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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Playground Pair

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: Playground Pair

Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen get in some family fun time with their 5-month old son Benjamin Brady and Tom‘s 2-year-old son John at a playground on Thursday (April 29) in Santa Monica, Calif.

John was seen running around with a helmet on and riding a scooter while daddy Tom chased after him. Gisele carried around Benjamin in a frontal baby carrier.

The couple’s $20 million Brentwood mansion is currently under construction.

15+ pictures inside of playground pair Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

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gisele bundchen tom brady playground 01
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 02
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 03
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 04
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 05
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 06
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 07
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 08
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 09
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 10
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 11
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 12
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gisele bundchen tom brady playground 14
gisele bundchen tom brady playground 15

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  • Josie

    aww Tom and Bridget’s son John is so cute!

  • anonymous

    What a beautiful family…hot dad, gorgeous mom and adorable boys. Love Tom and Gisele- they seem so normal, down-to-Earth and truly happy with their little family. Wish them all the best!
    (Is little John a carbon copy of his dad or what?)

  • anonymous

    Tom, Gisele, John and Benjamin all together, having fun at the park like a normal family…this post if gonna kill the haters, isn’t it?

    What will the haters come up with this time? Let me guess…”photo-op.” So predictable…

  • :)


  • dana

    little jack looks like a handfull! personally think his going to be cutter than tom!

  • john john

    why does he have no problem showing his son, john from birth

    but yet no pic of the baby, waiting for an offer

    an nice spread in People with John just to show Bridget


  • lisali

    They seem like the nicest family.. I’m kindof in love with them!!

  • Kaye

    Tom is lucky that Gisele is VERY GOOD with his son and the Mother should be thankful. It’s actually not an easy thing to do.

  • LILY!

    @Josie: why the h would anybody thumb you down your just telling the truth lol

  • anonymous

    @john john:

    Bridget put John on the cover of “OK!”, not Tom. In fact, he didn’t want her to and was annoyed that she put him on the cover anyway.
    Tom and Gisele got plenty of cover offers for baby Benjamin, but they didn’t want to put him on a cover so they declined.

  • anonymous


    I agree. Gisele seems like a great mom to both John and Benjamin. You can see that she loves being a mother.
    John is well cared for by all of his parents, and it shows- he always looks like a happy kid.
    Beautiful fam!

  • catalina

    TOM IS HOT!!

  • Iggles

    John is so adorable!!!!! Go Bridget!
    As for Benjamin, it’s too early to tell. Let’s hope he favors his father more than his mother!

  • pr

    what a gorgeous happy family. Tom loves his WIFE and kids. and Gisele is a good mother and stepmother, as she should be. you can see how happy they all are. Gisele is so gorgeous WOW. Benjamin is blessed.

  • pleasant

    oh no,,,, happiness,smiles joy etc etc etc etc…. this is gonna get to her haters LOL. and I LOVE it! they are so in love.



    Yes, folks, you toO can have a STALKED, bewildered, and frightened child too!!!

  • loverperson

    They are all so beautiful people! love them all. good luck and wish them the best.

  • Tomo

    Bridget does come off as a witch .. it’s sad because she was the one that got left but it is what it is… If she doesn’t give his five year old son Toms last name Soon that kid will grow up and hate her forever .. He seems like a good dad and if my dad was Tom Brady but throughout school my last name was Moynahan *sp.. I’d be PISSED.. He’ll probably go by John Brady once he’s old enough to realize his mom sucks..

  • laurie

    Nice….they look happy!

  • abbygirl

    Its so WEIRD when people wish other people they dont know bad things. wishing that is only gonna bite you in the A** in the long run, lol so sit and wait for the karma I guess while you are miserable seeing happiness….lol its only gonna give you the stress lines in your face.
    get up get out and get some. once and for all! (this is to the haters, not positive,happy,confident,pretty) people. :)

  • person


  • Ellie

    did John have a pants “back side front”? Look like he was wearing his pants on the wrong side.

  • Jeannified

    Gisele looks really happy with Tom and their kids (stepson, too). Glad she is so happy, after years of being with Leo, and him not wanting to fully commit to her. Marriage and motherhood suit her!

