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Jennifer Garner Brings Save the Children to CBS

Jennifer Garner Brings Save the Children to CBS

Jennifer Garner is all smiles as she makes an appearance on CBS’ Early Show on Friday (April 30) in New York City.

The 38-year-old actress stopped by to speak about Save the Children – she serves as the artist ambassador for the organization!

“Kids in poverty, by the time they’re four years old, they are 18 months behind, developmentally, where your children will be. And that is just — how do you ever come back from that? It’s so unfair,” Jen said (via CBS). “Ninety percent of your brain growth happens by the time you’re six. So, Save the Children gets in there early, gets in there strong. We are a literacy program, but we also teach kids just fundamentally how to make healthy choices.”

FYI: Jen is teaming up with Frigidaire and Save the Children to promote smart snacking and healthy lifestyles for kids – check out more details at!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner at The Early Show

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Credit: Doug Meszler; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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    Great Cause.

    The quotes of Ms. Garner show that SHE is in need of a” literacy program”.

    What type of babble is this gibberrish? ”

    “And that is just — how do you ever come back from that? ”

    From what, Jennifer? From where?

    ” So, Save the Children gets in there early, gets in there strong.”
    Sentences don’t begin with “so”.

    Gets WHAT there early?

    SAVE US ALL from Idiot actresses who can’t SPEAK English.

    Read more:

  • Trudie


    Someone needs to write index cards for this bimbo.

  • Emily

    She’s one of those women who get prettier with age.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Go Jen! She’s so talented and a great humanitarian!!

  • EDU

    Whether or not this program is beneficial for children depends on its type: balanced literacy, whole language, etc. Hopefully, this is a balance literacy program (I’ll have to look it up). Garner is one of the few celebs I wouldn’t mind helping out the education world, but she’s still untrained and uncertified. She has a good concept and purpose; I’d just really appriciate it if she studied and supported programs that are researched based and proven effective.

  • jessalyn

    This is the first time I’ve thought she is pretty. Makeup is great, and her outfit is very classy. I am a bit shocked though by how thin she is. I don’t think she looks sickly, but she is definitely tiny.

  • D-9

    I don’t think I have ever seen her look so good! Amazing what just a little make up does for her face.

  • miss infamous

    She looks really pretty in the pix

  • Kates Place

    @D-9: First time I have ever thought she used botox.

  • sy

    She’is beautiful…

  • Anna

    She looks really pretty and she usually comes across as really sweet on talk shows. However, when she tries to talk about anything substantive, she comes across as very naive and inarticulate. I don’t think she is dumb, but she seems to have a very average brain and is sort of a weak messenger in that sense.

    Affleck definitely married down in the intellect department; he is always very articulate and has a great politically informed mind. She mentioned in a recent interview how she grew up not caring about politics or stuff like that and now her husband is teaching her all about politics, world affairs and the middle east. Well, that’s good… she should also rehearse some of her views on education with him before she goes on talk shows.

    I noticed that she was interviewed by maggie rodriguez… that’s interesting because you know that if this was Affleck, Angelina Jolie, or George Clooney, it would be a more high profile reporter who would be interviewing them.

    Love the outfit, btw. And this should put those pregnancy rumors to rest.

  • make it after all

    This is suppose to be Ben’s job.. he has a foundation called
    Children of a mended heart to help children in the USA..

    And a foundation with a billionaire in Africa too…Ben is known
    for his foundation work that he does.. so I am wondering if
    this is the tale end of her Book reading that she did for American
    Idol gives back..??? Because notice how she does not relate to
    the audience at all just smiles at them..when she is being interviewed
    she does not talk about what she does for them..

  • Melia

    I love those pants.

  • hong kong

    She is really pretty, I love these pics! The time off she had made her prettier. thanks god she is not stalked by paps like before. Jen is a really caring humanitarian. And very sweet and smart. Jia You!!!

  • Carmen

    I appreciate Jennifer efforts in promoting Save the Children. She is a very kind person with good principles. I think she is educated enough to convey her message in a simple, yet clear way, Keep the good work Jen. Bravo! to you.

  • Joe

    you are clearly a jealous person. Jen is as smart as they come and very good nature. Ben won the lottery when he married this princess, after having dated the imbecil high strung paltrow, and the conceided materialistic, ignorant tacky Jlo.
    And so you know Jen chose her interviewer Maggie Rodriguez, she could have chosen anyone.

  • make it after all

    Do you believe that Jlo had the nerve to bring up Ben …Please and
    say that she still loves him.. Bad enough you type in Ben’s name
    and all you get is Jlo the ho..

  • annab

    She has the greatest smile….wish I had her smile.

  • Kates Place

    @Joe: Smart as they come? Are you ok?

  • Pac Man

    Was there any need to point that out, #19? She’s doing something good for the world and not everyone is politically savvy.

    Right, #15.

  • Jen

    she looks so pretty here, love the outfit. Hopes she keeps it up.

  • upanina

    elle est magnifique !!

