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Olivia Munn Premieres PETA Billboard

Olivia Munn Premieres PETA Billboard

Olivia Munn debuts her naked PETA billboard, which raises awareness about the cruel treatment of circus elephants, at Wilshire Boulevard and Highland Avenue in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 27).

The 29-year-old actress tweeted after the event, “Faux leather boots? Maybe a bad idea for PETA unveiling. Sorry for controversy. Ill take off my faux bald eagle jacket now too.”

25+ pictures inside of Olivia Munn premiering her PETA Billboard

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olivia munn peta billboard 01
olivia munn peta billboard 02
olivia munn peta billboard 03
olivia munn peta billboard 04
olivia munn peta billboard 05
olivia munn peta billboard 06
olivia munn peta billboard 07
olivia munn peta billboard 08
olivia munn peta billboard 09
olivia munn peta billboard 10
olivia munn peta billboard 11
olivia munn peta billboard 12
olivia munn peta billboard 13
olivia munn peta billboard 14
olivia munn peta billboard 15
olivia munn peta billboard 16
olivia munn peta billboard 17
olivia munn peta billboard 18
olivia munn peta billboard 19
olivia munn peta billboard 20
olivia munn peta billboard 21
olivia munn peta billboard 22
olivia munn peta billboard 23
olivia munn peta billboard 24
olivia munn peta billboard 25

Photos: WENN, MavrixOnline
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  • troi

    Who exactly is this woman and why does she appear so frequently on this blog? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Whatever…

    OMG!!!!! Jared: are you SERIOUS???? Please come clean and just admit you have a deal with her publicist to post junk on this nobody in exchange for access to REAL talent for your site. You should honestly be ashamed to see your “fans” blasting YOU over and over regarding this no talent, unknown hack. You owe your loyal visitors an answer because your credibility is just about SHOT. Really, really sad to keep seeing you do this, I gotta be honest. And I love this site but it’s become a bad, bad joke lately.

  • Amy

    Anyone who posts anything negative after this post hates elephants!! I’m talking to you Whatever. Can you not see that there are mikes in front of her from 4-5 different electronic outlets, NOT counting G4. Other people care what she is doing besides Jared. NBC gave her a sitcom, they care. Fox and Paramount put her in movies, doesn’t matter that the roles were small, everyone starts small. She’s been on a zillion magazine covers, publishers don’t just give those things away. You clearly have no insight into how this industry works.
    You obviously don’t love this site because people don’t hate on things they love. If you have time to post hateful things on this site all the time than you have time to start your own. Take all your negativity somewhere else. What do you honestly care what Jared posts about. If you don’t want to read about her, don’t, no one is forcing you to. Didn’t your mother every teach you, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. Jared obviously isn’t too concerned with your opinions. He’s obviously a fan of Olivia’s as many, many people obviously are, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop posting, so GIVE IT UP and GET A LIFE.

  • kat b


  • troi


    Ah, but you didn’t answer who she is and why she is famous. Just a bunch of reasons why we are too stupid to live if we don’t know who she is or don’t like her.

  • getout

    One Word: PATHETIC

  • Deidre

    She was a host on G4 I think, “dated” Chris Pine (probably a publicity stunt setup to “launch her” in the public limelight). She has some really good PR people and agent behind her and may they think shes a promising star, hence the hook-up to get her in the eyes of the celebrity obsessed public. Jared has some inner circle connection with her and obviously needs to fill up his site with content, so why not! Funny, I saw that billboard on the way home and thought to myself “Odd! Esp elephant avocation in the nude”. HAHA…side note, watching Glee right now and it has to be the worst episode ever and I totally called the ending song! haha…predictable but cute.

  • ryan

    She looks sort of like some kind of beast and is a famewhore.

  • happy girl

    can peta offer her free skin acne remedy for her forehead? or does acne meds use animal ingredients???

  • Dave

    Why don’t you report the real story? The reason she tweeted the “faux leather boots” was that she was exposed as wearing leather boots at

  • Bradley

    I think animal cruelty is wrong but when you think about it this could hurt her career. Peta is such a polarizing organization. You either like them or hate them. There’s no in between.

  • .

