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Zac Efron: 'Charlie St. Cloud' Pushed Up to July 30!

Zac Efron: 'Charlie St. Cloud' Pushed Up to July 30!

Zac Efron makes a quick phone call outside of a studio in West Hollywood on Thursday (April 29).

The 22-year-old actor, who wore a Black Eyed Peas t-shirt, has some news – the release of his film, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, has been pushed up to July 30.

That’s the same day girlfriend Vanessa HudgensBeastly comes out!

If you missed it, check out an MTV Movie Awards promo starring Zac and Kristen Bell here!

FYI: Zac is wearing AllSaints Double Zip Hi-Top sneakers and a John Varvatos ‘Black Eyed Peas’ Grammy t-shirt!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron taking a phone call…

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zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 01
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 02
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 03
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 04
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 05
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 06
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 07
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 08
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 09
zac efron phone black eyed peas shirt 10

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  • PP

    UGLY face

  • Lilah

    Unlike the rest of his High School Musical alumnus, this guy actually has potential.

  • gracemarie


    What a silly statement:

    Corbin has had he’s run on Broadway in” In The Heights” extended – he’s playing to sell out crowds

    Vanessa: Let’s see – Showest, Beastly, Rent, Sucker Punch – someone thinks she has potential

    Lucas: not only acting but producing as well – was also in Milk

    Where have you been?

  • Tiptoes

    I have read the book and I am looking forward to the movie version.

    Hope we see new promo stills soon!

  • Malia

    Wonder if CSC will REALLY open on July 30th or if this is a marketing ploy to create some media hype for the movie???? You know, to get people talking? We haven’t yet seen a trailer.

  • omg

    He looks bad without the stache and why is he getting a double chin??

  • Tiptoes

    I don’t think the release date will be moved again.

    There is still a good three months to churn out a decent promotion. No doubt Zac will be at the forefront of promoting the movie just like 17 Again. I expect Amanda to be promoting in Canada as she is Canadian.

  • vfan

    Ugh! Whatever, I am still gonna go and see Beastly! V rocks. :)

  • kira

    that’s my birthday:) i turn 15

  • kate

    Zac looks good and i am sure this will be fine with the same release date as beastly.

    if you are a true ZV fan then you will probably go see both movies which i intend to do because in the UK they are not out on the same day.

    If however you are only a fan of one of them then you would not be going to the other anyway. so what does it matter.

  • birdie

    This sucks Universal :(. I will definately see both films since I support
    both Zac and Vanessa. As far as the Box Office this a lose/lose situation since it will hurt both films when they both has a chance to be #1. I guess this happens sometimes in the industry but it just a big Bummer.

  • ehryle

    As long as Zac and Vanessa are the lead cast of the movies still I will watch it both whether it is in the same date of showing…

    Goodluck!! Zac and Vanessa more blessings to come!

  • mandy


  • babayv

    soo hot *___*
    beastly. yeah. The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

    and his shirt♥

  • Dee

    In all honesty I don’t see either movies being number 1 at the box office. But if I had to pick one to go see it would be ‘Charlie St. Cloud’ I read the book ‘Beastly’ and that’s good enough for me.

  • kgg

    @mandy: Don’t be so tough on yourself…..even if others think you’re overrated, you can still pull it together. LOL

  • http://j ivanka

    i’ll see both movies:)

  • athena

    Wow, I can see Hollywood making their moves now…oh boy, will they ever stop! Well, I know I’ll see CSC before I’d see Suckerpunch. Although, I’ll eventually get around to seeing the film…I wish them both the best on opening night…maybe the premieres will be on separate days. Most likely I’ll wait for V’s movie to come out on DVD.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Malia

    The paps can’t get close enough to Zac to get clear shots anymore. These are all very blurry. Wonder how far away they were?

  • claudia

    yep, that’s bad…but vanessa sucks and so does beasty, it sounds very boring…
    I have read the book of Charlie St. Cloud and Oh My Goodness!…it’s sooo awesome!!!!!!…
    If you don’t want to see the movie, ok, but the book you have to read it…but it would be awesome if you see the movie haha…
    I’ll see Charlie St. Cloud!..of course!

  • roadhouse

    Delightfully interesting.

  • roadhouse

    Delightfully interesting.

  • roadhouse

    Delightfully interesting.

  • lilly

    I think it’s awful that they are releasing DALOCSC on the same day as Beastly. It certainly will hurt both films. It shows a total disregard for the feelings of the fans. And it shows a total disrespect for Zac and for his relationship with Nessa. It’s mean and mean spirited. Put yourself in their place. They want their own project to do well, and they want to support the other as well. How would you feel if you had to compete directly with your significant other? It’s terrible.

  • e

    really Ugly~~~

  • Mona

    Not sure what the thinking is behind releasing CSC on the same day as Beastly. I think CSC has a more interesting storyline, and would prefer to see it on the big screen rather than Beastly.