  • Anna

    @Joe: Learn how to spell. Jen is a sweet, grounded, and competent person. I think Affleck married her because she is nurturing and she has a great sense of humor like him and they seem to have genuine affection for each other. Your comment, however, is laughable. Jen is just not Affleck’s intellectual equal and she herself seems to know and often admits this; she is never going to be able to invoke greek mythology on the Today show while talking about baseball – that’s just something unique (among public figures, especially) about Affleck. You mention that she could have married anyone. Hypothetically, anyone can marry anyone. She herself confessed in 2006 that she could never have imagined that one day she would marry ben affleck – that displays a sense of awe and respect.

    I have to say, as much as I couldn’t care less about Gwyneth Paltrow, she was probably the smartest woman Affleck dated – I don’t think she was his equal either but she has always been more articulate about a variety of topics than Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner. J Lo. no doubt is the least intelligent of all three – when she was on letterman, she displayed that she didn’t even know the meaning of the word “infraction”. It was embarrassing.

    The smartest female, quite apparently, in Affleck’s life is his mom – harvard educated, college activist, who volunteered as a Freedom rider in Mississippi in the 60s. Good genes.

  • Pippi

    Jennifer Garner is not only beautiful but very educated as well. She has a college degree (btw, her husband does not) and is very well informed in matters that are important to her causes and etc.

    Before she became such a public whipping post, she never had problems during interviews. Every word that she utters is either misconstrued by the press( for their own gain to put a spin on some *BS* fabricated story) and/or dissected by all the haters (Vartan fans), simply because they have this hate campaign going on against her and Ben.

    Recognize the good that she is trying to do and stop being so evil and narrow minded when it comes to her. She is a lovely lady and like somebody said Ben is fortunate their paths crossed and he couldn’t have chosen a better person to marry and raise a family with.

  • PY


    As a Jen’s fan, I got to learn about Ben. While kinda annoying by what you post, I agree with most of your opinion, LOL. Politics is something Jen isn’t familiar with. She improves a lot, though still not perfect, in the past years. No doubt Ben helps and teaches her.

    You pointing out that Chris is smartest just makes me laugh. I never thought about before. Thank you.

    Bless the whole Affleck family!

  • Jessie

    she is pretty

  • Linda


    Paltrow, smart? don’t make me smile, she is just a stupid narcisistic, egotistic snake. Jen Garner is a 100 times better than Paltrow.

  • Tommy
  • Tommy

    Gwyneth paltrow is as smart as a dead fly.

  • jimmy

    Gwyneth Paltrow is as smart as a dead fly

  • sami

    She is a very cute.

  • Mr. Martin


    Jennifer Garner is the best thing in Ben’s life. Gwyneth and JLo were both big mistakes, they both dress like skanky and not age appropiate. And everytime they open their mouth they say something stupid.

  • mimi

    So, according to her, by the time children are 6 years old- it’s already too late and the gap would be too wide.
    So how is a literacy program that is supposed to be aimed at 7 year olds going to help them?
    Why can’t she just write a check? What does she bring to this program? Her lack of education?
    I don’t remember her getting any education.

  • Pippi

    Mimi @33 everybody knows that your jealousy of Jen is epic and are all wondering why the heck are you wasting your time here. Surely you have other drums to beat. Seems you are the uneducated one my dear. Sad and pathetic.

  • Lainey

    I love these digs on college-educated Jennifer – and how Ben married down. As opposed to the illiterate stripper Damon married? Hah!

  • me

    yeah, no kidding about matt damon’s wife. Why doesn’t anyone call her for what she is? Though I find Garner really annoying, I do appreciate her efforts with children and she does appear to be a good mom.

  • raena

    never realised how gorgeous she is, i think she’s aging sooo well.

  • asia

    isnt she beautiful? Gotta love the outfit and the hair! She looks very relaxed and ready for work. Her smile is so calm and her face is glowing. She is either extremely beautiful or extrememely happy that makes her look just breath takingly GORGEOUS. I bet she is just both, a real natural beauty and a happy and full of joy young woman at her late 30s. She is really refreshing, her character is really kind and generous.

  • Kates Place

    @Pippi: Get a life

  • Eddie

    I bet she isn’t sorry she didn’t marry Vartan!

  • kacee

    Naturally aging with age?!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAH. SHE got a nose job to soften her horse face, botox lips and cheek plants. Plus she has all of Benny boy’s money, power and fame to get away with murder in Holllywood. PLEASE. She’s just trying to hang in there for the 10 year mark so she can get HALF of his assets (CA law) when they divorce (Ben’s worth is about $80 million and hers is $10). I support Save the children but her robotic response which was the SAME response from her calculated Am Idol spot was sickening…”It’s just unfair.”. She read a freakin script and reminded me how much of an brainless actress she is. Everyone knows she would not be popular without Ben Affleck – most of all she knows it and looks the other way so she can continue the lies.

  • michile



    I LUV JEN!!



    GO AWAY B***CH!!!

  • Michaela

    Jen is also featured on the Frigidaire website for Save the Children and healthy snacks. She looks amazing! What an inspiration she is.

  • hydrangea


  • Not a Garner fan but…

    Jennifer has had BOTOX. I can spot a frozen forehead anywhere. No matter what her facial expressions are, her forehead never moves in these pics. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it. I’ve had BOTOX and love it, so has just about every female celebrity over the age of 30. Do you people honestly believe they are all genetically blessed, and never have creased foreheads, or frownlines, or crowsfeet? Who cares if she has injections done…all women do things to make ourselves feel better.