    She did the billboard for exposure. Probably didn’t care two thoughts about animal rights while getting ready and threw her leather boots on. Realized how stupid she looked and said they were faux. She seems like such a wannabe and I don’t think she’s anything much to look at.
    Suspicious how much she’s been on here. If it’s not Kate Bosworth, it’s this chick. At least Kate starred in a movie like a decade ago.

    Wonder what the going rate to get coverage on this site is?

  • Kat

    jared, what will it take to get you to stop posting about this nobody? i think there should be a facebook page called “1 million strong against olivia munn postings on justjared.”

  • lars

    i used to like her 2 years ago, now she seems like such a mediawhore and having flings with actors all the time, boo

  • Dreads

    What a b!tch. She’ll never be a big star in my opinion….. Not even pretty.

  • jaceym

    This is getting ridic…..OTHER PEOPLE EXIST.

  • All Women Stalker

    What’s up with her forehead? Freckles?

  • Truth

    Can you people afford cable? She is the host of ‘Attack Of the Show” on G4. She has a role in last month’s number one movie “Date Night”. She was on the cover of Playboy and Maxim. She’s hysterical on her show, watch her show before you bitch about her. She has real talent, not like the trash bimbos you people worship.

  • Melissa

    Faux Leather boots? Those are REAL leather boots. Fess up, Olivia! Just goes to show she not a real PETA supporter. She just wants to see her face on a billboard.

  • San

    So ANNOYING but so ANNOYING but so ANNOYING!!!

  • Dee

    hahahaha… I don’t care about OM but it’s funny this time…. untill the LEATHER BOOTS are FAKE! hahahaha…. she’s definitely the quasi-famous, the quasi-actress, the quasi-host, the quasi-environment-animals defender….. hahahaha!

  • Melissa

    nice body

  • really annoyed

    All she does on her show is take her clothes off and try to pretend that she’s this awkward geeky girl who gets picked on for not being cool. Riiiiiiiight. She’s a wannabe actress who got picked by some producer to host that show. She’s not funny. She’s not pretty. She can’t act. She’s not good in any way. Why do you cover her on nearly a daily basis????? GROSS! No one wants to see her!

  • http://www. leila

    A TON of celebrities’ publicists sign deals with Entertainment blogs such as Just Jared’s. You think Jared’s just going to go, “oh hey no thanks, I only post about people I personally like on a Public Online Gossip blog” lol? If I got paid to simply post up a few pictures of a celebrity I didn’t even care for and cover a story on them, there is NO way I would be stupid enough to say nah I’ll pass. I dislike her too but what do you expect Jared to do? You actually want him to say “Hey yes it’s true I get paid to post about this chick” – that should be obvious lol.

  • smarty p

    Those boots are REAL leather. You can see it in the closeup HQ shots on the web. You can even see the soles are real leather. What’s sad about this is that it shows we live in an age, even with all of this media, where people pretty much say whatever is convenient at the time regardless of whether it’s true or not. She’s looking for attention to continue that 15 minutes of fame, and she got caught red-handed (or footed). She would have been better off admitting the truth and moving on. Now she looks like a foolish hypocrite and a liar.

  • fm

    Yeah, those are fake leather boots; and last night I had a fake hamburger with tomatoes lettuce and pickles. The leather in those boots is more real than her breasts I bet.

  • cali

    I totally think she wore the leather boots on purpose, in order to get more mileage out of the PETA thing. By wearing the leather boots, this story has been picked up by other sites. I really think almost everything she does is calculated to get maximum exposure.

    It is kind of sad, because she actually is pretty funny, but I think all of this media manipulation, is going to cause a backlash

  • Hannah

    If they were REALLY faux leather , then she should have proudly plugged the maker of the boots and said something like,”These are actually vegan boots made by the same makers of Crocs.” But, I heard no such words coming out of her mouth.

  • bb

    100% leather, even the sole.

    They are Golden Goose Kate boots, you can tell by the distinctive studding pattern on the buckle in the front..the one in the middle is larger than the others, plus the cut at the top of the boot is asymmetrical.,default,pd.html

    Not only did she show up in leather boots, she showed up in $1,200 leather boots.

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  • Xueli

    @Kat: get a life, like seriously!!!!