  • suzy

    They don’t have the exact same target demographic and it is possible for the zanessa fans to see both films at some point.

  • tenamoore

    If am being honest i would go and see Zac’s movie becasue i have been waiting for it longer but am sure Vs will be great for her :)

  • Tiptoes

    Just a question:

    Do you know of any other Hollywood couple, who are have dated or dating at the time, have their movies release on the same weekend or day?

    I only know of ex-couples like Brad and Jen movies coming out during Christmas.


  • Tiptoes

    new still from CSC – scroll down

  • http://google BARBARA

    I’m so disappointment in Universal, i beleieve they think CSC, will win the weekend against Beastly, thats really sad, because the both movies are really are going to lose in the long run. It is a lose, lose situation. Vanessa, and Zac support each other, so i support both of them so i’m going to see both there movies. Universal really sinks, thats why they put Zac’s movie against Vanessa’s movie, they beleieve Zac is more liked than Vanessa, it is all about money and not about how good Zac’s acting is. That is really sad. It is your choice if you don’t go to one or the other movies, but if miss one of them it will be your lose, you will not see how much there acting has improve, and how they are growing as actors. I know Zac and Vanessa would like you to support both of them. If you are a true fan, you will. I am.

  • wildcats

    Definately seeing his movie over Vanessa’s!!

  • Emma

    Beastly best

  • Ahley

    @BARBARA: I do not consider zac’s acting good

  • Roy

    Does anyone know the brand for the jacket he’s wearing? Thanks!

  • Roy

    Does anyone know the brand for the jacket he’s wearing? Thanks!

  • evon

    @vfan: vanessa bitch

  • http://google BARBARA

    @AHLEY, Your entile to your opinion, But if you are going on only HSM, i’ve seen Zac on TV and 17, Orsan Wells and the crtics said Zac did very great in his

    @ Ahley, you are intitle to your a opinion, I think and the critics think he a good actor, and i think the critics know more than the both of us, i saw 17, i thought towards the end of the movie, he had a seen in the court house pleading with his wife, not to leave him, it was a very emotion seen, that Zac did very well,also Orson Wells he did very well,even the critics, gave him high praise, and Zac is just going to get better, in very role he takes, thats why Zac and Vanessa want to try different roles to keep growing, as actors, and they are growing up, they are not teenagers, any more, they young adults. I respect their matured, ways of dealing with their work,and their relationship, their beyond their, their ages. I admire them both and they work very hard, and they give there very best, I support them both and i will see there movies the same weekend, i want to see how much they are growing as actors.Both movies, are going to be good, so you will not lose if you see them both. God Bless them both always.

  • wildcats

    @tiptoes beautiful! thanks!

  • jamie

    i believe CSC will beat beastly on the BO by miles. it’s not even a compitition considering that CSC is gonna’ OUTPERFORM bestly. i mean, c’mon, he’s zac efron!!!!!!! 17 again was no.1 and hairspray was a massive hit in my country! and anyway, beastly will probobly be another bomb for her just like bandslam was. no effense to V!!

  • V love

    beastly victory

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Jamie, Know one knows for sure, how it will come out CSC, has not come out with a trailer yet, one still is not enough, Beastly has been selling BEASTLY,since last year, and the last trailer, came out was very good, just a couble weeks ago, i saw the new trailer, when i saw Jennifer lopez movie a week a half ago, and my son who is 37 wants too see it and several people i work with at my two jobs are going to see it, plus there are alot of Patrick Harris fans, and Alex P. fans, he’s very good looking, He and Vanessa won The Show West for best actress and Best Actor of the future, Zac went with her and said He’s Honnor to be with her and she is amazing, he got to see her film, also all the theater owners and Directors love the movie, thats why they won.I’m going to see both movies that weekend, because i support them both, and by the way a valet, parking Zac’s car several times, instead of tipping the guy, he twitted Zac gave him tickets for his girlfriend movie, he is so sweet. I hope it ties.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Jamie, SUMMIT, who did not promote the movie Bandslam did not promote the movie enough and sole the movie like a HSM, which it was not anything like HSM, the crtics, liked the movie, and gave Vanessa high marks for her part as Sam5, they critize Summit for not promoting the movie enough and want the movie was really about. Beastly is and getting promoting very well. Like i said before Universal makes this move a no win situation.

  • …….

    @BARBARA:good job

  • Mandy

    @BARBARA: Where did you hear that he gave his girlfriend’s movie ticket

  • http://google BARBARA

    @Mandy, I saw the twitter on Zacs fan forum, under live and love, this last saturday. they always show great pictures of Zac and Vanessa, all the time

  • Emma

    @evon:Shut up”

  • http://google BARBARA

    I just read on sweetheart blog, that CSC is going back to Vancover to film some more scenes for CSC.

  • RickenBacker Bass

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