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Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Premieres Friday!

Christina Aguilera: 'Not Myself Tonight' Premieres Friday!

Christina Aguilera gets very close with Jenna Dewan on a Holstein print chair in this behind-the-scenes shot from her video for “Not Myself Tonight”!

Yesterday, a new shot of Christina down on all fours was released on her official website with a sneak peek of her new music video.

“Not Myself Tonight” premieres TOMORROW (April 30) at 12:01 a.m. on – don’t miss it!!

New Christina Aguilera Clip!

Bigger pic inside…

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christina aguilera cow print chair not myself tonight 01
christina aguilera cow print chair not myself tonight 02

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  • r.

    It seems like she’s trying to outdo Lady Gaga with the weirdness. That’s going to be hard to to.

  • Just Sayin

    Say the previews and was VERY CHRISTINA !!!


    CANT WAIT!!!

  • Just Sayin


  • Just Sayin


  • Just Sayin


    christina is christina.

  • wth Xtina

    i am not a mega christina fan but I think she has possibly the best vocals of all the singers out right now and she’s wasting it on crappy dance music that sounds like something Britney spears would do. Not myself tonight SUCKS! Christina put out a ballad or stfu

  • LunaMaya

    JARED, that is jenna dewan, channing tatum’s wife, she confirmed it in her twitter a while ago, she’ll be in xtina’s video. just a cameo though

  • Enigma

    Where is Olivia Munn today?

  • Eric Shinn

    Christinas fake titties look revolting!!! There is one shot where it looks like she is smuggling water balloons under the skin on her boney, ribby chest!!!!!!

  • B. J. S.

    All other artist are Copycats but Lady Gaga gets inspired…LOL!!Before anyone knew Gaga artist like Rihanna,Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera were wearing crazy outfits,hair and makeup..Gaga has the face of Actress Margaret Hamilton so she has to hide behide the crazy veils no one wants a ugly pop star.

  • Eric Shinn
  • ….

    The idea is hot, let’s see if she can actually pull it off without looking gross and silly. I hate the song though.

  • Audrey

    I’m very curios…This video i gonna be really dirrty! Can’t wait to see it!

  • bnm

    Whatever is gross or silly I wint to watch it now! It seems to be freaky and kinky and I I love it.

  • ew.

    She tries too hard so she looks stupid. Clown makeup, ugly husband, no career, she needs to pay more attention to her Autistic son who is three years old and can’t talk.

  • http://www. mia

    I loved the video for Dirrty, it was pure filthy party fun. The difference was that was a good song. This track is so generic and just meh, it makes it seem like she is overcompensating with the video. She worked with so many great musicians for the album and decided to release this first? I haven’t heard the album but I’m sure there are better tracks on there? ARE there?

  • joe

    @ EW-She tries too hard so she looks stupid. Clown makeup, ugly husband, no career, she needs to pay more attention to her Autistic son who is three years old and can’t talk.

    grow up and dont get personal on peoples family that has nothing to do with the video. If she has an autistic son why would you commment on how he cant talk?? your a prick.

  • M.W

    She’s gross

  • Anna

    She’s so unoriginal! We’ve already seen EVERYTHING she dose years before by someone else.
    Christina seems a little lost and very unsure of herself, Shes quite sad and very uncomforable to watch,
    I hope she finds herself soon

  • xxxx

    Gonna be amazing… cannot wait!

  • Lamb

    It looks like a low rent Madonna & Lady Gaga video.
    Christina should be embarrassed!
    And to think, I used to like her! Yuck.

  • ohmy

    WTF? EWWWWWWW. she needs therapy.

  • Tbizz

    Gee, I wonder where Christina got the idea to release pictures everyday leading up to the video premier on Vevo ?!?
    ** Cough, Cough, Lady Gaga Telephone Video, Cough**
    Christina is pathetic.
    Be YOURSELF honey!

  • Dreads

    I for one am Xtina’s biggest fan worldwide. However, I’m not feeling this song that much. Of course, she has the best voice out there but this song is just not her style. She should get back to pop r’n'b ballads she used to master some years ago. That was her. Best. I still support her though. She looks beautiful and sexy but will it be enough? Time will tell.

  • She’s a whore

    This bitch is so over!
    I hope she will be proud to show her little boy this crap when he gets older. She can tell him what a cheap slut/bitch no talent she was.
    Ahhh, such nice bedtime stories.

  • Rory

    Christina must have seen The Monster Ball Tour..

  • mary

    What is wrong with her, does she want to ruin her career!!!

  • mmm

    I thought she was going to class up her image after her baby and with acting. Guess I was wrong.

  • mary

    @wth Xtina: You took the words right out of my mouth….She has a great voice!!!

  • Ashley

    Cant wait to see the video its going to be hot!!!

  • mary

    Christina, Christina if I were your manager/record producer I would make sure you would make an album, that would show your AMAZING vocals…..These people who are managing your career are NOT doing a good job!!! I would think you would act like a grown woman now, since you’re a mom. And not try to sing this teen pop stuff. I will pray that you will get hit w/ a reality check and make you understand that the music your doing now is not good!!!

