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Taylor Swift: CoverGirl's New Face!

Taylor Swift: CoverGirl's New Face!

Taylor Swift is the new face for CoverGirl‘s yet-to-be-revealed product line, which will debut next year.

“I’m a huge makeup junkie,” the 20-year-old country cutie tells WWD. “[I opt for] anything sparkly or bright colored or shiny. I like a natural look in my everyday life, when I’m going to the grocery store or hanging out at my house in Nashville. When I go on stage, I get to play with my look…You get to play around with all these different characters, and I think that’s one of my favorite things about makeup – you can put on a new character.”

Previous CoverGirls include Queen Latifah, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres and Dania Ramirez.

Easy, breezey, beautiful CoverGirl!

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32 Responses to “Taylor Swift: CoverGirl's New Face!”

  1. 1
    NEXT Says:


  2. 2
    marie Says:

    if she likes to play around with makeup, then why does she always look the same???? i mean the makeup always looks the same to me

  3. 3
    Jessie Says:

    I luv Taylor, what a good role model

  4. 4
    Anon Says:

    I wouldn’t buy anything TS is selling…she’s a has been. She cannot sing, newsflash the girl is not that pretty.

  5. 5
    lol Says:

    @Dickie: You mean she’s not a virgin????????

  6. 6
    lucy Says:

    it would be interesting to know if she’s a virgin…

  7. 7
    Alex Says:

    @lucy: I’m kind of thinking she is one. After all she dated Joe Jonas……

    She’s also dated younger man Taylor Lautner, but the idea of them getting busy is just too gross for me to imagine; therefore I’ll pretend that they only held hands.

  8. 8


  9. 9
    zena Says:

    Figures. This girl wears wayyyyy too much makeup every single time you see a picture of her, so she’d more than likely make a good spokesmodel for it.

  10. 10
    Ms Anonymous Says:


    She can sing, she always looks good and you need to stop being jealous. Leave her personal life alone too.

  11. 11
    Venom Says:

    Most beautiful woman ever.

  12. 12
    .......... Says:

    @Ms Anonymous: She can’t sing. Looks are personal preference but her live singing – errr that’s not even debatable lol.

  13. 13
    ME Says:

    She can’t sing. She should stick with comedy.

  14. 14
    D Says:

    She has like the entire world of Country music on her side, all of Middle America, old pervy men, young teenie girls and hormonal boys, is her own boss and manages her band…..kudos to her I guess. She’s doing something with her life despite her questionable vocal talent. She does have some star quality for her age. /not a fan.

  15. 15
    sara Says:

    I don’t hate her or anything but she looks like a squinty rabbit :P My brother fancies the pants of her …..apparently she’s one of those girls most guys have a secret or not so secret crush on. hahahaha she is leggy but I just don’t see it wtv lol

  16. 16
    amy Says:

    these commenters suck. Taylor is probably one of the nicest girls in the business and all the jealous freaks come out of the woodwork to bash her. Well Taylor must be doing something right because people who are not successful or not as successful hate to see someone nice make it. Kudos to Taylor Swift for being true to herself and not becoming a carbon copy of all the train wreck young females in Hollywood.

  17. 17
    NICE Says:

    @amy: Do you know her?

  18. 18
    lucy Says:

    @Alex: yeah you’re right

  19. 19
    gorgeousday Says:

    Taylor has the most beautiful face. Her skin is flawless. I think it is awesome that she is the new covergirl. I love this girl.

  20. 20
    melissa Says:

    To all of the haters, you are jealous because Taylor is absolutely gorgeous and you all are nothing but a bunch of ugly fatties sitting behind your computers. I think it is funny when someone is gorgeous and successful in life, the ugly green eyed monsters come out.

