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Tony Romo: Crawford Sibling Sandwich!

Tony Romo: Crawford Sibling Sandwich!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo gets caught in a Crawford sibling sandwich on the eve of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner at the St. Regis Hotel – Astor Terrace on Friday (April 30) in Washington, D.C.

Chace Crawford and his little sister, sports correspondent Candice Crawford (with boyfriend Tony), attended The New Yorker and People/Time parties. Chace, who was seen out with Harold & Kumar star Kal Penn, was also spotted at The Wasington Post/FunnyOrDie bash.

I smell a Romo/Crawford engagement coming soon!

10+ pictures of Tony Romo stuck in a Crawford sibling sandwich…

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tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 01
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 02
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 03
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 04
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 05
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 06
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 07
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 08
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 09
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 10
tony romo crawford sibling sandwich 11

Credit: Brandon Todd , Larry Busacca, Mike Coppola; Photos: Getty, Wireimage, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Lillianne

    She looks more like Tony than Chase. Good luck to them if it’s true.

  • miss infamous

    they all look related

  • Pinkrose

    Sucks for Jessica S. Especially if they do get engaged soon. One thing I know, it doesn’t pay to make yourself too available where men and new relationships are concerned. And Jessica sure does that. I somehow think this girl will make Tony work for the relationship.

  • kiki

    Upgrade from Jessica. nice going Tony, and I bet she brushes her teeth daily.

  • Neorules2112

    Lucky nerdy SOB

  • morsa
  • Kim

    Chace looks good!

  • Jasmine

    Chase’s ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is dating his sister…this is a little weird.

  • Weber from Brazil

    I agree with u

    so weird…
    plus I think Candice Crawford looks a lot like Carrie Underwood (except by the blue eyes, of course)
    Tony’s definitely a lucky womanizer , cuz he’s so fugly

  • gossipgirl

    She is nice and tall, if they have kids, they will make some good athletes! (guys really think about that when it comes to girls they want to have kids with).

    Jessica is a bit lazy and not in shape/ as athletic as this new girlfriend looks. If you dating a professional sports athlete, I would think you’d need to be into personal fitness! obviously, thats important to Romo.

    I use to love Jessica but she has let herself go. I have a girlfriend that is gorgeous like Jessica but put on a lot of weight and let herself go. it’s really unforunate because right or wrong, most guys won’t see past the weight and poor appearance. it’s about making a good impression. I think when women let themselves go, men also see that as a reflection of their personality and drive.

    good luck to jessica, she should brush her teeth and work out for her own sake at least!

  • cornelia

    ”I smell a Romo/Crawford engagement coming soon!”
    since you started making coments

  • Jessica

    Candice is WAY more attractive then Jessica ” I’m desperate to stay in the spotlight” Simpson.

  • up grade for Tony

    She is better than Jessica. Jessica had a Good man like Nick and she let him go . Now she can’t find a man yet alone keep one. All of them used her and leave when they are through with he. She left from being a virgin to saving herself for marriage strict to being sluty.

  • Eye Opener

    What a small world!

    These pics must be so weird for both Jessica and Carrie!

    Well they do say HWood is six degrees of seperation!

  • onlyme

    why would carrie care about romo??? carrie is engaged to a great guy!!!!!!!!!!!! jessica simps….not.getting engaged..probably ever again…….something wrong with that chick….simpleton…

  • Jennifer

    Definite upgrade from Jessica Simpson. She kind of resembles Carrie Underwood. I used to find Tony attractice but not anymore. I’m not sure about the whole engagement thing. Everyone knows Tony is a womanizer.

  • Jasmine

    @up grade for Tony: How much you wanna bet that her not brushing her teeth had something to do with them leaving? haha that and her lack of intelligence. I wouldn’t call her slutty though, I don’t really think she is…

  • Alexis

    It’s kind of funny how Chace is better looking than both his sister and her boyfriend…..

  • LEB

    @up grade for Tony: I agree!

  • chelsey

    wow this is like incestuous on some level..

