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Ricky Martin Hits Billboard Latin Music Awards

Ricky Martin Hits Billboard Latin Music Awards

Ricky Martin takes the stage at the 2010 Billboard Latin Music Awards at Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot on Thursday (April 29) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The is one of the first public appearances the 38-year-old singing sensation has made since publicly revealing that he’s gay (he received a standing ovation when he walked on stage).

During the ceremony, Ricky denounced the recent passing of a new Arizona Immigration Law, which allows local and state law enforcement to use racial and ethnic cues to profile individuals.

“It makes no sense,” Ricky said. “”Long live love, long live peace.”

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Credit: John Parra; Photos: Getty
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  • yeah

    Ricky Martin = Awesome!

  • YES!

    THANK YOU for Ricky Martin post – I love that man !!!


    This is a bad look for Puertoricans, heck the whole Latino community. In 300 years will any Latino be straight, what is with the Latin culture that makes men gay. Prob the women look like transvestites, who knows but it is a bad look.

  • here is video!

    Martin received a standing ovation when he walked on stage, making one of his first public appearances since announcing that he is gay.

  • #4

    Sorry, they have blocked all good quality videos :(

  • Lenny

    What are the immigration laws that are in Mexico? They are ten times worse than Arizona. Should we just open up the border and let all the illegal aliens in and just forget were a country of laws?

  • video
  • Emma

    @Lenny: No,
    but racism and discrimination shoudn’t be acceptable. That includes discrimination of gay people.

  • Dan

    @HAHAHA: You’re an IGNORANT BAS-TERD, don’t talk about the latin community like that standing for something so ignorant, nothing in the latin community make guys gay.

    Ricky is a ROLE MODEL, to all of gay kids out there showing that you can be successful, have a great career and BE GAY.

  • jen

    He looks happy, good for him

  • jen

    He seems happy, good for him!

  • Marco

    A role model would have come forward at the height of his career, not when its non-existent. he did it to rekindle it. uncourageous. he has served no justice for the gay community at all.

  • nosy question

    Does Ricky have a boyfriend?

  • gay pride

    @Marco: Are you gay?

  • Jen

    Ricky Martin is so awesome, he looked so great and happy. Also loved what he said about discrimination, he is so right.

  • Jamie

    He looks great!

  • Citronex

    So be it. If there is something in my culture that lets people be who they really are instead of feeling suppress, then we are doing something right.
    I’m a straight Hispanic male, but if I was gay, I would not be afraid to said it. Perhaps if I was of any other background it’ll be harder to come out.

  • melissa

    Arizona is taking drastic measures to get Washington’s attention, they are tired of Mexican drug cartels having open war in their streets, they are dominating cities on the border inside the US. They are doing what they have to do and even though some may not like it, it, it is the Mexicans that are causing this trouble and somebody has to be brave enough to make a stand and 70% of the people of Arizona back this law

  • melissa

    Ricky really does look happy, I am so glad that he finally found the inner strength to be true to himself, I think his career will take off.

  • missy

    What part of illegal don’t you little sheep get? They are coming over borders in the millions, taking our jobs, stealing, killing, destruction of property. are you all really so stupid you can’t tell the difference between people who are here legally and those who are just using our resources and killing people.

  • Tara

    @Citronex: I’m happy to hear that, but please don’t presume that you know how it feels to be gay or how it feels to be a second class citizen in the most democratic country in the world.

  • Barack Obama

    The recent legislation in Arizona threatens to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.
    April 24

  • Ricky ROCKS!!!

    Please remember that Ricky is a single father.
    No one was surprised with his coming out just because he was open about his kids in August 2008.

  • melissa

    Well then maybe Obama should do something about the border problem and stop telling Arizona not to.

  • melissa

    Fairness???? Is it fair that US citizens can’t walk down their street without the fear of gunfire by illegal drug cartels? Is it fair that innocent children are dying because of these illegals? Don’t talk about cherishing fairness, If you are not here legally, then get the hell out.

  • Kevin

    D O U C H E

  • melissa

    the only people this law should scare is the illegals and they should be scared. If your not illegal, then this law doesn’t effect you. But if not you are going to be caught. I am proud of Arizona for stepping up and having the guts to do this.

  • Kate

    @Kevin: Kevin,
    God hates homophobes.

  • Kevin

    @Kate: I’m GAY you dumbas..s!

  • well…

    Gays can be homophobes too.
    Did you see how many gays can’t be happy for Ricky and feel the need to trash him?

  • atrium


  • sigh

    Ricky Martin is adorable !!!

  • Kevin

    @well…: Can you tell me why he came out now when his career was dead and he had nothing to lose? He’s a cowardly douche in my opinion.

  • Inaru

    Awww! Ricky is gorgeous!

  • think again

    @Kevin: What are you talking about?!
    Ricky Martin took time to be with his babies, born in August 2008.
    Nothing to lose?
    Is that why there are thousands celebrities still in the closet?

  • CaSAndra

    Melissa needs to calm down alittle. LOl you’re overexaggerating about citizens getting killed by the illegals,etc. Yes we do need to control more the border the biggest problem being the DRUG CARTELS besides that what jobs are these people taking from you dumbass they do the crap that white people don’t want to do for minimum wage.

  • video
  • jfv

    correction: it is Puerto Rican not Puertorican…and we will NEVER feel ashamed of Ricky Martin…at least he is doing something good with his Foundation and active work!

  • new fan

    Ricky Martin is beautiful inside and out.

  • maria

    Is gay so w,,,, at least normal dresses and is not like some people who are painted as a clown and dress as women ,,,,People who are softened maybe are passed trough a situasion an equal or better alo like ricky martin and they do not have what it costs them is only bad for the poor talk about of ricky martin . Foulbrood counts is the heart you have is a good person and helps a lot to the people .

  • gay is ok

    “at least normal dresses and is not like some people who are painted as a clown and dress as women”
    Like Adam Lambert?
    We need to learn to love all good people.

  • Therese

    We, Puerto Ricans, recognize in Ricky Martin a great artist who has carried our flag around the World with great dignity. Has to know our culture and someone who has supported many causes in our country quietly. His sexual preference is something that anyone should care, because he sells tickets for their shows, not for privacy. Thanks Ricky, we are very proud of you. Blessings.

  • proud ex-fan


    please don’t talk in the name of all puerto ricans cuz not all of them are ricky martin fans.

  • http://@mymariemia mymarie

    I am really conflicted over this “coming out” I don’t know Ricky Martin, the person, I only know Ricky Martin the entertainer. So, for me to say I am happy for him would be disingenuous. I enjoyed him as an entertainer, I loved is videos, live shows, his singing and dancing. Everyone keeps saying they knew he was gay, great, I didn’t know and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think its any of my business. Everyone is applauding the fact that now after all these years he is finally coming out of the closet, a closet according to everyone had an open door, seeing that everyone already knew. Good for him . . To me Ricky Martin was a fantasy, a great looking guy who made hot videos with great looking women. As long as he continues to make those videos I will continue to be a Ricky Martin fan. The question is, will he, or is he going in a different direction… It seems to me after watching his videos and is definitely a great actor.

  • Chris Fitness Bike

    One of the most gorgeous men in the world!