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Angelina Jolie: Kisses for Knox Jolie-Pitt!

Angelina Jolie: Kisses for Knox Jolie-Pitt!

Angelina Jolie heads home after work on The Tourist on Wednesday (April 28) in Venice, Italy.

The 34-year-old actress was later seen kissing her son, Knox Jolie-Pitt, on the balcony of their family’s apartment. No dropping of stuffed bunnies this time around!

Meanwhile, son Maddox Jolie-Pitt was seen with two older men, steering the wheel of a water taxi. Looks like fun!

FYI: Angie is wearing a black Ferragamo knit wool trench coat with gold metal gancio on the front.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie bonding with cutie Knox

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angelina jolie kissing knox 01
angelina jolie kissing knox 02
angelina jolie kissing knox 03
angelina jolie kissing knox 04
angelina jolie kissing knox 05
angelina jolie kissing knox 06
angelina jolie kissing knox 07
angelina jolie kissing knox 08
angelina jolie kissing knox 09
angelina jolie kissing knox 10

Credit: Venturelli; Photos: Wireimage, INFdaily
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  • gg

    Adorable mother and son . Am I first?

  • gg

    Wow maddy one lucky boy. Is he is really riding the boat with supervision? The boys going to be like their parents.

  • Morticia!

    let’s see them stick legs

  • Balcony Time

    Well, there’s Angie’s 10 minutes of parenting for the day.

  • Lurker

    Oh, how I miss Knox, he is the most adorable little boy. Angie looks so serene.

  • deb

    Does she constantly have to wake that kid up?

  • NAN


  • yaz

    how cute

  • Ang Fan

    Don’t worry baby boy, you won’t fall. Mama has her claws wrapped around you.

  • T Pain


  • shaar

    Adorable! Such cuteness n poofy cheeks! :)))

  • troi

    Lovely pictures.

  • liloooo

    he is JOLIE too . luv ya angie hahahahahaha on the trolls

  • Lucky Charm

    Wow, these kids are going to have such wonderful memories of their childhood. Maddox is such a lucky kid, and growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday he was a toddler playing in Central Park.

  • Knox looks like Ralph Fiennes

    Poor Angelina is so trapped and poor knox doesn’t get any outside time unless momma is home. Does Brad ignore his only Bio son?

  • Knox looks like Ralph Fiennes

    Brad only likes Zahara

  • georgina

    Aww. Knox seems like he was crying in hopes that someone would take him out to the balcony.

  • Knox looks like Ralph Fiennes

    Thank god knox looks like ralph. it would be a shame if he looked like Brad . Just look at poor shiloh. Oh she is unfortunate looking. :(

  • awwww

    Angie is such a great mom. Mini Brad Knox is so cute.

  • Lucky Charm

    Sounds like someone is obsessed with Ralph Fiennes’ and wants him to have such cute, adorable little kids as these. Why don’t you go over to a web page devoted to him and leave the Jolie-Pitt kids alone.

  • XXX

    Knox looks almost exactly like Britney Spears’ son, Sean Preston Federline.

  • Hanna

    Brad and Angelina’s children are beautiful.

  • dakila

    i love the make up … smoky eyes suits her very well… seeexxxxyyy
    and sooo cute my son hehehe
    (dream,dream) but my son is cute too :)

  • witch

    oh jesus christ this woman is so fake

  • Sofia

    Awww Knox is a cutie pie… and maddox is growing up so fast, he will be a handsome man!

  • http://yahoo krissy19

    Finally a picture of cutie Knox in the balcony. i bet many of us misses him like i do. thanx jj

  • Ginger

    hahaha… the haters LOVE Angelina sooooooooooooo much!!!! that’s why she is the most well known woman in the world next to Princess Diana…

    Anyway, Haters, it’s so great to see Angelina out with Knox again. I’m sure Knox wanted to go out on the balcony.

    Yes, all you dumb people, Some parents do come home from work and spend some time with their kids like Angelina unlike some other parents in the real world…

    All the Brangelina haters can keep sucking their toes cause Angelina and Brad are here to stay… hahahaha

    It just amazes me how well known they are around the world… They are like the American Royalty of the USA…. People just can’t stop reading about them, especially all the haters!! hahahaha

    JJ, thanks for posting these pictures up!!!

  • PublicSpectacle

    Does she only kiss these kids in public? I think this one looks like Britney’s boy used to look. They look like they could be related. That Down Syndrome look. The best looking kid is Zahara. She’s pretty, a character and looks bright not dopey like all the rest of them.

