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Lindsay Lohan: Blood Soaked & In Lingerie

Lindsay Lohan: Blood Soaked & In Lingerie

Lindsay Lohan lays out in lingerie, soaked in blood in these new outtakes from celeb photographer Tyler Shields.

The 23-year-old actress opened up to Ryan Seacrest this morning on KIIS-FM:

On what she’s been up to: “I’m working hard, I’m doing my clothing line, I’m starting a movie soon, I’m producing some shows, I’ve been working a lot.”

On accusations that her nightlife is out of control: “It’s not a crime to go and have fun with your friends. I actually haven’t been out in over a week… Aside from the father drama, which is just nuts, I’m a nice person, I work hard, I just really love entertaining people and this is what I came into this business for. Not in terms of the tabloids lying about how I’m entertaining them, but you know, I kind of let it roll off my back at this point. I’m pretty numb to it.”

On rumors that she’s a bad influence on her 16-year-old sister Ali Lohan: “My sister is fine and she is in school.”

Watch Lindsay‘s photo shoot in the video below! For the first set of pics from this shoot, click here!

Lindsay Lohan Holds a Gun For New Photo Shoot
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  • im mom

    As someone who lost the father of 2 children to a gunshot wound to the head, I find this disgusting. Call me super sensitive, but hundreds of people kill themselves with guns every year. This is not art, it’s pretty disgusting. She is a really sick individual. This photo shoot mirrors her life right now; gun to the mouth about to go off. What a shame

  • sally


  • jillyro

    No wonder no Hollywood exec will hire her, so trashy and delusional.

  • r.

    This is a step away from snuff p*rn. WTF? Call it art if you like, but it’s plain sick. Sorry #1 for your loss. This girl needs help if she’s participating in this kind of “art.”

  • troi

    Did no one tell her the movie dropped her?

    And if she hasn’t been out clubbing for the last week, why have we seen daily pictures of her stoned and drunk?

    Disgusting photo shoot, absolutely disgusting.

  • missy

    I’m surprised she’s wearing clothes.

  • im mom

    @r.: Thank you r. This is what my kids dad’s bedroom looked like. I hate to be graphic, but some people don’t get it! It is so highly insensitive and if my daughter; who is the same age as her sister, saw this, she would probably become hysterical! She needs to make better choices. No wonder no one will hire her.

  • Rosa

    didn’t any tell her she was replaced b/c she’s unreliable??? and the photo-shoot concept is disgusting , there’s nothing glamorous about a crime scene

  • Mari

    @im mom, I am very sorry for your loss. I can imagine how these images would be traumatizing. Very insensitive on LL and the photographer’s part.

  • jen


  • Catchy

    utter trash, shoot yourself linds

  • im mom

    @Mari: thank you work for years to clear those images from your mind, now I’m back at square one. If i had wanted to rehash it, I could have easily gone down to the police dept and looked at the crime scene photos! When people I don’t know like you send me good wishes, it heals! thx

  • AutumnM

    Disgusting and distasteful shoot esp. the shot where Lindsay is lying with the gun in front of her mouth.

    Btw, I too am sorry for your loss im mom. That’s awful and so sad for you and your children. I’m sure seeing stupid, insensitive images like this doesn’t help. Talk about bad taste.

    Lindsay and the photographer should be ashamed. You don’t make light of something like this. This isn’t art at all.

  • wtf

    = [

  • justmo

    Lindsay has nowhere else to go but up. She has hit bottom with that disgusting excuse for a photoshoot. “Art” my arse.

    Her main function in life is to serve as a cautionary tale. Woe be it to those who would follow in her footsteps.

  • op

    This is what I think. I think Lindsay has Narcissistic Personality disorder, combined with a possible Borderline Personality Disorder. Even though what is happening to her is horrible, she is in complete denial about it and is pathologically lying, saying how everything is dandy. First of all it’s a lie, her sister is not in school. She parties all the time, and her Mummy is not this wonderful princess she has created in her mind. Her mother contributed to her destruction as well, because I think her mother is a sociopath. Only a sociopath would watch their child die slowly in front of their eyes, and not do anything about it, and not only not do anything, but encourage and enable her behavior. Her father is a narcissist and her mother is a sociopath, so no wonder she ended up messed up. Unfortunately narcissists never change, because they don’t think they have a problem. She thinks everyone else is to blame and she is fine.

