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Gabriel Aubry: Sad About Halle Berry Split

Gabriel Aubry: Sad About Halle Berry Split

News broke yesterday morning that Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubry called it quits after four years together.

Gabriel just released a statement through his agency, Wilhelmina Models (via Access).

Gabriel admits, “While I will not comment on all of the wild inaccuracies being speculated about in the media, I am sad to say that Halle and I have decided together to separate at this time. She is, and will forever be one of the most special and beautiful people that I have ever known, and I am certain that we will continue to have only love and respect for one another. We have been blessed with the most amazing daughter in the world (Nahla Aubry), and her happiness and well-being are the most important thing for both of us. Please respect our privacy during this very difficult time.”

Later this morning, Halle is expected to participate in the 13th Annual Entertainment Industry Foundation Revlon Run/Walk to help in the fight against women’s cancers.

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  • gobby


  • moniq2
  • Tihomir Za. Firmi

    This news is very sad. They were both nice couple

  • zaraaaa

    wow if we find out he cheated to that will just confirm my already pre-existing thoughts that all men cheat

  • queen bee

    I KNEW IT! So it’s true. Very sad to see Nahla parents split, but the way Halle Berry let that womanizer Jaimie Fox MOLEST her on the Spike TV awards show (She Tongued him and he squeezed her bu tt, HARD!)…I KNEW their relationship wouldn’t last for long,..


    What woman who has respect for her MAN would let someone like Jamie Fox do that to them on national television! That was TOTALLY disrespectful to him….AND TO NAHLA! That really crossed the line for me…..for someone’s MOTHER to let Jaimie do that to her. I can’t even look at her the same!

    Chad OchoCinco from Dancing with the stars was on the INSIDER entertainment show on Friday, and dumbazz blonde host made it sound like Chad was happy Halle was single so he would be able to date her…,.BUT CHAD CORRECTED THE BLONDE HOST RIGHT AWAY, saying “….that’s okay, no thanks Halle……For her to break up with so many men, ….there’s GOT to be something wrong there….SOMETHING AIN’T RIGHT!…”

    ….and I totally agree with him. When you see an attractive woman who keeps leaving a bunch of relationships and breaking up all the time, something is WRONG there. I don’t care if she IS beautiful…..BEAUTY IS AS BEAUTY DOES!…..and the way she let Jaimie man-handle her, when she KNOWS she’s got a man at home, was simply WRONG!

    …I’m glad Aubry has enough self-respect not to put up with that kind of treatment.

  • liloooo

    halle what’s wrong now? it’s not just about you this time, there’s also one of the cuttest little girl involved in this! Your own child.

    Te way Gab is talking onn tis statement makes her look that se is the one who initiated the split. Poor, poor,poor baby girl Nahla

  • Dreads

    Aww so it’s official now. =( I’m so sad for Nahla. I know people drift apart but that’s so heart-breaking. Little Nahla won’t be able to have parents who live together. :/

  • Brightside

    I’m gutted by this news. I hope they realize it’s a mistake and get back together. Poor Gabriel, poor Halle and poor Nahla…this is terrible for them all.



  • whodunit?

    Halle has problems. Everyone knows—she’s not as great as she appears. Remember her hit and run??

    Im not surprised by this as She was making out with Jamie Foxx and feeling up his package when she was still with Gabriel–that was completely disrespectul—but Hey she’s Halle Berry she can do whatever she wants. Whatever.

  • queen bee

    ….APPARENTLY Halle CAN’T ‘do whatever she wants’…..obviously men aren’t putting up with her shinanigans! She’ll be ALONE just like that UGLY JENNIFER ANUSTON if she keeps listening to that Oprah!

  • LongIslandGod

    HEz GAY.

  • Eric

    Wait a second! “Wilhelmina Models” ? As in Ugly Betty’s Wilhelmina? That is so funny! :-)



  • dianad1968

    OH OH, Gabriel put out a statement about the break up. Let’s start the count down to see how son before Halle does an interview “blaming” him about everything that went wrong in the relationship. It will either be on her best bud Oprah’s show, like she did with her last husband, or it will be an interview in either Essense or E*ony magazine like she did with David Justice.But she WILL blame Gabriel. That’s her MO.

  • dianad1968

    ^^^should read “how soon”

  • Puffin

    This was one relationship that I hoped would last. They have a very adorable daughter – hoped it would last for her sake.

  • LadyB

    Now that I think about, I don’t think they ever got married. They were just a couple. Why are people saying they are divorcing?

  • bet

    I am very sad about this. I hope thing will be peace full for them.

    what i do not understand there are people here just can wait to blame the women for any kind thing. I undertand Halle may be she is not lucky in settling down. atleast she stay with him five years, and she is not hurting anyone in the process. So what is the problem with some of you.

  • Ms Anonymous

    @queen bee:

    Don’t bash Jen, grow up!

  • bet


    i hope for the sake of littel girl , utleast if they try to stay a longer until she grow up. I just can not understand why people always looking something out there , as if there is something better.

