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Sandra Bullock: Filed for Divorce & New Baby!

Sandra Bullock: Filed for Divorce & New Baby!

Sandra Bullock has revealed some very big news – she has filed for divorce from Jesse James and is the proud mother of an adopted baby boy!

The 45-year-old actress began the adoption process with Jesse four years ago and brought baby Louis Bardo Bullock, 3 and a half months, home in January! The family opted to keep the happy news quiet until after the Oscars, according to People, who broke the story.

As for her split from Jesse, Sandra tells People that she’s “sad and…scared” but that she has filed for divorce.

DID YOU EXPECT to hear any of this news from Sandra – YAY or NAY?

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  • African Girl

    Awww! Poor Sandra B!
    On a happy note…that is one chubby cute baby she’s got! I just wanna bite his cheeks. Lol!

  • liv



    if I had to put a caption to that picture it would be

    “who the hell are you white lady!!!”

    but good luck to Sandra, you deserve some happiness

  • MrMarleyFAN

    I just love Sandra Bullock so much and have for a very long time. She’s 2nd only to Angelina. They both roll so cool and don’t care what people think or say about them. That boo is a doll! I wish her and her new son (and even Jessie) peace from the craziness. I wish Sandra and son the best.


    ok today’s competition
    what caption would you put to that picture of Sandra and son

  • julie

    WOW. I mean, WOW. Shocked.

  • busted

    Oh boy PEOPLE really got the scoop…

    I guess IT and the other rags know sh*t .. and this is an example of how the rags don’t know squat

    Good for Sandy.. she will be a great MOM.. wonder how Jesse’s kids are about this baby.

  • Emma

    Gosh that was a shcok! She looks happy with him after what theyve been through! hes a gorgeous boyy, good look to her and the baby.

  • WW

    I am finally happy for her.

  • Stick-Ass

    awww, she has collected a baby ! Oh no, sorry, only Brangelina COLLECTS babies (especially when they are not whites) while others adopt them (sarcasm)

    Joke asides, congrats to Sandra. I am happy for her !

  • MrMarleyFAN

    Louis looks like “Uh Jessie, if you even THINK about hurting my mama again, you got me to deal with.”

    This is SO remindining me of Angie dumping Billy Bob Thornton when she and him started out adopting Maddox and she ended up with dumping BBT and gaining a son. No it isnt just alike, but similar in that they are my two favorite female celebritys both being adopted moms of boys and divorcing the husband.

  • Saudia

    Whoa… People Magazine is going to sell so many copies today!! That’s a little shocker for everyone. I hope Sandra is happy and her and her baby live a great life!!

  • Go Sandra

    Good for her!

  • memememe

    Good for you, Sandra!!!!!!!!!!!!! The little boy is adorable! So nice to see that she has something positive to boost her spirits while dealing with the sadness of divorce

  • Whodunit?

    HOLY HELL. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Im so fu.cking happy for you. You deserve all the happyness in the world. Your new son is adorable. This news has made my day. WOW. Cant keep a good woman down.

  • Anna

    Wow, so it actually takes YEARS to legally adopt a child?
    Who would have guessed…a lot of people, who were right about calling Angelina’s and Madonna’s “adoptions” stealing babies.

    Good for Sandra, I hope she finds peace and happiness.

  • sarah

    how cute is he! and that look is just priceless. “yeah, I’m her baby”

    no but seriously, good for her! I wish her all the happiness in the world, she really does deserve it.

  • proud of Sandra!!

    Why don’t you compare your idol Jenn Aniston who is stuck in the past and still looking for pity years after her divorce to Sandra Bullock tough smart strong and moving only months after a devastating scandal in which she was lied to and cheated on for years with several women??? well anyway maybe now Jenn will quit her whining and move on because it is embarrassing and as women we can stand behind Sandra who is making something positive out of this whole thing

  • MrMarleyFAN

    Jokes aside? was that supposed to been funny? Or are you making sport of haters?

  • ac

    glad to see she is moving on and getting out of the mess with jesse james good for her!!

  • Denise

    I think it’s great that celebrities – even the biggest ones – can keep some of their life private if needed. She looks very happy there, and he’s adorable

  • Moved on.

    All the haters need to go get a life.

    So happy for you Sandra. I cant think of anyone who deserves more happyness. You and your son look incredibly happy. Wish you all the best.

    I love how she’s moved on already. No crying for Ms. Bullock.

  • Mary


    Actually it does take years to adopt a baby…from the United States!!! Sandra Bullock’s new baby boy is from New Orleans! Foreign adoptions often are much faster which is why people opt for them and partially why Brangelina and Madonna probably chose this option. It’s not stealing kids, so stop acting so bitter!

    Either from the US or abroad I applaud anyone who is willing to give children a safe and happy home! Congrats Sandra!

  • ****

    …….always copying Angelina

  • Kate

    Congrats to Sandra on her new son AND her divorce!!!! :)

  • catty

    Omg, what a cute baby. He’s adorable! Good for her.
    Glad she divorced that douchebag though.

  • busted


    You and the others like you are as*ses..

    Angie has nothing to do with this.. and you have NO idea how long or when she and Brad started their adoptions. she had Madd before Brad.. and she started the process of adopting Zahara when Madd was a few years old. AGAIN before she got with Brad. And when Angie adopted Madd that process took time.. once she had done all the LEGAL stuff.. her next adoption was not so long.. that is how it works..

    so really STFU..