  • mynameisperfect

    lovely parents,family and kids. I am happy for all of them. their children have amazing lives. lucky kids. hope ben gets all his mothers gorgeous supermodel genes, and we can have the biggest male model ever possibly, just as his mom. <3 toms genes arent to bad either eh? lol this kid is blessed. John is so cute too. he looks exactly like his daddy!

  • lala


    yes so happy to see her with a serious man that obviously makes her so happy. new baby,new home in LA,oogles of smiles from ear to ear. they are darling.

  • ramielle
  • nice

    beautiful family!!!

  • Becky

    Why aren’t they ever in Boston? I thought Gisele was so gung ho on the city. Guess it’s not hip enough for them.

  • eva

    get over it Tomo…u personally don’t know Bridget and her and Tom dated for 3 years…it didn’t work out for them and WTF was Gazelle doing messing with a man who just left his pregnant ex-gf? Bridget had the right to give whatever last name to her son because her and tom are not married and they are not together….if I were her, I’ll also give my child my last name

  • Dawn

    @john john:

    He did have a problem with the photo spread with John and Bridget. Tom was pissed that she did that.

  • Dawn


    Because its the off season for Tom. He doesn’t need to be in Boston. He spends the off season in LA because that is where his son with Bridget is being raised. The family will probably pop in Boston in July when the Patriots start training camp.

  • Dawn


    The fact that Tom now has two kids and the rest of his family lives in California is another reason why it makes more sense for him to spend the off season in LA than anywhere else.

  • eva

    #29, he wasn’t around at all to help Bridget when she was pregnant but instead was traveling all around the world with his new slut…Bridget was prepared to take care of her son on her own and she also has the means to do so..she also donated the money to charity and it was a hot story back then…

  • Dawn

    It doesn’t matter how Tom was when Bridget was pregnant. All that matters is that he stepped up and is committed to raising his son John now. He became so committed after John was born that he and Giselle bought a place in LA so he could be close to his son. If it wasn’t for John, Giselle and Tom probably would still be living in NYC instead of LA in the off season.

  • Jessie

    what a good mother

  • no fan

    awwwwwww dady of the f—cking year they are both so phony it reaks from them and they make sure the paps are there especially giselle she always did it in nyc cause she wanted ppl to believe she really cared about bradys kid before she had her own theyre both sc-m

  • kristen

    john is getting hotter!

  • Cecilia M

    Beautiful family. God bless them

  • tiri

    @ no an you are soooooooooooo stupid and boring. Every day the same that you write.

    They are so cute, happy and in love

  • Kelly

    He looks a lot like Tom.

  • Lotus

    Beautiful happy family. God bless.

  • magic_moments

    John is such a cute kid. Bridget is a pretty woman …good genes.
    And I understand why she gave him her last name. I would do the same in that situation…pregnant and left for another woman.

  • Lotus

    “pregnant and left for another woman”

    They were done when he met Gisele.

  • ELLE

    John Moynahan is so damn adorable, what a beautiful little boy his daddy’s mini-me. His too cute, Bridget & Tom have done a great job in raising him.

  • petry

    one celeb couple I just love. they are so down to earth. you never hear them gossiped about on all the gossip shows at night, they are just a normal couple, who just so happen to be insanely rich and good looking, lol. love them.

  • riri


    big diff hun. bridget was only a girlfriend. Gisele is the one he put a ring on, she is his WIFE. get over it. old old stale news. they actually all get along for the sake of the children. its you bitter immature gossipers who sit online all day reading to much into things that make you think this way. lol get up and study your school work or somethin, not tom and giseles life! lol and nofan, I have nowords for you hun, lol. big old tard.

  • Agnes1

    John looks so unhapyy with Gisele, Benem and his”daddy”. He will hates father ,his wife and new family

  • playboy

    Agnes sounds like you are speaking from personal experience …lol sorry your family situation isnt as perfect and happy as this one. awww. I feel for you nofan. (same bad english) get lost.

  • riri

    @TIM GUNN:

    no hes just not used to it with his mama. d listers dont get followed lol

  • toka rein

    everyone says gisele hides benjamin face and not jack’s. they must forget when jack was a baby they always hid his face.anyway such a beautiful family. both boys are really blessed. hope they are always this happy.