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Adam Lambert: YRB Magazine Man

Adam Lambert: YRB Magazine Man

Adam Lambert slicks his hair to the side in this glam new shot from photog Mike Ruiz for YRB Magazine.

“Off to Helsinki!!!” the 28-year-old American Idol vet tweeted a few hours ago. Finland, here comes Adam!

He was last spotted leaving the Energy (NRJ) radoio station in Berlin, Germany. Adam has been in Europe promoting his latest album, For Your Entertainment.

Styling by Darius Baptist, grooming by Roberto Morelli, hair by Davide Torchio for Cloutier Agency.

More pics of Adam‘s glam photo shoot at!

Just Jared on Facebook
adam lambert yrb magazine 01
adam lambert yrb magazine 02

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  • black

    ——-Here, in this picture, with the clothes and all, he very much reminds me of G-Dragon from BIG BANG.————–

  • Wicked Glitter

    Beautiful picture of Adam(of course), but this isn’t new. Adam is in ‘People’ magazine as being one of the most beautiful people in the world. No shit!

  • James

    Mike Ruiz is epic!

  • Wicked Glitter

    I can’t believe you just censored out the word s**t from my comment. I quess you are more out of date than I realized.

  • III

    Mike Ruiz tweeted: “Adam Lambert. one of the coolest people I’ve worked with in a long time, hysterical sense of humor!”

  • Khloé

    @Wicked Glitter: Number what? It censored?

  • Marilyn

    It’s a great picture. I’ve heard it is in the YRB magazine so I will have to buy it. Thanks. Mike Ruiz is a great photographer and Adam Lambert is very photogenic.

  • http://TWITTER.COM/J1peter J1Peter

    AWESOME but more importantly Lambo’s going to be a interviewed on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

  • http://TWITTER.COM/J1peter J1Peter

    RT @Wossy Next week Jake Gylenhaal and Adam Lambert and Alan Sugar and Kevin Bridges + The Drums. All great guests !!

  • http://TWITTER.COM/J1peter J1Peter

    [ May 7th ] JRoss is the largest late-night Talk Show over here. He had RDJ and Gwyneth P on last week.

  • Aquired

    Ruiz is a genius. And he looks hot.

  • J1Peter

    (by over here I obviously mean the UK where JRoss’s show is filmed and aired)

  • People

    Adam Lambert made People magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful list:

  • riley

    @People: So pretty. I screencapped from the video :)

  • riley
  • riley
  • lilyx

    Beautiful glamorous pics! Soo happy & excited I got tickets to see Adam at the Nokia in NY this morning!!!

  • WAX

    @Star: MORON troll the whole concept of this shoot was STATUES. I don’t know how ugly you are (probably very) but you have such a hideous, unattractive fugly personality. Even if Adam ever gets ugly he will have more beauty [success and talent] than you in his little finger. You can’t buy and fake inner beauty.

  • YYYs

    I really really really like his UK Bonus track

  • YYYs

    As well as this Bonus track, both so good though I love Soaked and Broken Open and Pick You Up and Fever from the album just as much. He doesn’t have one bad/skip track except maybe the Linda Perry song which is very floaty and sleepy but still solid

  • T3

    Fabulous. I’m suprized Ruiz didn’t cake or dress Adam up more, usually his subjects look like dolls – but that’s the point, that’s always been Ruiz’s style. I love brilliant photographers.

  • Lenny

    Boy has the music business gone to hell. Men wearing more eye makeup than women and nail polish. God, has men turn soft and pityful. Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley and Sam Cooke are probably turnover in their graves. What’s next?

  • Celeste

    Très belle!!

  • http://www. Bjorkson

    I love what Adam said about living in Colonial times when men would cake powder on, wear heels, eccentric outfits and yet their masculinty was never questioned. He is so f-n in tune with himself. No wonder the entire IHouse always speak so fondly of him, every one of them. He has so much warmth, always keeps it real and is so good natured. And no wonder he admitted he would go into Psychology if he wasn’t doing Arts/Entertainment.

  • TheWho

    @Lenny: Elvis the dude who wore more makeup than everyone else is turning over in his grave? You do know Lisa and Priscilla are FANS of Adam’s, right?

