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Beyonce: Spring Fling with Jay-Z!

Beyonce: Spring Fling with Jay-Z!

Beyonce stops by celeb hairstylist Harry Josh‘s 9th Annual Spring Fling Party held at New York City’s Hiro Ballroom at The Maritime Hotel on Saturday night (May 1).

At the party, spies spotted the 28-year-old performer and husband Jay-Z talking awhile with British supermodel Naomi Campbell, who arrived with makeup artist Pat McGrath. The cute couple also chatted up Kate Hudson.

FYI: Beyonce is toting around a black patent Givenchy handbag and wearing a dress designed with the late artist Keith Haring‘s art work. She also wore a Laruicci necklace.

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# 2

Not a good look. This woman is so over-rated.

# 3

She looks amazing! I really like her hair!:)

# 4
Brightside @ 05/02/2010 at 8:19 am

Beyonce, can I just say a big, fat YUCK to your hair! I think you’re a stunning looking woman and I love what you’re wearing….but the hair is horrible. What’s wrong with going natural, you know? We dark complexion ladies can do amazing things with our hair without all the unnatural stuff. Just saying… please, give us all some inspiration here!

# 5

Not a good look and shoot. She looks fat and huge. BTW she is overrated.

# 6

Isn’t she wearing the same type of dress Madonna’s daughter was wearing a few days ago at that event? It’s not the same exact version, but I think it’s by the same designer. It had the same little squiggly lines and figurines on it. And she did the same cat eye make-up that Madonna’s daughter did….She totally copied that girl’s look. Beyonce can only copy. She copies music, she copies looks, she copies behavior. That woman is like a zombie, and I don’t even believe in that Illuminati stuff. She always acts like some kind of perfect robot, like a Stepford wife or something. It’s kind of eerie, always has the same eerie smile on. She never does anything out of the ordinary. She never lets loose. It’s always the same kind of prissy and proper persona. So what is she really like underneath all that primming?

# 7

I still think she might be preggers. You never know though.

# 8

@Brightside: THANK YOU. You are so right. I can’t understand why many black women love to be fake. Sporting an Afro is not a crime, you know. Anything but THAT sort of crap. Seriously……come on. And I thought Rihanna had the worst hairstyle ever…..Oopsie. No, I take that back. She does have the worst hairstyle of our time but THIS, Beyoncé looks horribly awful. I’d rather see you natural short frizzy hair!

# 9

Other than the hair, it’s ok. You haters saying she’s overrated are out of your mind. Like, seriously, she’s one of the rare most talented vocalists, entertainers nowadays and you dare to say that?!? Get your facts right, folks!

Oh my, her hair! LOL

I like her hair!! And I think she looks great!

OMG…she looks so good!!!!!!BTW she has a BROOKLYN tattoo on her hand

does she have a tattoo on her hand?

she has such horrible taste when it comes to how she dresses and the hair, no words. She is pretty but can’t dress for the life of her.

Yes she is extremely talented and would not be world famous if she weren’t.

BUT her look and style is often horrific. And this look is ridiculous. We get that she doesn’t want to look ordinary when not performing only this look is scary. I think she is attempting to copy Lady Gaga’s patern of looking whacky and bizarre with unusual outfits…Whereas Lady Gaga is successful at doing that Beyonce is not.

@Dreads: Beyonce has sported an afro so many times in her music videos and movies

@melissa: The word overrated is overrated. Bey can sing and dance her heart out and her as$ off, and act on top of it. She has established herself as one of the strongest live performers we have and she never has a bad word to say about any of her peers. She’s a lady in the street and one of the best female entertainers/vocalists/performers….this should be celebrated. She is so hardworking and has worked for it her whole life, and has her own life morals she always stands by. She seems to be in love with her husband and a very strong woman. Love your way Bey.

Lovely lady

I LOVE MY QUEEN B her concert was on TV yesterday, the way she stays on key and sings so mindblowing all whilst dancing takes my breath away. Not even close to overrated. Overexposed is something else but she is a world famous star, what do you expect

so beautiful talented cute not sure about that dress and hair but i bet she rocked it in person anyway

Not Beyonce’s best look but her makeup is flawless, I do like the gold around her eyes ~ matches her earings.

I’m surprised Jared didn’t report that she’s sporting a new tattoo on her left hand that says ‘Brooklyn’ – which is where her husband, Jay-Z, is from.

Kinda tacky outfit/hair but I love Beyonce & Jay-Z. Love their music and marriage.

What is up with her hair? This is by far the worst hair I’ve seen in a really long time.

YASSSSSS!!!! Get mad at the Queen. She looks flawless <3

She looks extremely tacky.

Coldplayer @ 05/02/2010 at 6:04 pm

She looks older


Beyonce looks beautiful. A toned, beautiful body with curves is never fat. That’s like saying Sophia Loren was fat. Some of you are just clearly jealous. Please as if some of you’ve ever seen Gaga look this normal. Beyonce likes bohemian chic. She always has. She has always be known to wear cat eye makeup. I read an article saying that she help repopularize the trend again a few months ago.

I love the look. Beyonce looks amazing. What a cute dress and I love her jewelry and bag.

waffle bowl @ 05/03/2010 at 5:39 am

@Sweetness: I’ve never seen Gaga look this classy. Stop trying to credit the woman for every damn thing. Next, you’ll be claiming Thomas Edison ripped off Lady Gaga for the idea of the lightbulb, too? SMH at people’s ignorance.

Lover her styel, firemanmatch

Beyonce is so talented and beautiful. She looks terrific. I like everything about her look here. She has great style.

Beyonce looks adorable. She’s very beautiful.

I love love love her necklace but her hair does look ridiculous

dreads get a cripp she is over rated she can sing she can dance but can’t act worth of **** give the public a chance to miss u bey …u been in ours faces constantly since u were 17 she need go have some babys for your old ass husband before her to old to pop back( she already wide) lord when she do get preggers..HAM ( hot ass mess)

SouthernQueenD @ 05/25/2010 at 8:33 pm

You folks commenting about her not being proud of her natural hair sound retarded because she has natural hair. Beyonce stopped getting perms/straightening her hair like 7 years ago. That’s why she initially started wearing the wigs. Her hair was able to grow out without being damaged further due to the chemicals, heat, etc. she used to style her hair. She also wears her real hair quite often. Her hair stylist said her hair is now so long, thick, & healthy (due to the wigs she wears to protect it) that it looks a lot like the wigs/weave she wears so peopleassume it’s fake when it’s real.

outfit/hair but I love Beyonce & Jay-Z.

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