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Lourdes Leon is Bent on Learning with Madonna

Lourdes Leon is Bent on Learning with Madonna

Madonna holds hands and walks daughter Lourdes Leon, 13, down the red carpet at the 2nd Annual Bent on Learning benefit at NYC’s Puck Building on Wednesday (April 28).

Bent on Learning offers free instruction in yoga and meditation to students in New York City Public Schools and Youth Centers as a means of reducing stress and improving concentration, self-esteem and overall health.

Lourdes is soooooooo pretty!

10+ pictures inside of Madonna and Lourdes Leon bent on learning…

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lourdes leon bent on learning 01
lourdes leon bent on learning 02
lourdes leon bent on learning 03
lourdes leon bent on learning 04
lourdes leon bent on learning 05
lourdes leon bent on learning 06
lourdes leon bent on learning 07
lourdes leon bent on learning 08
lourdes leon bent on learning 09
lourdes leon bent on learning 10

Credit: George Napolitano, Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty, Filmmagic, Fame Pictures
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  • no name

    Lourdes fixed her eyebrows!!! Congrats!!!!

  • oscar

    wait,,,,she’s 13!??
    she looks at 23!!

  • jk

    wow she looks more and more like her mum… attitude :)

  • joanna

    Lourdes is beautiful and looks so much like her mom!

  • sel

    I agree she doesn’t look 13. But I really hope she doesn’t get Madonna’s snotty attitude. From here on out Madonna’s gonna be pimping her daughter out at these various public appearences, because a 51 year old can’t grab a young person’s attention the way a young person can. I’m just surprised that she’s using her daughter this early in the game. I thought it would happen later. But Madonna needs to make money now!

  • mailey

    she really looks a combo of her parents.

  • tal

    She looks like an Armenian hooker. At least the mustache is gone.

  • Sam

    Spot-on #5. Vadge is desperate to woo a young audience but looking like the crypt keeper with stuffed cheeks is only going to creep the youngins out. So let the pimping of the children commence.

  • beb

    I feel bad for Lourdes. She is now officially Madonna’s ticket to post-menopausal fame. And the catch will be, Lourdes can appear on red carpets, but only IF Madonna is present. That girl will not be able to have her own fame. Madonna will be like a leech sucking at all the attention and praise she gets. Watch.

  • Mary


  • jame

    Oh the irony! There’s a story out on the net that Lourdes refers to Madonna as “The Witch” to her classmates at her private school.

  • zaraaaa

    oooo i can already see the future…….yo Madonna i think you’re going to have a fun next 10 years with your daughter in rehab by the times she’s 16……she’s 13 not 25

  • alberta24
  • 2cents

    Madonna is a narcissist at best, a sociopath at worst. Come on, this woman has NO morality whatsoever, she doesn’t have a conscience, she doesn’t feel guilty for anything. Here she is pretending to want the best for her daughter. Let me say loud and clear. Bull-freakinsh*. She only pretends. You know she is jealous and envious of her daughter, and probably controls and nit-picks her to no end behind closed doors. After all that what’s narcissistic mothers do. And now that there’s a story out that Lourdes privately calls Madonna, “the witch”, it’s not suprrising. This is the same woman who didn’t let her daughter star in a Harry Potter movie on her own, but a year later, she’s letting her go to Red Carpet events, and posssibly star in her Madonna’s movie! Madonna only wants to show Lourdes to the world, when Madonna can get something out of it. And now she’s pimping her daughter’s dress style out so that kids will wanna buy the clothing line, so this narcissist can get more money. Madonna is transparent. She loves no one but herself. She just uses people, and when she shines the spotlight on them, people think it’s love. It’s not. Britney found that out the hard way. Justin Timberlake did. Stewart Price did, did, that ray of light dj did, and I don’t know how many others. She just uses you and then she drops you. Isn’s it weird how all of their careers just ended the minute they worked with Madonna? Madonna is like a black widow, who uses you and then spits you out.

  • amalia

    I hope someone gives this girl the book “Trapped in the Mirror: Adult Children of Narcissists in their Struggle for Self”a great read for all, but God knows Lourdess is gonna need it one day. Madonna is awesome, an icon, and is definitely growing as a person, but certainly cant help but be a narcissistic mother.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    ..i have a feeling she’s going to turn into a massive fcuk-up.

  • ++Logan++


  • mey

    Yup I second that # 15. Children of narcissists either end up narcissistic themselves, or bipolar or borderline or co-dependent, or worse, anti-social. But they don’t come out of their childhood/adolescence unscarred, that’s for sure. This girl does seem stable, but who knows what goes on emotionally with her. Madonna is unbearable to watch in 5 minute interviews, can you imagine living with her day in and day out. Thanks God for the nannies, because at least these children don’t have to be exposed to her manipulative ways all the time.

  • krisss

    people are so vain and jealous. mother and daughter are just going to a health and LEARNING benefit. sounds very sophisticated to me. and jane: you’re a liar. as if there really would be a story of her calling her mom a witch. it’s sick to make up lies like that just to make yourself feel better.

    people are stupid.

  • krissisaliar

    Hey Kriss, Jane didn’t make it up. It’s on the internet. Google it. And you should try to stop spreading lies. Do you know how many people have talked about Madonna’s horrendous nature? If the same story keeps repeating itself, I don’t know it’s safe to say that maybe it’s the TRUTH. Love how you push this oh Madonna’s such a victim. This chick is the same woman who with her 400 million dollar fortune refused to pay for her grandmother’s care, in the form of 200/300 dollars a month. Please. The facts speak for themselves. And YOU are the one who’s lying.