  • Leila

    @im mom: :( I’m so sorry <3

  • Joboots


    What kind of fan are you,Jen?????

  • Jennifer

    This photoshoot is disgusting, distasteful, insensitive..and so many other things. I can’t believe she thinks this is “art.” Im mom, i’m very sorry for your loss.
    Lindsay is a complete trainwreck. I can’t believe she sees nothing wrong with her behavior or her lifestyle. All she does is make herself the victim and try to blame other people for her mistakes. She makes her own choices. I wish the whole Lohan family would just fade into obscurity because they’re embarrassing.
    And she thinks she works hard? Partying isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle choice. Everyone knows she’s been dropped from her movie. Her “leggings” line failed. And who in the world would let this girl produce anything?

  • Angie

    this isn’t sexy at all.. weird sounds better.

  • Bano

    I am an Art Student at CSM and I really can not stand people who justify something like THIS as ART. It’s just sick and wack and sad. Glorifying violence is so f-n STUPID. /rage.

  • Joboots


    In need of rehab,Sheep??????

  • troi


    You are the one with the problem, not us. It has nothing to do with being sensitive or politically correct.
    This photographer has exploited this idiot just like everyone else in her life. People are sick of her and sick of people like you who need to justify something like this as art.
    You are a bitter, stupid, a$$hole yourself. I’d say you suck big time. Your parents were obviously too stupid to raise you right since you turned out to be so stupid.

  • Faye

    I guess she did not get the memo that she has been dropped from the movie….

  • Kayla, 25

    @SHEEPLE SUCK: You have issues. I’m not big on political correctness, I have no problem with sex or sensuality or even suggestive soft p0rn if it’s done effectively. Mixing violence into the mix is a whole other topic for me. From bloody video games to violence in music videos and super trashy photos like these….it is dismissed as acceptable and overlooked when it really shouldn’t be. An actress using her talent in a film covering society problems and crime or an actor using his talent in an oscar nominated action thriller, is so far removed from a real drugged up lonely actress crawling from ‘project’ to ‘project’ irresponsibly and obnoxiously resorting to literally ANYTHING to make $$$$ she will use on further drugs and calling it ART. This shoot looks like a murder scene at a Brothel.

  • -

    I find a lot of Tyler Shield’s work disgusting and repulsive, totally sick. Makes me wonder what goes on in his head. For those in front of the camera I guess it’s a bit of crazy fun, kind of like when actors like to have a violent end to their character on film.

  • boba

    OMG I can’t believe she did something so stupid and ugly, I hope she does not end up just like this horrible pictures. BAD TASTE ALL THE WAY!

  • Joboots


    Lighten up for once,Sheep!!!!!!!

  • Chel

    <3 tyle shields work , its so artistic, and I don’t get why all of you are so judgmental of these pics, what about all the movies with violence in them, do you consider all those disgusting as well?

  • ka-blamo

    Just gross and pathetic.

  • Jslin

    Ugh. Why does this girl do this too herself?

  • Lauren

    I like how she thinks not going out for 1 week means she doesn’t have an out of control nightlife.

  • Allie Baby

    If we go for even a month and not take any pictures of her or pay any attention to her, maybe she’ll get a clue and clean her act up. She really is disgusting and looks like she doesn’t shower. Her parents obviously don’t care. She needs someone like Britney Spears’ dad who will put her in check.

  • Bill C

    art makes people talk- like it or not- people are talking.


    I haven’t bothered to view the photos.

    Regardless of their content, weren’t we ALL tired of her years ago?

  • Paulie

    This really is a disgusting and disturbing photo shoot. I’m all for provocation and art but this just seems to glorify violence with no actual message.

