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Katie Holmes is Jackie Kennedy in New Miniseries

Katie Holmes is Jackie Kennedy in New Miniseries

Katie Holmes is set to play First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in History Channel’s new eight-hour scripted miniseries, The Kennedys.

The 31-year-old actress would play the on-screen wife of Greg Kinnear, who has signed on to star as President John F. Kennedy .

According to Variety, Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan) will play Robert Kennedy and Tom Wilkinson (John Adams) will appear as family patriarch Joe Kennedy Sr..

The Kennedys will air in 2011 on The History Channel.

FYI: It was also recently announced that Rachel Weisz would also be playing the role of Jackie Kennedy in a full feature film.

WHO DO YOU THINK will portray a better Jackie Kennedy — KATIE HOLMES or RACHEL WEISZ?

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  • Liz

    I think the producers need to go back to the drawing board for actors and actresses.


    Horrible choice. The girl simply cannot ACT.

    So many others would have been perfect.

    However, the television mini-series is where Holmes belongs.

  • Jenny

    OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …gross.

  • African Girl

    Yeah in the right clothes and accessories, KH has a passing resemblance to JK. The real question is…Does she have the acting chops for such a meaty role? I believe we all know the answer to that.

  • mmm

    I agree, terrible choice. I also don’t sgree with Greg Kinnear but I think he will pull it off.

  • lolol

    what in the HELL? My mind is blown right now. She is NOT a good actress and I am really starting to wonder why and how her career is going better than Tom’s career.

  • moshimoshi

    Yeah, I agree with African Girl. They both slightly resemble John and Jackie Kennedy. But as far as the acting goes……. *gags*

  • Nic

    Its not just Katie, the entire cast is ridiculous. I disagree that you have to look exactly like the real person you are playing, as long as you do their life story a justice like only a good actress can. Good luck to Holmes, it will be hella hard!

  • alberta24
  • Rita

    Rachel Weisz will be fabulous: she’ll have the grace, the poise… can’t wait! I can definitely wait for Katie Holmes’ robot bride-acting though.

  • Chelsea

    Rachel Weisz will be wonderful! She looks exactly like Jackie! Katie will be awful.. looks nothing like Jackie Kennedy and she’s a terrible actress.


    It IS the History Channel.

    A well respected channel that will make a respected documentary

    We can assume a REAL actress would never seek work on the History Channel.

  • marie

    Rachel Weisz will definetly be much better than Katie Homes
    for one she has actual Talent and i think she lookes more like Jackie Kennedy than Katie Holmes

    but i guess not we can see just how much she can get becase is she with Tom Cruise…not because she worked so hard for it like other people do

  • ar88

    Katie can’t act!!! Rachel will be better by leaps and bounds…

  • LuckyL


  • anon

    I think the casting is horrible. No way is Katie Jackie O!

  • Bob

    Trying to compare Katie Holmes to Rachel Weisz is like trying to compare Pewee Herman to Marlon Brandon, No contest.

  • juniper

    I always thought Katie Holmes resembled Jackie, we’ll see how she does.

  • kik

    i think katie will do a great job.

  • pr person

    OMG! Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy?! What a joke!!! Do they want people to watch this miniseries? If so.. they should seriously rethink that casting choice. -gag- is right!

  • elle

    i think this is a joke!!!!

  • Valéria Muccillo

    Katie Holmes é perfeita para o papel de Jacqueline. è tão bonita quanto.

  • Carol

    I really enjoyed the cast choice.
    I think that Katie is great to the part !

  • Maria


  • emma#2

    @ Tim Gunn
    Talk about contridicting yourself !
    As for the rest of you , she has work coming from everywhere, talk about variety——–guess what ——–another dance routine is coming up soon, honestly can’t wait for all you to let loose. Katie H olmes is very much in demand, is doing very well, and has her co stars admiration an respect.
    Katie is gorgeous, is married , has a beautiful child, does her own thing and lives her life. Really, you haters, you don’t count too much in the scheme of things———-so go on hating . The more nasty things you say , it seems the higher her star rises. Go Katie!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …`it’s sooo funny that this is happening since people have been comparing kate’s style to jk for years. she looks like her, i’m sure she’ll do fine.

