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Glee's Heather Morris & Naya Rivera: Series Regulars!

Glee's Heather Morris & Naya Rivera: Series Regulars!

Glee Cheerios Naya Rivera and Heather Morris may be getting bigger roles next season and becoming series regulars!

“I am technically not a series regular, but I’m climbing the ladder,” Heather told EW. “Maybe in season 2.”

Heather recently sat down with and spoke about the Glee cast, hoping to be a recurring character and shaking her booty with Beyonce. Check it:

On becoming a series regular: “[Naya and I] know our time will come. Yes, I work just as hard as everyone else, and I will continue to work just as hard and keep my mind set on what I want to do, so my time will come no matter what happens. You’ll see that I have even more stuff coming up in other episodes, and I get to develop more. Even if it means I have to wait for the second season, I will become regular cast, and maybe I won’t have to sit in the audience anymore!”

On touring with Beyonce: “About six months after I first moved to L.A., I got a job doing Beyonce‘s tour….I got invited to do the small ‘Single Ladies’ tour she was doing for stuff like the AMAs and SNL. Prior to the ‘Single Ladies’ tour I was supposed to move to New York to do West Side Story, but then I dropped dancing and started acting classes because I didn’t want to dance anymore and I really wanted to fulfill my lifelong dream of acting.”

Glee’s Heather Morris: Single Ladies with Beyonce
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  • Dan

    OMG YES! Heather and Naya (as Brittany and Santana) are SUPER FUNNY, i mean Brittany gets at least one epic line for each episode and all that bitchy going on with Santana is great too… so it’s awesome that they will become regulars… good for them, they deserve it!

  • Lucy

    Heather Morris is hilarious as briitany so I’m glad she’s becoming a regular but I really can’t stand naya’s character so I hope she sticks to being in the backround

  • elena

    This sucks! now the other main characters that aren’t Finn or rachel will never get more screentime in each episode

  • Megan

    Definately love Heather!
    Her character is so funny.

  • Dan

    @elena: Are you serious? this show is about a CHOIR GROUP, and it’s composed by a lot more people besides Finn or Rachel, so yeah the other cast members will get more screentime in each episode. Lea and Cory are the leads but they are not the only people on the show. Your argument is invalid.

  • YES!

    I love Naya’s Santana, and Heather cracks me up as Brittany. Her lines are just classic ‘when I pulled my hamstring I went to a misogynist…’ Would love for them to be regulars.

  • Sav.

    That’s awesome that she was a dancer for Beyonce. Glad she’s getting more screentime :).

  • DICE

    I get what elena is saying: because season 2 will add the 3 new characters and Brittany and santana will now be series regulars the rest of the cast which includes artie,quinn,puck,tuna etc…will then get less screen time because they have to accompdate so many characters and rachel and finn will get more screentime because they are the leads

  • Mike

    This is making me so excited for season 2! First the news that Madonna’s getting a second episode, then I heard about Gaga, and now this – I wonder what’s next! BRITNEY!! Disney?

  • amy

    Was it confirmed about the 2nd madonna themed episode?

  • B

    I love HeMo! Seriously love Brittany she is just too dumb not to love her. LoL. And they aren’t shoving her down our throats as much as that other chick, Naya. I liked Santana’s snark one liners in the first 13 but now that I am seeing her more I am not impressed at all, they should stick her back in the background with those one lines, spread the time between the other ones we have seen, maybe even give a speaking line to the guy who’s voice we have yet to hear. I’m just saying before anyone gets more time, make sure everyone has had their time.

  • steph

    blonde one is fugly as

  • Shy

    Yeah…. Brittany is so charming in her stupidity. But the other girl gets on my nerves. And it’s stupid that they ignoring the other asian and black guy. At least other two cheerleaders get some screen time. But other football players get totally ignored. Please, get them some time. I’m so tired that they put Fin and Rachel in our faces all the time. they sing all the parts… I don’t care about them. Show Puk, Mercedes, Kurt, asian girl more. I’m so tired of Fin and Rachel. And even Will Shuster. There is too much of them. And Fin has past the “he is so stupid that it is charming” phase. Now his stupidity just annoys.

  • t

    woah thats pretty good!! she probably helped chris with the dance for the show!! hahahaa

  • Estela Gomez

    heather is beautiful. Naya is ugly, looks like a man and needs a nose job! Her honker is huge and shading makeup won’t help this ugly pig. Two white girls would have been better.

  • Anne

    Damn Estela, must be hard to hate your own race. I feel terrible for you.

  • Dee

    I love Heather! She’s hilarious. I want to hear her sing. I wasn’t digging Santana’s voice so much in the POM episode so hopefully Brittany’s is better.

  • Keep It Real

    Be careful GLEE. Don’t listen to fans advice just tell your stories how you planned. They will tell you to have less Finn/Rachel and then you do it and if it sucks they will DUMP you anyway. lol I Amazingly I love ALL the Glee kids and am totally obsessed with Lea Michele.

  • gabriela

    OMG! She must really love acting! This girl is a wonderful dancer!
    I love her on Glee Brittany and Santana are my favorites characters, after Kurt and Mercedes of course!
    I’m so glad they’ll become regulars! They really deserve it!

  • Mirdeb

    You go grrl… Brittany & Santan RULE!

    I’m a GLEEK :)

  • Kaye

    THANK GOD she’s not dancing with Beyonce anymore bc we used to always laugh at her and thought she was there for pure comedy. She can DANCE but she has no rhythm and is too robotic like she has a board in her back which makes her not a good dancer. There’s a difference.

  • Real words

    Estela u racist ignorant low minded human being. Someone should put u in ur place for talking like that. and I bet you look no better. Not that you matter anyway stupid child. Grow up. U don’t know nothing about that girl so get over it. Ur gonna see her more anyways. She getting paid and ur just hating on it.

  • Admiral Britoutsky

    Two euroasian women doing what euroasian women do best and sticking it to America by doing it IN America. HAHA SCREW YOU, AMERICA. Screw your heterosexuality and your whole straight spy chick hemisphere, America. We are taking you DOWN. The days of heterosexuality and sexual freedom are coming to an END, America, and you can’t do anything about it. HAHA Freedom is SO dead.

  • germangirl

    both so beautiful…
    but did naya a nosejob?
    love glee :)