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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Split

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Split

Halle Berry and her longtime love Gabriel Aubry have called it quits after four years together.

The couple is working on a custody agreement for their daughter Nahla, according to TMZ. Halle and Gabriel are sorting things out and will formalize their long-term custody plan in the future.

Halle reportedly consulted with a divorce lawyer three weeks ago to talk custody agreements, but nothing longer-term was decided upon. She and Gabriel have agreed to short-term agreements in the meantime.

FYI: Halle was all smiles at the DKMS event last night in NYC. Her reps haven’t commented on this story yet.

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  • lillyb

    Awww…this makes me sad. Too much beauty in one couple though.

  • Ladyb

    Didn’t see this coming. But it looks like they had ZERO chemistry. Wow, she’s had 3 husbands already.

  • Hottie

    WOW, she is so unlucky in love ,yet so beautiful. I knew they were not going to last . They have a beautiful daughter though . she always wanted a child . She need to go back to Eric Bennet . As she said she tried the white guy and it did not work , so I bet she is going back todating black guys.

  • MAC


  • catchy

    wtf!!!!!!! everybody are divorcing/splitting!
    that sucks :(

  • Celebrities

    All the celebreties seem to be breaking up this year! What’s going on?!?!?

  • Beth

    Terrible news, she is so hot

  • missy

    I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m not completely suprised. She’s always stated that doesn’t expect a relationship to last forever. I thought they’d last longer than this, though. I’ll wait for a confirmation before I believe this.

  • well she’s really hot

    she can get an man she wants so don’t feel sad for her, Luv ya Halle!!!!

  • Butter_Fly

    Dangit. This is depressing. No one stays together anymore.

  • salma

    omg what’s going on lately all the couples in hollywood split
    kate and sam
    sandra and jesse
    and now halle and gaby
    so sad

  • Celia

    WHAT?!!!!! WHY?!!

  • Rocky

    So sad. They’re just gorgeous together and have a gorgeous baby girl. Hope they can make it back together again.

  • verow


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    no reason to be sad for them. relations end.. nothing last for ever.

  • Lurker

    What a stupid thing to say, she needs to go back to Eric Bennet. Do you think she would have left him if she felt they could have worked things out? She left for a reason why should she go back to him where there are plenty of other guys who will probably treat her with the respect she deserves. Halle is a beautiful woman who seems to not be able to find a compatible mate. As for the white guy comment, Love is love, you can’t help who you fall in love with, I am sure , she did not go out looking for a white guy, she happened to fall in love with someone who is white.

  • Kelly

    ” Never marry an actress” Tommy Lee

  • Deedz

    Ohmygosh~! I honestly thought they were gonna be forever. Haha, wow.

  • bet

    There some stay for ever, 90% In hollywood nothing last foever. But hopefully ,they will make it clean cut, no drama, no cheating, . Just as a mature adult go on thier separate way.

  • http://justjared sandy

    why does this surprise anyon e? couples split up all the time and moreso in hollywood than anywhere else

  • calculated

    Everything was calculated and manipulated, she waited to made an appearance last night and annouce that today, to creat a boost, they were over for some while..

  • bet

    but a sad story. I taught they are very private and very genuine people for each other.

  • bet


    please do not try to breing something out of nothing.

  • Saudia

    Omg, why can’t anyone stay together in Hollywood? This sucks :( I love Halle and Gabriel together

  • Maia

    She wanted a beautiful child and Aubrey Gabriel was the perfect sperm donor who respected her throughout the years unlike her black husbands. Although she’s beautiful, I don’t think she would be the easiest woman on earth to please. Yes, as Tommy Lee says, “never marry an ACTRESS.”

  • pj

    NOOOO!! Didn’t expect this at all.

  • Next

    I’m not surprised. I am surprised it didn’t happen sooner

  • Go Ask Alice

    I am not surprised. Too bad SHE did not want to make this work and it seems by her track record, this was thebest she has ever had.
    Sad. Very sad.
    She has dated a bunch of losers, abusive guys: Wesley Snipes it is rumored, a dentist who knocked her out so hard with a punch, she has hearing lost in that ear, Eric Boent the sex guy,David Justice, who seemed ok, but then she said he wasn’t and he countered attacked her after her press attacks on him, and now Gabriel(Nahla’s dad).
    Gabriel has his own career, etc. separate from her and a good reputation,yet the public knows nothing of him which is good.
    Halle is one of those women who will keep searching for a man tofix because he wantsher father because she could not fix him and keep him. He took off when she was little and he was abusive.
    Even when women like her find a good,real man like Gabriel, they choose not to keep him because .

    Too bad, too sad for Halle because she is going to keep going on through life this…searching and seraching, finding one temp. man after another, some good and most not so good.