    Jessica dated Tony
    Tony dated Carrie
    Carrie dated Chace
    Chace’s sister is dating Tony….

  • Take Heed

    Candice is really pretty, obviously good genes and brains runs in the family (Chace is gorgeous). Not too thrilled at the idea of her and Romo as a couple though. I think she’s way too good for him and is still too young to be seriously committed to anyone, especially someone who was once in a relationship with Jessica Simpson. I don’t think too highly of any guy who would be in a relationship with Jessica. Having one night stands with Jessica is perfectly fine but a guy who would consider her girlfriend material can’t be that great, IMO. And Romo doesn’t strike me as the monogamous type either……. oh well.

  • AMY

    didn’t chace go out with carrie un…who dated tony before jessica???

  • unbelieveable

    I don’t care who he dates I just want him to lead my cowboys to the super bowl


    Tony is a luck beoch standing between those two. I know I’d be all kinds of confused about my sexuality if I were in his place.

  • elle

    chace is too pretty for his own good. prettier than alot of girl in hollywood. lol

  • Paulinegoddess

    That’s funny. Tony and Chace used to date Carrie Underwood and coincidentally Candice looks a little like Carrie. Hahaha!! Still not over Carrie, Tony??

  • Lauren

    Seriously, Candice looks like Carrie Underwood. Which is awkward since both Tony and Chace dated her.

  • Michele S

    Carrie is way to spiritual, serious, and vegan for Romo and Jess was more Romo’s type but her father and life style was the downfall of that relationship. Candice very low key even being on Dallas 33 tv and Chace’s sister. Romo def has a type somewhere between Carrie, Jessica, and Candice.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l..

    ..major upgrade.

  • ops

    Tony is sooooooo ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    @elle: lol he is, but i thought him and carrie looked great together. she’s gorgeous…he’s even more gorgeous…lol

  • lol

    @Eye Opener: why would carrie care? she has moved on a long time ago and is happy – getting married herself!

  • miapocca


    Tony romo dates carrie underwood
    underwood was smart enough to drop his arse and moves on to Chase Crawford,who she lets go also
    Now chase crawfords sister is dating carrie leftover

    Romo, has a thing for BLONDE BLONDE socialites or somehow sucessful girls..they all look alike..he is probably just into this fantasy thing and the next sparkly blonder will do long after the last is gone

    Will these girls please have some respect for themselves adn just ignore the Romos and Jeters of the world

    I really like Carrie Underwoods way on moving on from the arses.!

  • kelly

    She looks like Carrie Underwood. Amazin! And didn’t Carrie underwood used to date Chace & Tony! Funny!

  • Sam

    Must be awkward if Carrie Underwood was there…..

  • larime

    wow! candice is seriously gorgeous. chase is insanely hot…

  • Michele S

    Perhaps Candice is the one to be Mrs Romo and helps that she works and lives in TX too.

  • Josh

    Guys, Chace Crawford is GAY GAY GAY. It is so obvious….

  • Amy Seeker

    they are pretty

  • carrie/taylor_fan

    candice is a definte upgrade pretty and nice tall lean body..who wants to date a person with poor hygiene anyway and who isnt very intellectually stimulating, no wonder romo only used her for getting laid…most guys take and go with girls like jessica. carrie shouldnt feel awkward or wierd that tony is dating her ex’s sister,…why would she care tony is in her past like 3years ago, she has moved on years ago, and im sure she isnt thinking about him life goes on and so has she now shes getting married and tony is only a past relationship she probably wishes she can take back because she leanred nothing from it…”you stole my happy you made cry uh uh uh uhuh uh huh undo it”….carrie is a smart beautifull, educated, successfull and independent woman she never wanted tony back even when he was calling……mike fisher is way hotter and treats her like a lady! …jessica was once wholesome now she is a hollywood wh0re she’ll open her legs for anyman who shows some slight interest…gross she never washes her hair brushes her teeth im scared to find out what other body parts she doesnt wash….chicken of the sea anyone??

  • Cindy Lu

    love Chase