  21. 21
    saphire Says:

    @melissa: Okaaaaaaay. Not loving someone means you’re jealous of them lol. Don’t let snarky comments get to you, there is not a single post on here without at least 1 ‘negative’ comment, it’s just the internet : ) And I’ve never seen any spiteful comments on Taylor on here. Comments like “yawn” and “but her makeup alwaaaays looks the same” and “she can’t sing” shouldn’t even bother you. If they do, that’s a little weird but you’re obv. an invested/attached fan so I understand where you’re comning from – I have my own fave artists. Personally I find her songs and voice very annoying. Does that make me fat and jealous lol. I adore so many successful gorgeous girlies so stop with the crazy envy attack. I’m not hating on her, this post is a little boring, just promotion.

  22. 22
    Tihomir Za. Magazini Says:

    I wonder if this product line will be successful and whether it will be sold at a profit shops and retailers .. in this situation.

  23. 23
    Jesse Says:

    I think she is very ugly

  24. 24
    Why? Says:

    Taylor likes to tweet to young fans that she uses “Sharpie” pens as eyeliner (from on an airplane) for attention. Real maturity for a 20 year old.

  25. 25
    MollyMakeout Says:

    I think she’s fake… but that sort of goes without saying. Anyone who thinks that a nearly 21-year-old actually acts this “sweet” and “innocent” in real life needs to have their brain checked. Oh and on the virgin thing (I’m not saying this is true) but the ~rumor in 07 was that she lost it to Martin Johnson from BLG and they both wrote songs alluding to it.

  26. 26
    wildcats Says:

    i love her! She is such a sweet girl and an AMAZING performer!! I’ve seen her twice in concert and it was flawless! Finally someone who truly is wholesome and real!! go taylor! wahoo!

  27. 27
    lol Says:

    @MollyMakeout: taylor has never talked about her sex life and has never said she is a virgin. she is a beautiful young talented lady! who acts age appropriate! guess a lot of you don’t remember being 20!!!!!! it is a fun time! i am glad that young girls and young men can have a role model that shows them:that you don’t have to drink, have a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy, and etc to be in or happy. i don’t think taylor has the best voice however her song writing is what the youth love. – her lyrics speak to them and their world! and her message is positive! so why negative? answer to why? silly and fun! something youth and some time old folks do! doesn’t have to be for attention – really not a bad idea – the pen would be easy to control to make! last longer too! lol

  28. 28
    Amy Seeker Says:

    she is pretty

  29. 29
    karen Says:

    Exactly Saphire – I agree. Just because somebody doesn’t love ever-so-precious taylor swift, does not make them envious of her. She does SEEM like a nice girl, but she also has a weird look about her – its those teeth! I always think of a rabbit when I see her (although I kind of like her squinty eyes – but not the sharpie eyeliner). That’s right Melissa – I don’t thinks she’s attractive – but there are plenty of beautiful, talented celebs that I absolutely love and respect. Taylor swift does not happen to be one of them. And that’s my opinion – and I can ASSURE u that I’m not fat or ugly – far from (although Melissa did seem a little hesitant to say anything about anyone’s looks – could it be because she herself is hideous? Perhaps living vicariously through a teeny-bopper-bunny that she doesn’t even know?). And TS is also annoyingly good-two-shoed. I’m not saying she should be out acting like a ***** – but it just seems too fake. Nobody is that sweet all the time – unless they have had a partial lobotomy. So whether she is fake or just REALLY stupid – its still annoying. But she’s still young – maybe she’ll grow out of that naiveté – and maybe in the process will grow INTO those teeth.

  30. 30
    tagstillads Says:

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  31. 31
    tay Says:

    I never used to like Taylor because I thought she was too nice and lame BUT she is actual gorgeous and talented. I know where theres fan theres always hater but come on take a step back whats there actually to hate? That she seems to nice? That she is ‘ugly’ That she ‘can’t sing’ lol ha all these things aren’t true or she wouldn’t be who is she today. You can have a personal opinion but to be honest why waste your time hating on people! Theres no point?

  32. 32
    sara Says:

    i wouldn’t buy cover girl becasue of ts and my grandma said that ts knows she don’t use that cheaper make up and ts is not that pretty its just to put her name and face on it to sale it .

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