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Sex and the City 2: New Movie Poster!

Sex and the City 2: New Movie Poster!

A new movie poster has been released for Sex and the City 2, which opens nationwide on May 27th.

Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis are all back for the sequel.

Question: What did the movie studio do to Samantha’s face? It looks nothing like her! For some reason, I do see a little Rachel McAdams. Don’t ask me why, that’s just what I see!

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sex and the city 2 poster 01
sex and the city 2 poster 02
sex and the city 2 poster 03

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  • MM

    toooootally rachel mcadams

  • John

    …Because the real Samantha is hideous?

  • mimi235

    you are totally right Jared !! LOL
    I can’t wait to see the movie :)

  • kitkat

    It’s true…she doesn’t look real!! Too much photoshop!!
    Sara Jessica Parker looks also weird…
    I’m sorry but Kim Carttral is 54 and this is what it is…Trying to make her looks like 38 it’s wrong. She will look like someone else for sure…

  • patty

    yeah you’re not the only one jared..cause right when i looked at the picture i thought it was rachel.

    nice comment john haha.

  • D

    I completely agree with you so Rache McAdams it’s scary!

  • michelle

    i was totally thinking the Rachel McAdams thing before I read that comment Jared!

  • WW

    airbrushed poster, but I’ll still watch the movie!

  • Josie

    lol i bet rachel mcadams will look at the poster and go “WTF am I doing there?”

  • elisilla

    This is so WRONG!!! They should fire the person who did that! Kim Catrall looks like Rachel McAdams and SJP looks 20 years younger….

  • Katrina

    At least they made Samantha look pretty. Carrie just looks weird! Those eyes are insane!

  • Saudia

    lol the only normal one is Miranda!! Photoshop fail! I also see Rachel McAdams! lol .. this movie looks good though :D

  • Josh

    Hahahahaha it’s VERY Rachel McAdams era Mean Girls

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    ….ahahahahahahahahahahaaa.. this poster has been getting ripped on all day by every blogger on the net.

  • mailey

    wow, SJP is so ugly.

  • Annabelle

    Photoshoped old hags. Even the movie is “fixed” so they don’t look as bad.

  • erinini

    yeah!! i thought it was rachel mcadams too!

  • http://justjared deke

    This is just wrong!

  • Emilie

    Kristin and Cynthia look normal. They f**ked with Sarah-Jessica and Kim (Oh My God!). I wonder what the rest of the cast thought when they looked at the amount of “creative license” the photoshop guys took with her face!

    Definitely looks like a rough cut and paste job from Rachel McAdams. That was my first impression when looking at the pic (before I saw the comment!). Secondly I thought they have f**ked with SJP’s face to make her eyes stand out over her nose. Epic Fail.

    What’s the point of doing that to their faces?! To sell more tickets? Um no…. we already KNOW what they really look like!!

  • alex p

    wow.. too much photoshop.. we all know how they really really look like, so whats the point? that’s ridiculous…

  • sad but true….

    I feel sorry for SJP because it doesn’t matter how much you airbrush her, you still can’t make her look attractive these days…..age has caught up with her but she’s still wonderful as Carrie.

  • julie

    The bad thing is, they’re getting WAY too old for this sparkly SATC fun. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch the movie and I’m looking forward, but they made Kim look like Rachel and SJP looks like her nose is gonna fly off her face. I think she’s lovely, I think they all are but they’re getting too old for this stuff and therefore they need (too)much more photoshop. Make SATC2 be the LAST ONE of the installments!!!!!!

  • ashley

    looks like rachel!!

  • http://Dee Dee

    That’s what I was thinking… looks alot like Rachel McAdams. Don’t know why they had to “fix” Kim’s face, when now that doesn’t even look like her… I mean people are going to see Kim’s face in the movie anyway. Weird….

  • Macchiato

    ohhh holy photoshop

  • Lilah

    Do you think SJP photoshopped Kim’s face?

  • andres

    Kim is so beutiful.. they dont need to this whit thoses pics..

  • kara

    The digital artist worked hard on Photoshop and even with a lot of airbrushed work, Sarah Jessica Parker is still ugly

  • Vanessa Taylor

    Don’t be mean , Kim is beautiful .
    I agree that SJP is not but she has good taste

  • david

    this is realllly cute but it’s too airbrushed :(
    I LOVE my girls.

  • Ravynwolfe

    The photoshop is likely up to the publicist not the actors. Nothing wrong with their own ages and they are not getting “too old” for this. For what? sex? boyfriends? romance? That’s sad to believe that when you get to a certain age you aren’t allowed to have romance or sex anymore. I think they are all vibrant and beautiful ladies and I wish that people would allow them to be themselves instead of Hollywood plastic. We have racism,sizism we need ageism too? allow them to be whatever they are. I’m more bugged that they went to Dubai in a country that still treats women badly. Go ladies! I love ya!

  • Sophia

    Wow. I didn’t know Rachel McAdams had replaced Kim Cattrall hahaha Man that’s photoshoped way too much!

  • CanadaGirl

    I’m so over this series.

  • Sophia

    Haha I thought “Whoa, Rachel McAdams?” the second I saw that poster, without even reading the comment. Funny :)

  • Sophia

    PS Um, Charlotte looks drugged?

  • Jay

    They need to shoot Sex & the city 3 RIGHT NOW! some of the ladies are not getting any younger, Miranda & Charlotte look fine, Sam & Carrie don’t !

  • Connie

    OMG i am so glad you said it cos when i looked at it thats exactly what i thought. i was literally like “oh i didnt know Rachel McAdams is going to be in Sex and the City 2″ … now i dont feel as silly!

  • Amy Seeker

    I can’t wait, they ar ehot, hockeydatingsite

  • Jeff

    That photoshopping is unforgivable.

  • Lupe Fuentes

    Sex and the city is the best TV serial which I have ever seen. I have to admit that I can’t wait till this movie will be released! I really like Jessica Parker because she is the perfect woman! Thanks for these great news by the way.