    Again good for Sandy.. and I hope she and that baby have an amazing life.. he has I am sure made all the craziness with Jesse a little less important.. She has him to think about.. and that will take all her energy.

    Way to go People mags.. that was huge scoop.. and yep that issue will sell big time.. Teach the rags a lesson.. Stop printing lies

  • zaraaaa

    WOW CAN MEN KEEP IT IN THEIR PANTS?!?!!??! seriously dude sandra bullock you’ll NEVER get better than that….go baack to your Nazi loving Dsuche Bag!!!!! LOVE THE BABY!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    I’m floored.

  • haaa

    @ MARY MARY, haaa!
    Mini Denzel Washington has a sardonic expression in this pic. like, so dis white lady is my mom? …’re kidding

  • t

    shocking that jesse would want to adopt an african child since he is a disgusting racist!!!


  • Stick-Ass

    MrMarleyFAN @ 04/28/2010 at 8:14 am 0

    Jokes aside? was that supposed to been funny? Or are you making sport of haters

    Hence the word SARCASM !
    And it’s a joke for those who always refers adoption to collection giving the joke excuse to legitomate it.
    Of you had read it properly you would have seen the SARCASM pun but no you act spo defensive cause you are probably among those who used that Collecytion reference before….
    Oh and n
    You are stupid as is your rant since i am not by any means a Maniston fan. So keep your rant for your stupid self
    You would have known this if youy had read other posts of mine and if like the other person would have focus on the SARCASM, refering to those Fanistons who always refers to the Brangelina’s adopted ones as the COLLECTED ones and act so ‘aww’ when others adopt children.

  • miss infamous


    Its not like she just picked up him yesterday! Jeez some of you are ignorant!

  • Sandra Supporter

    So surprised by the adoption news. Where has the baby been all this time? Nevertheless, I am happy for Sandy and her new son.

    And thank goodness she filed for divorce from Jesse. She and Louis will be just fine. Congratulations Sandy and good luck!

  • HAL-Hollywood Adoption League

    Sandra just trumped Angie and Madonna with this domestic adoption of a minority. Angelina will have to rethink her adoption strategy and up the ante next time and be a bit more creative, perhaps with a foreign multiple adoption or a native American adoption. Vegas odds are with Ang.

  • the truth

    Really don’t believe what people magazine say. I fell out with them longtime ago.Maybe the divorce is true but not about the baby. Magazine will put anything on the cover to make you buy it.Like the wedding about prince charles ‘s son wedding no had confiem anything about it. And and about hayden and rachel engagement both are them hasn’t confirm anything about that either. Its suppose to been a rumor anyway that was blown up. Rachel only did it for the publicity is gave her. And so is this Sandrrs need to come out and stop hiding and ssow herself . I’m sure she not that hurt about it. People will do anything to sell magazines. Just like this site jj blown up sories here to make you want to visit his site nad knowning that the people he posted is not hing but trash. Like rachel bilson he knows that she need all the publicity that she can.So when she’s here he blow up stories for her.Knowing all the time that isn’t how engaged couple act when they suppose to be in love.Hayden hardly be where rachel at . if she’s isn’t tring to follow him all over the place. to see what’s he going or messing with other men that that his site won’t show or magazines won’t show her doing.Yes i like sandra but i getting tired are seeing her and people still feeling sorrow for her,. She need to just come forth and talk to people.And move on from there.Also that go for rachel bilson too. she need to stop come forth and tell the true about the wedding rumors if tif going to happen or not. These magazines are nothing but liars. And so is this site for posted this trash. Need to ask sandra about the baby yourself.

  • Steph

    reminds me of the blind side where the family adopted michael oher but this happened in real life too for sandra. congrats!

  • Nora

    Good for her. However, she is one actress who keeps everything under her sleeves, as if we don’t know anything about her personal life.

  • xxx

    Good for her.. that little guy won’t cheat on her !!

  • proud of Sandra!!

    NO OFFENSE MEANT it is a little early in the morning for me to understand sarcasm OK??

  • chris

    Good for Sandra!

  • Stefanie

    That’s really good for her and the baby is a cutie. I wonder where she was hiding him the last couple of month?

  • African Girl

    I could be wrong but I thought stick-ass was actually being facetious….you know calling out people who always put a spin on anything the JPs do. When they adopt, it’s collecting babies but when someone else does it…it’s just adoption.

  • Butter_Fly

    Wow. This was seriously the last thing I was expecting! Good for her!

  • Jessica

    Congrats to Sandra on her new addition. Her son is absolutely adorable. I’ve always liked her, and this just gives me another reason to like her more. Adoption is the truest form of love. Some people believe birthing a child is the deepest form of love. Anyone who is capable can birthing a child. Love and committment by choice is the purest family connection.

  • ?

    What’s with the tribal beads? is that necessary?

  • Abigail

    Great for her. So glad that she’s alright again. Go Sandra!! We all love you! :)

  • Stella

    Soooooooooooooo happy for her!

  • Stella

    I’m sooooooooo happy for her,and for that gorgeous baby boy

  • Stella

    I’m sooooo happy for her, and for that gorgeous baby boy