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Kate Bosworth: Valentino Red Pants Perfect

Kate Bosworth: Valentino Red Pants Perfect

Kate Bosworth steps out in a pair of bright red pants during a cocktail party hosted by Valentino on Thursday night (April 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress, sans True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard, rubbed shoulders with Big Love star Chloe Sevigny and Valentino creative directors Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Kate is on her way to the Big Apple!

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth looking perfect in Valentino red pants..

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kate bosworth valentino red pants 01
kate bosworth valentino red pants 02
kate bosworth valentino red pants 03
kate bosworth valentino red pants 04
kate bosworth valentino red pants 05
kate bosworth valentino red pants 06
kate bosworth valentino red pants 07
kate bosworth valentino red pants 08
kate bosworth valentino red pants 09
kate bosworth valentino red pants 10
kate bosworth valentino red pants 11
kate bosworth valentino red pants 12
kate bosworth valentino red pants 13
kate bosworth valentino red pants 14
kate bosworth valentino red pants 15
kate bosworth valentino red pants 16
kate bosworth valentino red pants 17

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Chloe Sevigny, Kate Bosworth

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  • lulu


  • nicole

    who cares! skankwrecker!!!

  • zaraaaa

    i wonder how long you have to train your body to live off of “air”?

  • kkkanadian

    She is filthy a skkkank. I don’t know why you choose to give this nasty biatch publicity. and she is ugly too boot.

  • Lorraine

    She looks gorgeous! Love the red pants.

  • ellie

    Who stands like that??? I hate when toes hang out shoes. So yuckie.

  • nicole

    Bet she is going to the Met Gala and I wonder if the stupid swede goes with her. Ruin for him if you must skankwrecker. Now…where is Sam Worthington?

  • suesturm

    holly hammerheadshark look at these toes argg disgusting
    and her boney neck and writs…
    ok i think i need a burger now to forget this

  • Jam

    She and Mr Skarsgard will make nice babies…

  • Candice

    If she’s going to the Met Ball, maybe she’s wearing Valentino. I’m soooo jealous! Doesn’t get much better than that! Kate has a beautiful smile.

  • Sweet Pea

    She looks terrible.

  • cute

    Cute girl but she needs a new stylist.

  • Raven

    Could this slag pose any harder? Ridiculous.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …ahahahahahahhaa.. seriously, what has she done since blue crush?!? ahahahahahahahahaaa.. that forehead, those bones.. the outfit.. too funny.

  • cute

    Some Rogaine would help too.

  • Looking Good

    Kate looks good and all f*ck all the fat envious trolls!

  • Wilson

    She suffers from early onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • Lilah

    Why are people bashing her? Why don’t you all praise people with boring style and leave the fashion risk-takers for the rest of us!

  • CuteChef

    She tries WAY to hard to be hip, edgy and in style. And the harder she tries only shows how dumb and desperate she is. Sorry Bonesworth, but no one “poses” like that. Chloe may look like she doesn’t care in the pics, but at least she’s being real. Apparently something Bonesworth has no clue how to be.

  • twitters

    Did she change stylists? Very cheap looking outfit.

  • meme

    @Lilah: This is not risky. Just tacky.

  • mickey

    Ugly chick.

  • blonde lover

    Bosworth has a huge forehead. She needs some bangs to balance it out and agree, she looks like shit in these photos.

  • flixster

    I don’t see the great beauty so many rave about. She has her moments but it’s pics like these that remind me how unattractive and sickly she can look. Hope she gets well soon.

  • CuteChef

    Oh, and another thing…if your toes hang over the ends of your shoes, it means the ones you’re wearing are TOO SMALL. Get the next size up. Wearing smaller shoes doesn’t make you’re feet look smaller. It makes you look stupid. And curling you’re toes up doesn’t mean the shoes fit either.

  • OMG

    She has the BEST sense of style. The leather pants with the lace top is brilliant!

  • level

    Kate: my grandmother called. She wants her lacy doily back.

  • Tex

    Take the pants back and use the money to buy some FOOD!!!

  • mindyourownbusiness

    I live in Europe and have never heard of this rather ugly looking woman. Boring

  • Corrina

    I agree!
    She looks happy and healthy and stunning! Good for her!

  • NNicole

    she has a weird shaped head…

  • Peter

    @Corrina: She’s stunning alright! Stunned the hell out of me when I saw her close ups. How old is this woman?

  • Passingby

    Exaxtly what I was thinking, her head looks abnormal, huge when there are peple next to her in contrast. Huge forehead, not aging well either!!!

  • For ALL who always say bad things to celebrity,
    “Just look at the mirror and see yourself!”

    You think, you are better than they are??

  • Response

    Why does she always appears soo desperate looking in photos??? It just turns people off with the over posing she is doing like Paris Hilton!!!

  • Jam

    We are not the ones posing, your lame lol!

  • Hilarious

    She wore it to go with her granny looking flat butt ha..ha..ha…

  • Rose

    She looks like she’s having a wonderful time. She’s so cute and animated. I love her outfit.

  • Amazing

    If AS and KB were to have babies they would be unfortunate with huge foreheads.

  • jam

    Why all the hate you pathetic hag, your just another fangurl who is hating a beautiful Kate that is too good for Alex, stop posting so much.

  • Raven

    No, that’s just Kate, trying to pretend she’s relevant. Best acting she’s done this decade.

  • Jam


    Didnt take you long now did it… Not very original…

  • lurker

    Why is this girl famous again? For her thinness or floppy ears? Or is it her ginormous forehead? I don’t read celebrity gossip to look at ugly people, Jared. Get some better posts.

  • Jam


    Fail #2, I dont attack people…

  • Whynot

    Third photo from the right the guy is like WTF what I said was not that funny lol let me just go along so that it looks like we are actually having a funny moment. Kate is trying too hard!!! She must have bipolar with the mania!!!ha ..ha..ha..

  • IKR?

    And the woman in black is actually grimacing. She’s thinking take the picture already, so I can get away from this creature.

  • CuteChef

    Here we go again to stir up trouble , you completely destroyed the last post with AS. I knew when I saw you were one of the first people to post, the crazy circus would begin. What is wrong with you posting under different names you pathetic troll, I will post a much as I want! Kate B is a total skank, your a pathetic fangurl or boy pinning for AS.

  • Mike

    This woman is always putting her hands all over everyone. No wonder she gets linked to every guy she hangs out with.

  • Mike

    I’d hate to introduce her to my dog.
    She’d probably try to hump him.