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Miley Cyrus CAN'T BE TAMED - Lyrics & Song!

Miley Cyrus CAN'T BE TAMED - Lyrics & Song!

Miley Cyrus‘ new song “Can’t Be Tamed” has been released!

The music video will premiere on Tuesday (May 4) on the E! Network.

The 17-year-old singer teamed up with writers Tim James and Antonina Armato, director Robert Hales and choreographer Jamal Sims to create the edgy video.

Check out the “Can’t Be Tamed” lyrics below and click inside to listen to the song…

Miley Cyrus – “Can’t Be Tamed” Lyrics

Click inside to listen “Can’t Be Tamed“…

Miley Cyrus CAN’T BE TAMED

FYI: If you have any corrections to the lyrics, please let us know in the comments!

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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • Miley=Britney 2.0

    She is going to be the next Britney and Lindsay . she is too much for her age just like Briney and look where she at now. A 16 yo girl should not be singing songs like this yet alone dressing like a stripper and dating grown men in their 20s. Taylor is sweet and innocent unlike Miley . she is a horrible role model for young girls.

  • where is her parents

    She is now using autotune to sing too just like her role model Trashney.

  • Lu
  • The lyrics are really conceited sounding.

    “‘Cause I’m hot like that
    Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention
    Like I’m under inspection, I always get the 10s
    ‘Cause I’m built like that”

  • uhm ok

    shes not 16 for starters, and why is she being stereotyped because of her music , do people judge you for whats in your ipod ?
    ignorance doesn’t get you to far ,

  • uhm ok

    @Miley=Britney 2.0:

    taylor swift sings country music … no comparison what so ever !!!
    get the facts buddy

  • tay

    this makes me think of britney’s song “piece of me”
    i love it! <3

  • meg

    what the heck. good god! i love miley but this song is too much. ughh gawwd the auto tuning makes my ears bleed. she should stick to songs like the climb. plus, i agree the lyrics are so conceited!

  • Chill out guys

    guys, she is 17 and turning 18 in a few months. She lives in an adult world and is forced to act like an adult. She works a ridiculous amount of hours and I’m sure very hard, so stop ragging on her. If she wants to be a little sexier, then just let her. hannah Montanna is over, she doesn’t have to be a role model anymore.

    As for the “conceited ” lyrics, okay I agree maybe just tad :) lol but who cares! its a pop/rock song, people always say stuff like that in those songs. Don’t discriminate just because she is Miley Cyrus.

  • boona

    i agree with the first two comments, i have this love/annoyed thing with miley, generally tho i like her songs cause they’re catchy, but lyrically this song is weak, she comes off conceited and its not that good of a song.

  • underworld

    @Miley=Britney 2.0: look @ where britney is? internationally successful/renowned pop star? 80 million albums sold? countless fans? the ability to rise above complete adversity with your feet on the ground and your head higher than ever?

    hell, I’LL take it!!

  • neelmani

    i love this song…….not really into the first set of words before the first chorus but other than than its great. Its about not changing for someone else, how you have to try new things and learn who really are and not fit into a box that someone built for you

    I LOVE IT!

  • no need for talent in US

    why do the flyover states like this no talent? On the east and west coast she is seen as a nothing……

    Now she’s gonna market that she is growing into “womanhood” and blah blah and make money off of that, blech

  • rosine

    this … this is AMAZING , her voice sounds so good in that song .
    this is as good as ‘party in the usa ‘ , gosh i really like her voice


    Jared is that the best pic you could’ve found for this?

    seriously? come on now

  • Heather

    I don’t really know what to think of this song. I’m all about being independent and doing what makes you happy but this song seems to have some sexual innuendos. I don’t know how much of it she wrote but it’s probably inspired by her and I doubt that her future songs are going to be any different so I guess everyone will just have to get over it.

  • http://diana_lantigua diana

    i dont get it a year ago she still being soo nice now she looks something
    like a ho(excuse me the word) what happened to her??


    LOL @ everyone who’s saying the song is about sex. Her music always has clean lyrics, stay mad and continue hating at a song you will eventually love just like Party In The USA.

