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Alexander Skarsgard Gets Private Show

Alexander Skarsgard Gets Private Show

Alexander Skarsgard sits in his makeshift throne and gets a private (strip?) show in this new promo pic for the upcoming season of True Blood. (The girl in front of him is hanging onto a pole.)

Season three of True Blood premieres on Sunday (June 13) @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO. Waiting sucks!

When it comes to dating, Alex told People that there are simple rules. “I try not to plan it out,” he says. “It has a tendency to get a little stiff and contrived if you work on it too hard. So, I try to be spontaneous.”

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  • jamie

    who cares? he’s so ugly, jesus.

  • Oopsila

    What? Is this the best we can do as a story? A two-week-old quote and a dodgy still? Honestly!

  • well duh…

    Same quotes every time he’s soo drab , and boring like a wet blanket

  • OHVamp

    There are still a lot people who love Alexander Skarsgard. He is terrific as Eric.

  • zoegirl


    Well, I haven’t seen that particular picture before so I guess I care. And as for him being “ugly,” I can’t really comment until I know what you consider to be attractive. Maybe we just disagree because I find him quite attractive. To each his (or her) own, I guess.

  • LOVE HIM!!

    I think he’s hot as hell, and he’s why I watch True Blood. Can’t wait for June 13!!!

  • heidi

    It’s been a while since we’ve The Throne. Can’t wait for season three! Thanks, Jared.

  • true blood

    I saw this pic hours earlier but thanks, Jared. Always nice to see new pics of Alex as Eric.

  • Jess

    Is it June yet?

  • BronxBetty

    This picture is old news…But…ASkars still looks good…

  • Celia

    Eric is one SEXY vampire. Yummy. I can’t wait for June!

  • Betty

    @jamie: I don`t think he is ugly at all. I don`t usually find blond men attractive, but he definitely has a certain something. But I guess it`s all about taste. I don`t think Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise are good looking at all, but apparently millions of women do.

  • jangles

    Hottttttttt! I’m starting to think I’m gonna like this Yvetta chick. Well, what she does for Eric anyway. ;) @Love Him!! Yep, I agree. He’s why I’m watching True Blood.

  • annalisa

    Saw this already!!! Love the new poll on twitter regarding Alexander. You can vote if you think he is the new TOOL in hwood. I definitely voted a BIG YES to that one. He is such a tool after the Coachella crap, Bosworth skank stinkness on him, and his overall demeanor now. He is going to fade fast now. Even though JJ is trying his darned hardest to earn that check that Alex and Kate give him every month. HA!!!! He looks bad too now!! Drugs? Something is off..way off. Wonder if he got that stank off his neck after Kate sat up there.

  • L

    @annalisa: …lol


    It’s official ASkars has been infected by the famewh$re virus. Either that or someone wants to make him look as desperate as a certain, talentless , desperate person he hangs with. But then again, birds of a feather.I guess his writes his own checks to JJ now. He really has become a Tool.

  • VILF

    Now, that right side of the armchair is getting some nice treatment.

  • lux

    Gorgeous. Noticed that hand/armchair interaction too. Thanks, JJ.

  • GreenCAT

    Can’t wait for June 13!

  • I want Eric for my maker

    Oh to be that chair! Alex is still hot as my favorite vampire sheriff and I will not speak of she who must not be named. Glamour me Eric! I’m sooo looking forward to season 3.

  • Booooring!

    If that’s the way he views his so-called relationship with KB, a better name for their pairing is Skarsworthless. As for AS as Eric, I just found out TNT is bringing back their hit series “Leverage” on June 20th, Sundays this summer instead of Wednesdays. Now I’ll have a really entertaining, well-written and well-acted show to watch instead of that sleezy HBO trash True Blood.

  • lurker

    I’ll bet he was glad to finally see a female with curves and breasts. Or was he?

  • This pic!

    omg his eyes looks too close together.

  • Omayra

    @annalisa: I know… he is looking a little “tired”… or something. I just hope that he isnt going to get hooked up with drugs like Kate the ho! He is such a good actor, he is young and Hot… but hanging around with the wrong croud could bring him down… that would be sad!

  • Omayra

    @lurker: Ha! I bet he is discovering that there is more than the toothpick Kate the ho… flat all the way around… a women in the 12 years old body…. I wonder, does she gets her PMs every month… or like a lot of 12 years old girls, she is still waiting for it!

  • Love the Man

    Do you love the man but hate the bag of bones? Vote now!

  • eva

    Alex looks good, but I think he looked so much better and relaxed this time last year. Still love him, hopes he gets back to his old self and new roles. He is undeniably HAWT though.

  • Not attractive

    I think Kate is ‘prettier’ than Alex. As a matter of fact this guy is very plain looking, pale and washed-out. And his eyes are too small and set close together. Only thing going for him is he’s tall. NOT attractive imo.

  • phoenix

    Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion so here’s mine: I think this dude is very attractive and appealing; however, he does have unorthodox looks that at first glance might turn some people off, but if you happen to check out some of his movies and interviews he’s very charming and has that natural charisma. Besides, if he had the so called “classic” looks he would be boring to look at and you at least have to admit that his features are striking! But hey, like i said that’s my opinion.

    P.S. Plus dude body is bangin LOL♥♥♥

  • Britt

    yummy he looks delicious

  • graybeard

    love the show

  • Amy Seeker

    Love him

  • verlaine


    My thoughts exactly! He looked good in season 2. What happened? He looks worn and old now. He needs to detox or at least hold the booze and the Hollywood party hype for a while.

  • Stacey

    great actor, tallpeoplematch

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree with you he looks bad the pictures on front of the magazine covers have him looking like he’s got a tan. Thay can spruce up a photo. His skin is just to pale he looks better with long hair. All that sexiness has gone to his head. Ive seen sexy and he’s not it. The studio have to much white makeup on him also.