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Rihanna: Sex Shop Visit!

Rihanna: Sex Shop Visit!

Rihanna keeps it super chic in a Burberry trenchcoat as she makes a few stops around Paris, France on Friday (April 30).

The 22-year-old “Hard” singer was spotted shopping at the Louis Vuitton boutique, having a delicious dinner at Italian restaurant Findi and then visiting sex shop “Toy’s Me.”

Rihanna is currently dating Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Matt Kemp.

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna‘s sex shop visit…

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rihanna sex shop 01
rihanna sex shop 02
rihanna sex shop 03
rihanna sex shop 04
rihanna sex shop 05
rihanna sex shop 06
rihanna sex shop 07
rihanna sex shop 08
rihanna sex shop 09
rihanna sex shop 10
rihanna sex shop 11
rihanna sex shop 12
rihanna sex shop 13
rihanna sex shop 14
rihanna sex shop 15

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  • Music2daSoul

    Shes a sloreee

  • change your hair gurl

    Not a fan of her voice but I just wanna say I love that she seems so happy these days. She is always smiling and that’s really nice to see in celebs. K, bye.

  • Kaique Alles

    OMG, she looks beautiful :D Riri rocks

  • Top Gun

    She has the best skin in Hollywood.

  • maison martin margiela

    Gorgeous as always. Keep being happy girlie.

  • Top Gun

    Time for some Rogaine though. Then she won’t have to rely on the ugly wigs.

  • Mike

    Looks like a dude with tits.

  • blue bear

    Her makeup looks much nicer here.
    Black lipstick doesn’t suit her.

  • salut

    Why is she attracted to men who hit women?

  • Weeds

    She needs neck reduction surgery.

  • eclipse

    Rihanna has a cute face but when she performs live her voice sounds horrible.

  • yuck

    I just do not think this chick is the least bit attractive! Yuck!

  • T

    Horrible hairstyle still………but nice jacket ~ I would invest in it if it weren’t for the folds near the hem

  • just me

    Is it just me,or does she resemble a younger Dionne Warwick?

  • LOL


  • nah

    @just me: it’s just the hair…

  • Prince

    Ugly tranny dates baseball player.
    Film at eleven.

  • beats

    @nah: And the face. She’s a dead ringer for Dionne Warwick.

  • repeat

    Rihanna has a Klingon head. She has to wear a big wig to cover that fivehead.

  • canuck

    This makeup is an improvement. Usually she’s made up like a clown.
    Now get rid of the two tone hair.
    A nice short bob in her natural colour would be a 100% improvement.

  • bodyguard?

    @T:LOL at that hand grabbing her?

  • etro

    The coat is pretty.
    Her outfit is not bad.
    Agree, the weave has go to go.





  • Pepsi

    Rihanna looks like she’s wearing a skunk on her head.

  • http://www. FelineFeatures

    I don’t particularly care for Rihanna – sometimes if her video comes on I’ll keep it, sometimes I’ll change the channel – I don’t understand the internet trolls c o n s t a n t l y hating on her. What did she actually do aside from be a bad live singer and having bad hair? Did she cheat on your partner? She’s not the most original or talented artist but she always comes across cute in interviews. Are you all Chris Brown fans? No, really?

  • Liv

    Could she stop trying to be so edgy all the time? It comes off as fake and desperate to distract us from her lack of talent.

  • samantha

    just when you think her hair can’t get worse…BAM! she keeps topping herself.

  • jmho

    @FelineFeatures: They’ve toned it down a bit but this blog tends to be Rihanna 24/7. Trust me, it gets really annoying to see this girl on here all day long when it comes at the expense of not seeing more talented artists. Her label is rumored to pay for posts.

    I think if they pared down the coverage, she’d be more popular.

  • DaLish

    @samantha: Is that her hair or a wig? Looks like a wig. not a good one.

  • Hannah

    @jmho: How is that any of her fault? Over-exposure is never in the hands of the celebrity, so I don’t understand your logic. I don’t think her management need to pay JJ to post about her but if they do, why would they hate on Rihanna for it? It’s not as if she’s going around punching people and being photographed, or going around getting drunk and drugged falling out of clubs, or going around shopping unemployed and getting paid for it – she is always working or organzing something for her friends, when she has free time, she spends it with her friends or bf or then goes shopping. She has never said a bad word about another celebrity which you should know is rare in the music biz. The comments are always about her appearance. If people were truly just sick of her they would be more along the lines of “stop posting about this girl” but the haters are hating for a reason, you can see they enjoy it. She never comes across like a horrible person so I think that is plain sad.