    Adam lambert has friends and fans in: Brian May, Slash, Steven Spielberg, Monte Pittman, Brian Ray + Paul McCartney’s band, Steven Tyler, Tim Burton, Muse, Demi Moore, Joe McHale, Rob Marshall, Madonna, Rivers Cuomo, Selena Williams, Gaga, Max Martin, Amy Adams, Lisa and Priscilla Presley, Justin Hawkins, Pink, Tegan & Sara, Linda Perry, Sam Sparro, Smokey Robinson, Gary Jules, Carmit Bachar, Ben Barnes, Rob Halford, Dita Von Teese, Robbie Williams, Evan Rachel Wood, Marilyn Manson, The Scissor Sisters, Stephen Fry, Max Martin, Rob Cavallo………goes on for days.

    LED freaking ZEPPELIN cleared their song for the first time in History when they heard him sing. “We were interested to hear his take on the song, he is ridiculously creative and his voice is impressive. We knew he wouldn’t slaughter the track like so many have done before him. We were right. He did it more than justice in the 90 secs they gave him.”

    Curt Smith:
    “Lambert is an unintentional pioneer. He already has and is breaking down so many boundaries — and doesn’t even realize it, because he’s just being himself.”

    Brian May of Queen:
    “I have to say I was completely blown away. I am not kidding. I’m not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists…but Adam’s voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. This kid’s talent is endless, it’s insane. Few are built, driven, talented, creative, authentic enough and destined to become what we call Iconic. To become even a modern-day icon is difficult and takes a lot. But Adam Lambert is one of them. He is already on his way there.”

    MCho: “Adam Lambert has such a rock n roll free-spirit, I love that! I respect anyone who dares to dare and marches to the beat. He is bringing male sexuality and personality back to the charts, he’s electric.”

    Rob Halford: “Firstly, thank God for Adam Lambert. We need someone like him in the Gay and Music community. His voice can do many things.”

    Not one of the icons mentioned above even know your names. When you’re in Adam’s place, someone may actually take you seriously. So
    Why ARE you trolls so obsessed with Adam? You ALWAYS manage to make yourselves look like fools. Well done.

  • Leila, 23 London

    @People: I love that they gave him a (flamboyant) cock [atoo] to pose with hahahaha

  • Leila, 23 London

    * c.o.c.k atoo :)

  • GChelsea

    @J1Peter: Dude that is freaking amazing!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for Wossy to meet Adam LOL. And Jake whaaaaaaaaat!!? Too much adorable fabulous talent in one show won’t even lie.

  • WalkTheLine

    @Lenny: Boy has the human race gone to Hell because of bigoted facists like you.

    “Discrimination, though it’s usually minor, is a fact of his life: Just the other day, a chauffeur told him that he had no problem with him, “‘because at least you’re not girly.’” Lambert shudders. “Man, it’s so ignorant,” he says. “Why can’t some men have strong feminine sides? Does that make them less of a man? I don’t know why our society has such an emphasis on masculinity and femininity — it’s really gross. I don’t think you’re truly comfortable in your own skin until you don’t care about all that.

    I think masculinity and femininity is something that’s very old fashioned. Genres and labels are old news. Genres are a thing of the past. I don’t believe in genres.

    ['He says his masculine side is as big as his feminine one. Interesting, I think, since “our” community often puts campness very low on the list of attractive qualities']

    Adam: “Yes, it’s interesting. You always have to be one or the other in the gay community! You’re either masculine or feminine, top or bottom. There’s no in between. In LA it’s a little different. As a guy, you can be wearing girl jeans and high heels and still be dominant and intense and masculine and threatening, if you want to be. I had many people to identify with when I started going out, not everything was as black and white. I created my own identity.”

    You’ll never be a pioneer of any sort if you stick to the rules and walk miles away or next to the line. As Curt said AL is an UNintentional pioneer because he has and continues to break so many boundaires —– by. just. being. his. fabulous. self.

  • For Your Entertainment

    Gotta admit I find him more entertaining than 90% of the celebrities on here. I will admit I’ve only seen like 2 of his live performances and heard his WWFM and FYE + now the two links posted on p1. Not sure why I’ve not paid much attention to him I guess because of the Idol connection. His voice is so nice. What is his vocal range? Cheers in advance

  • Kat

    He has a perfect nose and beautiful eyes.