  • xoxo

    They both look insanely GORGEOUS!!!! I love Madonna’s hair like that. Lourdes is going to be a star.

  • Stacy

    What a gilf

  • Tina

    So being a famous parent and taking your kids to some events make you automaticity a Dina Lohan and a Octomum?

    Madonna has kept her daughter out of the spotlight for the first 12 years of her life. HOW MANY celebrity parents do that these days?
    Now the girl is grown up, is starting to show her own talent and is ready to start her own life. Does this make Madonna a horrible parent? I don’t think so. Wouldn’t YOU do the same you had super famous parents? I would.

    That said, Madonna’s children are not spoiled and have always lived their happy normal life – as “normal” can be being Madonna’s kids. In 12 years they have been photographed for magazines (speaking about OFFICIAL photoshoots) only three times.
    Surely Madonna is a witch, a bitch and a posh person, but she is a good mother and has always been.

  • Anon

    My, Lourdes is so grogeous and she’s only 13! Imagine what she’
    s going to look like at 21

  • @2cents

    Are you on planet Earth? I’m pretty sure both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake still make crazy amounts of bank and have careers. As for her not working with William Orbit(yeah at least I know his name) why should she work with the same people over and over again?

    That said I’m not a Madonna fan anymore. I was when I was a kid and didn’t know any better. She just seems so fake and styled now. I never thought she was all that pretty or talented vocal wise but at one time I liked her music and attitude. The older she gets though, the more desperate and fake she seems.

    And what kids would want to dress like Lourdes? And what parents would want their kids walking around like that? Not me.

  • juniper

    I like Madonna’s coat and makeup, just wish she did not get those silly cheek implants, they look fake and do not make her look younger. Her skin looks great though, especially for someone in their 50s. Lourdes looks pretty and is getting better looking as she gets older.

  • Estela Gomez

    Too bad she is so ugly and looks like her horse face father. Too bad Madonna didn’t have children with Sean Penn then she would have been fair and lovely.

  • black

    Are you people crazy or something?????
    Now her daughter is being famous for being “her daughter”????

  • James

    I hate to say this, after being a Madonna fan for 16 years (I’m not a fan anymore), but Madonna look like she’s got way to much botox in her pretty face, she’s not pretty at all anymore in my oppinion.
    And Lourdes, she’s pretty, but her attitude in these pictures reminds me of Miley Cyrus, or any other of those young up-in-themself girls. A few years ago she seemed so sweet and down to earth, now she just have that attitude like anyone else.
    And I may be conservative, but I don’t like that much eyeliner on a 13 year old girl.

  • xxxx

    “Lourdes is soooo pretty”

    hahahaha nice that you’re adding in some comedy to your site, JJ

  • mailey

    @tal: hahaha. best comment ever.

  • Goldfinch

    Lourdes is UGLY and looks so much like her mom!

  • Goldfinch

    Lourdes is UGLY and looks so much like her mom!

  • ew.

    That girl is not pretty and she looks nothing like Madonna we all know she is adopted anyway and had surgical procedures done to try to look like the white Madonna…it failed.

  • brows

    from unibrow——-> to perpetually surprised

  • leah

    this world has had to endure 30 years of her and now more, yuk makes me sick

  • leah

    this world has had to endure 30 years of her and now more, yuk makes me sick

  • Poo

    Lourdes looks darker and more Cuban by the year.

  • Paulie

    “we all know she is adopted”

    Why do I bother reading comments section on websites? They’re full of bigots, idiots and downright nasty people!

    And NO, Lourdes is NOT adopted.

  • Mikee

    When this girl is 21 she will look like a 40 year old Cuban fishwife. Face facts she is not pretty.

  • madaleine

    to put that “look” together probably cost 15k for both and it didn’t help, a couple of paper bags would have done the job perfectly

  • madaleine

    to put that “look” together probably cost 15k for both and it didn’t help, a couple of paper bags would have done the job perfectly

  • A

    Oh please, that girl is NOT adopted. Just look at her bone structure around her eyes and the shape of her eyes. It’s the same as Madonna’s. And what’s wrong with being dark and looking cuban? I’m glad she’s like that, and not some mini me Madonna. She’s very exotic looking and beautiful. She’ll be prettier than her mother.

  • bae

    Madonna looks gorgeous and Lola is adorable

  • Helen

    No, she’s not pretty. Sorry.

  • MBrasil

    My God! Madonna is absolutely Gorgeous!! She’s so beautiful! Look at that eyes! That skin, that hair! And Lola is looking more and more like her. She looks like a wonderful brazilian girl.
    Go on girls! God bless them.
    And after all , do you (haters) really think that all this negativity is good for you?
    At the end of the day, that’s just a Mom having some good time with her daugther. Wake up!

  • simeon phoenix

    Some of the comments on here are unbelievable.. Madonna is the most famous celebrity on he planet.. as if she needs to pimp her daughter for publicity, that is absolutley ridiculous.

  • poo

    MBrasil…so now you are Brazilian right? LMAO!
    She looks nothing like Madonna she looks like her ugly CUBAN dad. Some people need to learn what pretty and exotic means and it is not this girl in the least.

  • SOS

    Couldn’t Madonna loan Lourdes a few dollars so she could buy a new pair of stockings?

  • the african darkside

    Biracial children represent my belief that,although there are differences in races,all races are similar also,and lourdes leon represent my belief. Nice looking young person.