    Go Miley, do your thang girl I ain’t mad at you. Sounds like a smash!

  • Kelly

    Does anyone make quality music anymore? Thank god I grew up in the 80s.

  • lizzie

    she is conceited and is stuck in her vanity, ‘IM HOT LIKE THAT’ UMM WTF? Ever seen a 17 year old Disney star singing this?

  • lizzie


  • Kim


    Try, mentally unstable, has basically no one to rely on, is constantly being used by people. Money always equal stability or happiness. I’ll pass on that particular lifestyle she’s living.

  • Kim



  • singer

    You know, its a little ridiculous that u guys judge so much when u have no idea what goes on in her business. Ive am also in the music industry and its not easy, trust me. You have to be VERY mature for whatever age u are. I am also young and very much like miley. we do get a little older and wanna be a little more provocative. The lyrics in this song are awesome! its a definite hit! she was a great role model for the disney kids but she is almost 18 almost a legal ADULT so she can do watever she wants. and please she is nothing like britney. miley is a very classy girl and she works hard. so dont talk shit.

  • http://@justinbieberfannumbera1 Miley+ Liam!!

    Omg what in the crap was she thinking? She is going to be the next Britney or Lindsay Lohan i mean seriously? It’s a good song though.

  • Whatever

    I think we all hate this song because of where she started. If she hadn’t been a Disney star before this song, most of y’all would probably like it. And as far as the lyrics, Miley doesn’t write her songs….and honestly, what pop song doesn’t have some form of conceit to it?

    Everyone just needs to give this girl a break. Who knows if she will or won’t end up like Britney or Lindsay? We can’t judge that. She seems to be doing pretty good right now.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    …miley didn’t write the song, or any song she’s ever sung.. so, um.. who cares?! …ahahahahahahaaa.. she’s another disney product. let the girl do her. 10 years from now when she’s no longer famous they’ll still be new talentless disney products watering down the entertainment market. ahahahahahahaaa..

  • Cady

    @lizzie: yes actually, selena gomez sang a song when she was 15 “yeah, i’m hot like that”!

    plus, every disney girl implies a lot of innuendos in the songs and music videos.. whether it’s chin down, eyes mischieviously looking up to the camera… “One night with you, boy, just one night with you, all the things we could do…” Ashley, Demi, Selena, Vanessa… and i wouldn’t call it slutty. they’re just being teenies and having fun.


    I’m pretty sure where you guys have SAVED, it is just TAMED.

  • puuuuhhhllleeeeeaaaassseee


  • Lilah

    Devoid of any talent.

  • Erin

    The first line of the second verse goes, “If there is a question about my intentions, I’ll tell ya.”

  • wtf

    the worst song ever she’s trying to hard

  • laverdadduele

    Well, hellooooo auto-tune – she’s annoying, her music is crap. I can’t believe people like this stuff – I guess standards are very low these days.

  • Jen

    LOL @ “guys giving me mad attention” part

    this is a horrible song and tooo britney-ish

  • lizzie

    @Cady: I am aware of the existence of Miley Cyrus, A 17 YEAR OLD, and I am discussing her. BTW, are you talking about the girl from the ‘Cinderella’ ABC Family movie, the low rated one? Because the last time I checked, this 15 year old girl was portraying a character, SINGING AS A CHARACTER and performing a song BY ANOTHER FICTIONAL WRITER. You cannot be comparing a fictional character to a REAL 17 YEAR OLD POP ARTIST. Nor can you COMPARE, two 20-25 year old FORMER Disney stars. This Maddie/SUITE LIFE chick was what? 22? when she said ‘boy oh one night with you’, Miley is 17. She recorded this song when she was 16. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE, between a 16 year old child singing this and an adult singing this.

  • Sara

    Never would have thought I’d become a Miley fan…but this song solidified it. I can’t wait to dance to this at the clubs!

  • lizzie

    @Cady: And what on EARTH, does that have to do with being conceited? I didn’t say they’re too sexual. I don’t care! She IS conceited and arrogant to be singing this. She WROTE and APPROVED of this song. This Selina girl didn’t approve of the song she sang, she was REQUIRED to sing the song as a fictional teen character and she had no voice regarding the lyrics, since she did not write them nor did she write the WHOLE movie script and I am sure she did not know conceited verses would be in the movie since her character was not conceited.