  • missy

    looking at the picture of beautiful young JO, you can see why so many people were offended by that beast Mo being compared to her!

  • tweety

    You gotta be kidding me! It’s an insult on Jackie O’s memory!

    What were these idiot producers thinking? Just another boring actress- Katie that can’t act to save her life!

    I won’t waste my time watching this awful so-called actress. She is just too annoying. It hurts to actually watch her!


  • porky

    emma #2

    honey, you need to go back to school to learn to spell better!

    Maybe a brain recharge or something….because Katie is a nothing!

    It’s such a joke that she is even in the public life.


  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Who will do a better portrayal? Well easy answer: Rachel is 10 times the actress Katie will ever hope to be. All Katie knows is how to do a slanted smirk…

  • jcrook

    I’m so sick of Katie Holmes and her fake voice I cud puke!!!!!

  • cindy

    I don’t have anything against KH, but I will say that what I hear out of Hollywood is that her co-stars and fellow actors make fun of her too. Now, I don’t have any connections to them other than “what everyone says”, but then again, that is all any of this is, no matter which side of the fence you’re on. I don’t have any reason to not believe it. I just think it’s a shame that she’s gone downhill, in my opinion. I did think she was adorable and had potential but now, everything I’ve seen and read, she’s a little unhinged.. something just not right.

  • Susie#1

    This is a joke, right?? What gave anyone the idea that Katie can act. Jackie Kennedy had a very distinct voice and accent and mannerisms. There isn’t any way that Katie can interpret Jackie Kennedy.

  • troi

    Rachel Weiss will be the better Jackie. Hands down. She can really act. Katie Homes can’t.

  • Melissa

    Kineear is kinda wussy

  • jen

    katie holmes has the role hands down. she’s gorgeous and classic. the role is perfect.. go katie.!!! people who just say things about her having nothing else to do.

  • T.

    C*R*A*P casting Katie will ruin it!!!!!!!!!

  • Jacqueline Bouvier

    Her background was french and she had that french natural sophistication.
    Someone like Marion Cotillard or another french brunette like Juliette Binoche or Audrey Tautou would have been a better choice.

  • Lisa

    Rachel Weisz is considered to be one of the most talented and versatile actresses of her generation. There are only a few actresses that can be called her equal and trust me, Katie Holmes is not one of them. To even suggest to try to compare Holmes to Weisz in itself is an insult to thinking human being everywhere.

  • AutumnM

    Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy will be a joke! She is such a wooden actress. She looks the part I guess, but her acting leaves a lot to be desired.

  • thats_right

    they should put Jennifer Aniston into Jackie’s role she knows for she can pull it off hahahah

  • kitty kat

    Thanks to Tom, living with the man who is in the closet got to pay up somehow. Good for her at least she is getting this. I am not sure about her acting but who knows she might surprise us.

  • anon

    There are other far more talented actresses who would have honored JK’s memory (class, style, intelligence etc.) and embody all of who she more than KH ever could. I suspect hubby Tom use his power and influence for this casting. Let’s hope someone does another version of it with better casting in the future to better honor JK.

  • Jacqueline

    Katie Holmes will definetly be much better than Rachel Weisz! She´s a star!!!!!!!!!

  • georgina

    What ATROCIOUS casting. Katie whatshername looks nothing like Jackie. Rachel doesn’t look much like her, but at least has the brown eyes. And Greg Kinnear??? w t f? History Channel, whats with you?

  • just saying

    Katie is no Jackie Kennedy!

  • Trina

    There have been a lot of movies about Jackie Kennedy. Wonder how they’ll make this one different.

  • Stacy

    I know jackie kennedy

  • SOS

    Jackie had elegance and class; Katie isn’t fit to shine her shoes.

  • troi

    Well if nothing else it will be good for 8 hours of laughing at Katie’s inept portrayal.