    One day when her daughter is a grown and she is alone with her awards, I bet she is going to regret getting rid of Gabriel Aubry.

    I hope she does not put her issues on her daughter and allows her daughter to find happiness with a good guy.

  • Lmao

    Tommy Lee has never dated REAL actress’s.

  • juniper

    She said she would not get married again, the original reasons for marriage are becoming obsolete anyway; over 50% of marriages today end in divorce and even the ones that last I question the passion and loyalty. They both are still young and attractive and will have other relationships in the future. I am sure they are both loving parents to their daughter.

  • edna

    Wow! I think there is a big age difference, that’s part of it.

  • Cora

    She acted like a ho @ Spike Awards. a mother of a baby & involved.

    She seems very very insecure to me and boring as heck. jmo

    lesson? never go for a younger guy, girls. It rarely ever works out.

  • Halle …loses all her men

    CALLED ‘does not exist sex addict…’ Saw it coming Gabby is
    to smart to stay with her. She is a self centred woman..

  • Josie

    I can’t wait for jealous BM and other miserable people to come and blame it on the fact that halle is a black woman and gabriel is white, like that means something lol
    just wait, they will say how halle will go back to black men as if she ever has searched for men based on race alone.
    Wow, some people will really burn in hell.
    I hope Halle and Gabriel work things out for the sake of their daughter.

  • In The Know

    The word in town is, and this is widely known, is that she is difficult, and believe it or not has real self esteem issues.

    Kind of crazy when you look like her and have her talent.

  • jj

    Why’s everyone surprised? Like their arrangement didn’t look forced? Guess he got tired of keeping up appearances, the sexual orientation, relationship/arrangement comments, the Jamie Foxx thing, the pappi thing, Halle’s cock teasing with the pappis etc.

    Remember, she didn’t know what to call him on Tyra’s show and he wasn’t at her golf outing.

    Here’s the URL that the original story came from: don’t buy the age or wandering eye comments.

  • Sarah

    I bet there was a blind item about it a month or so ago

  • Josie

    wow Jared you censored b u r n in h e l l?? LOL

  • Not shocking

    @Maia: Agree , she has a lot of beggage too from childhood. I read an interview where she said she wanted to try something new refering dating a white guy because all of her marriages where with black men and guess what the one with the white guy did not last. Maybe she will try Asian or Hispanic next. The dude is a model and he is gorgeous. she is older than him too so of course he wants to have fun. He is still young.

  • Sarah

    Could the blind item be this?

    “This popular celeb couple has an image problem. It being that the female REALLY cares about how she and her partner are perceived and the male couldn’t care less. The female is so obsessed about the PR side of their relationship, about looking to be secure and in love, that it is driving the male to resent her. He is starting to want out, because the harder she pulls the further he pushes away. We hear although she is super famous and beautiful, she is incredibly insecure. Her whole focus of the relationship has long ago moved away from passion and more about appearance. Over the holidays, the male tried to do some normal activities that a family would do and the female was determined to turn it into a PR event. The two ended up in a very heated argument, and the male left and spent the night with another woman. This happens more and more frequently. The female claims she doesn’t care, as long as the male shows up when she needs him to. We fear the relationship is doomed, which will break a lot of hearts – and not just those of their fans.”

  • bet


    honey Hally Berry is very private, eventhough she is the most creature on the earth, yet she get photograph very rare. Search for someone else who love paparazy somewhere else.

  • bet


    I want to say the brand , but the problem they both want pr. You can not separate one from the other.

  • bet

    and please KKK group get out of the thread and go and practice your racist discusstion in appropriate sight, this is not a place to practice your propoganda.

  • Tomo

    Let’s be honest he’s 33 she’s what 45… I mean she will be 50 soon.. she looks great but he wants A young thang. It’s sad but true.

  • bet

    I mean

    the most beutifull creature on earth, but still manage not to be photograph on the street every freaking single day.

  • jj

    @Sarah: oh please what horseshit! He’s gay. They have an arrangement. He got tired of her bullshyt. They’re working something out and he gets the house in Canada and place near SF to probably be with his ‘special’ friends.

  • sillyme

    Wow, I thought she’d at least try to have another baby with, so Nahla would have the same parents, before she dumped him.

  • pop86

    Sad to hear. I like them as a couple.

  • thats_right

    she is just like Jennifer Aniston can’t keep a man, perhaps men don’t get along with them, Halley has this witch attitude probably thats why the guy couldn’t handle her, she is bossy, untalented, ummm reminds me of Jennifer Aniston but at least Halley is beautiful….

  • lumbridge

    He was on her payroll so I guess she fired him.