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Kate Bosworth at Bonpoint: Baby Clothes!

Kate Bosworth at Bonpoint: Baby Clothes!

Kate Bosworth does a spot of shopping around the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Sunday afternoon (May 2).

The 27-year-old actress picked up a few items from Bonpoint, the French childrenswear couture house. Hope this doesn’t start Kate and Alexander Skarsgard baby rumors!

Last night, Kate and Alex‘s friend attended hairstylist-to-the-stars Harry Josh‘s annual Spring Fling.

Looking forward to seeing what Kate will wear to tomorrow’s MET Gala. Last year, she wore Stella McCartney.

FYI: Kate is wearing a limited edition dresses from the Prada “Print Collection”.

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Credit: Daniel; Photos: INFdaily
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  • gzm

    nice style

  • JustMe

    Betch please.

  • http://j ivanka

    i dont think she is pregnant.. maybe a gift for a friend

  • .

    Surprised you didn’t post pics with her. She obviously owes you for all the coverage!

  • twenty-two

    “Hope this doesn’t start baby rumors!”

    Love ya, Jared but you’re being plain silly with that one.

  • Blaze

    Her dress is ok but her hair looks very dry.

  • vids

    The paps always know where to find this girl.
    She must have them on speed dial.

  • i-i

    Gwyneth Paltrow will also be at the MET gala tomorrow night. Did someone say showdown??

    And I highly doubt she will wear Stella McCartney again, not after she had an affair with the husband of Stella’s close friend.

  • Jake

    Normally I find her cute but she looks kind of man-faced there.

  • Kate

    Who the heck is StellE McCartney?

  • i heart that

    Sorry, she looks terrible
    She’s way too pale to wear white and no makeup.
    She looks like a ghost.

  • pretty in pink

    @i-i: Is Gwynnie going to be there? Will be interesting but I heard she’s not expected.

  • annalisa

    Not pregnant b/c she was drinking champagne at the valentino party!! Anyways this b*tch is truly pathetic!!! She really has to have JJ on her payroll. Kinda sad that she has to resort to that to get attention. I think I heard that her friend in Australia is preggers.

  • Twyla

    God, Alex and Kate would make beautiful babies!!!!

  • truly

    this is the first time she’s looked fug to me. she needs to rethink the albino look.

  • JKblume

    Okay so you’re the one reporting that she went to a babystore..and yet you hope no rumours are started? lol wow.

  • annalisa

    btw where is the guest list for the met gala? someone have a link?

  • baron

    @Twyla: Not really. He’s rather handsome and she’s odd looking. The kid would have a ten head.

  • Just Jared

    @Kate: Thanks!

  • canuck

    I think she should try a more natural shade of blonde.
    This colour does not flatter her.

  • Kriss

    That is actually a very pretty dress. If she took better care of herself, she’d probably look adorable in it. It’s a shame to see what this girl has turned into. I used to watch her on the Young Americans. She was so pretty and healthy looking then.

  • Ice

    Looks like a teenage boy wearing a bad wig.

  • yuck

    yuck@the icky yellow hair and pasty face.

  • greenfan

    Ya know, she has a rather thick neck. I never noticed that before. So does Natalie Portman but her face is much prettier.

  • eightball

    Her hair is like straw.

  • stefi

    Does she have a job?

  • Gail

    Alright! The more we comment on this individual the more JJ will keep posting things about her. There was a story posted last week that had over 100 plus comments. Of course any story he can find on Kate will be posted because he knows a lot of people will visit this website to post comments either good or bad (mostly bad) about her. I for one like this site it’s very informative BUT I am SICK and tired of seeing post about her when she in my opinion has no significance what so ever on the entertainment industry. Most of the post here are about her shopping, attending events and MOSTLY partying.There was a post about a famous, intelligent well rounded and talented actress a few weeks ago and there were only 8 comments. Guess what you very seldom see any post about her on this website because I am assuming due to low comments on her post. This actress does a lot of good things in the Hollywood Community enough to post at least two maybe three times a week. I wish we could go TWO FULL WEEKS without a post on Kate unless it’s something worth reading.

  • JustMe

    This post has been up about 20 minutes and all the “in favor” comments have positive flags in the teens already. Is Jared now hiring bots to promote this skeezy skankho? How big a check did she write you last night Jared? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Jeannied

    Love the dress – in lust with the bag. Oh, I lust after her boyfriend too! Alex is hot!

  • WTF?!

    Pic #5= “Hey JJ, did you get a good shot? Do I need to pose? Make sure you mention baby rumor. Yeah, your check is on it’s way.”

  • BronxBetty

    JJ…You post these pictures and you have the nerve to say “hope this doesn’t start any baby rumors”…You are such a joke…Poor ASkars!…He doesn’t stand a chance with your “patron” and you dragging him through the muck…I hope you can sleep at night…Shame on you both…

  • E.T.

    she’s shopping for clothes for herself, she’s that tiny. never found her attractive and probably never will. seen her “act”, awful actress. seen her in interviews, so full of herself like she thinks she’s meryl streep, kate winslet or julia roberts caliber. gag. she’s just one step above heidi montag. where does she get her ego?

  • Amy Seeker

    I love her, so pertty

  • annalisa


  • j

    she looks like she has a wig on

  • annieo

    Hope Alex goes to the Met Gala with her. I sooo need to see Alex in a tux again.

  • teacup


    Gee, Annalisa I’m sure he’ll be disappointed to hear that – lmfao!!!!

  • PeaNuts

    Wonder why Alex isn’t there? Hope he makes it for the party tomorrow night. I think she looks great – much healthier since she had been dating him.

  • annalisa

    @teacup He should be b/c he IS looking like a skank lover to lots of people. However, unlike you, my dear I do hang with those that know them both well and they are not that great of people. He was better than her and she just took him all the way down. Pathetic!! Kinda like you!

  • teacup

    @annalisa: Like a what – I don’t read asterisk. Oh, another INSIDER. Amazing how all you INSIDERS have so much time to surf the web.

  • WindY

    Love her. Love him. Love them.

  • NNico

    Is she really this desperate?

    I don’t believe this is a coincidence.

  • Carolina

    She’s so adorable. Doubt Alex will be at the Met Ball since he’s currently filming True Blood. I hope Kate wears Valentino. That’s the creme de la creme!

  • annalisa

    @NNico YES, she really is that desperate!! She will do anything for the attention and right now the bella of the ball will be Kristen Stewart. She had to find some way to get the press on her so what better way to do it then put out “baby” rumors. If JJ wanted to get rid of those he could call her pr people and get a statement and post at the bottom of the story. Betcha he doesn’t b/c he is in on the game playing she is doing. Besides wouldn’t surprise me if she did try to get preggers to keep Alex b/c everyone is saying this “relationship” has a close expiration date. She really is that sick in the head. But again could be just a gift. Did hear that her friend in Oz is preggers.

  • JustMe

    Annalisa, I would believe you, except that Bosworthless doesn’t have any friends. At least not friends she doesn’t have to pay to be seen with her.

  • L

    @annalisa: He only looks that way to immature people like yourself.

  • L

    @JustMe: As opposed to you angry trolls giving a thumbs down to any comment that doesn’t trash her?

  • JustMe

    Yes, exactly L.

  • Hmmm

    where is Wilson?

  • CINDY C.