    @Star: No matter what you look like you seem pretty ugly inside.

  • hmm

    @Lenny: Adam Lambert with his makeup and nail polish is more man than you and a lot of boys in this world who think that masculinity is measured by how many women you sleep with could ever be. So, please STFU.

  • Jory

    So Gorgeous <3 I L

  • Jory

    So Gorgeous <3 I Love How he experience all styles and fit them all and the result is just breathtaking.

  • fan4life

    What a MAN!!!
    Adam I love you…can’t wait till your tour this summer!

  • Wicked Glitter

    @Khloé: My comment is #2, and they blocked out the word s**t. I just thought it was kinda silly.

  • Mari

    He looks like a doll here. Pretty.

  • Wicked Glitter

    @Star: Too bad the only time you will ever be a star is when you use the word as a screen name. Adam is gorgeous, talented, charismatic, sweet, and honest. He is something you wil never be in real life, a star.

  • kms

    @For Your Entertainment – producer Rob Cavallo has stated that Adam can sing every note on the guitar, which would put him around 4 octaves. There are plenty of vids on Youtube where he’s been documented to hit Bb5.

  • JJ

    @Lenny: I happened to have clicked onto this site when I’m rather exhausted – so I really don’t have the energy to give you a long list of “straight” music artists who have worn makeup over the last 20 years or so… but there are tons – and many hard rockers and metal guys etc. I couldn’t even count on one hand the number of guys who wear at least eye makeup of some sort for all their appearances. Not that it’s even necessary to offer up any defense…I don’t care if there weren’t ANY other examples of straight and so-called masculine music artists wearing makeup and such today – Lambert is so freaking hot it’s criminal. Damn, if some of these hater peeps just took a little time and tried to find out why so many men and women find Adam Lambert so incredibly sexy, they would sooooooooo benefit… I know my significant other has! You’re missing a golden opportunity here Lenny… can only guess at your age from the artists you mentioned in your comment…but if you still have intimacy in your life friend, you really ought to think through just why so many people are so turned on by Adam Lambert, it might be well worth your while.

  • Dwayne

    he has balls and just f********* goes for it. homeboy doesnt fear anything,if he does he doesnt show it. i think him n his voice are DOPE i dig his style n respect his mission talent

  • mofo

    Posting from my Uni campus – bought a gorgeous Netbook today :D

    Speaking of gorgeous I love this beautiful man sfm. Gorgeous INSIDE OUT and his voice is just pure absolute S E X. He is here to STAY butthurt stans of other Idols less successful, popular and still stuck in the Idol bubble (love Kris & Alli jsyk), bigots, facists, homophobes (gay, straight and asexual), general pathetic haters who really should have done something about their obsession and insecurities by now – all of you SUCK IT : )

    He is respected from respected musicians, he is SO hardworking, he is gracious, he is fun, he is awesome and wonderful to his friends, family, co-workers, band members, interviewers, fans, everyone he meets even if they are not classy in their approach. If they’re obnoxious and pushy he is firm but remains kind, if they’re douchy, he will call them out on it politely and make them realise how offensive and ignorant they are being with calm words. If they are snarky, he will out-snark them so hilariously whilst still somehow managing to remain good humored. If they are sad, he always manages to cheer them up, if they are anxious or star struck he makes them feel comfortable in less than a min. If they are positive, he responds with even more positivity. He is fierce sunshine personified.

    He’s been working for this for over a Decade from the Underground Alt Vintage Club and Rock scene upwards to where he is now ~ at the start of his career.

    I just admire his life philosophy so much. You only live once, live life every second of the day, share Love not Hate, put 100% into your everyday life and 200% into your work. He deserves every success.

