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Michael Vartan: Grocery Shopping with Lauren Skaar!

Michael Vartan: Grocery Shopping with Lauren Skaar!

Michael Vartan goes grocery shopping with his beautiful fiancee Lauren Skaar at Bristol Farms Supermarket in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (May 1).

Coincidentally, the happy couple met last year in the parking lot of a Whole Foods supermarket in Los Angeles. Grocery shopping must have a special place in each of their hearts!

FYI: Michael, 41, proposed to Lauren, 29, two months ago in New York. So cute!

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michael vartan grocery shopping lauren skaars 01
michael vartan grocery shopping lauren skaars 02
michael vartan grocery shopping lauren skaars 03
michael vartan grocery shopping lauren skaars 04
michael vartan grocery shopping lauren skaars 05
michael vartan grocery shopping lauren skaars 06
michael vartan grocery shopping lauren skaars 07

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  • kira

    who knew michael vartan had so many tatoos!

  • lucylulu

    wow, you’re right – i would not have thought he’d be the type of actor to get them. Aren’t they supposed to be a pain to hide for the makeup artist?

  • Grace

    They are a gorgeous couple. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Michael smiling like that – he looks very happy!

  • http://justjared felinelilly

    I love Michael Vartan. He looks very happy, congratulations to him and his new fiancee.

  • Cherie

    What a cute couple.

  • T pain

    I met him once, and I met her twice. They weren’t engaged yet.
    They seem like a good match.

  • N.

    He was fantastic in Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore!

    - N.

  • Pippi

    Michael is a very good actor and seems like an even kinder person. I wish him the best and hope that he is happy with her. I don’t think she is cute enough for him, however, he could do so much better. But maybe looks are somewhat overrated and love is what matters most at the end of the day.

  • flo

    Now why di dhe have to go get them repulsive tatoos

  • joe

    date someone your own age.

  • sunshine1

    Oh thanks they look so happy together. I am so happy for both of them. I am looking forward to seeing Michael in season 2 of Hawthorne.

  • mimi

    LOVE THEM!!!!

  • Marypiper

    I love Michael, I’m very happy for him. And Lauren is very pretty ^^

  • Joy

    So what? Who cares?
    Who is she? lol

  • Peoplefan

    Agree! He’s so hot, but all those tats. Poor judgement!

  • mimi

    I Love Michael He looked soo handsome in Alias. Here in Spain we are not getting his new work WE havenĀ“t seen him since Alias. Hope we do soon.

  • Jen

    God do I love Michael Vartan, I currently started watching the 1st season of Alias on dvd, and love him in it. Well he looks very happy so congrats to him. She is a lucky girl, he seems to be a pretty cool guy and he is so gorgeous.

  • Sandra

    Well then … congratulations to the happy couple!

  • Wyatt

    Great photos of the two of them. They do look so happy together and are a cute couple!

    I’m looking forward to season 2 of HawthoRNe also. There’s a really good pic of Dr. Tom (MV) and Christina (Jada) in this week’s edition of Entertainment Weekly. :)

  • Amy Seeker

    He’s better than ben

  • Marypiper

    YESSS, he’s muchh better than benitooo affleck

  • sunglasses

    Girl: You would be a good dancer except for two things.
    Boy: What are the two things?
    Girl: Your feet.

  • jennet

    He look so happy, bless him. I am so pleased for michael & lauren. I wish them both all the best for the future. I can’t wait for the second season of hawthorne. Also who cares about the tattoos when you look that hot.

  • Stacey

    H elooks good, tallpeoplematch

  • amy

    What a treat to see him looking so happy. Congratulations on his engagement. I only watched Alias to see him and Marshall (whatever happened to him?)

  • janet

    She is very plain, certainly not good lookong; and everyone looks happy when they know a camera is following them. He looks like a crim with all those tatoos.

  • faye

    He looks like one of those homeless men who live on the streets! And she looks like she’s pregnant!