  • skanktina

    What a skkank!!!! she sux, and her songs sux even harder!! just let it go floptina, nobody cares about you…everything floptina is doin has been done 300000000 times…get a life bitchhh, other artists do it much better

  • 1

    Her new shtick seems to be more a “outdated 90′s theme” rather than “Futuistic” , I feel we’ve already seen and heard all of this years ago ,
    I used to really like Christina but all this is a real turn off, she is blatently ripping off Madonna.

  • Hanane

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, u make me laugh!!! Oh God!!! Xtina has a big surprise to show u soon!!! The album will slap u on the face! just wait!
    Christina is the only artist who can do everything, she got the vocal, she is sexy and very talented…She is unique. And for those who are sayin’ that xtina must do a vocal album…she did it before! She is a risk taker and she will not spend her life to do the same thing and to plz everyone, she is expressin’ herself and she does not care of what u think cuz she is doin’ her thing! BIONIC IS AN EXCELLENT ALBUM, U WILL BE VERY SURPRISED.

  • Melanie

    She tries way too hard. It’s too bad she’s forgotten that her vocals alone can sell records, and doesn’t need the overused portrayal of sexual vixen.

  • Knitwit

    you know, it must be difficult when the spotlight is no longer on you. Xtina had her years in the limelight, Lady Gaga was surely inspired a tad by miss X—it looks pathetic, even if Xtina is not ‘ripping off’ or competing with Gaga….no matter, the optics just reek of it. she’s had many incarnations-how bout something fresh.

  • nancy

    Ok first off, I, personally don’t like the concept. She has too much talent to lower herself to these standards. Anyway, stop the comparison to Lady Gaga and Madonna. First of all, Madonna may be a great entertainer, but her voice falls short of both Gaga and Christina. Come on, be real. She is an amazing entertainer, but vocally speaking Christina kicks a$$. Christina has been this way from day 1, and even if I personally don’t like, she can do whatever the hell she wants because she has nothing to prove. She’s proven she can sing, and well, so she can go and wear lingerie in church if that’s what she wants. Now, Lady Gaga is very talented as well. Yes, she is out there, but she is new. An album does not happen overnight. Christina has probably been working of this for a couple of years probably even before Gaga became huge. Also, come on, she has been around for ten years! out of all the pop singers that emerged during her time, she has outlasted them all! Girl is talented. She is not trying to copy anyone, and she can do whatever she pleases as long as the voice is there.

  • Stef

    @Tbizz – yeah like Gaga is the first ever popstar to give sneak peaks to her videos. Get real!

  • Samantha

    Lmao, honestly I think it looks like she’s taking the p!ss out off Gaga and Madonna.
    And christina can do that, cos shes got a better voice than both of them.

  • rpatzfan

    not herself tonight ,she is Gaga now

  • fmgnhldskfjgh

    LADY GAGA wannabe
    the end.

  • happy girl

    looking forward to it. but yes obviously trying to be gaga who was trying to be grace jones. everybody copies.

  • wtf

    GaGa who??? Wtf is lady GaGa. Wtf, idk if that even a Guy or a girl. I did a lil bit of research and found out that gaga is one mtf ugly girl or boy. By the look of the pic, I would say that GaGa is the most ugliest creature I have ever seen, mote like an alien, so deformed, yuck. How can these retarded people compare Christina to her?! I don’t see any resemblance, I think that would be an insult to Christina, that’s only degrading Christina if you compare her to this so called GaGa person. Christina is such a pro talented high ranking artist to be compared to Andy’s!!!

  • LOL

    @wtf: Gaga >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Xtina in terms of vocal talent, music, songwriting, musicianship and authenticity.

  • wtf

    lmao, OK I heard some of gagas song. They sound like songs that are made for immature kids!!! The lyrical sense of style are so perverse and no significant importance or meaning whatsoever. She sounds like a beaten up person, if you ask me, I would rather listen to a children’s rhyme song than the awful songs you vividly claimed. What a mess, such artist and her fans shouldn’t be allowed to live on the face of the planet, they’re such an ugly evil trolls terrorizing mankind with pathetic sounds and nonsensical comments!!!


    This is what you call a CAREER SUICIDE!! Christina has such a great voice and she needs to fire her whole management team. Someone on her staff should have told her not to go this route and copy GAGA. Even STEVIE WONDER can see that Christina is trying hard to be GAGA LIKE. It’s not working. Christina Aguilera should have came out with a strong ballad first and then went into dance but not in this slutty ridiculous way. This is worst than watching a trainwreck. Yes, GAGA may have some crazy music videos but the majority of them are watchable and have a storyline. This I’m not myself video looks like a cheap VICTORIA SECRET commercial. I was a fan but not anymore. I want the real thing not a copycat fake version of GAGA. Gaga just taped her American Idol performance and from what people are saying, it’s really creative and nothing you have seen before. How can Christina top Gaga? I think not.

  • drsw36

    Why does everything as to be compared to Gaga?

    Gaga as only been around for like 2-3 years. Chrsitina as been around for like 10 years.

    Gaga is not THAT original. Everything she did Madonna as done it before.

    Get over it. Gaga is not that great.

  • manila

    the VIDEO is HOT!!! xtina rulz!

  • tom

    is a shit…

    is a copy of ladygaga style, she isn’t original,

  • Xtina

    One word: LEGEND !