    “It’s an Art Festival that takes place in the desert, there’s music, it’s like a big party. Woodstock meets a big ol’ rave, meets the Louvre, how’s that lol? The pictures don’t do it justice at all, man it’s fascinating. It’s basically like a social experiment, a Utopian society for ONE week. And it’s mapped out, with over, I think it was 70 thousand, no it’s bigger than that, it’s huuuuge whatever it is, 1000s and 1000s of people. It becomes the 2nd largest city in Navada for one week, and then everybody leaves. And there’s NOTHING left. So it’s all camping, parties, costumes, people riding their bikes around, it’s the most free society, and…everybody there, is so positive, and just loving each other, it’s like something that doesnt really EXIST in real life, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. I went 3 years in a row, and it just changed my outlook on everything. I was like “You know what, it’s better to just be free and celebrate life, and to meet strangers and say hello. It’s like fantasy, it’s like a dream, on earth.”

    I just watched a video of him on the Tube in Finland flocked by and greeting about 50 dozen fans and signing for every single one of them…even though he’d just got off a flight, still had his luggage with him, and evidently was super exhausted. And yet he was sooooo patient and sweet because he knows how much it means to them, they only get that opportunity once, and of course fans make or break you but he has such loyal ones. His energy is lovely. I’ve learnt so much from this bish these past few years I’m not even kidding. Like his friends say “You know one of those rare people you keep forever once you meet because you NEED in your life? That’s Adam.” He is so special in every way.

  • http://www. Andrew

    @Lenny: Not that much time left, time to come out Lenny! You’re past it now anyway, amirite? It’ll be ok. I’ll hold your hand ; ]

  • Nice grammar there grandpa

    @Lenny: Turnover eh? Apple turnover? Cherry turnover? om nom nom nom

  • V

    @For Your Entertainment: He has a 5-range vocal range, I believe. An octave of around 4, meaning he technically can hit every note on the guitar with ease if his voice is at top form. Having a register this wide means control is 50X more difficult as opposed to having a small or medium register and range – but that’s obvious lol. He has admirable and awe-worthy control, coupled with mindblowing range. I did read somewhere Powerhouse vocalists like Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Christina, Beyonce……sometimes have pitch problems…but rarely every go off-key and Adam was included in the list. And since he also likes to fly by the seat of his pants & live and sing and risk-take in the moment; have fun with the textures & many layers seeing how far he can push it in that mill-sec, sometimes he has pushed his register too far. Not often but sometimes. He has tons of adrenaline anyway let alone when he’s onstage. But it’s what makes him so dynamic and exciting/unpredictable/awesome. Control is so difficult but key. I read somewhere someone like Gaga is super lucky as she fits right inbetween powerhouse and midrange. So the vocal problems she will face are singing flat and running out of breath, rather than pitch problems. For me the best ever vocalists are MJ, Freddie, Plant….there are a couple more but these 3 always come to mind. And someone mentioned Sam Cooke, I’mma go listen to some Sam now followed by Adam’s A Change Is Gonna Come. Both versions mean a lot to me.

  • V edited

    rarely *ever* go

  • Khloé

    @Wicked Glitter: Fail on my part nvm. I thought your comment said “no. (number) something” as in he charted at a certain number in the list. Didn’t realize you were saying “NO s.h.i.t” :)
    Wonder why Jared won’t post the People pic that’s new….when this is old.

  • Jones

    @Lenny: I’m going to ignore the blatant homophobia (is that even the right word for your special brand of hate) in your comment. Son, have you not heard of the 70s? Do Prince and Bowie and all these heavy metal and glam rock bands just not exist in your special world?

  • Guns&Horses

    He is awesome and has awesome music taste:
    Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Freddie Mercury, Goldfrapp, Muse, Wolfmother, Chic.E, Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie, Beck, I Am X, The Colour, Dirty Mercy, Marilyn, The Doors, Mason, Bob Marley, Madonna, Kings of Leon, Junior Boys, Ratatat, Gnarls Barkley, Drugs, T.Rex, Jaimie Lidell, Dag, The Ark, The Who, The White Stripes, Eagles of Death Metal, Keane, Janis Joplin, Radiohead, Automatica, Angie Stone, India.Arie, Hendrix, Bonnie Raitt, Kasabian, Donny Hathaway, Micheal Jackson, Peaches, LaBelle, Thievery Corporation, Jeff Buckley, Chris Cornell, Ivy, Scarlett, NY Dolls, Mz A Superstar, Alisan Porter, Mother’s Finest, Sly Stone, Nikka Costa, Chili Peppers, Chic, Funkadelic, The Raconteurs, The Wiz….and the list goes on.