  • deidre

    ??? How can anyone say she is beautiful??? She looks pretty ugly to me; pale and very, very plain. Maybe he needs new glasses??

  • rose

    Thanks for the photos, Lauren is indeed pretty, she has a sweet face. She is fair and her skin is lovely. She doesn’t seem to have much if any makeup on and lucky for her she doesn’t need any. Its lovely to see that some women look beautiful in their natural state without the need to pile on the makeup.
    Gosh Michael looks so happy, as does she, they seem to be sharing a joke. I am so happy for this lovely obviously down to earth couple.

  • Perplexed

    Lauren was going grocery shopping on a Sat afternoon – hence little or no make up. It is not as if she was styled to attend a red carpet event with her fiancee. Give her a break. If she was dressed up then she would be accused of being a try hard – poor chick can’t win.

    She is pale – what is the matter with that? Most Hollywood starlets are so covered in fake tan that they almost look orange. Is it so wrong to be different? Apparently so……………

    I think that she is pretty and looks sweet and natural – which is how Michael has previously indicated he likes his women. I don’t understand how you can call someone “ugly” who is tall and slim with delicate features, lovely skin and thick, long blonde hair because these are usually objectively attractive features in a woman.

    I acknowlege that everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, I find the apparent motivation behind some people’s opinions fascinating.

    Anyway, enough commenting for now as I am about to change careers and go work in a homeless shelter so I can be constantly surrounded by men who apparently look like Michael Vartan. Being virtuous does have some benefits.

  • sunshine1

    Perplexed, I too have the same fascination as you. I have no idea why some people are so negative. I have decided that they either have a hidden agenda and just like to say nasty things about certain people or are just sad people, I hope they find some happiness in their lives at some stage. Lauren has a lovely face which exudes a warm personality. She is obviously fair, her surname suggests that her heritage is I think from one of the Scandinavian countries. Most Scandinavian’s I have come across are fair skinned, blond, often blue eyed and beautiful people. From what I have read and heard from interviews with Michael, he stayed away from the Hollywood set preferring someone who was natural, down to earth and I suspect not shallow. I also agree with you, I wish I was surrounded by men that looked “half” as handsome as Michael Vartan, goodness, I would be in heaven.

  • sam

    I agree with Rose, she is indeed very homely; And we have to speak the truth here- The “beautiful” tag has been added by his publicist. She doesn’t have a beautiful face as she doesn’t have good bone structure; My 60 year old mother is prettier as she has lovely bone structure and Lauren has a pumpkin face. She will not age well. I suspect that Rose is just being kind by saying she is “beautiful”, which she definitely is not. And she is almost plump, not slim; she will tower over him when she wears heels. He also looks like he just doesn’t care about his appearance and he has said himself that he is very lazy. And to “Perplexed”- people who work in homeless shelters do so because they want to help other people, not to find “handsome” men. I don’t call that “being virtous”.

  • Della


    Pippi- I think that she is not pretty either; he could have done so much better. He has always been linked with very pretty women and I suspect that after his fascination for this woman, he will again start looking for someone more beautiful. I think that looks are overated when a woman is looking for a man, but men are more visual creatures and to them good looks are more important than anything when choosing a mate.

  • Zoe

    I don’t like her. I feel that she is a silly immature person who is very flighty and has no common sense.. Check out her facebook page; she like women who like to use the “F*** word a lot. Michael V has made a big mistake in getting involved with a girl 12-13 years younger than him. And I think the smile you see in the picture is because they have noticed a camera aimed at them.

  • rose

    Actually I meant what I said Lauren is indeed very pretty. She has a lovely face and clear fair skin. She is not wearing any makeup it seems and still looks fresh. And where are you people coming from – how the hell can you comment on a person you have no knowledge of. I think there is some jealousy going around or people are just trying to cause ill feeling. And being linked to pretty women in the past that is not true, you will never get that one past me from what I have seen Lauren is the prettiest woman Michael Vartan has dated. Heaps of professional makeup certainly change peoples looks. I think people should look at themselves before commenting on others. From what I have read and heard Michael Vartan is more interested in the person and the mind than looks but he is lucky he got a bonus with Lauren.