  • thats_right

    is she pmsing?

  • T Pain

    Sorry Lindsay…

    but you are no Megan Fox

    (not that Megan is any better but…)

  • Helen

    this is not art. this is a bad joke at suicide victims (and by victim I don’t mean the person who kills himself, but the family left behind). and of course lindsay lohan is behind it.

    I was a big fan, I still am a fan of her early teenage years. everytime freaky friday is on, i’ll be watching. i weally wish she could put her shit together but it seems impossible. she has to see she’s got problems. but with her family, and the media all over her… she never will. she needs some true friends. she doesnt seem to have none. what happened to kendra krull? she used to be her best friends, didnt she? back in the days?

    oh well, i really wish she can pull off a britney

  • Helen

    @im mom: I’m sorry for your loss, and I’m hoping you and your kids are okay. It must be painful to accidentally come across something like this, and see it be called ‘art’.

  • Quilla

    She needs JESUS, Simple!!!

  • dfdf

    don’t you know guys? this kind of stuff is IN these days. (eyeroll)

    you’ve got all the vampire series on TV, videos with extreme violence and sex, all the torture p-orn movies….. everything is covered blood and sex.. this is no coincidence, this is not a matter of violence & seX sells. this is beyond… think about it, do some research and you will figure it out for yourselves..

  • Bonnie

    Someone needs to step up and have her committed.If they don’t I don’t see her here much longer. This is disgusting!!!!!!!!!

  • sodom+gomorrah again


    “Its gonna make (boys) want to whack off to Lindsay half naked, (blood or not she is erotic in this setting).”

    I think you need to take your hand off your d*ck and try and let some blood flow to your brain for a change! Not everyone is a juvenile wanker and the world does not belong to you entirely.

  • sodom+gomorrah again

    No, this is not “art”; it was just another party for Lindsay and her cohorts … listening to the tape they are laughing it up, smoking etc with party music in the background.

    Even youTube posts a warning that the content of this vid is not suitable for certain viewers; why no such warning here at mainstream JJ?

    This is a foul photo-shoot: what is the context? Is it going to be reproduced in a slimy magazine for perverts sealed in a plastic bag? Stripping and Auto-eroticism in a pool of blood. Vomiting over a gun. Simulating suicide and murder (when the guy points the gun at a sexually writhing LL) etc etc etc. And then chuckling as if it’s “oh so fun” ….. WTF? really people, you are only deluding yourselves into passing this sick stuff off as art. It is an insult to serious artists. So, it “gets people talking” as someone posted; well, that’s not enough; look at what you’re talking about! Raise your standards!

    “I’m a nice girl; I only ever want to entertain people”. No Lindsay, clearly judging by the majority of responses here, you are simply disgusting and appalling everyone. Just go away and crawl into a crypt somewhere; you may find it quite comforting. Really, enough is enough.

    Wow, what a wave of sick cr*p on JJ this week!

  • sodom+gomorrah again

    actually, at the end of the day, all this sh*tte is just about consumerism and product endorsement: “GET THE LOOK” with links to the advertisers. Most of Hollywood is a huge sell-out in that regard; in mags and on the RC … in the vid here we even see a close-up of a Chanel bag logo … wonder what the House of Chanel thinks about that.

  • kate

    Not only was this photo shoot in bad taste but also boring as hell. LL obviously hasn’t a clue about art if she thinks this photographer is an artist.

  • Butter_Fly

    If I went into an art gallery and saw this I would turn right back around and demand a refund.

  • hmm

    So I did a Google image search on this photographer guy, & to be quite honest, he’s pretty boring. Nothing in any of his photos “jumps” out at you, including the ones he’s taken of Lindsay. And fact that she clearly looks like a meth head doesn’t help any either.

    It looks like they’re tryin to capture some sort of “Greg Gorman meets Joshua Hoffine” vibe & failing miserably.

  • RuFairy

    Can she get NASTIER than this??? this girl is pathetic!!!!