  • bet

    Ms Anonymous

    Don’nt bash anyone. No one is better than anyone.

  • Heather

    I wasn’t shock about the break-up

  • bet


    then if you are not shocked by the break up , why are you here?

    are you close to them may be if you know something that we do not know?

  • yada yada

    OH GABRIEL, no one cares
    stop trying to drum up PR for yourself

    u r both looooooosers

  • busted

    @queen bee

    I agree with you on those points about Halle and Jamie.. I too lost so much respect for her..At the time I was like WTF… how does a woman in a relationship.. a mother.. let another man do that to you and you grab his crouch..Yes I was watching.. and it was UGLY..and GROSS..lost so much respect for her.. and the media gave her yet another pass.. just like they do with others..

    When it happened a few days later I was wondering if she was doing that as a get back at Gabriel..that she was doing what some women do..make him jealous.. It was planned. She knew what Jamie was going to do.. NO man would sit back and let that sh*t stand.. He had to be embarrassed..I bet his friends talked about it too.. That made him look like a fool..NO MAN WOULD LET THAT STAND..

    So I think his putting out the statement is a way to say that he is the one that broke it off.. Notice they didn’t make a joint statement..

    I feel sorry for the baby. But if they love her and still care a bit about each other.. they can co-parent..

    MY boyfriend says the same thing about Halle..he thinks she is beautiful..but that something is wrong with her…It is not always the man.. Women have a part in it too…

  • Helen

    You know I saw this one coming @ Oscars, because if you remember correctly, when Penelope Cruz interviewed Halle for the Oscars special, Halle said “Men come and go, but I will always have my daughter”

  • comments on Tyra

    @Helen: She also didn’t know what to call him as if she wanted to say husband but said her (Nahla’s) father.
    Trouble even then after making a big deal a few weeks prior on Leno.

  • oh please

    Oh please,what a cover up! The same w/the bullshit about the Foxx incident. Aubry’s bi and it was an arrangement. Know for a fact from folks in the fashion industry.

  • dianad1968


    I think what is wrong with Halle is that she is one of these people who let their looks define them, and she absolutely does not take responsibility for anything that goes wrong in her life. In the case of the hit and run, she blamed anything other than herself for leaving the scene. She blamed her first husband for the break up of that marriage, and she had Eric sit on Oprah’s stage while she, her mother and Oprah publicily accuse him of being a sex addict. I felt so sorry for the guy that day, because it seemed he was doing what she wanted in order to save his marriage. Soon after they divorced, and from all accounts she turned her back on his daughter, who she claimed to love. Even if she and the child’s father were no longer together, IF she really did indeed stop having contact with the child is inexcusable. The child had already lost her mother.

    I have always thought she was a phony.

  • graybeard

    she must be a lousy lay

  • Hollyweird

    Relationships break up people for goodness sakes! They were together for five years and she stated early on that she did not expect it to be long term because she has been disappointed with men for a long time. She has issues it’s true, but most women who are abandoned and raised with abusive fathers do too. Leave her alone. They will be great parents and Halle has agreed for Gabriel to have his daughter on a joint custody deal. That is all that matters.

  • voe

    Gorgeous body, of of the most beautiful faces, hot and sexy by many in the public, has for him a beautiful child clearly aren’t qualities keeping the man. No man likes to be humiliated by the gf/wife in public, whether she’s an actress or not. That grossly indecent act with Jamie Foxx killed the respect and love. I knew when seeing that picture that the end was near. Not feeling bad for her at all.

  • T pain

    Why do people say “please respect our PRIVACY during this very difficult time” when THEY RELEASE A STATEMENT TO THE MEDIA?????

    just dont say anything!!!! People are so stupid!

  • oh please2

    Halle looked fine from the videos from the other day. Of course, Aubry is doing damage control.

    Almost everything he said never happened-1-he never took Halle to Greece; 2-he never bought Halle that 10K Cartier ring or matching Cartier friendship bracelets-Halle did’; 2-his music career isn’t skyrocketing; 4-they didn’t have more kids-dude you need to be present for that-one visit to the IVF clinic where you got Nahla doesn’t cut it…the list goes on.

    Dr Phil books really to learn about Fatherhood? Why believe a guy who can do private practice because of sexual harassment of a patient.

    Love his comment he’s the only who eats chocolate in this house, yeah right if it’s attached to a pole. More bullshyt.

    Gaybriel you better fess up and come out of the closet before Halle outs you on Oprah. That would explain the accusation for having a wondering eye–except it ain’t going to be w/a woman. I heard from my friends in the fashion industry/Hollywood that you like being a bottom, is this true? Believe me Halle knew way before his restaurant opened. Which would explain all of the trips to the IVF clinic to get Nahla and it wasn’t all because her egg were fried or her age or diabetes.

  • NOPE

    @Hollyweird: they celebrated 4 years last November. Halle lied as usual on Leno -both her marriages lasted longer from dating to divorce. We don’t know what has been agreed upon.

