyes) The woman seems desperate for attention, as usual.

  • Kate G.

    Oh, that’s right…I used and abused the kindness of K-Mart and they kicked me to the curb! I’m a narcissist.

  • Kate G.

    I’m fake from roots to my toes. Fake, fake, fake. I’m a PR created illusion, my sheeple eat it up. See my new foobs and centered belly button!

  • GossipGirl

    The only time she should be wearing that outfit is when she is walking out of the gym! Who wears a sports bra to do errands??

  • Rhonda

    her book bombed! Now she’s out selling the kids again along with TLC.

  • puuke

    I can see they way too high belly button but I wanna see the Frankenstein scar on her lower belly.

  • Janine

    What’s wrong with yall? If I had a belly like that after eight children I would run around exposing it even if it were snowing.. she’s got smth to be proud of

  • pathetic

    - Wed. morning central PA.- it started out at 38 degrees at 7:00 AM

  • Meghan

    This is really sad.
    Just days after she got voted off dancing with the stars, it seems that she had to find a way to pose for a photo op. Never before has she been photographed in a sports bra going to the store.
    Do I smell, ATTENTION, ME ME ME!!!!! Typical Kate.
    Please Kate, just go home and STAY with your 8 beautiful children which you gruelingly and willingly fought to have.

  • KC

    Gross looking stomach. Desperate for attention.

  • http://Google sherrie wilson

    Nothing ever changes with this idiot. She thinks the rest of the world loves her as much as she loves herself.

  • missy

    She has probably gone gay! I doubt to many men want anything to do with her!

  • Jodi

    Well, her 15 minutes of fame are OVER!

  • Paula


    She worked for that body??? Even if she worked out 24/7 she would not even come close if it weren’t for the tummy tuck she had…free of charge, of course. And she claims right and left that she hates paparazzi.

    Kate, please, go away. It seems that no matter what station I watch, she is there with the fake smile and all. I am so happy that now, I can at least watch DWTS and really enjoy it:)

  • laverdadduele

    @Jodi: I wish you were right, Jodi, but no, as long as stupid people support these reality tv idiots, she’s going to be around, ej. the Kardashians sisters (herpes, gonorrea and syphilis) – i don’t see it happening anytime soon

  • Neorules2112

    Looking Hot !!! Would love to rub coco butter all over her sweet buns.

  • HLN44

    Yeah, she also had a tummy tuck and lipo, so that helps!

  • melissa

    WOW!!! there sure are a lot of jealous bitties on here bashing Kate and her amazing abs, HAHA, stop all the whinning about Kate and get your own lives, she looks amazing and no matter how much you hate on her, she will always be richer and prettier then you.

  • FaithLynette

    DO THE “MATH”:

    (toned body + hair extensions) – (helping to ruin her marriage + her relationships with family members/friends + having your kids grow up eventually realizing and understanding how you ‘pimped’ them out for fame/fortune when they were little) = LOSER

  • PersonalTrainer

    Any criticism of Kate is considered JEALOUSY?
    I think the only people jealous of this wench are her rabid fans that want to BE her.

  • missy


    no one on this site is jealous of KG. My question to you is: what do you find to admire about this woman. do you admire the way she bullied her husband? her ugliness towards her children? what do YOU like about her.

  • Karo

    doesn’t even fit her body nor look like her own stomach. doesn’t even look real and it’s 2X more tanned than the rest of her body. looks like an image printed on her top.

  • melissa

    @missy, yes you are jealous of Kate, because if you weren’t you would not bother commenting on her, she looks fantastic and that is a fact and as far as admiring her, I do admire her courage in going on with her life and doing what she feels is good for her and her kids even though it opens her up to very hostile comments from people who do not know her, many people would have ran and hid, to scared face criticism,and she did not bully her husband, yes she needed things to be a certain way and with eight kids it has to be that way, they followed her around 24/7 and edited and pieced it together, most of the time out of sequence, how do you think you would come off if someone was doing that to you. Ugliness towards her kids, you mean discipline? that is something a lot of our kids is missing. No mother on this site can say they have never yelled or got frustrated with their children and if they do they are lying.

  • melissa

    @ personal trainer, yeah thats right we say good things about her because we want to be her, I am happy for her and wish only good things for her. If you were really a personal trainer, you would see how hard she worked to get those abs, no amount of lipo or tummy tuck will give you that, she showed her stomach after the surgery was done and healed and it did not look that tight and ripped.

  • lol@KG

    Hey, Kate So your new love letter book bombed? Say, what ever happened to that promised cookbook? Was there a problem using those boxtops and back of the jar recipes? Good Lord honey, I seen the way you make pot roast, no thanks.
    Maybe you should come clean and fess up that Beth Carson wrote your first book. Karma bites hard, doesn’t it Kate? The real karma is to come when your very special fans that you will feature (unless they are fake, like you are a PR invention), come unglued like you did on DWTS. Me thinks the sheeple treats their families and friends just like you do, with no respect.

  • dawne

    How America likes to make their fame ho’s infamous. The last book was an insult to anyone with a double digit IQ…..’letters to her children’…LOL…she wouldn’t have to write them if she stayed home once in awhile instead of seeking stardom…one day they will realize just how exploited they were and how she dumped daddy when she went Hollywood……….Michelle Duggar she ain’t. I literally loathe this broad…she is so transparent in her milking of America…..her milking of her kids, her milking of her victimized status as wife of John…..even today she remarked that ‘her kids would be so excited if she could be the voice of Disney animal or whatever………..drop those hints, Khate….maybe movie billing is next for you. Gag me with a spoon…or in her case, a shovel.

  • PersonalTrainer

    My abs are hard too and I never had lipo or a tummy tuck (and I gave birth to twins). Not every critic is jealous, some of us just hate the way she treats her children.

  • typical Kate fan

    yuze r all jell us

  • stephanie

    hmmm she has a nice bod… but seriously??? someone is trying a bit to hard… O_O

  • dd

    C’mon people. She does look good with all the trimmings helped by a plastic surgeon but you know, I agree with all of you that she needs to stop seeking attention and most of all baring her midsection. As you guys all know, she is single and is looking for someone. LOL

  • Val In Cal

    Grow up Kate! You’re pushing 40! Quit dressing like you’re still in your 20′s.