    You are a disgusting little pervert. 21-25 year olds are not teenies, and please do not compare them to 15-17 year olds.

  • julia miles

    @Miley=Britney 2.0:
    Wow shut up everyone. I am so tired of everyone trying to bring down Miley. Either people are bitching about the way she dresses, or the makeup she is wearing, or the way she is dancing, or anything!! Get over it. She is an outstanding singer, actress, and performer. Grow up and go bitch about a celeb that isn’t accomplishing anything. She is almost 18 now let her find herself.

  • fl

    she’s trying wayyyyy to hard to be adult and for people to think of her as an adult, its to forced. many child stars have transitioned to more adult roles more smoothly. she is NOT the next britney. everyone tries to compare all the new pop stars to madonna and britney. people can say britney is crazy, whatever they want about her personal life….but when she performs she does it the best. maybe she’s not a singer, but she’s an entertainer known the world over. and she exudes sexuality in amuch more natural way than christina or lady gaga etc. she doesn’t have to push the envelope, and it doesnt look contrived when she does it.
    you can go to a village somewhere in the third world, and i bet you someone will know who britney is. for miley…party in the USA was a much better song for her. miley does better when she sings more poppy songs with a country twang. once she’s more settled i think she might give country-pop a try, because she has a powerful voice for that genre. right now, its all about shedding her disney image, and going for shock value.

  • Jennie

    Not really sure why so many people here think comparing Miley to Britney is an insult–I personally think it is a HUGE compliment. I wouldn’t say she has reached that level yet, but I’ll admit the girl has the potential to get there.

    Have to admit–I’m also confused as to what is wrong with the lyrics. Who cares if she sounds “conceited?” I’d rather young women have overwhelming confidence than be insecure. And it doesn’t sound inappropriate for a 17 year old either. Either people on here are extremely old fashioned or have a bizarre sense of right/wrong.

  • -
  • kymmm

    not a big fan of the song and im kinda sad she sold out. like im gonna b honest there is nothin wrong with the lyrics and that doesnt means he will be the next britney like she is 17 old enough to make her own decisions and sing about stuff like this but its the autotoon- or however u spell it- and the pointless meaning of the song. its so bubble gun pop. its crap. the song has no significance and i thought she would sing more songs that actually hav a good meaning rather than bascically saying you are a ‘bitchy diva,” just because its going to sell. I think music nowaday- well majority of it or at least pop music- sucks! pple used to sing about things that they wanted to saya nd important things wiith meaning but now its all about money
    watevs i wish her the best

  • Jasmine

    girl’s a big trashy wh*re. i’ll be laughing when she ends up like britney and lindsay. no use for this talentless hack and save for her voice, which is ruined by the autotune here, she has nothing to be conceited about. ugly hillbilly.



    tell me how you really feel

  • Holly

    @Miley=Britney 2.0: Unlike Britney and Lindsay, Miley is close with her family and you can see how that affects her. Don’t compare Lindsay and Britney because they’re barely relevant now.

  • Allie Baby

    @singer: Is this Demi Lovato?

    Miley’s is going to do what she wants, when she wants. Britney was singing Hit Me Baby One More Time half naked at 16. The song is a song. Not everything you sing is how you are in real life. And yeah, the song is conceited, but so is Rihanna’s “Hard” and everyone was all over that. So yeah…whatevs.

  • Holly

    @Jasmine: Um, wow. Because calling someone you don’t know a ugly hillbilly is real classy…

  • nat t

    great song!!! i love it!!!
    cant wait to check out the music video!!!

  • Bababyy

    i like miley.
    but this songs a little much.
    shes expressing her feelings..dont give her shitt.
    shes growing up, gotta get that mann.
    shes like 18.
    shes not little 13yr old miley stewrt from hannah montaana anymore.
    stop giving this girl shit, and maybe she wont be a lindsay or brittnay.
    c’mon peopleeee.