  • was a no show

    Their split could explain why he wasn’t at Halle’s Celeb Charity golf tourney. I’m sure Nahla was with her real Nanny and not Gabe. Funny how they were seen the day before? He wasn’t even at her birthday party.

  • Josie

    wow, people some of you really need to get out more! you are borderline stalkers! NONE of you know what happened behind closed doors, obviously they still love eachother very much and will continue having a close relationship for the sake of their daughter. I believe they will get back together in the near future. Halle did a huge mistake kissing and letting Jamie foxx grope her like that. She will realize Gabriel truly cared for her and loved her unlike her ex’s. they were together for almost 5 years, that is her longets relationship. I hope they work things out and i have a feeling they will.

  • Back to Black -new-mystery-man-ex-Gabriel-Aubry-confirms-sad-split.html#ixzz0mgHLeVm T

  • shaar

    @queen bee:

    Though i absolutely love Halle, I completely agree w u on the Jamie Foxx episode. I was grossed out beyond belief and couldn’t understand why Halle would willingly participate in publicly kissing and letting such a reputed womanizer grope her in public when she has a husband and daughter at home. That was low and she disrespected her own self there.

  • http://j ivanka

    @shaar: exactly, hope he finds someone better

  • alex

    Agreed Shaar and Queen.

    Halle is really gorgeous but….

    Why would she do something like that given she was trying to have a clean image with a good relationship now and having a beautiful child? Some things are not worth publicity.

    Yep T-Pain –
    @T pain:

    I agree. Just don’t say anything at all. Just like when she said “I’ve tried black men.” Well now you’ve tried a white man. Now what? I just think sometimes it’s better to let people speculate. She did not EVER need to make a comment about dating a white man. For goodness sake, your mother is white so why even point it out in the first place. Take the high road and say you love him as a human being. If it didn’t work with your previous men, then that’s fine, if it didn’t work with your current, that’s fine too. Just love each other if that is what it was really about. Now if she goes back with a black man, people are going to recall her statement about going to a white man. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all about your love life. Love is love so shut up about it and get on with your life and relationship. Stop caring what people think!!!! Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood don’t get as much press as this woman!!! Why? Because they keep their private life private.
    And get over yourself. Life is not all about the outside appearance.

    She is very beautiful but most of her career has been about her private life than the quality of her movies.

    I guess some actresses that are very beautiful have to deal with this problem of everyone wanting to know but it’s so sad.

    I just hope she learns that at some point, you have to live your own life and not put it out there for everyone to see. It’s not all about fame.
    There is so many more precious things in life to enjoy including people around you. It’s not always about you but the people in your life.

  • jaye

    I don’t think you have to be shocked by the break-up in order to make a comment. Unless you’re a kid, you know that relationships break up more than they last; so in or out of Hollywood a break up should be no surprise. The thing is how they handle the end of their relationship and move forward with regard to parenting their child. There is no need for blame or admonishments toward either party; it is after all their own business.
    Staying together for the sake of the child is counter-productive.
    You can’t expect people to be happy if they’re just living a lie and certainly it does the child no good to be with parents who may take it out on each other because they feel ‘stuck’. What is in the best interest of the child is that they maintain a cordial relationship, be there when she needs them (emotionally and physically) and never speak negatively of each other in front of the child. Being there doesn’t require that they physically share the same house.
    Relationships do end and it seems the fans take far longer than the people involved to ‘get over it’. The problem is that those on the outside have unreasonable expectations and perceptions of the relationship in the first place. No relationship is perfect, that’s the bottom line of it all.

  • kaz

    @queen bee:
    Are you the same queen bee who posts 250 out of the 300 comments in every Angelina J post???LOL Whats the need to mention Aniston on a Halle Berry post? You sound obsessed,get some help lady

  • CanadaGirl

    @zaraaaa: I think it was her behaviour.
    Now Halle is free to crawl over more men in her pursuit of publicity.

  • alex

    True Jaye,
    As you get older and more mature you learn that things like this are not shocking. It’s life.
    No relationship is perfect. Even with perfect looking people.

    If anything it may be more difficult for them because of all the pressure around them to keep up the image.

    Their little girl so such a cutie. I feel for her because she is so young and will not be traveling back and fourth to be with both of them but again. Not shocking in this day and age.

    Lots of families like this. They are just rich and can travel back and fourth more. Hopefully he will not be in her life as much as possible but it will be hard since they both travel so much for their careers.

    Best of luck to them though. I would never wish anything like this on any family especially when there are children involved.

  • CanadaGirl

    @queen bee: Thank you. There’s some common sense.

  • kikarika

    so sad i liked them so much as a couple and their baby:(

  • alex

    ….meant that their daughter will be traveling a lot to be with both of them or vice versa.

  • bet


    why is L oones saturated here. why you have so much hate for women who does not bow for men. It pass 15 years ago, she paid her due for her mistake. so move on. and aslo, i am not saying halle does not have problem, she probably bad luck with men. but it life things does not work , it sad, move on.