  • loyal

    How cute, I think in that last pix, Angie is smelling his hair! What mom hasn’t done that? Remember what they smelll like at that age? Aww, am lonesome for my little ones who are now grown and not so cute smelling!

  • teri

    Awwww so sweet.

  • ghfztzzt

    @Balcony Time: @witch:

    are you jealous or something like that…she is very beautiful and nobody can say she is ugly…….or that she is a fake…why??? she is a normal mother so stop it…if you dont like her DONT click the pics to see her…sometimes i dont understand some people

  • adorableonyourvanity

    twins are not as cute as Shiloh was.

  • queen bee

    Congrats on being the 1st comment GG….glad to see you made it here before the psychotic haters!….LOL!
    Angelina looks so loving with her son, Knox (LOVE that original name…)….and the black coat looks so comfy on her.


    Regarding the rumours in U.S WEAKly about Brad calling jen ‘pathetic’…


    …I don’t believe this story in U.S magazine for a moment! Brad could care less….and he’s too much of a gentleman to give her any of his mental energy, he saves that for his kids!


    …Though, I do think that TV HACKtress IS PATHETIC! Brad posed on the cover of the magazine the year before! jen also used a photographer for her W MAGAZINE shoot that was the same photographer Brad used for his W MAGAZINE shoot with Angelina in 2005! How many ‘coincidences’ have to happen before people realize this boytoy jumping cougar for the stalking HAG that she really is???


    Why couldn’t jen be more like Sandra Bullock. Sandra won my heart with the way she is handling her marital problems. She is not bashing her husband or giving interviews while she cries, like jen did with Vanity Fair in 2005. I don’t feel like I’m being emotionally manipulated by Sandra Bullock. ….But jen aniston is milking this divorce from Brad, and using the sympathy to further her career…or that’s what it looks like to me! There are too many coincidences and parallels with Brad’s life…and her presenting at the Oscars when she knew brad and Angie were going to be in the front row TOPPED it for me! Pathetic, thy name is Jennifer Anuston…


    …I wish jen and her supporters would realize that they more they try to besmirch Angie, the more miserable they will become. Karma baby…and jens is NOT GOOD!

  • Ginger

    @PublicSpectacle: What a freaken idiot you are… B|eyoctch, if the stupid paps could get inside their homes, I’m sure there would be pictures of her kissing her kids too… what a stupid moron you are… Lord, Jesus, Mary, Mother of God, help these poor people and put them out of their misery like this comment made by this idiot, Public Spectacle!


    she never stays with viv only with knox… poor little girl!!

  • Ginger

    Some people are just so freeeaken s t u p i d… hello, E.D. IT, angelina only kisses her children in public??? Have you been alone with her inside her house? If not, shut the kuf up!

  • ll

    Ang never holds the funny looking one.

  • Knox looks like Ralph Fiennes


    I was wondering where Knox got his super light eye color. Sure doesn’t look as dark blue as shilohs and bread Pitt’s. bwhah Ralph go claim your kid, man. hahaah! Thank Jenny Paul for outing one of Angelina’s man lovahs in her tell all book! :) (:

  • T Pain

    she never holds you II???

  • Sandy

    If Brad breaks up with Angie, he should hook up with Sandra Bullock next. She needs a good man. They both love New Orleans. And they can raise all the kids together and have the large family that would make them both happy. She seems more down to earth and normal than Angie. She would fit with Brad and the rest of the Pitts better.

  • Goldfinch

    Zahara is ugly as hell

  • missy

    he looks kinda “slow”

  • candi

    WOW, she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL

  • umm

    @Knox looks like Ralph Fiennes:
    Who let this mental out ?

  • Shar

    @Knox looks like Ralph Fiennes:

    Please go to the nearest mental institution IMMEDIATLY!!!

  • queen bee

    GO MADDOX!!….YOU DRIVE THAT BOAT!!!!!….he looks so cool and grown up in his shades….

  • umm

    Knox is so adorable. He loves the balcony.

  • queen bee

    I LOVE this picture of Angie….



    ….She looks so “easy-breazy GORGEOUS!”……I’m loving the gold balet shoes and black slacks and coat….

  • Oprahsboobs

    Knox thinks he is hot stuff but he isn’t.

  • QQQQ

    Maddox Jolie-Pitt is soooo fr*gging cool!