  • Jessie

    she is hot

  • dancer

    @Hannah: There are comments all the time asking JJ to stop posting about her but they don’t care. It’s the same as it was with Katie Holmes. They are definitely getting paid. She even thanked him in her acceptance speech at the Glamour Awards. Celebs don’t normally thank blogs particularly ones they’re not popular at. If she’s thanking a blog, she knows what’s going on.

    Overexposure can definitely be in the hands of the celebrity if they’re paying for it. It’s her fault and her her mgmt’s fault for bribing blogs to post stories about her. It’s just like people bribing for votes in an election. It gives the artist an unfair advantage over ones who aren’t willing to cheat or can’t afford to pay for fake publicity.

  • No Way

    @Jessie: That’s a Nottie not a Hottie.

  • Hannah

    @dancer: LOL at you putting Rihanna in the same sentence as brainwashed robot and bad mother Katie Holmes…umm ok. If a celebrity’s team was paying a blog to post about that celebrity – you’d think the celebrity would thank that blogger in private and **not** make a deal of it publicly. Isn’t Jared actual friends with Rihanna? Meaning he genuinely likes her? Lol Rihanna’s MGMT must be the most powerful and rich team in the world because there is not a single Gossip/Entertainment blog that does not post about her – from small sites to larger more visited ones. Whether she is popular on here or not, she is a relevant part of Pop Culture – blogs will continue posting about her until she suddenly becomes irrelevant, including this one. She’s still very relevant and still in the charts and still talked about. That’s how it works. And she is not harming anyone you know.

  • ……….

    @Liv: what about this outfit is ~edgy? just because someone likes a particular style means they are trying too hard to be ‘edgy’? how would you PREFER her to dress – in jogging bottoms? it’s not up to you anyway lol.

  • ME

    So sick of her. She should shave her head or wear a wig and get over herself.

  • p3rp3tu4

    Am thrilled she has a new beau & hopefully happy w/o that other whatshisnameneverbeinshowbusinessagainihope.

  • bajan


  • American

    @dancer: Good post!

  • American

    @Hannah: Why shouldn’t Rihanna be in the same sentence as Holmes? They’re both limited in talent and have probably gotten as far as the have because of their looks. Not to mention the incessant posts we’ve seen about them both for the past year where they’re hardly doing anything but shopping and eating. I think some have even described Rihanna as the new Katie Holmes of Just Jared.

    I’ve never heard anything about Jared being friends with Rihanna. If they were friends and hanging out, you’d think he’d get more exclusives and he probably would have uploaded photos of them together on his twitter like he’s done for other actors and singers.

    Why would a celebrity thank a blogger period let alone in private?That’s a very strange thing to do. It’s also free publicity for a site giving her excessive coverage and let’s face it, we’re not dealing with the brightest group. You don’t see Rihanna thanking Perez Hilton who’s also a big fan? But Perez doesn’t give Rihanna the amount of coverage Jared does.

    Rihanna doesn’t get the amount of coverage she gets at Just Jared on other blogs. Sure, other sites cover her but this is the most extensive blog, aside from a fan site, for Rihanna news and pictures. When you look at the amount of replies she gets, it’s very imbalanced against her popularity and celebrity. She gets more coverage than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt but nowhere near the amount of comments.

    Agree, there is some sort of kickback thing occurring and truly talented artists are the ones being harmed.

  • Rihanna Visiting Sex Shop
  • xposed

    The coat is great but her hair looks fake.
    Is that real or a weave?

  • web design

    Not a problem with that, she have needs too.

  • AutumnM

    Rihanna looks beautiful! I want her coat

  • tal


  • JK


    dont hate playa hates

  • Genesis

    Order online next time, so much more discrete.
    But yes, she does look pretty.

  • Lena

    she looks like she’s in a magazine ad or something when she’s just walking down the street.

  • Jessie

    @ xposed

    It’s a weave. Hard to believe that even the little piece of hair on the top is fake, eh?