  • Kendra

    I think Michael is old enough and has been around enough to know what he likes and what he doesn’t, and what works for him and what doesn’t. He seems to be a very down-to-earth, intelligent man who has been badly hurt in the past and has learned from his mistakes. He has been alone for a while and wisely taken his time in finding someone to love. His choice of life partner is entirely his business and should be respected! If you are a fan, then trust his judgment and be happy for him; if you are a hater, then by all means express yourself and have a nice day!

  • faye


    She is defininitely NOT the prettiest woman he has ever dated; Shannon was, and he didn’t even marry her after a ten year engagement !; And she didn’t wear much make up either. So he is not as nice as you think is he? And Jennifer Garner is also much prettier too. And how the hell can you comment on a person that YOU have no knowledge of? You don’t know what led to this engagemet or what is in their heads do you? And I will repeat a quote from him that refutes your statement that “Michael is interested in the person and mind more than looks”, His answer to a journalist interviewing him and asking the question about looks ” I don’t believe men when they say they aren’t interested in looks, because, hey, would they hit on the ugliest woman in the supermarket? I don’t think so!” So he really is no different than any other man. Another 40 something who wants a 20 something mate.

  • Eddie

    @faye: TURE TRUE TRUE

  • Ray

    I agree too: just another middle aged idiot. And she looks horrible here; Beautiful ?? I don’t think so! Woof! Woof!

  • Eddie

    @Ray: her new facebook pic is just ridiculous

  • Eddie

    @Ray: her new facebook pic is just ridiculous

  • rose

    You are yelling there is no need, have I unveiled your motives. I do not resile from my comments. I recall Michael Vartan making those comments. I agree with them, the comments Michael made and mine are not mutually exclusive. Lauren is beautiful, I have said that so we are agreed. By the way Michael has also said that he is interested in the mind of a woman, that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and that he is impressed by women who (even if they are overweight) carry themselves and are sure of themselves. Oh and he also a number of years ago said that he didn’t know what love was as he had never experienced it. Michael Vartan’s fan’s are very happy for him because he has finally found the woman who is fit to stand by his side and with whom he has finally found love. For those of you who are not Michael Vartan fans it doesn’t matter what he does or who he finds love with he and she will be victimised. That is a sad refection on you. Actually the funniest thing of all this is (and I have been amused at some of the negative posts) is that neither Michael nor his lovely Lauren care and why should they. They have found each other and nothing anyone says will alter that. I am also lost as to why people go to sites of celebrities they don’t follow to cause grief, that makes no sense to me, don’t you have anything better to do. So why don’t you just go to the sites of the celbrities you follow (I obviously wont be there) and leave those who you don’t follow in peace. Hope you find peace.

  • Ray


    You obviously have nothing better to do ; that’s why you wrote a complete essay on this subject. Why don’t YOU get a life and stop worrying over what others say? BTW, Michael V has never even been seen with an overweight woman in his life. He just says what women want to hear; no doubt about it- Lauren is really plain-most people on this site obviously think so.

  • Tia


    She has added another “posed” starlet type picture of herself on Facebook. This girl is disgusting- she wants to be “discovered” it seems by posting all these “come hither” pictures. She’s obviously very stupid and immature.

  • Sam


    I agree with Ray; you must be a friend of hers to spend so much time ( and writing so much) about this woman; as a man I don’t find her attractive at all. She seems self obsessed ( look at her Facebook page) and conceited. She likes the attention too much I think. She looks like a 6 foot tall Brunhilde masseuse; look at the size of her!
    Vartan looks like he’s scared of her!

  • Eddie

    @Tia: Clearly looking to be discovered and for attention, poor Michael, her friends are way prettier than her.

  • Eddie

    @rose: Rose/aka Lauren: Get a life

  • Allie

    who touches their boyfriend like that if no one is watching?